Media Matters and the Corrupt Press on the Run

As reported, the far-left smear Web site Media Matters distorted a very positive discussion on race and accused me of racism.

Today, there was outrage:


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is a case where Bill O'Reilly actually was saying something good and positive and uplifting to his radio audience. And instead now, he gets dragged through the mud as if he's a racist. Very unfair on the part of Media Matters.


Now all fair-minded people know that Media Matters, CNN and the other media in bed with the far left have lied about what actually happened on "The Radio Factor." Just listen to the unedited broadcast available on and you'll see.

But the corrupt press doesn't care about that. CNN picked up the Media Matters defamation because they are getting hammered in the ratings. Besides CNN, the worst offender in this case is The New York Daily News, which strung together quotes that were said five minutes apart on different topics. Can you believe it?

And for the record, the following outlets ran unfair and dishonest pieces on this ridiculous situation: "The CBS Early Show" -- which actually described Media Matters as a watchdog group, how dishonest is that? -- The Chicago Sun Times; The Philadelphia Inquirer; and The Louisville Journal also completely distorted the story.

Now, the following outlets were fair: "The Today Show", Newsday and Steven Smith of ESPN.

The major point here is this: Media Matters fabricated the story and major American news outlets picked up the fabrication, trying to diminish me and the FOX News Channel.

My words on the radio were an attack on racism. That's quite clear. Again, the entire unedited conversation is posted on

As usual, the folks know what's really going on here. has a poll on the subject and right now, 60 percent say my comments were inoffensive.

The tragedy here is that there is no longer an honest press in America. The CNN people didn't listen to "The Radio Factor." They tried to get cheap ratings and it backfired.

The New York Daily News couldn't care less about what was really said. They want to damage me because News Corp, which owns FOX News, also owns The New York Post, which has passed them in circulation and on and on.

Now over the past 12 months, Media Matters has personally attacked me 109 times and I am not alone. Every non-liberal politician and commentator in this country has been smeared by these people. Yet, there's no scrutiny of Media Matters in the mainstream media. They're watchdogs -- figure it out.

With the exposure of MoveOn over the Petraeus incident and now the blatant dishonesty of Media Matters and their water carriers, Americans should be very skeptical of the news media. No longer can it be trusted.

And that's The Memo.

Pinheads and Patriots

You may know polygamist Warren Jeffs has been convicted of assisting child rape in Utah. We hope he gets the maximum sentence. But conviction would not have happened if not for the brave testimony of Elissa Walls, who emotionally described her own rape at 14 years old. She is now 21.

For this, Miss Walls is a patriot. Her courage was extraordinary.

Now on the pinhead front, Senator Larry Craig, as we discussed with Dennis Miller, continues to promote his embarrassing ordeal. A judge will decide whether to withdraw his guilty plea in the bathroom incident shortly.

Now, I don't know what happened. Only Craig and the arresting officer do. But the senator should resign for the good of the country. You can't lead under these circumstances. So for dragging this out, Craig is a pinhead.