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REP. MICHELE BACHMANN, R-MINN.: The all important must-have for 2012 is this, making Barack Obama a one term president!


Right? Stand up! Stand up! Stand up!


I think you're up for it. I am too, this is it. This is the real world. This is when it counts! You're up for it! That's why it is important! This is it. You're up for it! I'm in, you're in.



SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And that is the speech that is making headlines today inside the Beltway and beyond. Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann brought down the House when she opened up this year's CPAC convention earlier today in D.C. And as you just heard, it sounds like she could be very close to throwing her hat into the ring in the 2012 presidential race. What a bombshell that would be and so, is she really in? We'll, ask her ourself.

And joining me now from Washington is Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

BACHMANN: Thank you Sean, always a pleasure.

HANNITY: "You're up for it, I'm in, you're in." You're in?

BACHMANN: Well, I'm in for defeating Barack Obama in 2012. I wasn't making an announcement today that I'm running for president of United States. We had 11,000 people at CPAC over this weekend. These are highly motivated excited people who are all about defeating Barack Obama in 2012, because they really do want to take the country back.

And Sean, you talked about this, how this is a two-step program. We were very successful in taking the House back in 2010. Now it is about taking back the Senate and the White House in 2012. If we can do that, then we can stop the out of control spending and the debt accumulation and more importantly, we can repeal Obamacare. And the audience at CPAC is onboard with that.

HANNITY: All right. A lot of people interpreted those remarks to mean that you are in. Now, you are considering getting into the presidential race. Where are you in that process?

BACHMANN: Well, we haven't taken anything off the table or put anything on the table. We've had people talk us to about that. People have asked me to consider it. And it is a large decision that a person makes. And so, there's a lot of decisions that have to go in. And we are weighing that carefully, going forward.

HANNITY: So, you really -- you are seriously considering a run for president? Did you have a timeframe in which you feel you need to make a decision?

BACHMANN: Well, I think, there's an obvious timeframe when a person would have to make that decision. I don't know if I need to be the candidate or not. One thing that I have been doing is traveling across the country and talking about the bigger issues that we need to focus on.

People need to be reminded between -- in the next 24 months that we have to focus on the reality of the spending that's occurred and also, all of the programs that the president's took -- put into place.

HANNITY: Is there any one person that if they got into the race that would be your person? You would support them and that would prevent you from getting in?

BACHMANN: Well, let me say it. I think we have excellent candidates out there. Absolutely excellent candidates. Someone will bubble up to the surface, probably a year from now we'll know who that nominee will be. I can't tell you that I've gotten behind any individual, because I haven't.

I just want to be a part of this national narrative because I've been here Sean on the frontlines for the last four years. I've seen up close and personal, how devastating Speaker Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama have been. And so, I just want to be part of that conversation, so that we can let people know, we can't forget how bad things are because we can make it better.

HANNITY: I know you are limited in terms of what you can say about Egypt. You are on the House Intelligence Committee. But there were a lot of public comments today. So, I want to ask you to comment beyond what is out there. We know what the National Intelligence director said about the Muslim Brotherhood today. And we know what Leon Panetta said publicly.

When our own intelligence doesn't recognize the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, which it is, I am deeply concerned about the people that are in charge of our national security.

BACHMANN: Well, as everyone is seeing while they're watching the scene over in Egypt, people are seeing this as a very fluid situation. And what we're seeing is a situation that is like plates that are moving in the earth. We see that there's a greater eruption. This is a very fragile region, we don't know what will happen. And beyond that I really can't comment. As you know, I deal with classified information. And it would be highly inappropriate for me to make a comment either confirming or denying any information.

HANNITY: Well, we know what the House -- James Clapper said that the brotherhood was largely secular, that is just patently false. And what I don't understand is, you know, I was just talking to Doug Schoen who's going to be joining us in a few minutes. Two clicks on Google and you know the Muslim Brotherhood is a radical organization, tied to Egyptian assassinations, tied to terror groups, desiring an Islamic caliphate worldwide, including America and Western countries and wanting Sharia law. What part of that doesn't our government understand? That's what I'm having a hard time getting.

BACHMANN: And it is very important that we pay attention to the information that is out there. But because of the highly classified position that I'm in, I'm not in a position to either confirm or deny even information that's put out in the regular media.

HANNITY: All right, so even things that are well-known, but we're going to get into that in the next segment. But, Congresswoman, we'll look forward to your announcement. Congratulations on your very well-received speech today. We appreciate it.

BACHMANN: Thank you, Sean.

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