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GREG GUTFELD, HOST: Hi, I'm Greg Gutfeld with Dagen McDowell, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters, and she rode to work on a cricket, Dana Perino. “The Five.”



DANA PERINO, HOST: That's terrible.


GUTFELD: Yes, I am bilingual, but do you see me showing off?






GUTFELD: Now, it's not English but it's easy to figure out. It's called pandering, and it was muy loco. Now try to follow this and it's in English.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don't believe only in reproductive freedom. I believe in reproductive justice.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And what that means is just because a woman or -- let's also not forget someone in the trans community -- a trans female --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- is poor, doesn't mean they shouldn't have the right to exercise that right to choose. And so, I absolutely would cover the right to have an abortion.


GUTFELD: (FOREIGN LANGUAGE), which is Yiddish for you lost me. But the debate wasn't about facts. It was about who could out-left each other which left most Americans out of the conversation.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Who here would abolish their private health insurance in favor of a government-run plan? Just a show of hands to start out with.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, we're supposed to be for 74 percent tax rate on the wealthy. Yes, we're supposed to be for free college.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We must begin impeachment now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think we have a serious problem in our country with corporate consolidation. One of the most aggressive bills in the Senate to deal with corporate consolidation is mine about corporate consolidation of the act sector. To check the corporate consolidation and let the free market work.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There's way too much consolidation now in giant industries in this country.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The immigrants didn't do that to you. The big corporations did that to you.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The one percent did that to you.


GUTFELD: Sounded like a campus sit-in, although it's missing the body odor. The problem wasn't just the candidates thought, but the moderators who are no different than the candidates, eliminating any moderation. It was MSNBC interviewing future hosts of MSNBC.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Democrats have been talking about the pay gap for decades. What would you do to ensure that women are paid fairly in this country?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Would you support a 70 percent individual marginal tax rate? Yes, no, we're passed.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How would you address income inequality?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Parts of Miami Beach and the Keys could be underwater in our lifetime. Does your plan save Miami?


GUTFELD: Not too challenging. Instead, they were like parents quizzing their own brats at the school spelling bee. OK, Billy, the next word is Billy. Can you spell your own name, Billy? Very good, Billy. They just ask the candidates about their ends, never the means, giving them a free ride on all the free stuff.

So they've all echoed every left-wing wish in unison, no abortion restriction, no border enforcements, skyrocketing taxes, punishing evil corporations, blah, blah, blah, but sometimes in Spanish.

The result, as Trump said, boring, (SPOKEN IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE), because the left-wing litmus test creates clones. Nothing new, nothing refreshing, nothing human, and nothing fun, let alone interesting. There's no wit, irony, or real moments, just posturing. Nothing authentic, which is what you need to beat Trump. So this event was as serious as a funeral maybe because it was. At least the moderates in that party, for now, are dead.

All right, so we'll just go around the horn here. Your thoughts on the debate winners, losers?

DAGEN MCDOWELL, HOST: Well, I think Elizabeth Warren, ultimately, is a huge, huge loser. Doing her best --

GUTFELD: Oh, really.

MCDOWELL: -- Tracy flick. Oh, oh, putting her hand in the air for taking health insurance or private insurance away from a 180 million people. Look around the stage. Who else has their hand in the air? Bill de Blasio, when you're in company with that idiot Lerch -- is that what you call --

GUTFELD: I might have called him a Lerch.

MCDOWELL: Yes, maybe not -- you're in trouble. She's going to be held to that. She's co-sponsored Bernie Sanders' Medicare for all bill, not only gets rid of private insurance, also gets rid of Medicare as we know it. And again, how do you win anybody over the age of 50 with them.

GUTFELD: Juan, what were your thoughts? This is your team. Who surprised you, who didn't?

JUAN WILLIAMS, HOST: Well, I said I thought Castro would do well, and I think he was the breakout star of the night.

GUTFELD: Yeah, I mean, he did a lot of hard work on Beto.

WILLIAMS: Yeah, I think he really, you know, exposed Beto in terms of lack of knowledge on a key issue for Democrats which is immigration.


WILLIAMS: And he took a strong stand and said he's teed off about it, you know. So, I think that really is something that people gonna remember from last night. I think Warren was a total winner though, if you ask me who stood apart. She's definitely dominated the early part of the debates. Some people think -- you would think the moderators went to her too often, although they say she didn't interrupt and jump-in in the second half.

But I think, clearly, given that she went as the leader in the polls, the only person in double digit polling. I think she came out of it better than she went in. I think -- one thing I was thinking about as I was listening to you, Greg, was the audience that count here are Democratic primary voters, not Republicans.

GUTFELD: Of course.

WILLIAMS: And so, it seems to me it's not the audience that says that Trump shot somebody on Fifth Avenue, I don't care. These are people who have strong feelings about policies and ideas. And I think that the reason O'Rourke, Booker, Castro spoke in Spanish, by the way, is because, guess what? One, it was in Miami, but two, Telemundo, Univision, all these places will play clips from the debate. And if you have it in Spanish they can control that message and be very clear about what they want to convey to a growing sector of the Democratic voting.

GUTFELD: They should have spoked in Russian, since they're controlling the election, Jesse.

JESSE WATTERS, HOST: That's true. I actually have to agree with Juan. I think Castro was the biggest breakout star. He was polished, he was prepared. He looked presidential. I can see him on the ticket. De Blasio actually surprised me. He looked like he had a little fight there, and maybe because he's 6'9'', and he definitely filled up a lot of room on the stage --

GUTFELD: But if you put Julio and de Blasio put together.

WATTERS: That's a little awkward. Booker got the most talk-time. I think MSNBC wanted to give him a boost. He's just a little too earnest. And I'm tired of hearing about Newark. And I can't stop looking at his bottom teeth and his bulging eyeballs. Other than that, he did fine.

Beto, where's this great Beto personality everyone's talking about? Beto did not show up. He had dead eyes. He looked tired. He looked pale. He needs some sun. I think he said the greatest geopolitical threat was global warming? Complete joke.

Warren, I guess if I didn't know that she was leading in the polls with this group, I wouldn't even know that she won the debate. She didn't have any memorable lines. I wasn't that impressed by her. And what you said is death. If you wanted to take away 180 million people in private healthcare --


WATTERS: In the general election, complete toast. The most exciting part was the technical glitch. That's how boring it was. The audience was yawning the whole time. The audience wasn't rocking. No one showed their personality. No one was that competitive. I mean, some people picked a fight but didn't finish it. No one really showed any sort of knockout power or killer instinct out there.

WILLIAMS: But you know -- I know you're a ratings guy. So I was curious, you know, were people watching? Because Greg said -- Greg and Trump said boring, right? Well, it wasn't about Trump. So for Mr. Narcissist, of course, it was boring. But guess what? Like 15-plus-million people watch this debate.


WATTERS: The last Republican primary on Fox News it was 24 million.


WILLIAMS: No, no. Comparing it to what the Democrats did last time, this is about the same. And it seems to me --

WATTERS: Apples and oranges.


PERINO: Biggest winner?


PERINO: Mitch McConnell.


PERINO: I'll tell you why. So Trump's name is mentioned, but not a lot.


PERINO: Biden's name never came up.


PERINO: All of them are asked the question, how are you going to deal with Mitch McConnell? And none of them said, well, when I'm at the top of the ticket I'm going to make sure that the Democrats win back the Senate. And that's how we're going to deal with Mitch McConnell. We're going to beat him in his race in Kentucky.

And instead, they're basically were like, well, we have to work on the filibuster and couple of other things and --. Basically, I think that they were just seeding the ground to the Republicans on the Senate side, and I think Mitch McConnell was the biggest winner.

GUTFELD: Follow-up question, if I may. Who do you think was the most authentic person?

PERINO: You know, I have to say that Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington, to me had a better debate that people would have thought.

WATTERS: I agree.

PERINO: Thank you. He is authentic. Wasn't he, essentially, a climate change -- we're going to do this --


PERINO: But he's a governor. It's hard to win state-wide. You know, emission in Washington State, though, have not gone down. And I think that he's going to have to -- some proof points to work on.

WILLIAMS: You know, I'm surprised because I think that you're right. And I also think Amy Klobuchar, if you're thinking about a moderate if Biden slips, someone who can occupy --

PERINO: Yeah. But Castro, definitely, took Beto out of that lane. That particular lane. It's like you're done.

GUTFELD: You know who else took Beto out of the lane? Being on the cover of Vanity Fair when nobody knew you. That just got everybody so mad. Like all of his peers are like who the hell is this guy?


GUTFELD: I think Julian probably just said I'd take care of this.

MCDOWELL: You know who's mad now? Anybody who gave Beto money. He had that look on his face like he was worried about that --


PERINO: You know my prediction yesterday was that he would raise $1 million after this debate. And again, this debate was not for Republicans or conservatives, it was for that -- he could actually still have some support out there.

GUTFELD: All right, the candidates also revealed their immigration plans. Here's a hint, open borders.


PERINO: It was a night of some far-left ideas, and that didn't stop when it came to the topic of immigration with some of the candidates seeming to basically endorse open borders.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I would follow that up in my first 100 days with immigration reform that will honor asylum claims that would put undocumented immigrants as long as they haven't committed a serious crime on a pathway to citizenship. My plan also includes getting rid of section 1325 of the immigration and nationality act. Criminalize is coming across the border.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We would not detain any families fleeing violence, and then we'd re-write our immigration laws in our own image. Free dreamers forever from any fear of deportation by making them U.S. citizens here in this country.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The separation of children from families doesn't just go on in our borders, it happens in our community as ICE is ripping away parents from their American children, spouses and the like, and creating fear in cities all across this country, where parents are afraid to even drop their kids off to school or go to work --



PERINO: But at least one Democrat seems to be retreating. Here's Julian Castro.


JULIAN CASTRO, FORMER SECRETARY OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT: I'm for decriminalizing, not legalizing. There's still civil penalties, people are still part of a court process, people are still subject to the laws of the United States. They still go through a process.

Also, open borders is a right-wing talking point. We have 654 miles of fencing, we have thousands of border personnel, we have planes, we have helicopters, we have boats, we have guns, we have security cameras, nobody has called for open borders.


PERINO: Jesse, what do you think of that?

WATTERS: I mean, they have. Beto saying he doesn't want a wall. I mean, Trump wants to issue deportation and they want to issue invitation. That's what their policy adds up to. That's what they're all about. They wanted to pull back border patrol from the front line. They don't want to fund the border patrol. They want to put a cap on the beds in the detention facilities. And they're not doing anything to stop the influx.

All their doing is when they get here they want to catch and release. So, that's open borders. Enough said. I think what the problem is with the Democrats is that they've now gone so far on immigration. They've gone so far on taxes and spending, and then ripping private healthcare away in reparations. It's the most radical progressive crop of candidates you've ever seen.

And what happened with President Obama when he went so far-left, so much change in such a short period of time, he got shellacked so hard at the end of his term, the Democrats were out of power so far since they hadn't been in 1920. The American people can't handle all of that radical change that quickly. And this crop of Democrats is doing it twice as fast and twice as crazy, and it's really going to hurt them.

WILLIAMS: But wait a second, Jesse. I mean, just this very day you see Nancy Pelosi saying, oh, yeah, OK, I'll go along because the children come first. And we want to make sure that there's not abuse of these children in this horrible situation down at the border. So, don't Democrats get credit?

WATTERS: What took her 4 months?

WILLIAMS: What took her 4 months? What about the guy who said we have an invasion that we need to send the military, we need build the wall? Do you think there's a reason the Democrats might say, you know what? You're not sincere about helping anybody. You're playing politics with immigration.

WATTERS: OK. So there is a crisis now?

WILLIAMS: There's a humanitarian issue with --


WATTERS: That's why it's not a terrorist attack. That's like workplace violence all over again.

WILLIAMS: No. What I'm saying to you -- so yesterday when you listened to Julian Castro, and I think he's right. This is a Republican talking point. We have -- nobody is calling for open borders. But you do have a problem in terms of the zero tolerance policy about metering asylum claims. Now, even the officers who represents the folks who do asylum are suing the government joining with the ACLU to say to remain in Mexico policy is not good. Not in keeping with U.S. values. Not making them and their jobs easier or more efficient. So, to me --

WATTERS: Can you close the asylum loop hole, Juan? And you treat the Central-American migrants the same way you treat the Mexicans.

WILLIAMS: That's the law.

WATTERS: That will keep them in Mexico so you don't have --


PERINO: Let me get Greg in, because --

WILLIAMS: -- obey the law. The law right now as stance --

WATTERS: I agree. I obeyed the law and enforced the law.

PERINO: Greg, Beto O'Rourke in the debate, he said we would not detain anyone that is fleeing violence. Well, that's all of them.

GUTFELD: Yeah. The thing is they have -- they have no process. They have no system. They have wishes, but they can't explain what to do. You know, who -- we know who caused the children's crisis. It was activists who egged on the caravans. Remember where this started. It was this C-word, the caravans, which caused us to react.

If the Democrats -- if the Congress had listened to Trump, a child would be alive that died, because he was talking about preventing this from happening. When you have thousands and thousands of people coming, when you have a large movement of people coming, there are risks, people will get hurt, people will die, it happens, and it's terrible. It wouldn't have happened if you had actually addressed the problem when all of us were talking about the problem.

But the point is these politicians are too scared to address this problem because of the activists consensus media. You know they -- Trump will nail this in a debate if he says who do you want to decide our immigration policy, other countries or us? That's the simplest question. And the Dems -- Democrats can't decide on that question the same way they can't decide on homelessness, or they can't decide on law and order.

Think about it. It's not the victim. It's always the criminal. It's not the store owner. It's always the guy loitering in front of the store. It's not the citizen who decide immigration, it's the other country. In each one of this situation, the Democrats never pick the right side and never have a process.

WILLIAMS: Let me just quickly respond and say I think we picked the right side because American values are -- we're a country of immigrants. We welcome people --

GUTFELD: What's the process?

WILLIAMS: And after World War II when we realized that we have kept out Jewish people fleeing the Germans, we've said, you know what? We're going to change --


PERINO: Dagen, while we've been on air and during this block, the House has passed the Senate bill. This is for the emergency money that the administration has asked for, for the last few months. And I think that, politically, I just -- what you think about the Democrats, they want to go on their recess and they didn't have to go to recess and not have all this dealt with because the tide was turning on the narrative. I hate that word. But the storyline was going to follow them that they were blocking resources to help take care of these kids.

MCDOWELL: Better late than never, should have happened months ago. And I want the Democrats to step up and talk about why all of these people are trying to pour into the United States is because the economy is so strong, quite frankly. That you have in terms of job openings in this country, you have a record number. A difference between job openings and unemployed in this nation, it's about 1.62-million more jobs available here.

And the strange thing about all these Democratic policies is it's going to drive the economy into a recession if one of them got elected, and that mean we would actually slow immigration into the United States.

WATTERS: And the corrupt Central-American countries don't spend any money on welfare, on housing, on healthcare. They push all of their poor people north --

MCDOWELL: There's no rule of law.

WATTERS: -- and that's their game plan.

MCDOWELL: And decriminalizing, basically, is the same thing as legalizing. It's an open borders.

WILLIAMS: Dagen, I don't think Mexicans are coming across the borders in increasing numbers. Is these Central-Americans, and the reason they're fleeing is because of the terrible economy, but also violence and oppression. That's the reason.


PERINO: All right, the real fireworks happened after the debate when an MSNBC panel claimed no Democratic candidate could beat Donald Trump. You've got to see, it's a must-see meltdown from the liberal host, next on “The Five.”


MCDOWELL: The Democratic candidates may have tried to sound tough last night, but not everyone on the left agrees. And MSNBC host causing chaos at the network after he said none of those candidates can beat Donald Trump. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My issue, unfortunately, and do not shoot the messenger, is the messenger. I do not believe Elizabeth Warren on stage with Donald Trump beats him.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Who could beat Trump? And did you see anyone on stage tonight that could beat Trump?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm still sticking with an idealized version of -- no - - the Joe Biden we want. I still in my heart of hearts don't see anyone on that stage tonight that would beat Trump.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let's just identify this for what it is.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Pure guess work a year and a half away --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And so, it has -- tonight, I say this respectfully, zero value.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Don't tell me it has zero value.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's a guess. It's a wild guess.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's understanding human behavior.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's a wild guess. There's no science in it.


MCDOWELL: Greg, just have at it.

GUTFELD: I say, respectfully, you suck.


GUTFELD: But you know what? That's nothing compares to stuff that happens here on THE FIVE. I don't see that as like fireworks.

WILLIAMS: Can I say amen.



GUTFELD: You know what? Both of them are correct. And I can't believe I'm saying Donnie Deutsch is correct. But they have a problem with Trump. He's redefine how you perceive politicians. You can't just act like a politician, you know, pregnant pauses, stately, you know, dressed a certain way and people will just leave you alone. You have to be authentic.

And that's a problem because you can't out-authenticate someone who pretty much broke the mold. You can say Trump is -- all these bad things, but you can say he's as about authentic as you're going to get. This Queen real estate tycoon is what you get, so none of those people so far have that.

But Bernie is quite of authentic and that's what -- I think Bernie still has -- is a force -- and I think Liz Warren could come up. But also, LOD is correct too, and that it's still really early. And you can't write anybody off yet.


GUTFELD: Lawrence O'Donnell.

WATTERS: I know, but seriously?


GUTFELD: It takes time.

WATTERS: OK. Like the new AOC.

MCDOWELL: But you know what? This was evidence, though, that if you are on MSNBC, if you're on that network, you must be belching bile about Trump sneering, sobbing, or hyperventilating, but you can't talk about reality. And that's why Hillary lost.

WATTERS: Yeah. I mean, LOD might have just wanted to shut Donnie down because he didn't want to hear that on a night when the Democrats were supposed to shine. And they didn't shine. There were no stars on that stage. The only star was Rachael Maddow. I don't include Chuck Todd in that. Rachel Maddow was a legit star.

And none of those people rose to the occasion last night. None of them were competitive enough, none of them filled up the screen enough. If you can put Donald Trump on the stage next to any of these people in a one-on-one, he'd eat their lunch, clean their clock. It wouldn't even be competitive. And I'm not so sure there's anybody tonight that's going to be like that either.

Donny is thinking with his heart, Lawrence is thinking with his head. It's not science. They say it's political science, but politics is about emotion, it's about a connection you have - a visceral connection with a candidate and whether you can make that connection with the people, and that's unbreakable. And right now no one's even close to doing that.

GUTFELD: You be not even Eric Swalwell?

WATTERS: Not even little there.

MCDOWELL: His claim to fame is an ad about a poopy diaper. So Donny Deutsch said last night, this is about who is the bully that can beat the bully.

The guy who would fill up the screen next to Trump was Bill de Blasio and he certainly was a bully. He shouted down Savannah Guthrie when she was trying to go to break last night. So--

PERINO: It is pretty amazing that this very unlikable person, unpopular person has this basically Don Quixote quest to become the President of the United States. And I'm sure, a bunch of them are looking around going, "Who are you to be here and to tell us that?"

As to the argument is there anybody on that stage, remember incumbent Presidents usually get reelected, especially if there's a good economy. And even if people were like, "Well, he's not really kind of guy", but they're not going to sacrifice their financial security for four years for somebody who can't articulate an economic message. There's not.

WILLIAMS: Well, I think that - well, first of all let me just say. I think that if this was a marketplace for who is the bellowing, bullying candidate, well how are you going to beat Trump, right?

But who's going to - you start a debate and the first question is about, "You insult so many women" and then it blows up that's a Trump type of thing. So if it's about personality. But I think that right now, remember politics moves in cycles, Jesse.

So people are used to Trump bellowing and bullying and name-calling. So maybe people are interested now in someone who's a problem solver, who has real ideas. Probably someone who says I can get stuff done. I'm just not going to sit around and insult and I'm not going to of the control--

GUTFELD: Trump is--


WILLIAMS: --of the House and the Senate and not--

WATTERS: But I think this cycle is not over yet. I think you will see maybe that cycle - the anti-Trump come in 2024.

WILLIAMS: No, but I'm just saying, I think, right now when you look at his numbers I think that's part of the indication, because the poll show that Warren beats him. This is not gut. This is just what the poll show. Right now Warren Beats him, Biden beats him, Sanders beats him, Harris beats him, Buttigieg beats him.

GUTFELD: Sounds familiar.

WATTERS: Yes, Juan, you can say that every show. But we told you Ronald Reagan was supposed to get beaten and he won 49--

WILLIAMS: No, what I'm just telling you right now, this is - the odds are getting to the point where you have to say, you know what, as Dana said, the incumbents always has the advantage. I think only two have lost in the last 50 years.

But, boy, when you hear Donny says, "Oh, nobody there's going to beat". In fact, the polls Donny - the science says yes.

WATTERS: Well, the last one to upset an incumbent like that was Bill Clinton and I don't see any Bill Clinton type talent out there on that stage.

MCDOWELL: Wait until Elizabeth Warren and Bernie are on the stage together, it's going to be Natasha and Boris and back in the USSR and Americans are going to go. That is not who this country is.

Bernie and Biden - speaking of Bernie, takes center stage tonight, our predictions for round two up next.


WILLIAMS: It's time for round two. Tonight, 10 more candidates will face off in the next phase of the democratic debate. That includes frontrunner Joe Biden, and the man in the tie for second place, Bernie Sanders.

Each of us has once again come up with predictions. I did pretty well yesterday, so let me go first.

WATTERS: You did.

WILLIAMS: Why are you laughing, why?

MCDOWELL: Don't hurt your arm patting yourself on the back.

WILLIAMS: No, no, no, no.

PERINO: Dagen you are new here.


WILLIAMS: All right. I think it's going to be a make-or-break night for Pete Buttigieg because he's dealing with that crisis in South Bend.

And by the way, race could play a bigger role. We didn't hear much about race yesterday. But I think this might play a bigger role because of this - the comment that Biden made about working with segregationist and how that was greeted by some on the Far Left of the party. So Jesse, what's your prediction?

WATTERS: I think, Eric Swalwell will do something corny, a stunt perhaps and it will bomb. He's already changed diapers. He's already not delivered any sort of valuable punch line. He's desperate for attention and the only thing he has going are his stunts, and I think it will fall flat. And I'm going to guarantee this is coming true.

WILLIAMS: Really, like you have any ideas?

WATTERS: No. But I'm guaranteeing it something.

WILLIAMS: That he will do something silly.

WATTERS: That he will do something silly.

WILLIAMS: All right, Dana.

PERINO: I do not have a great prediction last night. Although, it still could come true. I said that Beto O'Rourke would raise $1 million after the debate. It still could come true, but I'm not sure who's writing that check.

But I'll say about tonight, Andrew Yang - the "Yang Gang", I think that he will be the star of the night. He is - got interesting ideas. He is not a politician. He's very charming and he's - guess what, he's funny and authentic.

WATTERS: Yes. And he did "Watters World", so that's like the opposite kiss of death.

PERINO: And he did Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin. He's done all these shows.


PERINO: Did he do Joe Rogan?

GUTFELD: I think so.

PERINO: I think so. Yes, interesting guy.

WILLIAMS: By the way, so what do you think of guaranteed universal income? That's his big ticket?

GUTFELD: I think I'm against it, but I'm willing to listen to smart people talk about it.

PERINO: Right.

GUTFELD: And he's not actually the key guy behind it. There are other people that are into it. I was - that's half of my prediction. My prediction was Biden will come off as slow and Andrew Yang will come off as sharp. So in the polls one will go down, Biden, which is kind of natural, and then one will go up, which is Andrew Yang.

And I think there's going to be a contrast between the speed and agility of this group when you put Biden in there. And if he comes off it's just a little bit slow or off, it's going to screw him big time. If he stumbles, if he forgets the city, I mean--

WATTERS: Forgets the city.

GUTFELD: No, I mean he did that - forgetting the city is not a good look.

WILLIAMS: All right, Dagen, what are your predictions?

MCDOWELL: Joe Biden's crutch - and this is my prediction, is to refer to my friend Barack at least a dozen times tonight, that that's the way he deflects and it's better than looks slow--

WATTERS: It's smart.

MCDOWELL: --then yes and thirsty. So, again, you start - you get it - you get shrill. Yes, men can be shrill, Jesse.


MCDOWELL: I'm just kidding. And get ahead of themselves and get out over their skis. What Joe Biden needs to do is not apologize. Do not apologize for the crime bill, the welfare reform, voting for the Iraq war.

PERINO: Also probably shouldn't be too condescending either about any of those things.

WATTERS: He has to be charming and he has to not take the bait from Bernie. Bernie's going to try to bait him, and then say, "I'm the true Democratic Socialists. I've always been and you're not". And Biden can't get involved in that.

WILLIAMS: So you think that Biden will be attacked by fellow Democrat--

PERINO: Yes. I think tonight is going to be very different.

WATTERS: It has to.


PERINO: I think tonight will be very different. That I think they all knew that it was boring last night and people felt that way. But you have very different players. And I think Bernie does not actually personally like Joe Biden. I think he actually liked Hillary Clinton, and wanting to be polite. And I don't think he feels that way about Joe Biden.

GUTFELD: It's going to be - it's Bernie and Joe should come out there with rakes and just start chasing each other with rakes, like two old guys on a lawn.

WILLIAMS: I think I know what you like in debates. All right. Frightening video - seriously frightening video of an attempted kidnapping; O.J. SIMPSON eviscerated for live tweeting the debate; and a bizarre counter to meatless burgers, that's all up next right here on “The Five.”


WILLIAMS: And welcome back. Time for the "Fastest 7". First up, terrifying scenario in Georgia.


WATTERS: This surveillance video capturing a woman trying to kidnap two young children at Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport. The dramatic tape showing the stranger attempting to snatch a mother's stroller with her baby girl inside, then trying to rip another child from her husband's arms.

Luckily Georgia police sprung into action, taking down the woman. She's been charged with kidnapping and obstructing an officer. Greg, I know you have a lot of thoughts on that.

GUTFELD: Did they know these people, that's what I'm curious about or is it just a mentally ill person? Anyway those prevalence of phones and surveillance makes these things so hard to pull off these days, which is a good thing, I might add.

WATTERS: Which is a good thing, thank you for clarifying.

PERINO: The police officer said that when they approached her she was unable to speak in a manner than they were able to understand her, noting that the alleged kidnapper blurted out things and maybe believe she was in some type of mental distress.

GUTFELD: Yes, that's it.

PERINO: So thank goodness.

WATTERS: Yes, airport is probably the worst place you want to pull something like this off.

GUTFELD: Yes, if you want to do your kidnapping where should you do it, Jesse?

WATTERS: Not what I was getting at though. But Juan what do you think?

WILLIAMS: Well, I think watch you kids. But I mean the reality is that most often the kidnapper is someone that you know and someone in the family abuse kidnapping. It's not somebody in an airport.


MCDOWELL: But what is scary is sometimes these things are unfolding and happening and you don't know what is going on. It happens so rapidly and you don't know what to do.

WATTERS: Yes, that's why you have to be very, very alert when you're in a crowd.

MCDOWELL: Somebody tried to get in the car with me once in a parking lot at a mall. Boom gun out and he ran.



GUTFELD: --talking about that, he thought it was his car.

WATTERS: Some slandering new dumbs. All right. Up next the juice is loose. Again, this time O.J. Simpson is getting slammed on social media for tweeting a video of himself, getting ready to watch last night's democratic debate.


O.J. SIMPSON, FORMER AMERICAN FOOTBALL RUNNING BACK: Hey Twitter world, it's me yours truly. Sitting at my house, waiting to watch this debate, to hear a bunch of people who think they're capable of running our country.

It should be interesting, because to be honest, I don't know most of these guys. But I'm interested to hear what they have to say. And I think every Americans should be watching this.


WATTERS: That video prompting response like this. "Bro, you can't even vote", because of the felon thing, I think.

GUTFELD: That's the question for the debate tonight--

PERINO: Should O.J. be allowed to vote.

GUTFELD: Should O.J. be allowed to vote. Come on Bernie.

WATTERS: Bernie Sanders says yes.

GUTFELD: Yes, yes, yes. But you know what, he's using Twitter. I want to know when he starts using the dating apps, because that's going to be a story.

WATTERS: Yes, watch out.

PERINO: We have said before, Twitter makes everyone a lesser version of themselves, so if it's O.J. SIMPSON that is making himself a lesser version of himself, you ought to just get off Twitter.

WATTERS: How low can you go? "Hello Twitter world".

WILLIAMS: The best was some of the response. Apparently one of the responses I saw was "The gloves are coming off in this debate".

WATTERS: Pretty good. Dagen?

MCDOWELL: Alan Dershowitz told him after he was acquitted in that criminal trial to go away and hide, and clearly he didn't.

WATTERS: Well, he's got the place on the golf course looking for the real killer.

MCDOWELL: Oh, god.

WATTERS: And finally, a new twist on the plant-based meat craze. Arby's, remember "We have the Meats", trolling the impossible burger with a line of "Megetables" or meat-based vegetables. There first is a marrot, a carrot made out of turkey breast, that's supposed to look and taste almost like a veggie. I'm just disappointed we don't have any marrots on set.

PERINO: Yes, how could you not do it, "Jesse's Feeding Frenzy", they would- -

WATTERS: We couldn't get Arby's to send them in time. They're not out yet apparently. But we're just so terrified, we have to discuss it.

GUTFELD: We already have this. You could buy a meat stick anywhere and or jerky. I will say this. So veganism is powerful. If you start - if you think about what you're doing, it could kind of freak you out, that's like Ted Nugent.

I like what he does, he only eats what he kills. And I can understand that, but I only think about that when I'm full. Like, I become very righteous when I'm full. But when I'm hungry, I will eat a ribeye like nobody's business. But then when I'm done, it start tearing about the animals.

WATTERS: Very short memory. Juan, what do you think about? Would you ever try something like this?

WILLIAMS: Of course, not.

WATTERS: Of course, not, good.

WILLIAMS: I just - I'm disappointing you, because this is such a publicity stunt and you just gave it to them.


WILLIAMS: All right.

WATTERS: I fell for it. I am a sucker.

MCDOWELL: It reminds me of--

GUTFELD: A meat sucker.

WATTERS: Thank you.

MCDOWELL: "We have the Meats".

WATTERS: That's offensive.

MCDOWELL: "We have the Meats", but the only thing that's even edible and appetizing is the sauce.

WATTERS: Oh, yes.

MCDOWELL: Thank you as a vegan for reminding me why I haven't eaten in that restaurant since I was five.

WATTERS: What would you--

GUTFELD: I love Arby's.

WATTERS: What would you dip our marrots in? What kind of sauce?


PERINO: Yes, the horseradish sauce and the--

MCDOWELL: It's made of meat I can't eat a marrot.

GUTFELD: They revolutionized curly fries.

PERINO: And also those hash brown things.

GUTFELD: Yes, they're really good, Arby's.

WATTERS: There it is.

GUTFELD: Send me good Arby's.

MCDOWELL: But not me. That's not vegetable.

GUTFELD: Do they have new sandwiches too, don't they have new sandwiches?

PERINO: Yes. They have.

WATTERS: Don't act like you know what's that's food industry? You don't eat fast-food.

PERINO: --advertise. They have a new chicken salad sandwich. It looks delicious.

GUTFELD: It does look delicious.

WATTERS: Yes, I went to this Japanese butcher - the rib eye was extremely expensive. I just eat it and then--

GUTFELD: I felt bad.

WATTERS: I felt bad.

MCDOWELL: I bet you actually have an immersion circulator in your home.

GUTFELD: What's that?

MCDOWELL: The sous-vide, that's how you make that thing. You have to boil it in water.

GUTFELD: Oh, no, I don't. I just used the tub.

WATTERS: Maybe we should cook us up some meat one of these days.

GUTFELD: I'd love to, come on over to - come over to the house. Bring the dog--

WATTERS: I was thinking--

WILLIAMS: You won't get him back.

WATTERS: There is a joke I want to make there and I'm not going to make it. "One More Thing Dana" is up next.


GUTFELD: "One More Thing Dana", Dana.

PERINO: OK. I want to pay tribute today to a wonderful American who has recently passed.


PERINO: This was retired Lieutenant Colonel Robert "Bob" Friend. He was one of the original Tuskegee Air Force pilots. He passed away this week at the age of 99. He's a veteran of World War II. The Korean War and the Vietnam War.


PERINO: And he was among the last remaining members of the Tuskegee Airmen. He had 28 years in the military. He won the Bronze Star, the Air Medal and the Distinguished Flying Cross from his service.

But this is the part, I thought, was also very interesting. He went on to lead Project Blue Book, which was a classified Air Force study of UFOs. So he was one of the first. He did all of that and he worked to keep the memory of the Tuskegee Airmen alive until the end.

Last year, at age 98, he traveled around to talk about it and he told somebody - "Because I am an American and it was the right thing to do" that he would go and fight for our country that wouldn't fight for him.


WATTERS: Very cool.

PERINO: Yes, he recently passed, so let's all say a prayer of thanks for him.

WATTERS: Thank You.


WILLIAMS: Hey, don't you want a cupcake? Beats that fake vegetable?


WILLIAMS: Anyway, take a look at this 13-year-old superstar baker. He's Michael Platt of Bowie, Maryland and he bakes cupcakes at home. For every cupcake he sells he donates one to a homeless child or a victim of domestic violence.

Michael is home-schooled due to severe epilepsy. It forced him to give up activities like gymnastics and swimming. But he put all that energy into baking and he's so good--

PERINO: Wow, beautiful.

WILLIAMS: - he's even competed in kids baking championship, now serving as an ambassador for the "No Kids Hungry Foundation". His company "Michael's Desserts" is all about, he says, looking beyond himself to help others. That's one sweet mission, Michael. Go kid.

PERINO: Juan, you should have the treat's here.

WILLIAMS: I should have.

WATTERS: Yes. Well, go to Michael's Desserts and then maybe we can buy some. Yes.

WILLIAMS: Or he is going to send your fill (ph). All right.

GUTFELD: Speaking of eating.


GUTFELD: "Animals are Great!"


GUTFELD: All right. You know how hard it is to bathe your tiger?


GUTFELD: It's actually easier or harder than trying to feed your tiger. So what you do is, you tie your meat--

WATTERS: That's brilliant.

GUTFELD: --and they try to get - that's how you get him into the swimming pool.

WATTERS: That's how I took a bath when I was kid.

GUTFELD: Yes, believe you.

PERINO: Well, why you need to bathe your tiger?

GUTFELD: Your tigers could get filthy. My tiger Span (ph) is disgusting, but that's because I rarely--

MCDOWELL: That's pretty funny.

GUTFELD: Yes, look at them. That's my backyard by the way. And that's my backyard.

PERINO: Where is that?

GUTFELD: That's in the undisclosed location. It's a - I called the Dobbs Caverns (ph). All right. Let's go.



GUTFELD: "Animals are Great!"



WATTERS: Time for Jesse's Plugs, just kidding. I thought I had to steal that from you. But I got a lot of plugs to make.


WATTERS: So there's this thing called a "Ride to Work with Abby Hornacek". She picks you up and then she takes you to the office. I got in the car with her and I survived, obviously, but here's a little taste.


ABBY HORNACEK, TRAVEL AND LIFESTYLE HOST, FOX NATION: I'm just wanted to know what Jesse was like growing up?

ANNE WATTERS, JESSE WATTERS' MOTHER: That was probably one of the of the more challenging dimensions of our lives.

HORNACEK: Just driving him in the car for 10 minutes I understand that. He is like I'm hot. I got to roll down the window.

ANNE WATTERS: He has always been difficult.

WATTERS: All right, mom that's enough.


WATTERS: I will talk to you later.


WATTERS: Yes, having called my mom and then I hung up on her, because she was saying too much. Also I'm on "Tucker's Show" tonight, final exam defending my crown. I'm going for - I think three in a row.

PERINO: I'm on Tucker too.

WATTERS: And Dana is on "Tucker", it's a live show. It's from Japan. And hold on I'm on "The Quiz Show", Tom Shillue Fox Nation.

GUTFELD: Wow. All right, Dagen. Clean it up.

MCDOWELL: Need some ideas on what to eat during the second debate tonight, might I suggest bread sticks from the Olive Garden.


MCDOWELL: Follow this furry little groundhog. This is a photo it was taken in Maine by somebody who was just dining out and she had a little companion. This was outside the restaurant.

More my speed is inside the restaurant, a possum. Take a quick look this is at a Applebee's in South Carolina. It was in. It was just looking for bourbon.


GUTFELD: All right. Set your DVRs never miss an episode of “The Five.” "Special Report" is up next. Hey Bret.

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