Mixed messaging: Is ISIS an existential threat to US or not?

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ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: This is a Fox News alert. Some horrific and very sad news to report tonight, there's a new ISIS video on the Internet and it purports to show the beheading of British hostage, Alan Henning. The posting comes three weeks after the warning. The Henning will be the next to be killed. Our Chief Intelligence, Catherine Herridge has seen the tape and she joins us now with more, Catherine?

CATHERINE HERRIDGE, CHIEF INTELLIGENCE CORRESPONDENT: Well, thank you. Within the last hour, U.S. officials confirming that they are analyzing the video, but also telling Fox News that they had no reason to doubt the tape authenticity. I viewed it and it's significantly shorter than the previous ISIS videos at just under two minutes, it begins with a British news report over the image of the British parliament as the decision is made to join the U.S. like coalition bombing ISIS in Syria and Iraq. And then dissolves into a false screen with the title, "Another message to America and its allies." And then we see the image there on your left the hostage purported to be the British national, Alan Henning, kneeling in the orange jump suit now so close the associated with the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and then the executioner is there on the right. After brief statement clearly made under arrest where Henning blames his execution upon the parliament's decision to join the U.S. led campaign. He is then executed and then the screen goes to black and we have the now familiar shot, the horrific shot of the severed head on the body. Significantly, the last image in the video is described by the executioner as the next victim, who he identifies as an American citizen, Peter Edward Kaasig. And based on our research in the last hour we've been able to learn that Kaasig went missing in Syria in other late 2012 or 2013. He is a native of Indiana and he is also a former army ranger who have left the army and gone to Syria to work with the group, the special emergency response and assistance to Syria, Andrea.

TANTAROS: All right, thank you, Catherine.

HERIDGE: You're welcome.

TANTAROS: Meanwhile, ISIS now may be on the hunt for military families. An army intelligence bulletin is warning military personnel to be vigilant after ISIS called on their supporters to find army families and flaunted them. Vice President Joe Biden seems to be downplaying the Islamic terror threat.


JOE BIDEN, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Let me say it again, we face no existential threat, non to our way of life or our own security. You are twice as likely to be struck by lightning as you are to be affected by a terrorist event in the United States.


TANTAROS: But just a few days ago, President Obama had this warning.


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: In terms of immediate threats to the United States, ISIL, Khorasan group, those folks could kill Americans.


TANTAROS: So before we get to the next messages coming out of the White House, Eric, you saw the beheading video before they took it down.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Yeah, I watched it and I've seen three -- I think three of the beheadings, this one is very similar. Just like to point out -- the Brit, I believe they think he's British, the executioner says that the killing of Henning was blood on the hands of the British parliament, he pointed them out. He said, "the other ones Cameron's blood on the hands of Cameron's" he said, "this one belongs to the British parliament" and if I may, then he goes on and say, "Obama" like in a very direct term, "you started your air bombardment, you strike our people, we will continue to strike at the next of your people." He goes ahead and executes -- the execution starts the camera goes to black and then it come back on and -- the victim is lying there with his head (inaudible) it's brutal, it's horrible. But then they show a picture of Peter Edward Kaasig and said -- and basically saying that this guy is next. I mean, it's gory, it's bloody, it's horrible, by it just proves what coward these people -- this ISIS people really are, they take an innocent young man and behead him and try to turn it on a whole group of people. It's not going to help and I would only implore us to get even more behind whatever we're doing to eradicate the world of this -- whatever they are.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: I think -- ISIS does not understand here, every time they do this, the world gets stronger and stronger together to take them on. There is no way that the Arab countries are going to allow these guys to take over and do -- in Saudi Arabia, the king and his family are all thinking about this, because they did this once, the same branch of this kind of Muslim Islamic religion 100 years ago. So I think every time they do this, it's horrific, it's terrible, but what they are doing is doing above relations for everybody who wants to (inaudible)

TANTAROS: And Dana, It is having the opposite affect because one week ago today the British parliament voted for those air strikes in Iraq, not Syria. But they did so knowing there was a potential that they could be behead this aid worker. It does seem to have a negative effect on PR, people do seem to unite and say, "Go get them."

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: And including Turkey, which for the first time this week have said that they would join in, but that because ISIS is growing. Their threat is growing, some I said now that actually on the border and they have not just a refugee crisis but, also violence on their border as well. So of course, we -- I think we have to welcome any and all efforts. But in several reports that I read today, so far, it reported that the air strikes are not having an effect and not pushing them back and so I think that leaves open the question what do you do next? I think that for the leaders and the British -- any coalition member that has a possible hostage, that most important thing we can try to do, I'm sure everyone is doing everything that they possibly can to try to find them. Find some sort of intelligence that would tell us where they are so that they could try again, hopefully, for a rescue mission, because as I take it from Catherine and from Eric watching it, this is a new video, that the hostages are presumably are alive. So I hope, that in addition to all the things that we're doing in terms of air strikes that we have some Intel, in some way given us some direction as to how to try find them and try one more time, or as may time to take to try to get them.

PERINO: Because it looks like, Greg, they are not going to slow down any time soon. This is worked, at least basic it's working or they would keep doing this.

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Yeah, well the point of terror is to terrorize, they want the population to be scared, to be panicked, to be -- and also be confused, to not know what's going to happen next, and that somehow we're not in control of the situation even though we're the world's greatest country and they're a group of weirdo's. But somehow they have been able to equate the balance by through this terror. But their message is only to strengthen our resolve to vaporize them and we should not care about their message or who they blame, whether it's the parliament, we shouldn't be trumpeting their aura. We should only be strengthening our resolve. And also learned from remember on (ph) September 25, the best way to stop a hunt is with a gun so the idea that this is going to happen here, we should welcome the potential to accelerate their martyrdom to the fine art of the relation, through the faith in our second amendment and maybe this will turn everyone into a lifetime member of the NRA.


I hope.

TANTAROS: And hopefully, Eric, it does get the attention of military families, because just this week an army bulletin warning U.S. military personnel to be vigilant after ISIS has now put them in a crosshairs calling for people to go after them and you heard President Joe Biden on a different page -- Vice President Joe Biden on different page than President Obama saying that, "terror won't come here." But, Eric, terror has already come here. Tell that to Kalina, a hazard (ph) in Oklahoma, tell that to the people in Boston.

BOLLING: Tell that to the people in Minneapolis where there -- terror cells, homegrown terrorists. Tell that to -- the Tevlin Family in New Jersey, tell that.

TANTAROS: And the military families. You know they have there.

BOLLING: Tell that to Jordan Matson who is now supposedly an American who's gone over to fight for ISIS and I guess the pentagon says if he comes back, we're going to grab him. Look, it's a war, we will have a were -- war with terror, we should start calling it a war on -- we have a war on terror, with terror, with ISIS, on ISIS and Greg is right. If it's right, go ahead, bomb, step up the bombing campaigns, do what you have to do, get rid of those, I hope people don't like it when you call them, but they're cockroaches, they are. You have to keep killing the cockroaches, and if they keep coming back, you keep killing more of them until finally at least -- you'll never kill -- kill them all, but as many as you can though.

TANTAROS: Bob, Joe Biden has said some duties, and he often put his foot on his mouth, but why such a different message when we've see an American on U.S. soil get beheaded by someone who was radicalized? How would he say that terror couldn't come here? Is not pretty dangerous to go out there?

BECKEL: I think what he was saying was first of all he said that terror is not going to take over our way of life in this country, that was a very important statement that he made on that part of it. What Obama said that they could kill Americans, they have killed Americans. The question is whether there is the possibility of a substantial ISIS presence in the United States, where there's command and control, where there actually is a military form of this organization and there's not, there is a bunch of isolated cases of terrorists who pick up on what these guys are doing and think that they're being martyred by killing people.

TANTAROS: But Dana, isn't this the new war, the new war on terror that the administration warned us about? Lone and wolf (ph), copycats that can use the Internet and be radicalize behind the laptop.

PERINO: And possibly be directed by someone from overseas, which is the purpose of our Intel programs. Hopefully, they try to catch that before it happen. It could also be happening inside the United States. I'm curious about -- I understand what Joe Biden was trying to do and what he's trying to say, I'm curious about the language, six years in that it really isn't that hard to say something like, "I know that the terrorists wants us -- want you to worry, I want to assure you, we are doing everything possible. You -- we worry so that you don't have to at home, and this is not really that hard to come up with a few sentences that would avoid the problem like he made today.

TANTAROS: But he said, Greg, he side you're twice as likely to be struck by lightning as you would be to be affected by a terrorist event in the United States. I think there are a lot of people living in Manhattan and around the pentagon that would disagree with that.

GUTFELD: You know what I think it is? I think Biden is briefed by somebody and then it goes through the Biden machine and it never comes out the same way that it came in.


And it's like he would -- he meant-- it's true, he did mean. Well, he was talking correctly, statistically, what are the odds, but what he's leaving out is that you know, you can do something about lightning, like if you know there's a storm, you can go in, but if you live in Manhattan, you're still go to work, you're still going to use the subway, and that means you're going to be at risk. So with lightning, lightning you could actually stay outside but you're not going to stay outside when it comes to terror, because as we've been told many times, they win if you do that. But the problem is also is that we live in a time where a quest -- where a -- and we got in an argument about this before, where public -- political correctness does trump safety. When you look at newspapers and you look at the crime blotters and they leave out descriptions or descriptive ethnic origins of suspect, for fear of defense. This is now something that's spread into this world of terror, how do you actually locate somebody who is a suspect when you just don't want to hurt feelings?

BECKEL: You know, we did this about Ebola yesterday, about not trying to raise this fear in people about this thing spreading and we talk about this terrorist thing and I thought -- I think I told you that my son said, "Dad, do I have to worry about this thing?" and I said, "No, you don't have to worry about it." We can't scare kids in this country or anybody else, because these are isolated incidents, you don't want to make it seem as if you've got these people marching down and bringing tanks in here, bringing everything so it happen in that way.

GUTFELD: You're right, but we are dealing with a spreading ideology that is attracting certain segment of society that's growing. You are correct though, about the isolation of it and the numbers. But we have to face the facts that like a virus, it is spreading.

BOLLING: And I'm going to push back, I'm not going to agree to Bob as well. I'm going to say, Bob, you're wrong. We have four or five instances of terror in the homeland right now, we didn't have that for -- we haven't had that, let's put it this way, let me say this properly so the left doesn't go ballistic on this. We haven't had as many as we have had recently in the past. I mean, we have had like (inaudible) in Oklahoma, we have Brendan Tevlin.

TANTAROS: for hood?

BOLLING: For hood. So they escalated. So how long before you say this is a problem.


BOLLING: I'm not saying there's going to be a terror network with headquarters in Topeka.

TANTAROS: And Bob, those are the successful ones. We don't even mention the ones that they have foiled.

BECKEL: There are 315 million people in this country, if five horrible tragic incidents, there's no indication yet of any commanding control from ISIS overseas to these people.


BOLLING: You're relating apples to oranges, that's fine. Can I throw one.?

BECKEL: What are apples and oranges?

BOLLING: Because you're saying there's 315 million people, OK, I'll say there have been four or five instances in the last couple of years where we haven't had them on American soil, since an attacked from outside by Al Qaeda.

BECKEL: Is that worth terrorizing the people of today?

BOLLING: No, no. I'm not saying it is. Its worth -- you're heightening your awareness, heightening your, see-something -say-something.

TANTAROS: But is it about the midterms, though? Because right before the presidential elections the administration was reporting the narrative that Al Qaeda was on the run, and had been decimated. And now we speak, "Don't worry about it, it won't come here" just like they told us about Ebola, they were wrong. I mean, is that part of it, Bob?

BECKEL: No, I -- that to say this is to suggest -- this is something to do with the midterm election is really going over the line. I don't -- I just don't believe that anybody could organize this things and affect the body politic like that is..

BOLLING: If we got to go and stand up. And Ed Henry just reported you just put it out on the Blackberry, that President Obama will visit the pentagon on Wednesday to talk about ISIS. And on Thursday to Saturday, he'll do a fund raiser on the West Coast.

BECKEL: Was so, what's the big deal?

BOLLING: Really? OK, if you don't see anything wrong with that, then I.

BECKEL: If going to the best part (ph) and then going to a fund-raiser before the election?


BOLLING: He's going to get a brief for couple hours on pentagon on a Wednesday and then spend three days fund raising. Bob, you don't see it?

TANTAROS: Well, he's got a lot of catching to do because he's missed a lot of those meetings.


GUTFELD: There's a larger question, though, before we go, in that we have tied our hands, thanks to the religion of tolerance and mediahist (ph) the area over privacy. Tolerance prevents us from profiling high risk candidates and the privacy hysteria is putting our Intel programs in danger. At some point the candidate who are running for office are going to have to make a choice and decide what's more important.

TANTAROS: The tolerance of the intolerant.


TANTAROS: All right, coming up. President Obama takes another shot at Fox News. But Greg thinks that's actually an insult to all the other networks that aren't being criticized. He'll explain when we come back.


GUTFELD: Till like a faded comic stocked on old stick, our president smacked at FNC for not bowing to the charismatic charade of his presidency in front of the few who still applaud.


OBAMA: There's a reason that a few Republicans, you hear them running around about ObamaCare. Because -- while good affordable health care might seem like a fang threat to the freedom.


.of American people on Fox News, it turns out it's working pretty well in the real world.



GUTFELD: Remember, he's been there before.


OBAMA: So, just in case your -- some of your friends or neighbors or, you know, Uncle Jim, who's a little stubborn and been watching Fox News and.


You're Republican -- you're watching Fox News, right? People don't -- people don't listen to each other as much. But if you talk to somebody who says, "Well, I don't know, I was watching Fox News" and they said, "That's horrible."


I've got one television station that is entirely devoted to attacking my administration, I mean, that's a pretty --

UNKOWN: I assume you're talking about Fox.

OBAMA: And well, that's a pretty big megaphone.


GUTFELD: Why must he do this? Isn't he aware of the pain this causes me? I try to help -- I give him advice, I make him sandwiches and yet he still lashes out. Therapists call this projection. But I called it whining. I attended to his room in at the White House, but we know it's not safe. Now I admit, we are hard on him, but we are only hard on him because no one else is, doesn't he get the fair and balanced part of this place? That if we only stance, one must take to prevent a total capitulation of the docile media, 99 percent of the media believes his a unicorn. That does him no favors, FNC asked what the Obama groupies want and it drives him nuts. Why can't he win over that last girl at the party? He's conquered everyone else. Why can't FNC just relax and have a few beers by the keg, you can crash at his place, but it's got to kill the press that the president never snaps at them. He doesn't because there's no reason, they are so deep in his pocket, they have lint's poisoning. Every time Obama bashes FNC, it's a reminder that he is not bashing that sweaty base of fan boys, of the approval from the cool dude who know Clooney. Remember when the media wasn't a propaganda arm for political ideology embraced with radicalized glee, well now, President Obama's made sure the main stream media isn't dead, like a rabbit lap dog it's alive and licking.

TANTAROS: But it has fleas.

GUTFELD: It has fleas.

TANTAROS: And it is a fact.

GUTFELD: These jobs, Andrea are simultaneously flattering to FNC because it means they're doing the job, but unflattering to everybody else, correct? Am I wrong?

TANTAROS: Unflattering, yeah. I mean, if the majority of the country watches Fox News and the other channels are, just eating our dust, shall we say. But I think this is specifically designed to base rally. I mean, he's looking at the intensity numbers and they are 10 points higher than Republicans, so he figures, "I'll go back into the playbook, all regard to tape some old material." We don't carry his water. We don't coordinate with the White House like the other news network and he's shown that he's thin skinned. And it's just not true about ObamaCare, I mean, Greg, the premiums have gone up so much and the deductibles are so high that it's affecting disproportionately lower income families. There are actually, according to New York Times, having a turn to charity to pay for the rest of it. I don't know one person that's on ObamaCare that has it, that loves it. And so he can go out and say, "I don't hear republicans talking about it" but in fact in every senate race, in most campaign across the country, most Republican candidates if they win, will win on that issue.

GUTFELD: Yeah, in fact.

BECKEL: And that issue, which will ends up by the way, about number nine or 10 on the list of issues.

TANTAROS: That's not true.

BECKEL: Yes it is. TANTAROS: That's absolutely not true.

BECKEL: Well, do you really think anybody's focusing on ObamaCare?

TANTAROS: Yes, I do. I think that's a huge.

BECKEL: Can I make one moment -- point of view, going back, Greg. Because you constantly say this all the time and I guess you tend to agree. The idea that there is not a lot of news organizations out there from newspapers to talk radio that are against Obama is just, and it's only us is just not right? I mean, you go out and look at this -- look at the St. Louis newspapers, go and look at the Montana newspapers, go look at every radio talk show host in California, almost all the successful ones are right winners, and they beat mine (ph) everyday. So it's not just us, and the whole media is not just our own back pocket.

GUTFELD: Well most of them are. Eric?

BOLLING: I have a different take on. The line he's -- he uttered was, fake through -- we fang the threat to freedom on Fox News. Now, someone who wrote that because it was impromptu, we had the embargo copy before, so someone wrote that. So here's my take on it, I think the White House, President Obama and all his advisors are narcissists, they realize that any attention from Fox News is good, whether it's good or bad. They know by saying this, "fang threat to freedom on fox news." They know where we get us talking about it and we do. And they love it, they love hearing us talk about what -- ridiculous comment that he just made and whatever ridiculous attack on fox news is. So great, you got your wish, fantastic, do it again, by the way.

GUTFELD: Dana, you know, Eric makes the point that they could have done this without mentioning FNC. He could have made his point. Yeah, he felt.

PERINO: I mean he's about as subtle as a flying ax head when it comes to criticism of Fox News. It's really -- it's interesting to a bigger picture thing. To have a president of the United States attacking a private entity, a corporation in America, is ---that is not usually done. But the Democrats do it a lot. Think of the attacks on the Koch brothers that Harry Reid, he tried to ride that horse all the way back to the barn and it didn't work for him. But, remember just two weeks ago, 53 Democrats voted to change the first amendment, they want to amend the first amendment so that you cannot criticize people, they are so afraid of opinion and when it comes to the rest of the media, when you have every network, most of the newspapers, there is just no question that the decks are stacked against Republicans and they complain so much if there's a little bit of success.

BECKEL: So what I told you.

PERINO: So what President Obama really needs is a resident skeptic, and whoever wins the next White House, if it is a Republican they need to a hire some sort Democrat that they keep on line one, that they can call and said, "Will you read this speech.


PERINO: .for me right before I give it" just to that you can tell me, "do I sound like a total jerk?" And if so, strike the wine (ph)


TANTAROS: And very quickly. They must have decided that they need Fox News channel because, they were hesitant to put a lot of their spokes people on our channel, until recently, so it looks like they might actually need fox news. And I'm surprised that you said a fang threat? Because dental care again -- it's covered under ObamaCare now. You should get your fangs fixed.

BECKEL: To this I suggest that the Republican will want to go to the journalism school and get in the news or business. And the second thing I would say is, I want to remember it's no president said this, Richard Nixon.


You take every day, every day would criticize the press.

PERINO: Right. It didn't work for him.

GUTFELD: All right, ahead on 'The Five," another patient is being tested for Ebola, we'll tell you what we know when we come back.


PERINO: OK, the Ebola crisis continues to spread. Three big developments in the last 24 hours. An NBC cameraman in Liberia tested positive for the disease and will be flown back to Nebraska for treatment. And two cases here at home, a man who traveled to Nigeria is being tested at Howard University Hospital in Washington, D.C. And another in Georgia where a prison inmate who recently went to Africa is also being tested.

Despite these new cases, the administration assures the American people that the Ebola threat will be contained. And they had a press conference about two hours ago, Eric, and right before that, Ed Henry had asked Joshua Earnest, the press secretary, if they are considering stopping flights...


PERINO: ... from West Africa. I was actually surprised at the answer, because apparently, they said no. I guess I find it hard to believe that it's not even under consideration as, like, a possible option, but that's what they said.

BOLLING: And they're being consistent. I mean, from the very get-go, President Obama at the CDC, basically said it's not going to travel to the United States. President Obama literally said it's not going to get on a plane and end up in the United States. It has.

Here's the point. We don't know. No one -- no one knows for sure, even the brilliant geniuses at the CDC. So why not shut down travel from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, the three countries where Ebola is clearly in an outbreak situation.

British Airways did it. I highly recommend it, but our government won't do it. Then our own airlines decided not to take passenger that originated in one of those three countries, at least for the time being.

PERINO: Let me show you just a little bit from the "Special Report" last night. Had Ron Fournier and Tucker Carlson, both talking about the need to trust or not trust the government.


RON FOURNIER, POLITICAL COLUMNIST, "NATIONAL JOURNAL": I'm not a doctor. I'm not even a medical reporter. That's why I have to trust the government. That's why I have to trust the healthcare providers. If there was ever a time when we need to be able to keep our heads about us, and trust the people who are leading us, this would be the kind of incident that we should. But the problem is, it's rather hard to do so.

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: It's a virus and viruses mutate and if it went airborne, it could devastate this country and the world. The government tells us not to worry. It's the same government that until recently told us if you want to lose weight eat more carbs, so I think a little bit of paranoia is warranted.


PERINO: Greg, both points of view, I guess, have some truth to them.

GUTFELD: He's right about the carbs.

PERINO: Don't eat carbs?

GUTFELD: Yes -- no, don't eat carbs.

Look, you're right, I think that you have to be concerned. I think there are two -- we tend to combine two different issues here: Africa and the United States. Definitely Africa, I do believe that there should be a travel ban until they control that.

In the United States, it's about priority of concern. You have to understand that, if we had the same concern about sepsis that we have about Ebola, sepsis strikes a million Americans every yea. Between 20 percent to 50 percent of people with sepsis die. That's more U.S. deaths than AIDS, breast cancer and prostate cancer combined. Everybody knows somebody who died from sepsis. I don't know anybody who died from Ebola.

BECKEL: I don't know -- what is sepsis?

GUTFELD: It's an infection that spreads wildly at hospitals. Yes and it's crazy. It's out of -- you could panic over sepsis, but you have to keep these situations separate. You've got to keep the Africa situation separate and try to help stop that.

But you should also have the ability to resist the rhetoric in times of concern, just as a measure of character and charity for the people around. Fears are running high, you don't want to turn up the heat. So I think you can have a little bit of concern, but you've got to be -- you've got to be sensible.

PERINO: Let me get a quick thought from Bob. Why do you think that they would say that a travel ban isn't even on the list?

BECKEL: I have no idea, but I'll tell you. What strikes me is that this guy was flown back to Nebraska. He could have been flown to Gregam (ph) in Germany, one of the best medical facilities in the world, which is a U.S. military base, why are we taking known Ebola...

PERINO: Because they have specific treatment centers there that can -- that can specifically help.

BECKEL: I've got to assume that they could probably do a similar thing somewhere else. I just don't like the idea of flying people in here that they know have Ebola.

PERINO: Andrea, do you think that the administration did enough today to convince people that they're on top of things?

TANTAROS: I don't. I don't know why this administration continues to come from a place of no. They seem to love to telegraph what they won't do. And I don't know why they box themselves into corners, whether it's boots on the ground or shutting down flights.

Kudos to you, Eric. You called for shutting down flights weeks ago. Had we done that, maybe we wouldn't have to spend millions of dollars and have this man in Dallas that is currently quarantined.

But I do think it's going to get worse, and I agree with you on not being hysterical and not amping it up. But better to be safe than sorry. And if you look at the news reports from the nurses' association, Dana, they're saying that we are wholly unprepared for this. There's a shortage of IVs. I just don't think that we can trust the government. I mean, Ron Fournier is a far more trustworthy individual of this government than I am.

PERINO: "The Fastest Seven" is straight ahead tonight, between Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper and a mom who caught her daughter skipping school. All that and more, coming up on "The Five."


BOLLING: Welcome back. Time for...


GRAPHIC: Fastest Seven.


BOLLING: ... "The Fastest Seven" on television. Three arresting stories, seven animated minutes, one amiable host, maybe.

All right, first up. Sometimes something that sounds so stupid at first ends up making a lot of sense after letting it breathe for a minute. Case in point: actor Ben Affleck suggesting we send foreign aid to Detroit.


BEN AFFLECK, ACTOR: That we leaned on the Second World War to produce our tanks, to producer our planes, to help us in the war effort, to now be, you know, to lie fallow in the way that it does. And you know, we get invested in nation building elsewhere, and I think sometimes for good or ill, but we have nation building to do at home for sure.


BOLLING: Go ahead, Ands. Going to take this one first.

TANTAROS: Well, I do agree with him on not nation building overseas. So I agree with Ben on that. But he should coordinate better with the president, because the president said that he saved Detroit after $300 million and 49 billion to General Motors.

So Ben should get on the phone with Barack, and he should tell him, "Look, I saved Detroit. I rescued it." He said it many, many times.

But what Affleck should say is -- and he won't -- but he should say get rid of all the taxes, all the fines, all the minimum wage laws. And just see what happens. The city is war-torn. It has structural problems. Just do it. It can't get any worse.

BOLLING: Right, Bob? What about this?

BECKEL: Well, I think, look, there's a lot of blame to be thrown around about Detroit. Businesses, yes. Unions, yes. Certainly the government of Detroit.

But believe it or not, I would like us to take a little bit of Rand Paul, Senator Rand Paul's ideas about Detroit, and try them out.

Andrea's saying something that is right here, we don't ever try to play outside the box. It's always got to be done in the same kind of way.

BOLLING: Free-market capitalism, I think, is catching on.

TANTAROS: Did I just hallucinate?

BOLLING: I just heard that and I kind of laughed.

PERINO: I'm more concerned with the fact of being kicked out of casinos for counting cards. Because it's not illegal. I think Detroit has received a ton of foreign aid. The problem is not the aid. The problem is the reforms. And Governor Snyder has done a really, you know, good job of trying to turn it around, but he's got to have more help from people willing to change it from within. Not just get more money.


GUTFELD: I'm more concerned with the fact that he's being kicked out of casinos for counting cards, because it's not -- it's not illegal to count cards in the casinos, yet they still kick you out of casinos, because you're actually good at playing the game.

BECKEL: That's unbelievable.

GUTFELD: Yes. It's like banning you from playing chess because you can think five -- five moves ahead. It's absolutely nuts. That's what he should be concerned about.

BOLLING: That's one -- one of my personal heroes is Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL who's known as the most deadly sniper in history. Bradley Cooper is starring as Kyle in a movie we should all see. Here's a sneak peek at "American Sniper," a Clint Eastwood-directed heart pounder.


BRADLEY COOPER, ACTOR: He's got RK-Os and grenades. He's next to the kid.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A woman and a kid.

COOPER: You got eyes on this? Can you confirm?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Negative, your call.


BOLLING: We'll do a quick run on that one. Dana, start that.

PERINO: Well, I like Bradley Cooper. I think that he has -- what he has done here is a fitting tribute to Chris Kyle.

GUTFELD: Very good, very good. Greg.

GUTFELD: I don't know any -- I haven't seen the movie. I'm looking forward to "Dolphin Tale 3," because I felt that "Dolphin Tale 2" didn't give me enough of a tale. Too many loose ends and unanswered questions. I have a hard time discussing a movie that I haven't seen.

TANTAROS: The heart accelerating in that promo, that is how I feel every time I see Bradley Cooper so I'll be there.

BOLLING: Very good. Bobby?

BECKEL: The last movie I saw was "Seabiscuit," so I'm with Greg.

TANTAROS: It's a great movie.

BECKEL: If I hadn't seen it.

GUTFELD: And that wasn't even a movie, that was an actual biscuit. We saw a biscuit.

PERINO: And you ate it.

BOLLING: So that was good, because now we saved some time for this one. Ready for some great video of a mom busting her daughter, who was ditching high school for a week. Note to kids playing hooky: stay off Facebook.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When was I ditching, Mom?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Every day this week.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And I can show you -- oh, yes. We're going to hold hands and we're going to go to class and sit together. Isn't that great? Mommy and daughter, yay, we're going to class together. Isn't it great?

You thought it was cute to ditch with your friends. Now let's see how cute you think it is to hang out with mom during class.

This is what happens when Ricky can't act right. Her mom has to come to the school and record her to get it through her head.


GUTFELD: I know that looks great, but how come when I go to school and do that, I'm arrested. It's sexist, but I have an idea, what if you took a class in skipping? It would be called skipping class. And then if somebody said, "Hey, what are you doing," you say, "Oh, I'm skipping class." You sound really cool, but you're still going to class. That's the answer, ladies and gentlemen. I'm leaving.

BOLLING: Very good. Ands.

TANTAROS: I could have taught that class senior year, in fact.

BOLLING: Can you imagine if your mom caught you?

TANTAROS: You know, I texted my mom before the show. I said, "Did you ever catch me cutting class?" And she said no. And then I remembered my brother did.

I went to the mall -- and sorry, Mom, I used your car. And Dean busted me. And my friend Erica got busted at a diner. I couldn't skip and go to the diners, because they all network. They'd call my dad and rat me out. But Erica got caught by her parents. They were having breakfast at the same diner, and she had cigarettes in her hands.

BOLLING: Now, so we all want to know: Dana, did you ever play hooky?

PERINO: I did it once, and I got busted. Remember? My mom -- what I didn't know that my mom knew is that she put it in a frame, my mom and dad, and then gave it to me for Christmas. And it was horrible.

TANTAROS: Your friends...

PERINO: But my friends, it wasn't cutting school, but the one that went to the Def Leppard concert and ended up in the "Pour Some Sugar on Me" video. We found out six months later. We've still got to watch that.

BECKEL: I had a niece living with us for a year, and she skipped 77 out of 79 days of high school. It took us about seven months to figure it out.

PERINO: Wow, what was she doing?

BECKEL: I don't really want to get into that.

She was doing what her uncle used to do.


BOLLING: We'll move on right there. When we come back, you know it's hard to give up sweets. Bob is on day four of no cookies and candy, and it hasn't been easy. We'll tell you how it's going next.


BECKEL: Now it's been a tough week for me. Not only have I been outnumbered here on a number of topics, but I gave up my sweets for -- to try to lose some weight. Because I learned this last year, when you don't eat sugar, you actually lose a lot of weight.

Now, for example, I had to give up Ho-Hos. Do you know how good a Ho-Ho is at 2 in the morning?

TANTAROS: Well, you haven't given up all the Ho-Hos in your life. The dessert.

BECKEL: No, no, no. And, of course, there's Twinkies. Instead of that, I wouldn't eat this crap. That's kale.

BOLLING: What do you want? Do you want an apple?

BECKEL: Yes, apples are not bad. But that's not good.

BOLLING: Actually, this is what you want.

BECKEL: Let me tell you, it does work. I mean, if you stop eating junk food, you'll start to lose a lot of weight real fast. The problem is when you stop, you start back on it again; and being a former alcoholic, we are all sugar addicts, and it's just very tough. As a matter of fact it stinks. It's just the worst...

PERINO: But you're in a better mood. You feel better, right?

BECKEL: No, I don't. I don't feel better, I don't look better. I don't look better. I don't swim better. I don't do anything. And I haven't got my backwards on all week.

BOLLING: You haven't fixed your politics either.

BECKEL: But listen, what's your best advice for losing weight?

BOLLING : I don't have -- I just eat properly. I'm lucky. I don't have an addiction to sugar. I have an addiction to salt. Like, if there were, like, salty snacks out here, I would be dying to have one.

PERINO: Doritos.

BOLLING: Yes, Doritos is one of those. This doesn't...

TANTAROS: This doesn't do it for you?


BECKEL: Dana, what about you?

PERINO: Well, I eat pretty healthy. And I'm having No Dessert Fall. OK, that started September 1. Going pretty well.

But I have -- my advice, Bob, for you, if you really want to lose weight. Make sure you get exercise every day. You've got to get one of these. You have to get a Jasper dog. Because it makes you go outside. You have to go for a walk with him, and you add, like, 3 to 5 miles a day to your walking.

BECKEL: Dana, I would rather go to 500 pounds and have another coronary. Go ahead, Greg.

GUTFELD: First I want to give credit to the -- our fantastic prop department at "The Five."

Some obvious tips: low carb and portion control solves 95 percent of your issues, but do -- or you can just do what I do. I only eat in awkward situations or a place where you can't really eat a lot. Like you can't really eat an entire hoagie in a men's room. So generally, I'll have lunch in the men's room until people stare at me, and then I'll leave.

PERINO: I can't eat a hoagie in the men's room either.

BECKEL: We've got to go. I want to hear what you -- you stay thin and you still eat a lot.

TANTAROS: Yes. Well, I eat healthy: no white sugar, no white flour, lots of cardio, lots of sleep.

BECKEL: God, what a horrible way to live.

TANTAROS: No, but you know what? Nothing tastes better than being thin feels.

BECKEL: I don't know.

BOLLING: All right. Go ahead.

BECKEL: I've got to -- I can get these Ho-Hos. Get them out of here. I don't want to see them anymore! Get them out! Go, go!

TANTAROS: You don't go in an raid the green room tray like you used to do?

BECKEL: No, I don't.

All right, "One More Thing" is up next.


TANTAROS: Time now for "One More Thing." EB2016.

BOLLING: All right. Very quickly, happy 17th anniversary to my lovely wife. Seventeen years of marital bliss; it's been great.

OK, it's Friday, so it's time for...



GRAPHIC: Fool of the Week


BOLLING: I love this video, because it's Kim Kardashian, according to Radar Online, left her posh hotel in Paris, was headed to the airport when she realized she forgot one of her belongings in the hotel. She abruptly made an about face, returned to the lobby, picked up her package, and then boarded her SUV and off to the airport.

The important accessory that she forgot, her kid. That's right. She almost left little North West in Paris before heading back to the United States, Lala Land. For that, we had to make you "Fool of the Week."

I'd also point out, of course, Kim Kardashian is strongly denying that she left little North in the hotel. We definitely...

BECKEL: And I'm not going to say a single thing.

TANTAROS: Very good. Just fool for one week, though, that's it?

BECKEL: No, I've dialed back.


GUTFELD: Time for...


GUTFELD: Greg's Secrets to Happiness.


GUTFELD: Thank you, announcer. Always does a great job, that fine young man.

Anyway, you know why marriage is important? Roll this tape, because, you know, when you're single and alone, you may never have someone to scratch an itch. Like this bear, you must go into the woods and find a tree to scratch. But with marriage, you can scratch many different itches. We'll be right back.


BECKEL: There's a real self-pity (ph).

PERINO: And now a word from our sponsors.



BECKEL: I wanted to say this publicly here, because I wanted to -- I was going to write a note, but I don't write very well. But I was invited down to Dana and Peter's house in South Carolina, had a wonderful time. They're gracious people, wonderful people around there.

And I also had a chance to ride something that I hadn't ridden in in a good 20 years. That's the -- Peter and I in his side car. And that's Peter driving his Harley. It was a great weekend, Dana. Thank you very, very much.

GUTFELD: Can't see the bike.

BECKEL: I know.

PERINO: It's a selfie.

TANTAROS: You were doing a selfie?

BECKEL: I didn't know what I was doing, obviously.

TANTAROS: Men older than 30 should not wear their hats on backwards -- Dana.

PERINO: Or else it was going to fly off. Because it was in the side car.

We loved having you, Bob. You were a great guest. We can't wait to have you back.

I wanted to talk about this protest that happened in New York yesterday. It's a good protest. OK, 20,000 people showed up in a park in New York City to talk about their support for school reform. They invited Mayor de Blasio to come to this, because they're pushing for school reform and charter school support. Mayor de Blasio has not been helping them, but 20,000 people...

BOLLING: Did he show up?

PERINO: He did not show up.

GUTFELD: What a jerk.

PERINO: He did not show up. At 257 of the city's public schools, fewer than 1 percent of the students are on grade level. That's what they were trying to talk about and try to get attention for. I hope that the mayor and the governor to pay attention.

TANTAROS: All right. I usually do not do birthday greetings, but this is a special one. My Aunt Helen, 90 years old.

BECKEL: Oh, boy.

TANTAROS: There she is when she was younger. That's her, I believe, 26 years old.

PERINO: Beautiful.

TANTAROS: Coolest woman around. She used to have a bar called the Holiday Inn in May's Landing with her husband, Vick, and she used to sing Sinatra. And she was, like, a second mom to my father when he came to this country. Aunt Helen, we love you. Thank you for everything you've done for our family.

PERINO: Happy birthday.

TANTAROS: "Special Report is next. Have a great weekend, everyone.

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