Momentum Shift in the Presidential Race

There's a new FOX News/Opinion Dynamics poll just out and here are the highlights.

President Bush (search) leads John Kerry 49-42. Among men, Bush has a 51-41 advantage. Among women, the president leads 47-45. When asked who will win the election, 48 percent say Mr. Bush. Just 31 percent believe Mr. Kerry will prevail.

Obviously, the poll shows that any momentum Senator Kerry had from the presidential debates (search) is gone, and, with two weeks to go, the senator will most likely lose the popular vote. His main chance lies in the electoral college, the exact opposite of the 2000 election.

And, by the way, four years ago at this time, the FOX poll had Bush leading Gore 45-42.

Now, Talking Points said Monday that Senator Kerry's problem is that many Americans still don't know who he is, and the senator cannot seem to break through on the personal level. Also, even though Iraq is a huge problem, the senator's solutions are confusing.

Even black Americans, the most loyal base the Democrats have, are not supporting Kerry as they did Gore four years ago. A poll released today by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a black-owned think tank, says that Kerry leads Bush 69-18. Remember, Gore beat Bush among African-Americans 90-9 in 2000.

So it is a good polling day for the president. John Kerry better come into "The Factor" quick.

And that's the Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

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