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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Joining us live on the phone is Amy Scott's mother, Laura Tool. Welcome, Laura.

LAURA TOOL, AMY'S MOTHER: Hi, Greta. Thank you.

VAN SUSTEREN: Laura, I guess the same description for you, as well, that you're worried sick tonight and that if your daughter is watching someplace that you would desperately like her to call you.

TOOL: Absolutely. Positively. There's nothing more I would want right now than to hear her voice.

VAN SUSTEREN: When was the last time you spoke to her or had any communication from her?

TOOL: I spoke with Amy prior to them going out to dinner on Valentine's night.

VAN SUSTEREN: Anything unusual about that conversation? What was it about?

TOOL: Absolutely not — What are you doing tonight, and she told me she was going out to dinner. And she asked me what I was doing, and I said, OK, have fun and be careful, which is what I always say to her, so...

VAN SUSTEREN: How did you realize that there was a problem, that she had — at least that she was missing, as far as her roommates were concerned?

TOOL: Well, the roommate that they borrowed the car from actually contacted Brian, Dan's dad, and said that — you know, that they went out in the car last night and haven't come back. And so then Brian contacted me and asked me if I had spoken to Amy. This was on Friday. And I said, Well, I had a couple calls in to her, but you know, sometimes on Friday, the kids don't have class and they sleep in or whatever. And I said, I haven't heard from her. And he said, Well, this is what happened. And so that's how we both found out that the car — you know, they had gone out in the car the night before and were not — had not been seen since.

VAN SUSTEREN: What do you make of this Sunday phone call? And first of all, do you know what time it came in on Sunday, by the way?

TOOL: I believe it was sometime between 2:00 and 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon.

VAN SUSTEREN: And it was placed by your daughter, apparently caught on some surveillance tape. At least, that's what's being reported. What do you know about this phone call? Anything strike you about it?

TOOL: All I know is that she contacted a friend and she said that to tell everyone that she was OK and that she couldn't talk. She couldn't say where she was or she didn't say where she was. And that's about all we know from the phone call.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you know Dan?

TOOL: I have not met Dan, to be honest. They've been dating up in school. We live in southern New Jersey, and therefore, I have not had the chance to meet Dan yet.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did she — in this phone call, did she happen to mention how Dan is?

TOOL: In the phone call — what phone call?

VAN SUSTEREN: On Sunday, the phone call on Sunday afternoon to her friend.

TOOL: She did not, no.

VAN SUSTEREN: Does she have any ties to the Chicago area?


VAN SUSTEREN: Is she at all whimsical, saying anything like, I've always wanted to go to California or to drive to California, anything like that, like a whimsical college student might say?

TOOL: No, she really has never taken a road trip or anything like that, if that's what you mean, no. I mean, spring break is coming up. She talked about going out to California to visit her brother, who lives out there. But that would have been after exams next week, and she really wasn't sure what she was going to do over spring break. So this has nothing to do with, you know, her wanting to go somewhere. We don't know what, really, it has to do with.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, Laura, thank you very much. And like we told Dan's father, your daughter's picture is up and we have the Providence police tip line. Any police tip line would be grateful — it would be good for them to call.

TOOL: Thank you.

VAN SUSTEREN: And of course, calling home would be most appreciated, if they're watching. Call home.

TOOL: Yes. Absolutely. Thank you, Greta. I hope this helps because, you know, we need — we need to hear from them.

VAN SUSTEREN: I know. And if they would call, they're not going to get in a whole lot of trouble, if they call, if they're listening.


VAN SUSTEREN: You just love them...


VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Thank you. Good luck.

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