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O'REILLY: Thanks for staying with us. I'm Bill O'Reilly. In the "Miller Time" segment tonight, we have three hot topics for you, beginning with the shutdown of the two Hillary Clinton movies.

You may remember, CNN and NBC said they both might produce films about Mrs. Clinton. But I was skeptical.


O'REILLY: I'm going to predict that neither movie is going to be made before 2016. I don't think it's going to happen.

Look, CNN is trying to come back from Armageddon, ratings Armageddon. They're trying to build up their shop over there. They don't need this. They don't need this.

NBC is already labeled the far-left network. They already have problems in there.


All right, last week, CNN and NBC said they were dropping the films. Miller is otherwise occupied this evening but I talked with him last night.


O'REILLY: So, Miller, am I an oracle or what.

DENNIS MILLER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, you know, Billy, I think observers in the scene saw Hillary in her post-Secretary of State revelry --


-- as we should say. And they begin to sense that this thing might balloon into an iMax project.


And they just didn't have that in the budget, so I think you're an astute observer, as oppose to an oracle.

O'REILLY: Yes, well, you're talking about maybe that they -- no, I'm not even bothering with that.

MILLER: You know why they shut it down?

O'REILLY: Why, Miller.


MILLER: They didn't want the mini-series bias for Hillary to get in the way of their regular nightly newscast bias for Hillary.


So, they had to make this tough call.

O'REILLY: They're just saving it up. OK, I got it. Now, government shutdown doesn't really affect you out in Santa Barbara.

I mean you're living large, you're on the beach, you're chasing the pelicans, whatever the hell you do out there, --


-- I don't know. But the government shutdown doesn't really affect you, does it.

MILLER: No, Billy. I don't know that it affects the 800,000 people laid off from the government in Washington D.C. Folks, I don't know if you've heard, you can get two years unemployment now.

And they shut the zoo down, so all you leftists who are pro-animal, listen, that zoo was cruel. You should view this and see the silver lining in here. I'm not worried about the shutdown.


I'm worried about when they start it back up.


And I don't think the Republicans are handling this well either. Did you watch that wild jammy party two nights ago, Billy?


MILLER: Not exactly Sandy telling Russo she's dating Danny Zuko. The thing about the Republican brain thrust is, I don't trust their brains.


And they better realize, the guy who holds the bully pulpit righ now is an actual bully. And, lastly, I want to mention that anytime something is named after a guy, i.e., ObamaCare, and he doesn't want to sign up for it, that's a really bad tea leaf, OK.

O'REILLY: That is a big -- a bad sign. Now, --

MILLER: I mean, if I was him, I'd come on, just hold a presser and say, "Listen, I want to talk to you about MeCare, not ObamaCare, MeCare."

And I'd take a laptop and I'd sign in and become participant number one. He'd lay waste to the Republican Party for the next 40 years.

Just say, "I'll sign up for it." But he won't. And that tells me everything I need to know.

O'REILLY: Now, the polls say that the Americans are holding Republicans, more than Democrats, accountable for the shutdown. Are you surprised by that.

MILLER: No, that doesn't surprise me, Billy. I think our time has passed, man. We're like a Norman Rockwell Litho.

I think that we live in a country now where it's pretty well- understood that the one physical malady that won't be covered under ObamaCare is busting your ass, all right.

And we might not crash this now but it's going to crash itself down the road. And I kind of like what Ted Cruz --


-- did, just sending up a signal flare and said, "We aren't part of this." I think it's basic stuff, it's checkbook stuff, Billy.


You've got to have the stubs equal the checks that are going out. We don't do that now.

O'REILLY: No, we don't do it.

MILLER: If that's the way the country wants it, so I lock the pod face on.

O'REILLY: Now, were you surprised, your pal from Saturday Night Live, Rob Schneider, now has defected --


-- the Democratic Party and gone over to the Republicans.

MILLER: All I know is this, eventually, if you're using common sense, --


-- and you're not locked in to zealotry and you just look at the way the country is going right now and say, "We've got to spend what we take in. We can only spend that," you're not a zealot coming. You're just a -- you're a pragmatist.

O'REILLY: Right.

MILLER: Maybe you just got pragmatic, for God's sakes.

O'REILLY: Well, as you get older, I mean, you've got a balance of budget, you've got a plan and, yes, you see things for the craziness it is.


O'REILLY: And in your state, I mean how insane is it out there. It's every regulation in the world. You put peanut butter on, they'd come in and say, "How much."

MILLER: I know.

O'REILLY: And what kind of bread you have to use. And, you know, -- I mean, it's nuts.

MILLER: Billy, I feel like, in the state of California, and I am getting older by the way, my prostate has turned into a jujube. But I feel that, in the State of California, I might turn all my funds over to Sacrament because I have -- I think I'll have more access to them as a petitioner as I do the actual proprietor.

O'REILLY: That's right. You will get more money back.

MILLER: So, maybe, I'll go that way since we're getting more than half now. Yes.

O'REILLY: All right, finally, did you see the "60 Minutes" on "Killing Jesus" --


-- and me, your humble correspondent. Did you check that out.

MILLER: I've watched it on a perpetual loop since it happened. Hey, here's the difference --


-- between me and you, Billy. I'm a bit of a lapse Catholic. Like last time I went to confession, I said, "You first." But I know when the Holy Spirit visits you in the middle of the night, he tells you to write books that will sell 10 million books.

When the Holy Spirit visits me, he says, "Buy O'Reilly's next book retail." Then he just flies out of the room.


That's the difference between our Gods.

O'REILLY: Don't you think that, maybe, the Holy Spirit, both you and I, when we're on stage at the "Bolder-Fresher" show, I mean don't you think there might be a little (inaudible) coming down there.


MILLER: I think the Holy Spirit says, "I wish I was God the Son, so I could make a buck and get into that VIP line to meet these two geniuses."


O'REILLY: Yes, sure he does.


A little blasphemy from Miller. We apologize. Dennis Miller, everybody. There he is.

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