Michelle Obama leads hypothetical 2020 poll

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DANA PERINO, HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Dana Perino along with Emily Compagno, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters, and Greg Gutfeld. It's 5 o'clock in New York City, and this is “The Five.”

Hunter Biden giving his side of the story for the first time in a new interview just hours before his dad takes center stage at tonight's Democratic debate. After weeks of scrutiny and attacks from President Trump, Hunter admits he used poor judgment in serving on the board of a Ukrainian gas company, but that he has no regrets.


HUNTER BIDEN: No, I don't regret being on the board. What I regret is not taking into account that there would be a Rudy Giuliani and a President of the United States that would be listening to this ridiculous conspiracy idea, which has, again, been completely debunked by everyone.


PERINO: So, did he make any mistakes? Here's what he says about that.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What do you say to people who believe this is exactly why people hate Washington? A vice president son can make money in countries where your father is doing official government business.

BIDEN: Look, by the way -- well, I don't know what to tell you. I made a mistake in retrospect as it related to creating any perception that was wrong. And so, therefore, I'm taking it off the table. I'm making that commitment. We'll see if anybody else makes that commitment, but that's the commitment that I'm making.


PERINO: Hunter was also pressed on what his dad knew about the Ukrainian issue.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did you and your father ever discuss Ukraine?

BIDEN: No. As I said, the only time was after a news account -- it wasn't a discussion in any way. There's no but to this. No, we never did.


PERINO: All right. So, Jesse, the other night President Trump in his rally says where's Hunter? And then, Hunter is there on ABC. Apparently, this was not coordinated with the campaign. That's what they're saying that Hunter decided to do this on his own. And for people who think that it was a terrible idea, maybe the campaign wants people to think that.

JESSE WATTERS, HOST: Yeah, maybe. I mean, I don't think that they didn't know what was going on. That's about as plausible as Joe not knowing what his son was doing overseas. ABC put the kid in kid glove treatment here. This was an atrocious interview. Amy Robach who's a good interviewer really had a bad day the other day. The core issue was, is the Biden family for sale, and how did sleepy Joe not know about the foreign influence through his son and she didn't get to that. She was asking, did you guys talk about your business deals? He said no. She didn't say, hey, look at the photograph. Remember the Nickelback picture?

She didn't say, well, why were you guys purposely keeping each other in the dark then? Is it to have some sort of plausible deniability? Or how about when he said, well, I don't think I was qualified to be on the board and I didn't know anything about Ukraine or about natural gas, but I probably knew more about that than the other people on the board. Well, she could have asked, well, you know, the former president of Poland is on the board, an international investment bank is on the board. Cofer Black is on the board, former CIA

I think you don't know more than they do about Ukraine and natural gas. She never asked, why did you hire a P.R. firm to smear the investigator who is probing Burisma? She never asked a follow up question to this, why do you think you got the job? Why do you think these --


WATTERS: -- were given this position to her.

PERINO: I think she did ask that. And, Juan, one of the things he said is he confirmed what a lot of people have assumed when she asked him, did you profit off the last name, of being a Biden, and he said yes.

WATTERS: OK. But the point is why are they giving the job to him. Yes, it's because of his last name. But what kind of influence are they buying with the job offer and he couldn't answer that.

PERINO: OK, Juan, your thoughts on the interview.

JUAN WILLIAMS, HOST: Well, I think -- well, first of all, I thought, you know, Dana and I and Ari Fleischer were talking about this earlier that it's a strange day for him to come out to make this the news on the day of the big debate tonight for the Democrats because, I guess, it heightens the stakes in terms of how his dad handles it tonight. My sense is that Hunter was contrite and he was pretty honest in saying that, you know what, you got a lot of breaks because his last name is Biden, and he doesn't even know the extent of all the brakes and the money that come his way because his last name is Biden.

And he admits that it created a negative perception even if it broke no laws. So he -- I think he was very contrite on that level. But by coming clean, Jesse, it seems to me he creates pressure right now on the Trump kids to come clean, because you have Don Jr., you have Eric, you have Ivanka, who all have huge multinational global business dealings going on while their dad is in the White House. I think last year the profits were between 29, $135 million.

And, of course, property is being sold. The father has never divested himself from the Trump Company. But we don't hear anything about it and they don't speak about it. It seems to me that's the ongoing --

WATTERS: Are you comparing Hunter to Don Jr., and Ivanka, and Eric? Do you think they're at the same level?

WILLIAMS: Are you kidding? This is corruption.

WATTERS: I'm just wondering if you think that Hunter Biden is at the same professional and business level of the Trump children?

WILLIAMS: Oh, I see what you're saying. Yes, you mean in terms of expertise and knowledge?



WATTERS: You do, really?



PERINO: All right, Emily --

WATTERS: I would disagree strongly, Juan. And I think you that.

PERINO: Hunter was fairly defensive in the interview, but I think in some ways for good reason, right? He's been on -- he knows that his dad has been losing -- going down in most of the polls. Elizabeth Warren is now considered the front runner, and there're a lot of pressure on him, but he doesn't think that he did anything wrong.

EMILY COMPAGNO, HOST: I thought his defensiveness was so palpable. I thought he came across entitled, frustrated, he felt attacked, it was obvious. I thought all of his statements were weak and ineffective for those reasons. And, you know, he parsed his language. He said he regrets the appearance, the perspective of something wrong, right? The only mistake was not taking into account a Rudy Giuliani or a president would be scrutinizing him.

If I can comment for a second on what you were saying, Juan, I think a tremendous difference to me as a citizen is how much the business dealings were intertwined with the state. And I want to take this moment to just point out how intertwined Hunter Biden is with the Chinese state. You know his attorney came out the other day and said, well, he's stepping down as director of the board and he's received no profit from his stake, but that's not true. What he invested in, his 400,000 and some change investment, gave him control and influence over $1.5 billion in capital over there.

And what does that fund that he is an owner of investing? Really sensitive assets like the state owned in China nuclear power company and the U.S. And the Chinese they have -- that company has reported in their documents specifically that they lure investors who, because they are sons of officials, or children of officials to leverage the network, and that he had a 30 percent stake the entire time. So it's not --

PERINO: And also, as Bret Baier pointed out earlier, Greg, you get the payout on your way out. So when you're leaving -- who knows? There're probably more questions about that. What did you think about his performance and maybe that of the media?

GREG GUTFELD, HOST: He's clearly no boy scouts despite being intense.


WATTERS: Very good.

GUTFELD: Thank you.

PERINO: Got it.

GUTFELD: It struck me as somebody who's lived a pretty fast life. I've seen that look before. And when he said he did nothing wrong, but in retrospect he shouldn't have done it, that's exactly what I say when my wife has cornered me on something. It's like, yeah, I shouldn't have 15 wine coolers, but it's not wrong. I shouldn't have thrown up at the boss's picnic. I did nothing wrong, but I shouldn't have done it. The lesson here is that there is a downside to nepotism. So you get all the benefits, right? You get all the benefits up front jobs, you get to first-class airfare, you get to pick up chicks, all the stuff that Hunter Biden has been doing.

But then when the poop hits the fan you get it all over you. So this was a kind of -- this was a karma-esque. Is that a word? And this is a kind of a new thing. It's a golden rule, I think, of the Donald Trump presidency. For every action, there is a powerful reaction. So you gin up -- you gin up a Ukrainian phone call. We're going to gin up Hunter. So they might actually be -- in terms of importance of stories, they might just be the same. But if you're going to push this one up, I'm going to do it to you.

And this Hunter story actually sticks because people understand rich kids who get away with stuff. And that's different to Juan's point, than Donald Trump's kids because they actually work for a living. Do you think Trump lets his kids slide at work? If you asked his kids, would it have been easier to work for a stranger than your dad, they would have said stranger because their dad never rests. He would seem to me like a merciless boss, especially if you were related --

PERINO: You wouldn't want to let them down.

GUTFELD: Yeah. And he would let you know.

PERINO: The Ukrainian gas board is like, oh, well.

GUTFELD: Yeah, the gas board is OK, but he would -- Trump would tell you - - Trump would tell, you know, Donald, you know, Eric is doing really good over there. And then he'd go to Eric, you know, Donald is doing really good over there like he does to networks.

WATTERS: And Donald Trump just got into politics two years ago.


WATTERS: I mean, his kids were very successful in the private sector for many, many years. And if you look at the resume of Hunter, I don't know if you've looked at it, Juan, but every single step of Joe's career, Hunter was right behind him. When he went out of law school, he went to this big bank, Joe's biggest contributor to his political campaign in Delaware, then he went to the board of Amtrak, then he formed a lobbying company --


WILLIAMS: We want to go, but I just want to say this is so ridiculous. It seems to me that -- the biggest example of nepotism would be the president who's father not only put him in business, gave him millions to invest to get him in business, and then people like Jesse when they say, oh, yeah --

GUTFELD: And he made that business huge.

WILLIAMS: -- this guy is a good businessman.


GUTFELD: And then became president.


GUTFELD: That's an American story.

PERINO: OK. Wow. CNN, whistleblower reveals the networks anti-Trump bias. Greg is going to explain this to us.

GUTFELD: Will I? I don't know.


GUTFELD: Welcome back. It's time for Greg's hypocrite of the week. Yes, this is a new segment where I single out a person who says one thing and then does another. This week's hypocrite. Hypocrite number one is Greg Gutfeld. Why, because on this show I slammed the use of secret recordings and gotcha videos where undercover investigators get lowly staffers to narc on their bosses while at bars.

Frankly, if you record people long enough while they're drinking, you can get them to say anything, and that scares me, except when it comes to CNN. Project Veritas release recordings of CNN News call between staffers and Jeff Zucker where he validates all your assumptions about the chief's goal of his bias network, to be the Trump impeachment network. In order to get eyeballs and revenge while still calling it news.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We're moving towards impeachment. I mean, don't like, you know -- we shouldn't pretend, oh, this is going one way. And so all these moves are moves towards impeachment. So don't -- don't lose sight of what the biggest story is.


GUTFELD: Earth shattering. Now, do I feel good discussing this sneaky stuff? No. But I do feel good that we're hearing from the horse's mouth exactly what we knew all along, that after doing their best to make Trump the nominee, figuring he'd lose, CNN must now destroy Trump because he won. It's not news to you. We all knew this.

But now it can be no longer denied by CNN, which is nice giving all the times they've accused Trump supporters of being dumb sheep. Like this crap-fest from last night.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If enough Americans -- because, remember, Trump has 30, 31 percent of hardcore. They'll follow him to hell or wherever he's going. They don't care about the facts, they don't know about the facts. OK, they're fine people except they're ignorant about these things that we're talking about and they will not budge from that.


GUTFELD: So does that snap on and snap off? So, was that commentary or news? Who cares? It's all the same to them. And it's made to order for their boss. So as much as I hate secret recordings, I will take this one - - and by the way, so should CNN. I mean, they do love a good whistleblower, don't they? All right, Jesse.


GUTFELD: How do you feel about this?

WATTERS: Donaldson's hair?


WATTERS: I love it. I wish I had hair like that.

GUTFELD: You will, one of these days.

WATTERS: I just have to comb it over a little bit more to the front and then, wow. That's a helmet and it looks good on him. But I don't believe anything else he said.

GUTFELD: What is the plus or minus on the -- on this leaky video?

WATTERS: Well --

GUTFELD: I am a hypocrite, by the way.

WATTERS: OK. So am I in other arenas. I'm not blown away by the content of it. I think that the president of CNN saying that we have to follow impeachment. We have to follow impeachment hard is not breaking news. Or that he said let's call out Lindsey Graham, OK. Or he said Fox News is disruptive. He said that out in the open many, many times. The people that they did get access to seem to me to be kind of low-level players without any editorial power, and they've aid thing, as you've mentioned, that Zucker feels guilty about The Apprentice, and now he's trying to get revenge, or that people in the elevator on election night were pretty bummed out at CNN.

Yeah, that's not breaking news to me. The main takeaway is, is that CNN says it's a nonbiased down the middle straight news organization, even in prime time, when they're clearly not. But other than that, I think the guy is kind of a rat, more of a disgruntled employee. He's not a whistleblower because nothing out there on the tape was illegal. And I think he'll never get hired ever, ever again.

This is, I think, one or two videos have come out. We're expecting a third. I'm anticipating something more. I'm excited. I think -- is a great journalist and a brave guy. He's looking for truth. But at this point I'm still waiting for bigger more explosive things.

GUTFELD: Dana, that was very fair and balanced from Jesse. He said he liked the work but was disappointed in the product.

PERINO: I can't wait --

GUTFELD: He can't wait for the next one. But I think what gets me is -- Brian Stelter is actually writing a book about Fox News. He works at CNN. He's writing a book. They're constantly calling us state-run and --

PERINO: What would they talk about without Fox News?

GUTFELD: Exactly.

PERINO: Not just CNN.

GUTFELD: But now we know that -- actually, they're kind of run with an ideology.

PERINO: Here's the thing, I don't like secret videos.

GUTFELD: I know.

PERINO: Because I think people --

GUTFELD: I apologize for that.


PERINO: Yeah, that was terrible.


PERINO: And I accept your apology.

WATTERS: You acid washed that one, Gutfeld.

PERINO: What I'm going to say -- oh, I think that when -- if you're competing against one another in terms of ideology, or a corporation, or team, or something like that, win on the merits. Like, for example, if you -- if this was -- if there was a sports oriented -- and he went into the team meeting in the locker room of the Cowboys and he gave the information to the Eagles --


GUTFELD: Well done.


PERINO: He was going to say the Phillies, because that would not make sense. The Eagles -- I thought Philadelphia. Then, I think, it feels like, oh, look, that's what they're going to do. I think people would be outrage by that. If the Cowboys and the Eagles could fight it out and see who wins.


PERINO: And it will probably be

WATTERS: The Eagles.

PERINO: -- the Cowboys.

WATTERS: Oh, come on.

GUTFELD: Juan, could I -- I'm going to float a theory. OK, during the election, FNC wasn't Trump TV. We had like 19 candidates. We were having all these intense fights. You know, I wasn't for Trump. I was a Rubio guy. We were all like -- we're all fighting about it. But CNN, none of those other candidates mattered on the Republican side. They put all their eggs on Trump. And I think now they feel guilty about that. So calling us state-run is hilarious, but they were -- they were actually -- this is their penance.

WILLIAMS: Well -- if you write about the Zucker-Trump relationship, which I think has been written about it extensively, and CNN did give lot of airtime. But I think we all gave a lot of airtime to Donald Trump --

GUTFELD: I think we were the fairest network of all, because we -- THE FIVE, we're practically ripping each other's throats out.

WILLIAMS: What I'm saying is, forget what we say. It was the coverage of the Trump rallies, which, I mean -- I didn't think Trump did all that well in the debates, I mean, the bullying language and the likes. But the rallies is what was great TV, and everybody just covered it as TV without understanding, hey, this has political consequence. But to my mind, I've been -- you know, I've worked for several journalist organizations, and if you wiretapped any of our morning editorial calls, I think you would hear stuff then you'll say, oh, is that a bias? Is that not a bias?

Look, there's no bias in the boss saying to you impeachment and Trump are the biggest story in American politics right now. So I'm with Jesse on this. I don't see if there's anything newsy or even evidence of bias and saying, hey, you reporters, don't lose sight of the big story because that's what our audience wants to hear about.

GUTFELD: Now, Emily, I would say that they make it the big story by saying that. It's like we have to keep this thing going. We have to keep the flame going.

COMPAGNO: Yeah, they're creating their own fire. What struck me about the -- what came out on these tapes were -- when the guy said that they, meaning the CNN executives, that they don't like Tulsi Gabbard because she takes an unconventional route with policy. And that's just -- that is exactly what comes out of the left and the Democrats is they will never support free thinking. And that was the saddest part to all is not that they're focusing on Trump and impeachment, but that they are ignoring everyone else that deserves attention.

Final point, it kills me, maybe because I travel so much, that 323 million people are subjected to CNN in the airports, and I encourage every airport to let their contract lapse just like SFO just did because people are getting tired of it. And now that it's so clear --

PERINO: You can't buy a bottled water or watch CNN at the San Francisco airport?

WATTERS: Wait, so --

COMPAGNO: They're not renewing their contract because their argument was that so many people have their smart phones --

WATTERS: Who are they going to sign, with Al Jazerra?

COMPAGNO: Well, we could put in a pitch. We should.

WATTERS: We should.

GUTFELD: There you go.

WATTERS: They love us in San Francisco, I heard.

GUTFELD: All right, the front runner in the latest New Hampshire 2020 poll isn't even on the ballot. We'll reveal who it is next.


WATTERS: Just forget the current crop of lackluster Democrats running. The person leading the latest New Hampshire poll isn't even on the ballot. That survey suggests that if Michelle Obama were to enter the race, she'd be the front runner. She's walloping the competition with 26 percent support. But, the former first lady has repeatedly resisted the flood of calls to get in. So, what is that say about the 2020 field, Dana?

PERINO: That they're going to have to fight it out amongst themselves and try to win on the merits. Michelle Obama is never running for office, period. But there is this other story that came out today that said that Mike Bloomberg is thinking about getting back in the race because, remember, he said he would not get in the race if Joe Biden was going to run. Now, he, apparently, might be thinking that Joe Biden is in free fall, so maybe he's going to get back in the race. Well, I also heard that's not true.


WATTERS: Juan, what does that tell you about Joe that all these other, you know, high-profile Democrat candidates are kind of waiting in the wings? We've heard Hillary, last week, people were talking about her. What does it say to you?

WILLIAMS: I don't think it says much about the field. In fact, I read somewhere that people were talking about whether Obama, President Obama, could run again, and what is the law? What is -- and I thought this is nuts. I mean, to me, this say nothing about the field. As Dana says, she's not running. She's a cultural figure, Jesse. I mean, she's not Beyonce, but she's getting close, right?

WATTERS: She's up there.

WILLIAMS: Yeah. Because as I've -- well, I'm repeating something I said earlier which is she can -- she went on her book tour and she filled arenas. They were sold out arenas.

GUTFELD: Who does that sound like?

WILLIAMS: He wishes. He wishes --


WATTERS: Stop it, Juan.

WILLIAMS: I think, you know, the larger issue is that people are still coming to some conclusion. You see this in the polls not just in New Hampshire but nationally that people who shift between my first choice, my second choice, I'm not sure. The big beneficiary so far is Elizabeth Warren who's been taking support away from Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, and Bernie Sanders.

WATTERS: Well, I still think it speaks to the weakness of Joe Biden.

COMPAGNO: Yes, in part. And I think it speaks to the weakness of Democrats in general. Here's why, because it's the grass is greener on the other side, and we saw this in 2016 when they were pining after Joe Biden because they felt the he at that time better represented the Obama-era. He wasn't getting beaten up in the primary.

WATTERS: Or Warren, too. They were looking at Liz.

PERINO: He should have run then.

COMPAGNO: Exactly. And so, I think, it's just -- no matter what cycle it is, there's always going to be pining for whoever is not there.


GUTFELD: Ah, you know, they're wishful for Michelle. I call that mishfull thinking.

PERINO: Very good.

GUTFELD: Thank you. You like that?

PERINO: I like that, you had to look down.

GUTFELD: I had to look down. I can't remember what I had said because I almost have nothing to say, because we both said this is that there's a terminal lack of excitement about the big names.

Meanwhile, the most genuine people, you're not hearing about, to me Marianne Williamson is the most genuine person up there, but she's - I even find - I think Yang, Yang lost his bang, she's the real thang.

WATTERS: Greg, you're on fire.

GUTFELD: And the question is will they go--


GUTFELD: Dang. If they go after Joe, I think it might be - it might at this point feel like picking on Gramps.

WATTERS: You think?

GUTFELD: Yes, I think they - might just let him wander off into the sunset.

PERINO: Is anyone going to be brave enough tonight?

GUTFELD: I don't know. Maybe Hunter could run.

WATTERS: Very funny.

PERINO: You're going to launch an attack on him.

GUTFELD: He's very qualified.

WATTERS: So, the big debate tonight. Obviously, they're going to be asking about Hunter and they're going to be asking about--

GUTFELD: Will they?

WATTERS: Bernie's attack against Liz Warren for supporting capitalism. How do you see things shaking out?

PERINO: Yes, so Bernie says, he is going to take her on, right. He wants to say, I am not a capitalist and they are going to have a big fight about capitalism, that would be really great for the Democrats in the general election.

Here's one thing I would say about Biden though, if he were to be able to get through this primary process and become the nominee, it's much better to have - had to deal with the Hunter situation in the primary than in the general election, because then 0 by then it'll be baked into the cake.

GUTFELD: The cake, well done.

PERINO: Sorry.

GUTFELD: At the end of the day, unpack it.

WATTERS: All right. You guys are full of analogies over here. You guys have to step it up. Cliches, you're full of it. OK, let's put it that way. LeBron James under fire over what's being called the most disgraceful moment of his career. Find out next.


WILLIAMS: Basketball star LeBron James facing a major backlash. He's accused of siding with China after blasting Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey over a tweet supporting pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Here's what LeBron James had to say.


LEBRON JAMES, NBA ATHLETE: When you're misinformed, or you're not educated about something and I'm just talking about the tweet itself. You know you never know what the ramifications that could happen. So many people could have been harmed, not only financially but physically, emotionally, spiritually. So, just be careful what we tweet, and we say and what we do even though yes, we do have freedom of speech, but there can be a lot of negative that comes with that too.


WILLIAMS: LeBron later tweeting out of clarification basically saying, here I'm quoting, "I'm not discussing the substance, others can talk about that." But still the fallout has been severe. A USA Today column is saying James "undermines values, he's espoused in most disgraceful moment of career."

Meanwhile protesters in Hong Kong burning his jersey. Jesse, so he says he's not talking about the substance just the idea that the Houston General Managers' tweet caused the controversy while you had NBA teams over there in Asia. How do you see this?

WATTERS: Well, the most disgraceful moment of his career is when he went to LA and they missed the playoffs. That was a horrible year he had last year and then he treated the way his whole team and we'll see how he does this year. But he did damage his brand a little bit. Not a lot, but a little bit, because a lot of patriotic Americans didn't like what he had to say, and he can say whatever he wants, but there is consequences to his freedom of speech too.

And I assume that he was just trying to make sure that the league makes money and that his teammates make money and that no one rocks the boat. That's what he was trying to do, because he's kind of the ambassador for the NBA. He's not a human rights advocate.

But then to say that the guy in Houston, the GM was uneducated or misinformed about what's going on in Hong Kong, that was disrespectful and insulting, because I mean does he know that the Chinese gave the British 100 year lease on Hong Kong after they lost back-to-back opium wars. I mean did he know that that was a promise that they made, they were going to have two systems, one state and they were going to allow in 2020, a phase in of democracy and elections.

But the Chinese have reneged on that and are installing their handpicked communist candidates in Hong Kong and are ripping away the actual candidates from Hong Kong's ballots. That's what this is about. And I don't know if he knows about it or not, but he shouldn't say what he said to the GM.

PERINO: Right.

WILLIAMS: So, Greg, Enes Kanter who's another NBA player, who has been under pressure from Turkey. He had a strong reaction to LeBron James, and he said, wait a second, bro. You don't know - I mean basically you don't - talked about people in these kinds of authoritarian regimes who lose their jobs, lose their houses, put in jail as political prisoners and LeBron didn't seem to pick up on this.

GUTFELD: He LeBronsplained. Like - the tweet is telling you, remember when you tweet, it's in public. It's like wow, I had no idea. You know people might disagree with you, so maybe you shouldn't tweet that this is brilliant analysis. I want him to now do science. You shouldn't eat food or else you might starve and breathe every now and then.

WATTERS: LeBronsplain.

GUTFELD: But it was also an idiotic comment, because he was talking about restraint and this is a guy who is a big advocate for Colin Kaepernick, who wore socks depicting police officers as pigs. So, him telling us to be more thoughtful is a little strange.

The bigger point is that celebrities are outspoken when there's no skin in the game. Right. They'll condemn religious bakers, right. Or someone who doesn't want a gender-neutral bathroom.

You get rewarded for that on media and in social media, but when there's skin in the game, when there's money to be make, when you have a billion dollar contract or you have a fear of being called intolerant then there is a strange silence over the execution of gays or imprisonment over art or freedom of expression or honor killings for dating the wrong person. But you know you feel really brave when you're mocking Christian bakers, but then you shut up about the real stuff. Good job.

WILLIAMS: So, Emily, I'm struck that in picking up on what Greg said that LeBron James was the guy who wore a T-shirt for a shootaround and said, I can't breathe in support of what was going on here with black men and police and yet he somehow is saying, I'm not going to talk about the substance. He's just thinking like a businessman.

COMPAGNO: Right. And I think that some people in response to that argument have said well, we understand if someone has direct knowledge of a domestic issue, right, if a person of color is speaking of their experience on race relations then like by all means please you have high credibility and maybe an international situation, if someone's not directly involved, maybe it's not as credible. There is that side to it.

I do have to say that it makes sense that Daryl Morey spoke up.

GUTFELD: What's his name?


PERINO: Daryl.

COMPAGNO: Exactly, Daryl. If any team is the most entrenched, it's China, it's Houston obviously right going back to Yao Ming and I understand actually LeBron's messaging. It was just done really sloppily and horribly and there's obviously a firestorm from it. But he was basically saying, look, just wait a week, you're in Japan right now. There are guys that are still in China.

He was trying to say, I think that I understand the censorship that could occur. These guys could literally knock on the door and hold our guys hostage because of how state run, and dictatorial China is. So, I see that element.

I think as citizens and patriots here, as you said earlier, the one thing that we can export is liberty and freedom. So, the thought that someone would be either the hold hostage to their business interests in China or that we don't include that in the conversation when something as fundamental as liberty is on the table then that's an issue.

Final point, I was part of NFL China launch in the late 2000s, which obviously failed. It totally failed. No one wanted football over there, but they love basketball and it's a big deal over there and there's a lot of more complicated business interests that if we had issues, I mean let's look where our phones are made.

GUTFELD: No wonder you're defending China.

WILLIAMS: Dana, so again trying to give LeBron James the benefit of the doubt. He's talking about the business or is what Emily was saying the fact that you had teams on the ground there, but even from a business point of view wouldn't it be - it might be in your short-term interest to say nothing, but in long-term, I think social justice has proven to be good business for American companies. PERINO: Well, maybe.

GUTFELD: We'll find out.

PERINO: It remains to be seen. So, Jesse said that he doesn't consider - LeBron James doesn't consider himself a human rights advocate, but he does consider himself a social justice warrior. So, social justice for who and is it for your fans?

The NBA has all the power. They held all the cards right now and they basically played the worst possible hand. They lost everything. And people in Hong Kong, they won't forget this and maybe it doesn't matter to LeBron James. He's a billionaire, he doesn't necessarily matter. He doesn't seem to understand why people are mad. That's what I think is the most troubling thing. Like if you don't really understand them, what are we fighting for?

You seem to understand him when Colin Kaepernick is doing it, but you don't for other people around the world. That doesn't make sense.

The other thing is, he's trying to like, figure out a way to get around or maybe you shouldn't tweet. No actually, no, we actually have free speech too. And don't tell me what I can or cannot tweet and there might be consequences that a business owner wants to take. Right we talked about that when it came to Colin Kaepernick as well with Nike. But I did come up with a new phrase that people might want to consider.


PERINO: To tweet his own.


WILLIAMS: Go Dana. All right. Watch out, LeBron. Dana's here. Don't go anywhere folks. The Fastest 7 is coming right at you next on “The Five.”


COMPAGNO: Welcome back. Time for the Fastest 7. First up, shopping for your socialist nephew then you might want to get them an Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez action figure. A Kickstarter campaign is molding the New York Democrat into a six-inch-tall and one-inch wide figurine fitted with the all-white pantsuit she wore when she was sworn into Congress. All right, Jesse as in - I'll just let you weight in.

WATTERS: No, I have my own figurine here. I got this a few months ago. So, she's obviously just trying to kind of steal my swagger. We did this on “The Five” and she's probably saw it, because she's obsessed with Fox News.

GUTFELD: Yes. And with you Jesse.

WATTERS: Can't stop talking about Fox News, I would say. So, she saw, and you know she had to follow along. I get it. I get it.

COMPAGNO: I think it's just going to take up all the space that is currently being occupied by all the notorious RBG dolls.

PERINO: It could become a collector's item though because she has a primary challenger in her district that maybe give her a run for her money.

COMPAGNO: All right. Topic two coming up. Next up, flight attendants and the captain will no longer be announcing ladies and gentlemen on Air Canada flight. The company is going gender fluid and replacing those screens with neutral words such as everybody. OK guys, the other day I was in the cafe in Santa Fe and taped onto the counter, it said, alternatives to using you guys. And you know I say you guys all the time, so I kind of freaked out, but I was also like no, I'm going to keep saying you guys, like--

PERINO: You guys.

COMPAGNO: And I don't remember the 27 alternatives.

GUTFELD: Here's the thing, Canada, so they're no longer going to say, ladies and gentlemen on flights, but from now on, they're adding a separate class where you can wear blackface. That's to you, Justin.

COMPAGNO: Mr. Trudeau. All right. Juan, how do you feel about ladies and gentlemen or the lack thereof.

WILLIAMS: I don't understand the offense. I mean what's the offense in saying, ladies and gentlemen.


WILLIAMS: But I must say, it's not just Canada. The New York City subways have taken the same position. I don't have any problem with saying hello everyone. I don't find any offense in that either.

GUTFELD: Everyone.

WILLIAMS: Yes. Hello everybody. Hello everyone. I don't have any offense. I do have tremendous sympathy for people who are transgender and going through that difficult, I think that's a tough life. But I don't see how this is specifically offensive, so I guess I need to be.

WATTERS: Because if you're transgender, Juan, I can't believe I'm going to have to explain this. If you're transgender and you don't identify as a man or a woman and someone says ladies or gentlemen come on down to the gate. And you're neither. You feel excluded.


WATTERS: And that's upsetting, and you want to feel included in the rest of society.

WILLIAMS: Hello everyone.

WATTERS: Why do I have to explain this?

GUTFELD: Because you are a social justice warrior.

COMPAGNO: All right. Finally, Washington Nationals pitcher Daniel Hudson threw his own team a curveball for Game 1 of the National League Championship Series, the reliever chose to skip the big game to be present for the birth of his daughter. Now Hudson is facing backlash for that decision.

WATTERS: Backlash.

COMPAGNO: To the Nat's fan at the table.

WILLIAMS: Yes. I think childbirth is way more important than any baseball game even if it's - in this case it was the last game.

WATTERS: You're just saying that because they won.

WILLIAMS: No, I wouldn't say that.

WATTERS: If they have lost and they've needed the closer, I mean you have been singing a different tune.

WILLIAMS: Jesse, I think jobs come and go. I think the birth of a child.

WATTERS: I know. Well, this is his third child, so you know. (LAUGHTER)

COMPAGNO: Third child.

WATTERS: It's playoffs. He's getting paid a lot.

COMPAGNO: How do you guys feel?

PERINO: I would definitely go to the birth.

WATTERS: What, you'd be having the child.

COMPAGNO: I feel so opposite. Work first and also think about how many people are deployed and so miss the births of all their kids. Like for him, it's a playoff game, you get on the mound.

GUTFELD: I mean it's so overrated. I mean this isn't--

PERINO: Like baseball.

GUTFELD: No. Watching somebody have a baby. Have you ever watched the documentaries? It's not a pretty - like you could discard for life watching childbirth. Plus, the daughter - it was a girl. 10 years from now, she might go, dad, you should have gone to work. That was so weak. Like you know you should have gone.

WATTERS: Yes, she's not going to remember it.

WILLIAMS: Yes, she will remember that their World Series champions, go Nat's.

COMPAGNO: OK, guys, One More Thing is up next.


GUTFELD: You're going to love this.

PERINO: Time for One More Thing. Greg.

GUTFELD: This is a special one Can we roll that little thing. Animals Are Great. This is what makes doing “The Five” for me worthwhile, makes it worthwhile to be in the company of all of you, makes me tolerate Emily. This is a truly fowl act.

WATTERS: Oh man, that hurt me.

GUTFELD: Look at that. It walks like a duck. Can we see that one more time? Look at this. What are you thinking about there, you duck? Anyway, that is probably one of the - where did I get that video from Dana.

PERINO: Peter.


PERINO: Husband sent me that last night. Animals Are Great. I can't say anything after that. There's nothing you can say. Nothing you could say.

PERINO: Nothing you can say, but Juan can say his One More Thing.

WILLIAMS: All right. So, Halloween's coming up in two weeks, but one California mom, she's been celebrating every day of October. She wears fabulous costumes to pick up her kids from school. Take a look. That's Carrie Motley (ph). Her costumes are made with bits and pieces she gets from a thrift store.

Seeing mom in costumes in front of classmates however didn't go over well with her four boys when she started doing this six years ago. But now, the kids are dressing up with her. She recently spoke at morning assembly explaining why she wears the costumes.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We want to help each other. Be good. Say nice things, but we can also not worry about things that other people say.


WILLIAMS: Happy Halloween everyone. Two weeks.

PERINO: All right, Jesse.

WATTERS: What are you going to be for Halloween?

WILLIAMS: I don't know. What do you think? Can I dress up like Jesse Watters figurine?

WATTERS: Maybe, maybe that's cultural appropriation. All right, my game show news. Watch this. I've started watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune from seven to eight and I picked up something that was on Wheel of Fortune last night. This is an intro. Some guy, I think his name is Blair Davis from California. Listen to this intro.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have been trapped in a loveless marriage for the last 12 years to an old battle axe named Kim. She cursed my life with three stepchildren, and I have one rotten grandson.


PERINO: It finally happened; I've wondered if that was ever going to happen.

WATTERS: Yes, Pat Sajak got a kick out of that. He ended up losing but you know solid intro Blair Davis, there he is.

COMPAGNO: Did he mean it?

WATTERS: I think he was joking.

PERINO: Because always so like overly nice to each other and about each other. We always wondered if that was going to happen.


GUTFELD: I respect that. And his beard.

PERINO: All right, so this One More Thing is also courtesy of Peter, because he wanted to show it. These are mourners in Ireland, and they couldn't believe it, when they heard a voice beyond the grave at a local man's funeral. Family and friends gathered to say goodbye to Irish Defense Force veteran Shay Bradley and then this happened.


SHAY BRADLEY, IRISH DEFENSE FORCE: Hello, let me out. Hello. Let me out.


PERINO: OK, so Peter thought this was funny I'll tell you why. Because Shay's loved ones watch his coffin being buried and then he got the last laugh because he had recorded this audio and he wanted it played at his funeral and they were in on a laugh and he made people laugh on their way out. And nobody's laughing.

GUTFELD: Emily is crying. You just made Emily cry and laugh at the same time.

PERINO: That's why, it was a good prank I suppose. All right, Emily.

COMPAGNO: OK. A hard act to follow but they say that teamwork makes the dream work. And for this young Fairfield High football player. This is a first interception and check out what happened.

WATTERS: This is great.

COMPAGNO: This made me laugh. Oh my gosh. So, he basically gets so excited, he starts running the opposite direction. You can see all of his teammates pointing and then he gets tackled by his own teammate. Poor guy.

WATTERS: Loss of ADR on the play.

COMPAGNO: Amazing.

PERINO: That's not going to happen this weekend when the Cowboys and the Eagles play, right.

WATTERS: No, Dana.

PERINO: Is that true?

WATTERS: Not going to happen.

GUTFELD: The sports banter is incredible. Have you guys ever thought of moving over to ESPN.

PERINO: No. Fox Sports is our preference.

GUTFELD: Fox Sports, sorry.

PERINO: All right. Set your DVRs. Never miss an episode of “The Five.” "Special Report" is up next.

Hey, Bret.

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