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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: There's new information tonight in the murder Randi Gorenberg, the wife of a Florida chiropractor. This video was taken in the last minutes of Randi's life as she left a Boca Raton mall. In the next 38 minutes, someone would shoot Randi and dump her body from her own Mercedes.

Now, this is surveillance video of that Mercedes only five minutes after Randi's body was thrown from it onto the street. Police still don't know who was driving the car, but there is new information tonight, newly- released clues found in the SUV.

For more on this, we're joined by Michael Laforgia, reporter for The Palm Beach Post. Michael, they have now searched her SUV I understand twice. Any clues, or what clues were found in that SUV?

MICHAEL LAFORGIA, PALM BEACH POST: Well unfortunately, Greta, the only thing that they've learned from the search is that this is probably a lot more complex than it first appeared.

VAN SUSTEREN: When you say more complex, are they — I mean, I know that they have a number — I hope they have a number of theories and they haven't focused simply on one at this point. But is carjacking sort of the top of the list on this one, or not?

LAFORGIA: I wouldn't say that anything is on the top of the list. I spoke to the captain of the violent crimes division today, and he said detectives aren't ruling anything out, everything from carjacking to the possibility that someone might have been stalking Randi Gorenberg and memorizing her every move.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do they have a suspicion she knew her killer or — I mean, beyond sort of a stalker, that it was someone she knew?

LAFORGIA: I don't know. They haven't told us that, and they're keeping a lot of this pretty close to the vest.

VAN SUSTEREN: A murder weapon — was that found in the SUV?

LAFORGIA: It was not found in the SUV. They only thing they really discovered was a spent shell casing. The rest was sort of mundane items that could have been in anybody's car, a compact disc, dryer sheets, that kind of thing.

VAN SUSTEREN: Anything missing that they would expect? Did she have any expensive jewelry, a wallet, anything missing that might suggest theft, that this was a crime that was at least a carjacking of some sort?

LAFORGIA: There are several items that are missing, but whether they were taken from the car or at some other time from her, it's not really clear. She's missing a purse. She had some sneakers on that they can't find. She was found — her body was found in the park. She was wearing only socks. Her wallet and her cell phone are missing, and they can't account for those, either.

VAN SUSTEREN: The purse — I know there was — I read some accounts about a $600 purse that's missing. Can — did the police say that she had it in that first video, on that surveillance video, so that they at least know that she had it at one point that day?

LAFORGIA: From the video we've seen, it's pretty clear that she was holding a purse in addition to several shopping bags. And you know, as of today, they haven't been able to find those bags, either.

VAN SUSTEREN: And I assume they've processed the car, looking for fingerprints or DNA for — she was tossed out of the passenger side?

LAFORGIA: Yes. A witness said that he heard two shots and saw her drop from the passenger side of the car before it took off. They did search for latent prints, and those are being tested probably as we speak. In terms of DNA, they took several swabs, and those take a few weeks before they'll come back.

VAN SUSTEREN: It's a terrible crime. Of course, all these murders are terrible crimes. Michael, thank you.

LAFORGIA: Thank you.

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