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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: At the Super Bowl in February, the NFL and Monster.com kicked off its search to fill a new position called the NFL director of fandamonium. And tomorrow, the lucky person chosen for that job will make their debut at the NFL draft right here in New York when they announce one of the picks.

And here to tell us all about this program, one of the greatest defensive football players of all time. The man holds the record for sacks in a single season. The one and only Michael Strahan.

How are you doing?

MICHAEL STRAHAN, FORMER NFL STAR: I'm good. I see somebody wrote that for you, huh?

HANNITY: Can I ask you about — where is that football ring, man? Where is that?

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STRAHAN: You know, I keep forgetting. You know, you want to win and you want a ring. But when you win and you get the ring, you never really wear it.

HANNITY: Well, it's like I wanted to get married, and I've got a ring. And I don't wear it.

STRAHAN: Hey, that's a whole different story right there, buddy.

HANNITY: I'm happily married, 17 years. I've got two kids. But I haven't worn it for most of the years I've been married. I don't like it.

STRAHAN: I keep forgetting...

HANNITY: I wanted to try it on. You didn't bring it for me. What's that about?

STRAHAN: If I come back — invite me back. I'll come bring it. I'll bring it back.

HANNITY: You did tell me something — you watch the show a lot when you're working out in the gym.


HANNITY: OK. And you were watching our show in Atlanta, the tea party show.


HANNITY: And what did you think of it?

STRAHAN: I was on the treadmill running. I'm reading the sub captions. And I'm like, "President, 20,000 people here."

HANNITY: Are you watching.

STRAHAN: "Are you watching?" I'm like, whoa. Man, those guys got some fire.

HANNITY: Come on. You want fire as a player. You were one of the most passionate players in NFL history. Come on. You...

STRAHAN: You know what? When you know your business and you love your business, you do have a fiery passion about it. That's true.

HANNITY: And that's what made you great, because you had the fire and power. I have a fire and passion about politics. We're headed in the wrong direction. Do you want to get into this?

STRAHAN: Absolutely not. I — I just want the — all this badness to go away.

HANNITY: Badness, we're going bankrupt. We're kissing up to every dictator.

STRAHAN: We were bankrupt before.

HANNITY: Every dictator in the world. What's that all about? Come on.

STRAHAN: Now, when I — I'm not even going to get into it. Not going to do it. That's when you invite me back and I bring the ring. Then we'll get into it.

HANNITY: Do I get to wear the ring, at least, for the segment?

STRAHAN: You can wear the ring for the segment.

HANNITY: Look at the size of those — did you break every finger? Look at that. Aww. Do that on camera. Do what you just did on camera.

STRAHAN: Everybody has seen that. My little pinky there — my fingers, they're just all bent.

HANNITY: But it looks like...

STRAHAN: Little pinky there.

HANNITY: Football really beats you up pretty bad.

STRAHAN: No, I beat up football. No, it beat me to death.


STRAHAN: I don't miss hitting anybody. I don't miss hitting anybody.

HANNITY: You got it out of your system?

STRAHAN: Yes, I'm happy. I've hit enough. I've abused enough people. I've abused myself doing it. But everyone thinks that, "OK, you were the hitter." No, no. I got hit a lot.

HANNITY: You did?

STRAHAN: Oh, yes.

HANNITY: Because people know you were good, and people knew you were great at — at sacking quarterbacks. And they didn't get you out of the way, then you would have knocked their quarterback over.

STRAHAN: And that's the way — that's why defensive lineman, we try to really get the quarterback. Because they're the ones that practice with the red jerseys. They don't get hit. They get papered. They get babied.

HANNITY: They get paid a lot of money.

STRAHAN: They're getting paid a lot of money. We're out there getting beat up. Let's beat them up when we get a chance.

HANNITY: I love — I love sports, because there's something about sports. My kids play sports. I've played sports my whole life. I think it is the greatest thing for any kid to do. It keeps you out of trouble. It kept me out of trouble, well, a little bit. I got into some. Would you imagine me ever getting into trouble?


HANNITY: No way.

STRAHAN: Yes. You're getting into trouble now and you're an adult. I've seen it.

HANNITY: You've seen it. When have you seen me getting into trouble?

All right. Now listen, tell me, so you're doing some great stuff in your life. Obviously, you're working with FOX; you're doing broadcasting. You're doing a sitcom. You've got this thing with Monster.com. What's going on with this Fandemonium?

STRAHAN: Well, you know, of course, Monster.com, the preeminent job site in the country, and something that we need now, jobs...

HANNITY: I agree.

STRAHAN: Monster.com, perfect for that. And...

HANNITY: To get a new president.

STRAHAN: Here you go, man. Just got rid of the last one.

HANNITY: Well, I want to get a new one. When's 2012, 1,291 days from now.

STRAHAN: You know what? Go to Monster.com and sign up to be president of the United States. How about that?

HANNITY: Would you vote for me?

STRAHAN: Would I vote for you?


STRAHAN: You have to show me a little bit more. I need to see a little bit more about you.

HANNITY: You don't want to see my legs or anything? What do you mean?

STRAHAN: If you show me — looking at your legs, you don't get a vote. I'll tell you that right now.

So what the program is called, Director of Fandemonium by Monster through the NFL.

HANNITY: You didn't expect this, did you?

STRAHAN: I love this, man. This is good. This is banter. I love banter.


STRAHAN: So Monster.com and the NFL teamed up to come up with the director of Fandemonium, the guy who — the person who shows the most, you know, the biggest degree of love and heart for the game.

HANNITY: OK. I'm not going to mention his name, but he's the top boss here in the FOX News Channel. He could literally, the final play in your — in the last Super Bowl...


HANNITY: ... you won against the Patriots. He could tell that play by heart. He loves — I mean, he is — he should have signed up for this.

But there are — look, I love sports, but I'm not — I don't have to see every second of the season. But there are friends of mine, they have to see every minute, every second of every game.

STRAHAN: They feel like if they don't — if they turn off the TV, if they leave the stadium early, then they're betraying the team. We some people pretty sick out there, I'll tell you.

HANNITY: But they loved you. You are one of the most loved players.

STRAHAN: But I tried to play every second, every minute, as a player, to give them that.

And the great thing about this program as it gives one of those fans un — access that he's never had before. You get to call the play at the pro bowl. You get to be the coin toss at the Super Bowl. You get to pick a pick in the draft.

HANNITY: That's cool.

STRAHAN: Not just any — You get the second round pick. Now, that's good. And also, you get $100,000.

HANNITY: And you don't even have to tackle a quarterback.

STRAHAN: No. You have to pay taxes, but...

HANNITY: You're a Republican. I figured it out.

STRAHAN: Don't start. Don't start.

HANNITY: Well, listen, in all honesty, you're one of the greatest players with the greatest heart to play the game. It's an honor to meet you. It really is. And I hope you come back and bring the ring.

STRAHAN: I will. Definitely. We'll talk politics.

HANNITY: That is all the time we have left this evening. And let not your heart by troubled. We hope you have a great weekend. The news continues. Greta is coming up next. We will see you Monday night.

Now, on Wednesday, it's Obama's 100th day. A special program. Barack Obama.

You watching?

STRAHAN: I'll be — I'll be watching. It's going to be trouble on Wednesday.

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