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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: All right. Welcome to "Hannity."

And we start tonight with a FOX News alert. You are not dreaming. This is not some horrific nightmare. At this hour, the Schumer Schiff sham show -- by the way, try and say that three times fast, we're not on a delay, national TV. It's kind of going up to bat, there's no net and I'm on the high wire.

Anyway, it's still going on. But I have a lot of good news we start with tonight.

None of this will matter because in 286 days, you, we, the American people you, I can report tonight, will be the ultimate jury in all of this. I don't have a crystal ball. I can't predict the future. I'm Irish, always worry the next bomb is coming.

The election is never easy for a Republican. You have to thread the needle. I'm going to go through why I think the president is in a very good position. But you have the power in 286 days to shock the world again. You are the American people, I can report tonight, the ultimate jury.

And coming up tonight, we're going to show you a major new poll puts the president way ahead of every opponent in one very key important state.

First, in case you were hard at work, like most Americans today, and taking care of your families and paying your taxes and obeying the laws -- well, here is what you missed from today's Schumer-Schiff sham show charade. Whew, made it again.

We learned absolutely nothing new today, not one new piece of information. Instead, we got hours and hours and hours, literally, of the compromised, corrupt, congenital liar Adam Schiff. Wow, never-ending, nonstop, feign moral outrage -- from frankly watching him today, he is a lunatic.

If you watched him today -- well, he was totally unhinged. He looked like a lunatic who has lost his mind, babbling, repeating over and over and over again incoherently.

I suspect this guy must talk in his sleep -- Russia, Trump, Trump, Russia, quid pro quo, impeach, impeach, impeach. He's like having a psychotic meltdown for the entire world to see and champions in the media, he's so good. I'm like, OK, that's why nobody watches your shows.

And worst of all, he is monotonous, repetitive, boring for three long horrific hours. He waged the single most crooked, lying, dishonest smear campaign, the likes of which even for Washington took my breath away. He is a national disgrace, stain on the Democratic Party, a walking, talking, lying con man, a perfect representation of everything that is wrong in the D.C. swamp.

Here is just a small sample of his neurosis, psychosis, mental breakdown today.


REP. ADAM SCHIFF, D-CALIF.: That is an attempt to use the powers of the presidency to cheat an election for precisely this reason.

The president's misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box. In other words, cheat. Cheating an election.

They knew what it was like to live under a despot. In 2016, then candidate Trump implored Russia to hack his opponent's email account. When the president said, hey, Russia, if you're listening -- they were listening.

Russia, Russians. Russia. Russia. Russia. Russians.

It's crazy. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy.


HANNITY: Ba-ba-bap! Crazy, yes, right word of the day.

That is the guy the Democrats want you to trust, really? Every time for over three years has opened his mouth, he's lying. And not just last night, not just today, Schiff got caught in another major lie, another one.

As it turns out, "Politico" reporting, he completely mischaracterized the sketchy new evidence that Democrats tacked on after on the articles of impeachment in the 29th hour. Add to that, all the major lies.

We've -- we've been telling you about them all. We have shown you again and again. And you have to ask, why on earth, I don't think anybody does trust this, well, psychotic hack?

Now, we all know about his Russia collusion fixation, hoax, lies. He wrote a whole report. Devin Nunes told you the truth, completely.

We know about his FISA abuse lie. We know about him lying about the president's phone call with Zelensky. We know he lied about the fake so- called hearsay whistleblower. We'd love to hear from him.

Well, his whole team was communicating with the hearsay whistleblower from the get-go.

And speaking of which, breaking tonight, Paul Sperry, wow, big blockbuster breaking news, Real Clear Investigations. He has now dropped a major bombshell on the psychotic and lying congenital liar.

According to his damning new report, the deep state whistleblower who was working closely with Schiff's office -- that's why he is compromised in this case -- was overheard only two weeks after Donald Trump was inaugurated scheming with another fellow holdover in the White House, how to remove the duly elected president from office. Wow, I'd say it's time for another investigation.

Now, that was three years ago in 2017, days after President Trump was just sworn into office. Your president. You elected him, we elected him, and the people.

Do you see what's happening here?

All of the charade is now playing out in the swamp and the sewer in Capitol Hill and has nothing to do with the president's phone call with Ukraine. They never mentioned aid. Aid was never withheld or any foreign election interference.

The only real interference was Hillary Clinton's bought and paid for, debunked Russian dirty dossier. "New York Times" even said, oh, yes, that was likely Russian disinformation from the get-go.

Media got it all wrong. We got it right thankfully on this show with a great team behind the scenes and our ensemble cast.

Talk about abuse of power, obstruction of Congress -- no, this is now a culmination, this is where it's serious -- this is hurting the country, of year's long political scheme seeking revenge to prevent the president's re- election in 286 days.

Now, tonight, if Democrats, if they're really concerned with election interference, you need to look no further than in a mirror because the Schumer Schiff sham show is just their latest attempt to reclaim power at any cost. They haven't done anything for you, we the people.

What have they done? They even complain when we take out the number one state sponsor of terror who has killed hundreds of Americans -- even that. Donald Trump cured cancer, what I've always said, they'd impeach him for that.

Yesterday's stream of never-ending, monotonous, dull, boring, redundant talking points -- can you imagine 24 hours of this Schiff?

Coming up, you know, they had these procedural votes. We covered it last night. What was -- what were these votes about? We knew each side would have 24 hours just like in the Clinton case. We knew there would be 16 hours of questions, just like in the Clinton cases. We knew after that was all done, then we'd have a vote on witnesses.

But they went vote after vote we need witnesses that we never subpoenaed in the House who has the soul power to impeach. Do you know what that was? That was a political play as well.

This is all an act, a show that they're -- they're putting on for the American people in prime time and there was Schumer trying to get swing state senators oh, Joni Ernst, Cory Gardner, Susan Collins, they want to tie them into vote so they can try to run negative ads to try and beat them and get power back so they can give us a $94 trillion New Green Deal, and they can give us a $52 trillion Medicare-for-All. We're only taking $4 trillion a year. Somebody, please give them an abacus or a computer or calculator so they can actually do the math because they can never fulfill those promise.

How did Obamacare keep your doctor plan and save $2,500 per year family work out?

This is -- these are promises that are unsustainable, that can never be fulfilled. This is about their power. They want power back.

They don't like it. Trump, this is what draining the swamp looks like.

They want -- now they're desperate. They want all three branches of government, so they can finally pass, yes, Medicare-for-All, the trillion, $94 trillion New Green Deal, no oil and gas, no combustion engine, no cows or planes, everything is free. That will bankrupt our great country and turn our country into a socialist hell hole.

Remember, when we had Biden, Obama for eight years, we had 13 million more Americans on food stamps, 8 million more on poverty, lowest labor participation rate since the 1970s and worst recovery since the `40s. Look at every record this president has made in three years, he's now just begun his fourth year in office.

Because their ideas are failures, guaranteed mathematically impossible to fulfill -- well, Democrats following the Al Green playbook. They are weaponizing the political system with dirt political tricks, lies, propaganda, misinformation. They have done nothing in three long years except hate the president.

Now we have had to endure and suffer and witness over the past 48 hours, House managers and their Democratic allies in the Senate. It's repulsive. It's sickening. It's hurting the country.

Then, just after midnight -- well, President Trump's White House counsel Pat Cipollone ripped them to shreds says they deserved -- and I would have more words for them. I'll never be allowed in that room. Take a look.


PAT CIPOLLONE, WHITE HOUSE COUNSEL: Mr. Nadler came up here and made false allegations against our team. He made false allegations against all of you. He accused you of a cover-up.

The only one who should be embarrassed, Mr. Nadler is you, for the way you have addressed this body. This is the United States Senate. You're not in charge here.

It's about time we bring this power trip in for a landing. Mr. Nadler, you owe an apology to the president of the United States and his family. You owe an apology to the Senate. But most of all, you owe an apology to the American people.


HANNITY: Mr. Cipollone, I've known you a long time. You're a brilliant lawyer. You, Jay Sekulow, your team has been amazing. Don't hold your breath.

Earlier today, the president had this to say about his attorney's powerful moment, also had a few choice words for the Democratic impeachment managers. The president was in Davos where all the world leaders were sucking up to him, the envy of the free world because we have the defining growing economy.

And they don't want this president going after better trade deals with their country, so they're trying to play nice in the sandbox with your president, because there's a deep respect and belief that what he means -- what he says he means, then he'll do.

Take a look.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Jerrold Nadler, I've known him a long time. He is a sleazebag, everybody knows that.

Pat Cipollone is a high quality human being. I was very impressed with Pat. He had great emotion yesterday. Pat is a brilliant guy.

But I have never seen that emotion. And that's real emotion. That's because he knows this is a hoax. And I was very proud of the job he did.


HANNITY: I'm assuming the president like had an hour and a half sleep and he gave a great press conference. I watched the whole thing this morning. I don't sleep much either, but Mike Lindell's My Pillow does help.

Now, I'm told -- my cracker (INAUDIBLE) -- Adam Schiff is again, he's back doing it more. Now, if I was a terrible host, I would force you to endure watching the regurgitation, the repetition.

You can put it up for a second. Just put it up. The insanity that has gone on all day, America, 24 hours of never ending babbling, repetitive talking points over what was nothing and, by the way, remember he sent the new evidence about Lev Parnas over to the Senate in the 29th hour? In that letter, he said, oh, Joe -- quid pro quo Joe and Hunter, zero experience Hunter paid by millions got the prosecutor fired, they did nothing wrong. Really? OK. Keep talking to yourself.

No matter what happens in the coming days, always remember, Congressman Jim Jordan's four irrefutable facts that will never change. He will join us.

One, we have a transcript of phone conversation the president released. Actually, two phone conversations, with him and President Zelensky. Aid was never mentioned. It was never any linkage between Biden, U.S. aid and the call.

Number two, Jim Jordan, both Trump and President Zelensky said there was no pressure, zero pressure, linkage whatsoever. They said it numerous times including the foreign minister of Ukraine.

Three, this is an important one, the time of the call, Ukraine didn't know the aid was even paused. Now, while the president didn't talk about aid, he did say now I'm surrounding yourself with a bunch of bad people like your predecessor, that's not good. He's looking out four your tax dollars.

Do us a favor. America, Ukraine, OK? You interfered. We know Russia interfered. Devin Nunes, they should have listened to him in 2014.

But if your Ukrainian court in "Politico" January 11th, 2017 is correct, well, they have a chronology of election interference Ukraine was involved you need to get to the bottom of that. Well, for three years, Democrats said foreign election interference is bad.

By the way, number four, Jim Jordan's hits, the Ukrainians took no action. Nothing to get the aid released. There's no announcement of any investigation, and Biden, no promise of any investigation. We have the letters the invitation of Zelensky to come to the White House. The aid was released on time, actually early for some of it.

And there's one other point. There were five high level meetings after that call, including vice president at not one of those meetings, did anyone ever talk about aid. The only one fact witness that would be Ambassador Sondland. He said, yes, the president said, I don't want anything, no quid pro quo. Just, you know, don't be corrupt.

Still, Democrats claim their case is overwhelming for impeachment. Now, if that were true, they wouldn't need the Senate now to do what is constitutionally their job and look for -- we need new evidence and we need to subpoena witnesses we didn't bother to subpoena witnesses because we were on a rush to go on Christmas vacation and then hide it for another couple weeks, it was such a danger to our democratic republic.

Now, Democrats have nothing, had nothing, they are at the end of the road. And as I said at the top of the show, thank God I am happy about one thing. American people, you will render the ultimate verdict.

Now, you have people like liberal Joe over there at the conspiracy channel saying that, well, maybe Hannity lives in a bubble, there's no chance Donald Trump can win. OK, I've -- if that's the case, I live with Obama for eight years.

But I would like to see America at every record continue. I would like to see guys like Soleimani, Baghdadi and the ISIS caliphate wiped out. I would like to see the continuation of record numbers, low unemployment numbers, the best since 196 continue for our fellow Americans. Every demographic, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanic Americans, women in the workplace, youth unemployment. I'd like that to continue.

I don't want to go back to the horrific Obama-Biden years. I don't want to be bribing mullahs with $150 billion in cash and other currency.

All of this is politics. They want power back for, what? To destroy the economy again? And bribe dictators again and mullahs again?

Now, there is one barometer that we pay attention to in this business and I -- thankfully, you give me this camera every night that's right in front of me. You give me a microphone for three hours a day. Now, the only way I continue to work is if you watch and listen.

Well, there were TV ratings from last night's coverage, so called trial of the century. Day one.

Well, minor increases across the board. Minor. Wasn't a lot of interest like they thought.

As a matter of fact, CBS actually ended their impeachment coverage early today. By the way, thank you for making us number one last night and the last number of years. Thank you. I can't do it without you.

But, CBS did it because they wanted their regularly scheduled daytime soap operas back. They make money on those.

And meanwhile, the president -- he was doing what he always does. He was in Europe conducting important business.

Over the last three years, Democrats and the media and the mob, they are state-run TV propagandists -- well, they raged. The president -- he's been a busy man. Here's a brief recap of what he's accomplished in less than one term. Let's take a look.


TRUMP: The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. The time for empty talk is over. Now arrives the hour of action.

From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. From this day forward, it's going to be only America first. Every decision will be made to benefit American workers, and American families.

America will start winning again, winning like never before. I will fight for you with every breath in my body and I will never ever let you down. Do not allow anyone to tell you that it cannot be done. No challenge can match the heart and fight and spirit of America.

We will not fail. Our country will thrive and prosper again. Your voice, your hopes, and your dreams will define our American destiny.

When America is united, America is totally unstoppable.



HANNITY: I saw Dan Schiavo who works for the president tweeted that out and everything in there is true. The do-nothing Democrats have done nothing. But in the president's case, promises made, promises kept. All Americans are now winning. I'm not sick of winning.

Joining us now with reaction, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

You know, I have given you a lot of credit. I want to echo these comments tonight. You have been a force of nature. You've brought your caucus together. You have singularly focused them on an agenda that is good for the American people.

Can you -- you work with these Democrats. The ba ba ba ba, you know, the Nancy Pelosis and congenital liar. Can you name any one thing they've done to help the American people be more safe, secure, prosperous, to create jobs?

REP. KEVIN MCCARTHY, R-CALIF.: No, and they're going to have to go back to the American people and ask to be reelected based upon they've issued more subpoenas than they created any laws.

You just sit and watch this and you are 100 percent correct. That ad was fantastic because it lays out all that this president has achieved. But he achieved this with the whole time that the Democrats just want to investigate him and impeach him.

And we're watching in the Senate, there's no right for it. Adam Schiff continues to get fixated on the word "cover-up", but he's the one who's covering up.

Remember, he covered up no evidence of Russian collusion. He covered up his contact with the whistleblower. He covered up truth from coming out when he stopped the witnesses from answering the Republicans' questions.

And then he covered up -- this is really interesting -- the only testimony that has not come out from the basement is the inspector general. Why? Because it probably proves he is a fact witness.

Now, is he covering up texts with more lies. This is all that Adam Schiff has ever done and the American people are continuing to see it.

HANNITY: OK. So, now, I read the Constitution, Congressman. Very clearly, the sole power to impeach rests with your body. Maybe you'll be the speaker next time. Maybe we'll find out in 286 days that you win the majority. That would be good for the American people, in my opinion.

But, here's the thing. They have the sole power. They impeached the president. Everybody got sworn in, they got dressed up. They looked real nice. And you hear the babbling, you know, repetition and the talking points.

Can you -- I can't believe this is going to go on for 24 hours. It's like OK, I'd rather watch paint dry.

But, here's my question. As all the Republicans are united, they now present their case. Why, after they present their case, would the Senate then take on the constitutional role of the House and try and bolster the horrific case that the House made? That makes no sense to me.

MCCARTHY: Well, that's not the role of the Senate. The Senate should not do that. They just have -- need (ph) one of those attorneys to stand up and read what Nadler said to us in the House. That they have proven beyond a shadow of doubt, that they have proven this case inside the House.

So, if they have proven it, they need no other witness inside the Senate. And it's not the Senate's role to call witnesses.

Remember, the House had to move so quickly and then they hold it. They said they had a wonderful case and they proved it beyond any chance of anybody wondering. Now, they say their case is no good.

They have moved this forward simply for one purpose and one purpose only -- politics. They do not like this president.

And do you know what else they don't like? They don't like their own candidate. That's what they are trying to cover up.

Their candidates are so poor they know they can't beat this president. So, they're trying to use impeachment to do just that.

HANNITY: All right. Congressman, thank you for the work you're doing. And, you know, imagine if you had the House, the Senate and the White House -- wow, we would get more accomplished for the benefit of the American people.

They are supposed to be public servants. They have become psychotic, rambling -- OK, I'm going to behave.

Anyway, thank you for being with us.

Tonight, let's not forget the real Ukraine scandal. The very center of this charade surrounding, yes, quid pro quo Joe and zero experience son Hunter, paid millions for knowing nothing.

And while Democrats try really, really hard to sweep the corruption under the rug, I got to give credit tonight and props to Senator Ted Cruz of the great state of Texas holding their feet to the fire. Good for him. Take a look.


SEN. TED CRUZ, R-TEXAS: If the House managers' case is based on the allegations of corruption concerning Hunter Biden and Joe Biden being a sham, then it is directly relevant the need for the Senate to hear the testimony of Hunter Biden and the need for the Senate to grant the White House lawyers the ability to take that testimony has become all the more relevant.


HANNITY: OK. How do you possibly say the president did something and ignore quid and pro and Joe and zero experience Hunter? And he should be forced to testify.

Here with reaction, the author of the booker, bestseller, "Guilt by Accusation", Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, part of the president's defense team on the Constitution.

All right. Maybe you agree or disagree with my analysis tonight. My monologue, I hope you found it entertaining because there was nothing entertaining or good for the country that was unfolding today, Professor. And I mean that, and I love this country and this is repulsive to me.

But my next question is, after they're done with their 24 hours, after they're done with the other 24 hours, after they're done with the 16 hours of questions, and the issue of bringing in witnesses comes up.


HANNITY: Why would the Senate bring in any witness that wasn't called in the House? They didn't even subpoena these witnesses and they are demanding that Senate Republicans take on the constitutional role of the House. I don't get that part. The Constitution -- we ought to have fidelity to that great document, in more than words.

DERSHOWITZ: I agree, I agree.

And I have to tell you, I think my former student Ted Cruz is absolutely right. How can you say that the testimony of Hunter Biden isn't relevant if the accusation is that the president raised issues of corruption when there were no issues of corruption regarding Hunter Biden?

Look, I like Joe Biden. I've known him for many, many years. He is a really nice man, and I have nothing against his son.

But in terms of legal relevance, if I were a defense lawyer in a case and they were trying to prosecute my client for making statements about corruption that weren't true, the first witness I'd call is the witness about whom the conversation took place.

So, of course, you could never have witnesses here without Hunter Biden being a central witness.

But you're right. If my argument prevails, my argument is that the two articles of impeachment don't satisfy the Constitution, then there is no need for witnesses at all. You simply dismiss the allegations as unconstitutional. But if there are going to be witnesses, there have to be witnesses on all sides.

And I think the Democrats will rue the day that they sought witnesses, because their witness will probably be blocked by executive privilege or at least by court proceedings involving executive privilege, but the Republicans' witnesses like Hunter Biden, there'd be no basis for blocking their testimony, and I can't imagine the chief justice ruling that the testimony of Hunter Biden would be irrelevant.

HANNITY: You know, I've got to imagine if it does make it through the court system, even if they would expedite the process, that there wouldn't be even some more liberal justices that don't understand the history and the significance and the need for executive privilege which goes back to George Washington, professor, and can I quote Hamilton and Jefferson but I won't show off.

But the point of the matter is, you are correct. Now the question is what does the Senate do? Do they want to call the one fact witness, Ambassador Sondland? There is another fact witness and that would be Adam Schiff. I'd like to hear from him.


HANNITY: I would argue he is a fact witness.

DERSHOWITZ: But you know, it's so interesting -- you know the first president was who claimed executive privilege, he didn't use the words, but it was executive privilege --was George Washington.

And guess what the opposing people called George Washington. They said he abused his power by refusing to turn over documents about the John Jay Treaty which was very controversial.

So, this has happened from the beginning of our history. And the idea that anybody could be impeached for abuse of power, something that almost every president has been accused of. During the Obama administration, there was a whole congressional hearing on Obama administration abusing its power.

It's a cliche, abuse of power. It's something that's tossed out about every president by political opponents.

HANNITY: It's not a crime. There's no crime --


DERSHOWITZ: It's not an impeachable offense.


DERSHOWITZ: It's not even close.

Even if you don't need a crime and there's a dispute about that, you can't raise that issue -- abuse of power -- to the level of impeachable offense.

HANNITY: And seeking remedy --

DERSHOWITZ: And Framers would have rejected it.

HANNITY: Seeking remedy when there is a conflict between the executive and legislative branch, well, constitutionally, professor, I didn't go to Harvard like you and Ted Cruz. I ran out of money to go to college. I don't have the money. I had good grades, you would have liked me as a student.

DERSHOWITZ: I would have, yes.

HANNITY: But the point is that is an appropriate thing. That's not obstruction.


DERSHOWITZ: It's not only not obstruction, it's constitutionally required that the president invoke privilege when it's essential to protect conversations about national security.


DERSHOWITZ: The president did the right thing. And for him to be accused of obstructing Congress would deter future presidents from exercising constitutional power.

HANNITY: I have a funny feeling, professor, that your party -- I have no idea why you're a part of this party anymore, but I think they will come to regret -- and my mother always used to say, she was a prison guard, you'll rue the day. And I did rue the day (INAUDIBLE) her admonition but I've got to run.


DERSHOWITZ: My party -- my party has turned against me.

Congressman Nadler today, he said he used to think I was just an ignoramus. Now, he's convinced that I'm a liar because I did more research and I came to the conclusion that obstruction of -- obstruction of Congress and abuse of power are not -- are not impeachable offenses. He forgets that he changed his mind about what's impeachable based purely on partisan issues. And --

HANNITY: I've got to run, but go ahead.



HANNITY: You've been amazing. It is important for the American people to hear. Thank you.

Joining us now, live from Capitol Hill, the very latest on the Schumer Schiff sham show -- I don't think he'd exactly say it that way, he's a news man. Chad Pergram is there.

We will say the hitchhiker guide's to all things Washington, he is your man.

Chad, how are you?

CHAD PERGRAM, FOX NEWS CAPITOL HILL CORRESPONDENT: Good evening, Sean. Thanks for having me.

Well, the impeachment trial goes on. We expect it to wrap up here probably for the evening session in the next 10 or 15 minutes. Adam Schiff, the chair of the Intelligence Committee, the lead impeachment manager is making his closing remarks here. Then they will go back at it the next couple of days as the prosecution continues.

Is this making an impact?

Mark Meadows, Republican congressman from North Carolina, he has indicated that he has heard the same points over and over again.

If you talk to Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader in the Senate, here's what he said earlier, quote: The fact that you have to sit in those chairs, no iPhones, no cell phones, no yakking, and pay attention, I think it's going to make a difference.

And you talk to Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana, he says that a lot of Republican and Democratic senators, you know, they are senators, they have busy lives, they have rules in the Senate. They haven't had a chance to tune in to the granularity of the House case, and he said he is learning something by listening to all of this.

Now, we had a dramatic moment in the Senate chamber earlier this evening. We had the first demonstrator who kind of barged through the door despite all the security here and was ushered out by the U.S. capitol police. They have been charged and there is other charges pending.

In fact, John Kennedy said, quote, it scared the bejesus out of him. A lot of people were shocked, including kennedy, that they have not had more protests with the Senate trial.

Again, to re-set, they should be wrapping up tonight in just the next couple of minutes. Then two more days, 8-hour batches for the prosecution and then maybe the defense on Saturday, Sean.

HANNITY: I don't know what you are getting paid from Fox, Chad, whatever it is, it's not enough. To have to sit through that monotonous, redundant insanity for 24 hours and 24 more and 16 after that, God bless you.

PERGRAM: We left 2:25 last night or this morning I should say.

HANNITY: I know. I didn't go to sleep so don't worry.

All right. Joining us now, two congressional members of the president's impeachment team. I got to give a special shout-out because everything we learned about FISA abuse, premeditated fraud on the FISA court, the Russian dirty dossier, spying on a presidential candidate, transition team, and president, and also probably outsourcing spying to allied nations for the purpose of circumventing American law, these two guys were right and the congenital liar who is still talking and babbling to himself as we speak, that guy, you know, lied to the American people in a spectacular fashion.

Jim Jordan, Ohio. Mark Meadows, the great state of -- North Carolina.

All right. I didn't do you justice, Jim Jordan. Four things that never change and --


HANNITY: Can I add a fifth? There were five follow-up meetings after the call.

JORDAN: Yes, key meetings in that 55 days that the aid was paused, key meetings, they never once did -- linking aid to an investigation never come up. But the facts are all on the president's side. No matter what the Democrats do with this spin, they're on the president's side.

But today, as you pointed out, Sean, we had to listen to Adam Schiff I think for over four hours. The same Adam Schiff who told us there's more than circumstantial evidence that there was collusion. The same Adam Schiff who told us that, oh, the FISA process was just fine.

The same Adam Schiff who said the Nunes memo was inaccurate. The same Adam Schiff said we're going to hear from the whistleblower. The same Adam Schiff who said, we've not talked to the whistleblower.

The same Adam Schiff who did his false story, the parody at the hearing right after this came out. And then the same Adam Schiff who misled the American people yesterday, the "Politico" story about the text message that Mr. Parnas had.

This guy, we're now supposed to believe when he talks for four hours that he is telling us the truth? Come on, the American people see right through this.

HANNITY: You know -- Congressman Meadows, I've watched, I've listened, I've heard, there is nothing new. And the sad part for me is the constitutional issues that Professor Dershowitz is bringing up.

But more, importantly, they haven't done a thing for the American people. I love the ultimate jury deciding in 286 days. I don't have a crystal ball, but I have an idea why I think Trump will win which I run by new a second.

But let's get your thoughts on the day, where this is progressing. Executive privilege, witnesses. Where do you see it going?

REP. MARK MEADOWS (R-NC): Well, you're right. We didn't hear anything new.

I can tell you that Adam Schiff repeated himself more times than a GEICO commercial. The only problem is he can't save you 15 percent or more on your car insurance.


MEADOWS: All he can do is give you a headache. I mean, come on.


HANNITY: You can now host this show. You're qualified.

MEADOWS: Well, but -- I mean, listen, we were giving out aspirin in giant bottles today because, you know, he just kept going on and on and on.

And Jim Jordan said, it was about lie after lie. Listen, we quit counting after we had 12 different false statements made by Adam Schiff and the fact is, he knows better. And he continues to try to sell this to the American people.

I can tell you, they're not buying it. We're not buying it.

But, more importantly, the senators are not buying it. They're unified, you know, 12 votes last night. Not a single one of them that went in the Democrat's favor.

So, it's all about making sure that we call Adam Schiff out for what he would know he is. And that is someone who is not willing to give the American people the truth.

HANNITY: He was this -- this is a meltdown. And it's happening -- it's like a train wreck. That might be the only reach people would watch.

All right. I want to go broader here because we have to look at everything that's happening through the prism of what's happening in 286 days. And that's the ultimate jury as I call it and the American people could shock the world again.

I want to lay out my case where I think the president is in a good position. But, with this caveat -- for the Republican to win the presidency, they've got to thread the needle and they've got to run the table.

North Carolina, they got to get Florida. They got to get Ohio. They have to pick off Pennsylvania, they have got to get Wisconsin, Michigan, maybe Minnesota.

I'd like to see states like New Hampshire in play. I mention Minnesota in play. I'd like to see Nevada in play, New Mexico in play, Arizona. Got to run the table much harder.

Here's why -- and I want to run it by you both -- why I think the president is in a very good position.

Number one, foreign policy. I mentioned Baghdadi, his associates, the caliphate, Soleimani. No bribing of mullahs and dictators.

Number two, promises made, kept. Biggest tax cut, originalist justices, ending burdensome regulation. Getting money for the wall, building the wall.

Trade deals, China, $220 billion in two years for farmers and every manufacturer in our energy sector. Then you can add to that Japan, you can add to that Canada, you can add to that what is happening down in Mexico. They're actually probably paying for the wall with the new deal.

Then, you've got Western European allies and we're energy independent for the first time in 75 years.

I'm going to add one other thing. The president is a fighter. He is not --

JORDAN: Sure is.

HANNITY: American people have gotten used to his style, that they feign outrage in the media and the Democrats.

But this is not only the greatest show on Earth watching him pound these people and pummel them into the ground. But the more important part and, Jim, we'll let you go, is that the American people are winning.


HANNITY: The records that he is setting are great for our country.


HANNITY: Your turn?

JORDAN: Yes, no. You're exactly right, Sean. I don't know -- we can't say it better. Reagan had a great line. Reagan said it's not the reviews that count. It's what happens at the box office.

And so, all the people in the mainstream press can say all the things they want negative about the president. But the people know.

They know taxes cut, regulations reduce, economy growing at an unbelievable rate, as you talk about, the trade agreements. The fact we had the lowest unemployment in 50 years. Al Baghdadi and Soleimani eliminated, embassy in Jerusalem, hostages home from North Korea, and new NAFTA agreement, and on and on it goes.

But they feel it. More than all the stats, they see their wages going up. They know what's happening in their communities. They see how the economy is going. And see this guy fighting the swamp.

And they also know this -- when you fight the swamp, the swamp fights back. When you drain the swamp, they fight back. And that's what this is all about.

But the American people understand it. And when the reviews happen, when the box office -- when the people go to the box office, they're going to vote big time for Donald Trump.

HANNITY: Mark Meadows, let's look at your perspective -- 286 days, big election. I'd like this progress to continue.

MEADOWS: Well, I'd like it to continue. It will continue. And there's two key things and reasons why that will happen.

One is this president has delivered on more than 30 significant campaign promises and we're used to politicians who campaign on one thing and deliver another. Not this president. He is has not only performed in the first three years, but can you imagine what he can do over the next five?

So, I can tell you, Jim is exactly right. When they go to the box office, they're going to be purchasing a ticket for four more years of Donald Trump. Why? Because it's affecting them personally.

He is a fighter. But he is not fighting for everybody else. He is fighting for us. He is fighting for your viewers, the people that are tuned in right now. And they know it.

And he is doing it at great personal cost. I get concerned for him and his family, what they're having to go through.

HANNITY: That's terrible.

MEADOWS: But yet, he's willing -- he is willing to stay in the fight for them.

HANNITY: Listen, he can handle it. I feel sorry for his family, they have to put up with this crap every -- you know, for three years. This is what we get.

You guys have been amazing. There's not a lot of really strong fighters. You two lead the way. Thanks for what you do every day -- Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan.

MEADOWS: Thank you, Sean.

JORDAN: Same to you.

HANNITY: Here now with reaction, the author of the "New York Times" bestseller, "Radicals, Resistance, Revenge," the host of the incredibly successful highest rated Saturday show Judge Jeanine Pirro.

You know, I kind of kid you every once in a while. We have been friends a long, long time. You should be very proud of the success of your show. And it is number one.



HANNITY: Tell that to Levin. He's fighting it out with the Sunday people. Here's what I want to add --

PIRRO: No, I'm good. No, I got Sunday.

HANNITY: I'm sorry -- all right. So, here's what I want to -- here's what I want to ask you.


HANNITY: You know, I kid you your monologues scare me sometimes. I'm teasing you. But your passion and your knowledge of the law and your background prosecuting, you know the law, you know the truth, you know when people lie, and all of this is unfolding.

I like your thoughts what you think is happening, will happen, and how this ends and when.

PIRRO: You know, it's interesting, Sean. I don't look at this case as a prosecutor. I look at it as a judge. Every time Adam Schiff opens his mouth, I get -- I have a reaction. I want to sustain an objection. But there's no objection.

Virtually everything that comes out of his mouth is irrelevant, immaterial, or something that is admissible. He is talking about Russia and Mueller. That has nothing to do with this.

He quotes Hamilton, when essentially Hamilton was the guy who said watch for the majority trying to take out a president. He says Hamilton says we shouldn't impeach over policy differences. And that's essentially what this is.

But more important than that, I don't know why Adam Schiff is even in a courtroom practicing in front of the chief justice of the Supreme Court. I will tell you why. Every time he is in Congress talking about Donald Trump or anyone who's an opponent, a lie comes out of his mouth, whether it's a FISA warrant, whether it's Russian collusion with Donald Trump, whether it's the dossier, whether it's the Parnas document or whether it's the whistleblower and whether it's his interpretation of the transcript and this president's so-called cover-up.

Cover-up? Are you stupid? There is no cover-up here. This president declassified and allowed for that transcript to be publicized so everyone would know firsthand what the evidence is in the case.

And for this guy Schiff and he is not too smart because he is telling the Senate if you don't go along with calling witnesses. And doing the job that the House should have done, then you are involved in the cover-up, too. I mean, you really want to convince a jury by saying they are covering up.

HANNITY: Judge, hang on one second. There's a little clapping going on. Wow, a moment of levity. Let's tune in and see what's happening there?


HANNITY: OK, we missed --

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER, D-N.Y.: Mr. Leader, let me just add my thanks and gratitude for all of us. It is rare, particularly these days, when 100 senators from both sides of the aisle of every political persuasion get up and give someone a standing ovation.


But you deserve it. Thank you for your good work.

HANNITY: All right. Judge, last question. Do you see any circumstances under which the Supreme Court of the United States, even the liberal justices on the court, left leaning justices would ever deny the president, executive privilege? That would -- that would hurt for in perpetuity the office of the presidency.

PIRRO: Precisely. Precisely.

And you see, when Adam Schiff talks about the Congress being with the co- equal branch with the executive branch, there -- he is wrong when it comes to executive privilege. The executive privilege is decided by the courts. And the courts understand the precedence and the importance of executive privilege. I can't imagine, even though they are liberal and you are right, Sean, I can't imagine them not protecting that, especially in the case that involves foreign relations and the foreign diplomacy and the president with his closest circle of his men.

HANNITY: All right, judge, don't scare me with your monologue this weekend, please? Only so much I can take.

All right. Thank you.

When we come back, continue to monitor the Schumer Schiff sham show and we'll tell you about that moment of levity straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. The Senate, thankfully, the Schumer Schiff sham show is over for the night. Oh, thank you, thank God Almighty. Finally. It's over.

Joining us now, nationally syndicated radio talk show host to the Salem Radio Network Larry Elder, and former Clinton pollster Mark Penn.

Mark wrote an incredible piece today that was on "The Hill": End impeachment's government shutdown.

You've been warning your party about all of this. I don't think they're listening to you. And I don't think it's going to work out well in the end for them, Mark, but I want you to explain in your own words.

MARK PENN, FORMER CLINTON POLLSTER: Well, look, I call it an impeachment shutdown. I say, look, even Adam Schiff says he knows how this is coming out. So, now, we have paralyzed all three branches of the government for something that should have been a congressional report. Look, I don't let anybody off the hook --


HANNITY: So, I don't see -- I don't see the president, he did a China deal last week. He's in Davos this week. I don't see that he is shut down.

PENN: Well, look, he's got a 20-person legal team that has to argue his case. We've got all the TV networks. We've got the Congress and the Senate tied up.

Look, this is -- this is a shutdown of the government for political advertising that we know is not going anywhere. We know these offenses while I think they raise some serious questions or eyebrows are not impeachable, particularly Article II. It's a waste of time.

Now, look, I defended Clinton. I have been consistent on this. Have elections, not impeachments unless you've got something really serious that is going to get the other party, and this is not going to get the Republicans to join them.


HANNITY: What's your take, Larry Elder?

ELDER: I feel the same way.

Look, I was around during the Clinton impeachment. And I saw a poll that said 65 percent of Republicans felt that Bill Clinton should be kicked out of office. Eighty-five percent of Democrats feel that way about Trump. And in the case of Clinton, you had about 30 Democrats that voted with Republicans to open up the inquiry and over here have you zero Republicans voting with the Democrats to open up the inquiry.

So, this is the most one-sided impeachment I've ever seen. And the American people can see through it.

I've got a friend, Sean, named Kelly. Kelly is a Democrat. You've lost Kelly, you've lost the case. She has been watching and she says, I don't understand what he did that was wrong.

HANNITY: Yes. Do you think when these -- there is eight polls now, 16 to 34-1/2 percent the president's support with the African-American community, all the records that he has broken, low unemployment, African-Americans, youth unemployment, African-American youth unemployment a record.

Does that impact the president? Because I think he is going to hang on to his base. I don't see any attrition. I think this is just angering and motivating his base even more. His economy, his foreign policy successes.

Do you see that translating into a shift, demographically?


Hang one second. Sorry, Larry.

Jay Sekulow is talking.

JAY SEKULOW, PRESIDENT TRUMP'S ATTORNEY: And the articles of impeachment. They're putting on their case. We will put on our case.

I'm not going to give you time frames on the case, on how long it will take to do ours. But I will tell you this. We will be putting on both affirmative case in defense of the president, but also pointing out some of the errors in the case that they've presented.

REPORTER: Are you prepared for moderates to kind of come out and say they want to see the memo, like the terror (ph) memo to Pompeo and situations like that? Are you --

SEKULOW: When it's -- look, these are questions, first of all, that the Senate has to address. They will determine what will go in the record and what will not, under the rules that were adopted.

So, our position, right now, is the Senate, we are governed by a Senate resolution and that's exactly what we're going to do.

REPORTER: What really stands out in your mind today, the first thing you want to refute when you get to speak beginning on Saturday?

SEKULOW: Well, I thought it was interesting they are making references to the career people that were in the various agencies. But when you read the transcripts, they also said things that were very positive about the president, and the president's policies.

So we may be talking about some of that we probably won't get to talk about that for a couple of days, I suspect.

REPORTER: The manager talks about -- repeatedly told the senators, do you want -- you can see this document, you can subpoena this document. Why shouldn't the senators -- why oppose them --

SEKULOW: I said in this morning. I said it yesterday. I'm going to say it again.

The Constitution protects executive privilege. There's a reason for that. Despite what manager Nadler said, you cannot call the executive privilege and other nonsense. There is constitutional privileges at stake that don't just affect this presidency, by the way, I think that affect the office of the presidency for other presidents that come.


REPORTER: Have you been speaking to the president throughout --

SEKULOW: I would never discuss with you if I had a conversation with the president or why I stepped out of the chamber.

REPORTER: What about the president tweeting during this responding in real time? He tweeted, no pressure, for example?


REPORTER: During the Democrats' case.

REPORTER: What if you lose though?

SEKULOW: Well, I've been in a -- I've been in a -- I'm sure he's fine, I have been in a hearing all day as you all have been.

So, I mean, look, I'm not going to comment -- I'm not going to have conversations about the president's mood.

I think this whole fact that we are here is ridiculous. I mean, think about why we are here. I said that at the beginning when we spoke yesterday, which seems like about two weeks ago. But the truth of the matter is, why are we here? Are we having an impeachment over a phone call? Or has this been a three-year attempt to take down a president that was duly elected by the American people? We are doing this 10 months to go to a general election. Pretty dangerous for our republic in our view.

REPORTER: Why not make a motion to dismiss if --

SEKULOW: Because I want to let them try their case and we want to try our case. Because we believe without a question the president will be acquitted. There is not a doubt.

All right. One more.

REPORTER: Are you ruling out a motion to dismiss at any point in the trial?

SEKULOW: I don't -- I -- those of you that know me, no, I don't rule out anything. Nothing is ruled out.

But at this point, the way the procedures are set up -- I'm sorry -- the way the procedures are set up at this point, here's what I believe is going to happen. They are going -- it looks like they are going to spend tomorrow and Friday, and then I suspect we'll start on Saturday. And then we will go probably another day or two, but no knows? I mean, we've got to make that determination with our team.

REPORTER: And then what do you think happens after that?

SEKULOW: Then there's questions. Two days of that. Then there is a probably half day argument on -- will there be witnesses or not? So that's probably a day.

REPORTER: What's your prediction?

SEKULOW: Look, my prediction is the president of the United States will be acquitted --

REPORTER: -- on the witnesses?

SEKULOW: You know what? I don't predict on witnesses. I'm prepared. All right. All right.

REPORTER: Do you think the president tweeting during any of this is affecting the senators when they read the tweets?

SEKULOW: I'm not concerned about that.

REPORTER: Some Republicans have said --

SEKULOW: Last question.

REPORTER: -- that they found it illuminating, enlightening. They're not saying that, you know, they automatically buy the Democrats' case. But does that concern you?

SEKULOW: Illuminating, enlightening and I'm not questioning what you say they are saying. Obviously, I have been in the proceedings. Is there anything we have learned today that we have not heard for the last three months?

REPORTER: Senator Kennedy said that nine out of 10 senators have absolutely no idea and the tenth would be lying. Are you concern that --

SEKULOW: What did he say?

REPORTER: He said nine out of 10 senators have no idea what really went on in the hearings and the 10th one would be lying. That's --

SEKULOW: Because the hearings don't make sense to people is that what they're saying.


REPORTER: They didn't pay attention.


REPORTER: Learned a lot.

SEKULOW: OK, OK. At the end of the day, I believe without question the president United States will be acquitted.

Thank you, everybody. See you tomorrow.

HANNITY: All right. The president's personal attorney, he and Pat Cipollone, great coverage so far. Amazing moments from them.

And did we lose Larry and Mark. We've got to bring them back tomorrow. But I think we lost them.

All right. Joining us now, two members of president's legal team, New York Congressman Lee Zeldin and Arizona Congresswoman Debbie Lesko.

OK. You guys deserve more pay to have to sit through the Schumer-Schiff sham show. Every time I say that successfully, it's a miracle.

Congresswoman, we'll begin with you.

REP. DEBBIE LESKO, R-ARIZ.: Well, you know, watching this today is just like reliving the nightmare in the House. I just can't believe the audacity of these Democrats the way they lie and carry on, the hypocrisy is beyond belief.

And so, you know, the president is doing a great job. And these Democrats are going to lose the House. I mean, the American people have to see this for what it is.

It's totally political hit job. That's all it is. It's disgusting. Quite frankly, sickening.

HANNITY: Let me -- let me go to Congressman Zeldin who, by the way, will you please talk Congressman Pete King into staying? What is he doing?

But, you have been in the forefront of battling this and the -- what is the fallout both legally and the fallout for the country?

REP. LEE ZELDIN (R-NY): Well, the fallout for the country is a missed opportunity. They should be working with the president on lowering the cost of prescription drug prices. And instead of doing that, we see the Senate hijack this Schumer-Schiff sham show made a field trip from the House chamber to the Senate chamber.

They didn't bring the articles of impeachment alleging a crime. They didn't bring it arguing an impeachable offense. So, and they are saying that the burden is on the president to prove his innocence.

So, on top of that, the president was just doing his job. The law requires him with tax dollars to give to Ukraine to ensure that Ukraine is fighting corruption, and it was a legitimate concern that Ukrainians interfered in the 2016 election, and it was a legitimate concern that Burisma, Zlochevsky and the Bidens were engaged in what is clear as day corruption.

So, the president was doing his job. The country hurts --

HANNITY: Well said.

ZELDIN: -- because we're not prioritizing important, substantive wins.

HANNITY: Congressman Zeldin, thank you. Long Island, good for you. Surprising, New York still has a couple of districts that are red.

Congresswoman, thank you.

We go back to -- bring back Mark Penn and Larry Elder.

Larry, I will give you the question on the -- is there -- these eight polls, dramatic support in the African-American community from president who had 8 percent, lowest is 16 percent, 34.5, 34, 33, 28, 22s, as low as 16.

ELDER: Right.

HANNITY: Does that translate into votes based on the economic record in the African-American community?

ELDER: I think so. There is clearly going to do much better than that 7 percent or so he got in 2016. You are talking about historical low unemployment. The First Step Act that allowed a bunch of black men, about 1,000, to have their sentences reduced an average of 70 months. You are talking about doing something about illegal immigration. And illegal immigration -- illegal immigrants, those who have little skills pose threats to jobs and puts pressure on wages of black and brown people living in the inner city.

He's doing something to put more money into the pockets of historically black colleges. Doing something about enterprise zones. You add all that up together, it seems to me that he is going to do far better than did he in 2016. The only question is how much better.

HANNITY: And, by the way, thanks to Kanye, Kim Kardashian, Alice Marie Johnson, prison reform, so many Democrats promised, never delivered.

ELDER: Right.

HANNITY: Mark Penn, overall observations how this plays out. You got the final minute of HANNITY tonight. Go, sir.

PENN: Look, first of all, the Democrats have done an incredible job pushing this thing all the way to the Senate and getting three full days to blast the message here. I just don't think this goes anywhere. I think because it's not going to bring over Republicans, it's a waste of time.

And so, the risk here is a serious boomerang for wasting the entire time of the country that everybody knows isn't going anywhere.

HANNITY: You know, it's amazing, there are few Democrats that get it and then you become pariahs in your own party.

And Larry is a libertarian. I'm a registered conservative in the New York. And I have been very critical, as Larry has been, of weak Republicans. But I saw especially in the House strength that I have not seen in a number of years, maybe since 2010. And I'm just hoping the same happens in the Senate antidotal evidence I'm learning from my sources saying it is happen.

Guys, thank you. Mark, Larry, thank you very much.

All right. That ends the hour. We make a promise on this program. We were vindicated by the inspector general report.

We are never going to be the psychotic, rage, hate Trump media mob. We always pursue the truth. We've been right. They have been wrong.

And we will have the latest, 286 days to go until Election Day. We will count it down. We'll have the latest on that and the Schumer-Schiff sham show.

Let not your heart be troubled. Here's Laura.

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