Media, Democrats reveal excitement over Robert Mueller's upcoming congressional testimony

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DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Dana Perino along with Katie Pavlich, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters, and Greg Gutfeld. It's 5 o'clock in New York City, and this is "The Five."

Do you remember when Robert Mueller said he would prefer not to testify?  Well, that was then and this is now. The former special counsel has agreed to testify in public next month before two congressional committees after House Democrat issued a subpoena. President Trump is sounding off on what is sure to be a blockbuster hearing.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: At what point does it end? It's a disgrace. No obstruction, no collusion. Now the Democrats want a do-over. So they had a do-over in the House. That didn't work. They had a do-over in the Senate. That didn't work. There are no do-overs. We spent a long time working with Mueller.

I gave them all the witnesses he wanted. I gave him lawyers. I gave him people. I guess he interviewed 500 people, 2,500 subpoenas. They had everything they could possibly have. Nobody has ever had more. Nobody has ever been more transparent. And now it continues further? This is just a hoax.


PERINO: Top Republicans calling it political theater saying this move could backfire on Democrats. Here are Congressman Mark Meadows and Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff.


REP. MARK MEADOWS (R-NC): What I find just so disheartening is that Bob Mueller said it all, 445 pages. That's all I'm going to say. And what has he's been doing? He's been courted by the other side, just so that they can harass the president and keep on this narrative.

REP. ADAM SCHIFF (D-CA): He did not want to testify, he made that very clear. And nonetheless, they will respect the subpoena. He will appear.  You're going to accept the role of special counsel and one of the most significant investigations in modern history, you're going to have to expect that you're going to be asked to come and testify before Congress.


PERINO: And of course, the media has taking notice, hyping this as a must- see event.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is what the American people have been waiting for since the Mueller report was released to us in the form that we got.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He's going to speak in front of two committees on the same day. That's a lot.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The 9-minute appearance was the trailer for the movie we're about to see.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think it's big. I think it's a real breakthrough for the Congress, for the House. I think it could really define the remainder of the Trump presidency.


PERINO: Greg, just when you thought it was your chance to enjoy the summer.


PERINO: It's back.

GUTFELD: They think it's a summer blockbuster, but it's just a lousy sequel. It's like Jaw's in 3D. It's actually going to destroy the Mueller franchise, because even the people -- the more sensible Democrats are going you've got to let this go because what's happening is you're focusing all your energy on this drug and you're not focusing on issues, which you should be doing.

And essentially, they're leaving their drug addict with enough supply to kill themselves. They're feeding them collusion smack. And they can't even admit that they're addicted to it, so they're constantly going back to it, and they're going to end up destroying their chances for any re- election because they look like they're obsessed over something. And it's sad to hear them talk like that because they talk like addicts.

Oh, this is going to be the one. This is going to be it. Oh, this is going to be great, all right. How much do we have? Is this going to last?  It's sad to hear them sound like that because you realize they're trapped in a delusion. It's kind of funny when you think about it.

PERINO: It is a little bit funny. Jesse, the risk, I think, that Democrats have here is that when Mueller did the little statement that he had, he basically said he didn't have a problem with how William Barr, the attorney general had handled the report. He was like, yeah, I'm good. I don't really want to testify. I'm not going to say anything outside of this report. So, will the Democrats risk this big build up and then yet again nothing?

JESSE WATTERS, CO-HOST: Well, I think there's going to be a lot of action on the Republican side because Mueller has never been cross-examined before. We know what he's going to say when the Democrats ask the questions. Is he going to stick to his 400 page script. The Republicans can't wait to sink their teeth into this guy on live television.

I spoke to Republican today who's going to grill him. And he said, listen, foreign interference you were supposed to investigate. Why did you only look at one side? How come you never look at the Ukrainians giving the Manafort documents to the DNC, or Chris Steele drumming up all that stuff up from Russia?

How about -- when did you know there was no collusion? Was it before the midterms? How about, why did you stack your entire team with partisan Democrats? The top lieutenant was crying on stage with Hillary as she lost the election. There's a lot of questions you can ask and I don't think he's going --

PERINO: You're looking forward to this hearing?

WATTERS: -- to perform very well. I'm looking -- and as Greg said, the real run of the mill Democrats out in the country, they care about global warming more than they care about this, and that says a lot.

GUTFELD: I care.

WATTERS: And this is going to fire up the Republican base big time.

PERINO: And don't forget about Medicare for all.

WATTERS: Medicare for all, too.

PERINO: Juan, what do you think about all of this?

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: Well, I'm just so surprised. I mean, I was watching the president talk on Maria Bartiromo's show this morning, and the thought occurred to me why is he attacking Robert Mueller? I think that he says no obstruction, no collusion on the basis of the Mueller report. So, if the Mueller report is so good for him, why is he attacking Mueller and why are Republicans reacting as if, oh, the Democrats are the ones that are just so hungry to put Mueller on display.

Well, if that's the case, if Mueller is like someone who has exonerated the president, you would think the president would, therefore, say I welcome having him testify. But that's not the reaction I'm getting. So I'm thinking, hey, something is going on here. One, there is -- the Democrats still don't have an un-redacted report --


WILLIAMS: They don't. They say they don't, Katie. And not only that --

PAVLICH: They've been invited to look at the report.

WILLIAMS: Not only that, I think that when Mueller gave his 9-minute report, he did challenge Bob Barr. He did change the perception because Barr has been out there saying nothing here, don't look anybody. In fact, Mueller said, you know what?

WATTERS: He released the whole report, Juan.

PAVLICH: He released the whole thing.

WILLIAMS: -- but you know what? Let Congress proceed. I don't think it's my role given the inspector -- given the Justice Department policy on indicting a siting president. So I think that there's a lots here, but it's just interesting that the president is attacking Mueller.

PAVLICH: Well, Bill Barr --

GUTFELD: He's the victim.

PAVLICH: Yeah. Bill Barr specifically didn't want to release the report in chunks because he wanted to be more transparent with the American people. And therefore, he released the entire report without grand jury information revealed, which is something that every single American should want because it's a privacy protection issue for every single person.

But going to the questions that are going to be asked about the Mueller -- to Mueller, I think Democrats are going to be asking him very specifically, why didn't you, yourself, come up with requirement or -- something on obstruction. Like, why didn't you come up --

PERINO: A decision.

PAVLICH: A decision on obstruction. Why did you give that to Bill Barr to decide, instead of deciding that with your team of attorneys and coming up with that because that has been a big point of political contention. He didn't want to testify because he didn't want to become a political football.

And when Rachel Maddow says Americans have been waiting for this moment.  No. This is like the bottom of the barrel when it comes to what people are interested in. And the president is frustrated with it because he wants to actually move on and have Democrats work on other things besides what he calls the witch-hunt --



PAVLICH: -- which takes up a lot of time and resources.


GUTFELD: Can I use an analogy that involves golf?

PERINO: absolutely. Oh, wow. Let's hear it.

GUTFELD: Yes. I think the media has a golf bag of clubs that they used on Trump, right? But they're aren't getting -- they aren't getting them in the green. They're always in the rough, which is not a good place. So, one day it's collusion. The next day is mental instability, that's a club.  Then it's -- is he going to serve a third term, that was a club. Torturing kids, that was a club.

So now they're reaching in and they're going back to the collusion club, but they're shooting like 150 and it's a 9-hole course.

WATTERS: Oh, well done, Greg.

PERINO: Is that bad?




GUTFELD: It was a bad analogy. They're running out of clubs.

PERINO: They're running out of clubs.

GUTFELD: So they're going back to the old club, which is collusion.

PERINO: I also imagine that Bob -- Bill -- sorry, Bob Mueller is going to be like I didn't want to be here. You guys asked for it. And --

WATTERS: He's not going to be a good witness. You saw in his press conference he did not look happy to be there. He didn't look sharp. He didn't look energized. And he's going to face really tough questions.

PERINO: What if he -- if he looked energized then he would have been criticized for being like --


WATTERS: When the last time --

PAVLICH: Look what they did with Kavanaugh.

WATTERS: Listen --

PERINO: Oh my gosh, he's angry.

WATTERS: When is the last time he's had to face tough questioning under oath in a live setting when all the cameras are there? I think Weissmann carried that investigation. And he doesn't want to be there when they ask him, hey, this guy --


WATTERS: -- you made (INAUDIBLE) out to be the sinister Russian agent.  He was your source. He's been feeding the American details for two years.

WILLIAMS: You might get your wish because maybe some of the Democrats will get some of Mueller staffs to come testify. Maybe they'll ask Mueller, huh, why did you have Donald Trump --

WATTERS: They're going to do it behind closed doors.

WILLIAMS: Well, they could.


WILLIAMS: That's my point. But, also, why didn't you have Donald Trump testify that he takes the fifth? What about Donald Jr.? Well, we don't know.

WATTERS: We know he didn't take the fifth.

WILLIAMS: Why didn't he testify?


PERINO: We're going to do what the American people want, and we're going to move on. Employees at Wayfair staged a walkout today to protest the company's furniture sales to migrant detention facilities. Greg's monologue will tackle that issue, next.


GUTFELD: Left-wing employees at Wayfair are staging a walkout to protest selling beds to facilities that house migrant children. Yeah, they're outraged that our government would provide beds to kids. So what's the alternative? Letting the children lie on the floor covered in foil like leftovers from those pre-Trump days when no one cared? So now you have people who only months ago laughed off this humanitarian crisis because it didn't serve their politics. Montage.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This president just used the back drop of the Oval Office to manufacture a crisis.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage. Must stop manufacturing a crisis.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The crisis on the border is a manufactured crisis.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They are engaging in what I would call manufactured moral crisis.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This so-called crisis at the border is fake.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is a crisis of his own making because it was a campaign pledge.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. President, we don't need to create artificial crisis. We have enough real crisis.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tonight, the president tries to sell a crisis that the facts tell us does not exist.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All of this, this whole mess is manufactured. It's a manufactured crisis. A non-crisis at the border that's really not fooling anybody.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This shutdown that he caused by creating a phony crisis actually did cause one danger after another.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But no sign of the national emergency that the president has been talking about. As a matter of fact, it's pretty tranquil down here.


GUTFELD: You wonder why America hates these ghoulish hypocrites, when they're not mocking you, they demonize you. You worry about families crossing, you're a monster. They worry about families crossing now, they're heroes. Screw him. Misery didn't matter when the crisis didn't work for them, but now migrants are a boon for publicity crazy Dems and has-been actresses.

Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted a shot of children wrapped in emergency blankets at a detention center blaming Trump for that. If the time and date hadn't been cropped from the picture you'd see it occurred under Obama. Now Nancy's deliberate lie was retweeted 30,000 times. Now 30,000 people are as dumb as she is. But for the left it wasn't a crisis then and it wasn't a crisis six months ago when collusion was the weapon to unseat Trump. But now that's failed.

You claim Trump tortures kids while denying the same kids their beds. This is how Democrats solve the border crisis, making it worse. So no cots for tots. What's next? Boycott dairies that send milk to feed them? And now, they use pictures of the dead as if they actually care? They don't one bit. They're exploiting the suffering just to win an election and shame on all of them.

WILLIAMS: I guess that's me, because I'll tell you what. I think this is so troubling what's going on at the border, and I say that sincerely. I just think that you don't treat children in this manner.

GUTFELD: You didn't mind it last -- six months ago.

WILLIAMS: No, six months ago, Greg, it was -- the president was saying it was a military crisis. We were having an invasion.

GUTFELD: A kid died --

WILLIAMS: And it's not an invasion --

GUTFELD: -- I remember the laughter.

WILLIAMS: -- what we have is a humanitarian crisis.

GUTFELD: I remember the laughter and I remember the mockery.

WILLIAMS: OK. And the second thing to say is with regard to Wayfair, I don't think anybody wants to see children sleep on the ground. I think these are Americans who want to call attention to the atrocious conditions, the immoral treatment of children going on right now, and they're using their platform in a very American way. They're walking there. They're saying we are protesting what this administration is doing.

And I think all of us at this table, I don't think this is political. I think all of us at this table would say that the conditions for children on that border right now are unacceptable.

GUTFELD: I wish you felt that way when we brought it up six months ago.


WILLIAMS: No, you didn't. You laughed at it. You laughed at it.

WILLIAMS: I just said it out to you that it was not a military crisis. He was sending troops to the border.

GUTFELD: I was here when you laughed at it.

WILLIAMS: Oh, stop.

GUTFELD: There's video of it.


PAVLICH: First of all, Wayfair, these people protesting are protesting the company selling beds to children. So you're arguing that they're protesting a horrible awful situation, but actually they're going out and making it the same. So if they really want to make sure that children -- oh, they can get them somewhere else.


PAVLICH: They're going to boycott the next place that gives beds to these kids?

WILLIAMS: No, they're saying -- they're using that moment to say this is wrong and call attention to it.


GUTFELD: They do nothing for those kids. This is a political stunt.

PAVLICH: They're bringing attention to what they think is a new problem, which is not. The kids are still not getting their beds. Luckily, Wayfair is saying we're not going to deal with it. But I just want to give some more context. You keep saying that this was a military thing in January --

WILLIAMS: No, he said -- that was when it was manufactured.

PAVLICH: Juan, this crisis started in 2014 --


PAVLICH: -- when Central American families started coming over in larger number under Barack Obama. I was there. I was covering it. One of the very few people who was actually talking about it, and we have been warning about this problem for years. And now that we're here and now that Democrats are looking at this and saying, wow, this really is a problem, then instead of solving the problem, they're protesting companies that want to give beds to children, and they're blaming the president for the issue when he's the only one trying to solve it by changing the asylum laws.

WILLIAMS: I think it's the people who work at the company who are protesting.

GUTFELD: Let's get -- bring it over here to -- OK. Jesse, thoughts on how CNN is now calling it a crisis.

WATTERS: Yeah, they can't figure out what it is and neither can Juan.  He's changed his mind and his language about seven times.

WILLIAMS: I have not. Oh, my gosh. You get locked into this crisis.

WATTERS: Juan, OK, yeah. I'm not locked into it. We've called it a crisis for six months.

WILLIAMS: Yeah, but it was a military crisis.

WATTERS: OK, military, humanitarian, stop splitting hairs, it's a problem.  And you know what? You can't complain about something if you won't do anything to fix it either. And your side is doing nothing to fix it.  Here's the deal. People have been warning professionals that there's a huge problem growing for months.

PAVLICH: Yeah, years.

WATTERS: We've heard testimonies --

PAVLICH: For years.

WATTERS: -- media reports saying we can't handle it. Families are pouring in. We don't have the infrastructure. We don't have the manpower to house all of these families. So what do we do? Trump starts housing these families because you have to keep them together because you're not allowed to separate them. So he keeps them together, and then they're in a facility for 100 people and there's 600 people, and then the left calls them concentration camps.


WATTERS: And the last time the Democrats fought tooth and nail to put a limit on how many beds they could put in these so-called concentration camps. Then the Republicans come along and say let's give you guys more immigration judges to speed up the asylum appeals process. Democrats say no. No more judges. What? It happened today on Capitol Hill. They said no more immigration judges. They don't want any more beds.

GUTFELD: It's just crazy.

WATTERS: They don't want any more facilities built. And so to complain now about the conditions is so unfair. There are Americans living in unsanitary, unsafe conditions in the south side of Chicago, in West Virginia, in skid row. You don't see any Democrats visiting those places.  They didn't even visit the border. They had to go visit a detention facility because, like you said, it's a stunt.

And our border patrol men and women, they're not trained to be child care takers. They don't have the training for this. They don't have the money for this. They don't have anything. They're doing the best they can. I agree, it's got to get better. But to say that this is Trump's fault is wrong, Juan. They can fix it in a second by fixing the loophole.

GUTFELD: Dana, I find the way the media is using this latest photo to be disgusting. I can't -- I mean, we know what's going -- we know that a picture sells a story, but they're using it to sell a political agenda and they should be ashamed of it.

PERINO: But do you remember -- this is -- images do prompt action.

GUTFELD: Right, it's a reality.

PERINO: So remember when the young boy that was found dead on the beach because they're trying to cross to get to Serbia.

GUTFELD: No one ever dismiss that.

PERINO: And then there was the chemical weapons attack.


PERINO: And then they said because of that picture, that's why President Trump took action. And that is very unfair. Because, well, yes, just comparing those two things are not the same.


PERINO: Also, the administration asked for $5 billion of additional money about 8 weeks ago. The Democrats have dragged their feet on it. Now it's a crisis. And now I think the Democrats -- one of the reasons they went down and got those pictures taken is because they knew that the story was about to turn on them.


PERINO: But the Senate did pass the bill in a bipartisan way. The extra money is coming. The other issues are not solved yet, which is also unfair. But watch tonight in the debate --


PERINO: -- and President Trump will be public enemy number one. And they won't address the key issue.

GUTFELD: And they will -- they'll just wash over the fact that they did nothing. They didn't care.

WILLIAMS: But I must say, the picture that you dismissed is very real.  Those people are dead.

GUTFELD: I didn't dismiss it. I dismissed your hypocrisy over it. You laughed about a dead kid months ago. Next on THE FIVE --


GUTFELD: It ain't a discussion when you're not making sense.

WILLIAMS: It is because you don't tell the truth.

GUTFELD: And Trump's warning, it's going to be a snooze fest, our prediction next.


WATTERS: All eyes on Miami tonight as our favorite Democratic candidates finally get into the ring to slug it out over the issues. The first of a two-night debate split between 20 candidates, and President Trump thinks this one is going to be low energy.


TRUMP: Everyone said I'll be tweeting. I'll actually be on a plane and it just seems very boring, but I'm going to watch it because I have to. That's part of my life. You know. It's part of my life. Do I want to watch it? Do I want to watch these people? That's a very unexciting group of people.


WATTERS: Each of us has come up with a prediction for tonight's debate, and I'll go first. So, I predict there's going to be audience interference. I predict there's going to be some heckler, some screamer --

PERINO: Chanting.

WATTERS: -- something where the audience member or members try to interrupt and cause a scene and they're going to have to be handled. All right, Katie. You're next.

PAVLICH: Everybody is going to get a free car and free college.

WATTERS: You're right.

PAVLICH: Just kidding. They'll say that you're going to get that. I think John Delaney will go after other Democrats. He'll be one of the few who does because he's the more moderate, and he's been saying in speeches that socialist policies are bad for the party and bad for the country.

WATTERS: And he will get booed.

PAVLICH: And he'll get booed, maybe some audience interference.

WATTERS: Sure, sure.

PAVLICH: And I predict that there will be zero questions about late-term abortion.

WATTERS: Also correct. Juan?

WILLIAMS: Gee, I guess that would be a Republican debate, Katie. Anyway, I think it's obviously a big night for Elizabeth Warren. She's the only one on stage who's polling in double digits. But I -- in terms of the other people, I think it's pretty clear that you're going to have Julian Castro really show up. I think this is in Miami. Hispanic audience on Telemundo. I think there's going to be a lot of opportunity for him to shine.

And I think the second thing -- and this goes back to what's Katie's saying. I think the big surprise here, less talk about Trump, more talk about policies. And so, some people may say that's boring, but I think they're going to distinguish themselves and like -- someone may say to Elizabeth Warren, could be Delaney, could be Amy Klobucher, how are you going to pay for that?

WATTERS: Oh, All right. That could be interesting. Dana?

PERINO: All right, I have one, that I think that Beto O'Rourke will raise a million dollars after tonight's debate --


PERINO: -- and get a second wind -

WATTERS: Because he'll do so well.

PERINO: Because he's been laying low. He's got something, right. He didn't get all the way to the Ted Cruz race as he did with - what did he raised - it was $50 million or $80 million. He has a following. He - I think that he could find a way to get a second wind tonight.

WATTERS: I like that prediction. Definitely a possibility.

GUTFELD: I predict not a second wind, but a broken wind.

WATTERS: Oh gosh.

GUTFELD: I have three predictions that Wayfair--

WATTERS: Just like your LMTS you can't stick to one.

GUTFELD: Wayfair will provide beds to anyone watching this debate, including half the participants. Also, a prediction for the audience, that they will have a hard time telling the difference ideologically between the candidates and the moderators, because we know it's all one flavor of leftism.

And finally my bold prediction that's here, Beto will accidentally take out someone's eye with a flailing elbow.

WATTERS: No, Beto.

PERINO: And then they will use his million dollars.

WATTERS: Yes, that's right. All right, so Juan brought up Elizabeth Warren, who's far ahead in the polls compared to the other people who are going to be on that stage. I think she's going to be asked about her Indian heritage and I think she has to be - you don't think so?


WATTERS: You don't think one of the moderators is going to say one of the things that the President likes to say? How are you going to handle this? You don't think she's going to be asked about this.

PAVLICH: No, I do.

WILLIAMS: I don't.

PAVLICH: And if they did it, it would be--


WATTERS: I think she has to have a different answer. I think she has - and I'm going to give her some advice, because she has to flip it back on to the President. She has to say, "The President is obsessed with my family tree and I care about families being separate at the border, that's how she has to do it.

PAVLICH: Why are you giving her advice right now?

PERINO: Well, that's a great line. That is a great line.

WATTERS: I think it's a better line.

PAVLICH: That is a better line.

WATTERS: I think it's a better line. It's a better line than what she has been saying, which is - I believe my father.

GUTFELD: She takes advice from Jesse, that's a story. You got to believe with that tomorrow.

WATTERS: All right. I think it's her night to shine, would you agree?

PERINO: I think it is her - yes, night to shine. But I always think that--

WATTERS: She has a lot to lose tonight.

PERINO: Yes. Here is a thing, she will make it to the second debate.


PERINO: One of the things that the Democrats have done - the DNC has done - has said, to get to this first debate you had to have 65,000 small donors, right? To get to the next debate, you have to have a 130,000--

WATTERS: And you need momentum.

PERINO: So she probably will be able to do that. I think many of the others are not going to be able to make that.

WILLIAMS: By the way, Jesse--

PERINO: So you will have fewer people in July.

WILLIAMS: By the way Jesse, I think that when you're talking about the advice you're giving her, it just reminds me, I think you want to debate that's more like the Republican debate--


WILLIAMS: "Little Marco" "Lyin' Ted".

WATTERS: I want personal attacks. I want sharp exchanges--

WILLIAMS: Yes, that's what--

WATTERS: I do not want to be bored by policy on global warming.

PAVLICH: Your expectations are going to be a little--

WATTERS: Greg yesterday you, I mean I - I mean, you said that you weren't going to watch, so you standing by that?

GUTFELD: No. I'm going to watch. The curt's eerie (ph) is that there - because there's so many people and their time is limited, how can you make an ass of yourself. It's going to be really hard for these people to make an ass of themselves.


GUTFELD: They do have less time to marshal one candidate to go up against an already mobilized Trump, so that - you could end up with that plurality problem where it's us all somebody needs is this much to become the nominee and it could be anybody.

WATTERS: That is true.

PERINO: Well, none of them ever--

GUTFELD: All well.

PERINO: They never run of reasons to run. They run out of money to run.

WATTERS: That's right.

PERINO: So that's what will happen.

PAVLICH: I think the opposite could happen, because there is not enough time. People could say something without enough context and that will be taken out of context.

WILLIAMS: Well, the key - I got to tell you this. The key is it's not that exciting, so I agree with you on that. The key is introducing yourself - most people don't know these folks.

GUTFELD: That's true.

WATTERS: All right. Thank god.

GUTFELD: It's tonight or tomorrow.

WILLIAMS: Tomorrow.

WATTERS: Yes. It's at 9 o'clock everybody, so try to stay awake.

Disgusting attack on Eric Trump in Chicago. That is next on THE FIVE.


PAVLICH: All right. Well so much for civility, Eric Trump was reportedly spat on by a waitress of a Chicago restaurant last night. The President's son telling Breitbart about the disturbing incident saying,

"It was purely a disgusting act by somebody who clearly has emotional problems. For a party that preaches tolerance, this once again demonstrates they have very little civility. When somebody is sick enough to resort to spitting on someone, it just emphasizes a sickness and their desperation and the fact that we're winning."

The unidentified employee was reportedly released from police custody after Eric declined to press charges. And we should say that Lara Trump will also be on with Martha MacCallum at 7 o'clock to discuss this, I'm sure about other issues about the campaign. So, Greg--


PAVLICH: How do you respond to the left showing their intolerance once again--

GUTFELD: First of all, it's interesting how these stories are never hoaxes. Whenever you hear them you instinctively want to blame the guy who spit or the vandal, the person who punched someone or the person who doxxed a kid at school.

But you realize a lot of the responsibility is the media that has raised the temperature in the last couple years and pushed division. The Trump family can't possibly be as bad as what the media says that they are. It's impossible actually. But they push it, they push it, that's why Smollett chased his path, that's why people attacked Trump supporters, that's what politics is now a personal vendetta.

We have the soccer player - what's-her-name Rappen A (ph) - OK no one knows who she is, until she does this, then she becomes a protected class. She expands her media footprint by screaming infantile PAP. So the self- centered athlete causes the sports money, but she's trending by being a selfish grandstander.

This is the same problem. The media makes it so that people think this might help them or make this emotionally gratifying thing by attacking somebody, but you just look like a loser.

PAVLICH: So Jesse, Eric Trump is not pressing charges. Nice guy, And Secret Service also took a look at who this person is. We can repeatedly see this happening now and it gets justified as OK, because the President's destroying the country somehow and therefore they're validated in their actions.

WATTERS: Right. Juan is making a face. But I came prepared with the whole long list of violent attacks on Trump supporters for the last two and half years. It's a very long list. Fire balling--

GUTFELD: Go through each one.

WATTERS: --attacks with crowbars, throwing bricks through windows, including burning an animal carcass and leaving it up on someone's stoop. I mean, those--

GUTFELD: --and those hoax crimes that are blamed on Trump supporters.

WATTERS: Exactly. And Juan, I know you can say there's other things from the Right that they've done. Of course, we all know what they are. But the overwhelming amount of violence is coming from the Left.

Imagine if this had been Chelsea Clinton, imagine if this had been Malia Obama or any son or daughter of a Democrat President. Would this person still be unidentified? There's no interest in the media to find out who the spitter was. If this was a Republican spitter they would be doxxed, they would be all over the place--

PERINO: Like the guy that was on your show.

WATTERS: Like the guy who was on my show. He lost his job, his family doesn't talk to him anymore. They would go around to Congress and have ask every single Senator and Congressman, "Well, what do you think about the spitting attack? Has your rhetoric contributed to the spitting attack? Don't we need to have a conversation about the culture of hate on the Right?" This is how this thing goes and it's sad it's just very sad.


WILLIAMS: Well, I just don't think there's any defense. I think it's repugnant behavior. I think it's awful. I don't think it's effective either, because as you can see at the table, it doesn't do anything but generate some sympathy for the victim of such an awful act.

But I will say this, I think, it's good to speak out if you disagree. I think it's - boycotts are terrific. I think criticism is OK. But I think the ultimate response would be mobilization, to get people out to vote and prevent a second term of Donald Trump.


WILLIAMS: But in response to you, I just - I mean you can - there's just no question. I remember the people who were sending pipe bombs to Democrats and to CNN and the like. And if you go to a trump rally, and you're the press, I don't care who you are, it's a pretty hot--

WATTERS: Steve Scalise got shot. We can play that whole game. The thing is, when you do go to a Trump rally, it's not the hateful, horrible--


WATTERS: --ugly people. These people are happy. They're energized. They are excited to be there.

WILLIAMS: I think you've been in the press section.

WATTERS: --OK. Juan, I have been. Well, they treat me a little differently.


PERINO: I just can't believe women spitting on someone, that's just - I don't--

GUTFELD: The act of spitting disgust you.

PERINO: I remember, I once - I spit on my sister and I got in so much trouble, I think never did it again. Like this is disgusting. And also, guys when you're walking - don't spit on the street either, I don't want to see that.

GUTFELD: I knew it.

PERINO: I don't want spits at all.

GUTFELD: No. But - OK - no, sometimes we have to spit. It's - everyone - he has to spit.

PAVLICH: Spit on your own--


GUTFELD: But I don't spit on people.

PERINO: I'm sure. If you have to spit, I'm sure you'd do it in a very classy way.

GUTFELD: Yes. Did you ever accidentally spit on somebody, because you didn't know they were there?





PAVLICH: --tutorial on how to spit with class.

PERINO: I mean if she does it to this person, what does she do to the food at the restaurant?

PAVLICH: That's true.

GUTFELD: The restaurant should fire her.

PERINO: Investigation over.

PAVLICH: OK. Well, coming up, claw hands and a second set of eyelids. Scientists are now predicting how humans will look after decades of smartphone use. Shocking results are up next.


WILLIAMS: Last week we warned you about how smart phones could be causing Millennials to grow horns in the back of their heads, but that pales in comparison what scientists now seem to be predicting about the effects of modern tech on the human body.


WILLIAMS: A company creating this 3D model of a future human circa the year 2100 features a thicker skull, claw-like hands and a second set of eyelids. Oh my goodness. A negative consequence of all those years of straining your neck and spine to post that Instagram selfie that's so important to you.


WILLIAMS: Now don't me just say, Dana, last time we did this story I then heard that maybe the scientists aren't exactly sure about that horn in the back--

PERINO: That was an article in "Reason Magazine" by Robbie Soave--

GUTFELD: Close enough.

PERINO: OK. And it basically said that when it comes to the horns, you can't - this isn't just happening all of a sudden, because smartphones have been in our hands for ten years. That it's over decades ever since people have been reading books and things like that.

Now this is British tabloids, who really knows? But clearly something's going to happen. If you - let's say that you go on a subway, at an airport, at a restaurant and you watch people's posture, everybody is doing that. So it's going to have to have - something is going to happen. I just don't understand the third eyelid thing. Like, why would you need that?

PAVLICH: Because of the blue light on your phone.

WATTERS: So wink at people like.

WILLIAMS: Thank you, Jesse. Jesse, the thing - so you know what's interesting to me is, I think the one thing we can't see that's happening is that people are getting lonelier, we get fooled by false commentary online, we have deep fake videos. Why don't they talk about that?

WATTERS: I don't know. I'm a creationist, so I don't believe evolution, Juan. We're never going to change. God put us here like we look and evolution is just some theory by fake scientists.

GUTFELD: You are joking.


PERINO: Mom text.

WATTERS: Got you mom.

GUTFELD: Oh, my god.

WILLIAMS: Listen, you've forgotten me--

WATTERS: Yes, yes.

WILLIAMS: Because I remember the Puerto Rico stuff. I was getting worried. Katie, do you think - I mean even if this is true, it's going to take a thousand years, it's not going to ruin your looks Katie.

PAVLICH: Oh, I'm sorry. Looking at my phone there. This is obvious to me that we'll change as a result of this kind of technology, because we have a spleen that isn't really or we have a spleen - appendix is what we have that is no longer functional. We used to have tails apparently. We have a tailbone with no tail.

WATTERS: Wait, what?

PAVLICH: Yes. If you believed in science you would know this.

WATTERS: Wait a second, are you saying my appendix doesn't do anything?

PAVLICH: No. It's a worthless organ.

WATTERS: What's it there for?

PAVLICH: That's the point.

GUTFELD: It's like a politician.

PAVLICH: It used to function, and it doesn't function anymore.

WATTERS: --used to have a tail?

PAVLICH: Maybe. I'm just letting you know. All the science here.

WILLIAMS: And in the break, Greg has told us that we have a third eye literally.

GUTFELD: Yes, that little gooey thing in the corner right here is called a nictitating membrane which is basically - it was supposed to be a third eyelid that never quite became what it is, it's just there. But to your point. There are adaptations but not in this way.

First, social media has magnified your desire for attention and status, which has made you kind meaner, and more of an exhibitionist.

PAVLICH: It is your brain.

GUTFELD: You get this second, your pornography which satisfies basic needs for introverts without the messy human contact, so that's creating a decline in birth and a public introversion.

Now you have video games which is further a softening of the human body because you aren't using your muscles and going outside for daily activity. So we're since becoming cyborgs. This phone maybe outside your body, but it's part of your body. You don't need a chip in your brain anymore.

PERINO: --because why don't they just it implanted it in there.

GUTFELD: But you don't have - that's my point, that's a lot of work. It's already there. If you--


GUTFELD: --you feel like you've lost a limb when it's over there. It's like - it's a weird connection.

PERINO: It will be funny in 200 years when they look back on our tapes.


WILLIAMS: But you think - do you think that we're just being anti-tech here, is that what this is about why these stories resonate?

GUTFELD: I was it's a just a fun story. That picture was hilarious. I think I met her.

WILLIAMS: All right. All right. "One More Thing" is that next for your entertainment on THE FIVE.


PERINO: It's time now for "One More Thing". I'm going to go first. So we love - you know, we know you we love dogs here. How about dogs chasing an iguana?


GUTFELD: That's wrong.

PERINO: Here is this little (inaudible) and I'm going to try to get this iguana.

GUTFELD: That is terrible.

PERINO: It's a French bulldog actually, he's a fierce poop. So now - but take a look at what happens when he really gets going with it. Here we go, watch this.

WATTERS: Oh, spinning around.



PAVLICH: How can you like this?

PERINO: Watch, watch, watch. Watch what happens, because--

WATTERS: Throw it into a pool. Oh, no.

PERINO: That's so funny part of that that iguana wins in the end. The iguana jumps on his back and the dog is like, "Whoa what happened".

WATTERS: Greg how did you not have that video?

GUTFELD: Because I sympathized with the iguana. I'm for the under iguana. You are the dog.

PERINO: The iguana won.

GUTFELD: I'm for the underdog which happened to be in iguana.

PAVLICH: Animal world is brutal, people.

PERINO: That's right. What you have now Greg?

GUTFELD: Mine looks like crap compared to that.


GUTFELD: "Animals are Great!"


GUTFELD: Yes, they are. Except for Dana's. They are evil. Like evil - evil animals. This one - this dog gets all the chicks.


GUTFELD: Check it out. He's a literal chick magnet, little puddle over there. Guy is being followed by a little harem. He's got a harem of little chicks. It just goes to show you that you could be different species, and--

PERINO: Everybody can get along. But there is no spitting.

GUTFELD: No, there is no spitting. This love that dare not speak its name barks it and quacks it, and it's joyish.

WATTERS: How was this your video and Dana had that video?

GUTFELD: I know, this should have been yours--

WILLIAMS: Exactly.

GUTFELD: And I should have had you evil one.


GUTFELD: I'm still thinking about the poor iguana.

PERINO: No French bulldogs.



GUTFELD: "Animals are Great!"


PERINO: But the iguana won, that's the point.



WILLIAMS: All right. So we've already celebrated Father's Day, but I have an excellent nominee for Father of the Year. Take a look at this video.


This is a one and a half year old boy chasing an inflatable ball on a sunny Florida day when he falls in the pool. When his dad sees him fall, the dad springs into action. Albert Passavanti leapt over a 4-foot safety fence to save his son's life.

And what a beautiful dive, in case you didn't notice. I gave him 10 points for the dive. But I give him a million points for the save. So folks, while you're having summer fun, be safe around the pool and lock the baby gates. Because in case you didn't know, drowning is the number one cause of death for children ages 1 to 4.

GUTFELD: Did he leave the phone?

WILLIAMS: The phone?

GUTFELD: I was wondering if--

PERINO: Did I leave my phone.

WATTERS: Did I leave my phone.

WILLIAMS: Oh, I thought you meant like he was on the phone. Because the gate was - even though they had the safety gate it was open, that's how the little guy got--

WATTERS: You will make a great dad. My kid is rounding (ph) up my phone--

PERINO: Jesse.

WATTERS: So my orthodontist has texted me the appendix actually is useful. It provides a safe haven for good bacteria to hang out in the gut. Thank you Dr. Alice (ph).

PERINO: Why does your orthodontist know that?

WATTERS: Because she went to medical school.

WATTERS: OK. In "Jesse's Bagpipe News".


TEXT: "Jesse's Bagpipe News".


WATTERS: Here we go. Look at our Attorney General.


WATTERS: Busting out his bagpipe skills at the U.S. Attorneys' National Conference in Washington, performing "Scotland the Brave" with the NYPD Emerald Society. Another thing Juan is jealous of our Attorney General. He can't play the bagpipes.

WILLIAMS: That's true.

That's the one thing I knew Bill Barr for was that he is well known for playing bagpipes.

WATTERS: That's right.

PERINO: The one thing after all of his - entire career--

WILLIAMS: --these days he is known for a lot more, Dana.

WATTERS: Martha MacCallum "Wednesdays with Watters" tonight at 7:00 p.m.

PAVLICH: There you go.

PERINO: All right, Katie.

PAVLICH: Well, first I'm going to apologize to the appendix or saying it was worthless. Sorry about that.

WILLIAMS: Retraction.

PAVLICH: Retraction.

PAVLICH: All right, so last weekend I went to England for the Royal Ascot Wednesday. A horserace we were invited with my husband on the left. We were invited by our good friend Donald Blaney (ph) to this really fancy event.

There we are going into the Royal Enclosure. So the horserace is an annual race. It's held over five days in Berkshire, England. It was founded in 1711 by Queen Anne and it's very well known for lots of fancy hats.

GUTFELD: Lots of drunks.

PAVLICH: --and lots of amazing outfits, lots of champagne.

GUTFELD: Did you see the drunken fights?

PAVLICH: No fights.


WATTERS: How many pounds did you lose over there?


PERINO: Set your DVRs never miss and episode of "The Five." "Special Report" is up next.

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