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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: Welcome back to this very special edition of "Hannity & Colmes." I'm Sean Hannity, reporting tonight from the New York, New York Casino right here on the Las Vegas strip.

And meanwhile back in old Washington, D.C., my old friend, Bill Moyers, he was at it again today. Let's take a sneak peak at what he had to say.


BILL MOYERS, FORMER PBS ANCHOR: They're back, my friends. They're back in full force with a lock on all the three branches of government and most of the media, and their goal is to take America back, back to their private Garden of Eden in the first Gilded Age when the strong took what they wanted and the weak suffered what they won't.

Look no further than today's news. Donaldson is out at the SEC. He was trying too hard to look out for the interests of shareholders and the public, so the president's big donors, the captains of industry and finance who manipulated the first Golden Age — Gilded Age, cashed their IOUs, and Donaldson is out, replaced by a right-wing congressman who takes a dim view of shareholder suits and supports eliminating the estate tax, the dividend tax and other taxes on the idle rich. Once again, they've sold the chicken coop to the fox.


HANNITY: And joining us for reaction right here on the Vegas strip is our good friend, Matt Drudge.

I just don't think he's accepted the fact that his brand of left-wing media is now — there's competition for it.

MATT DRUDGE, "THE DRUDGE REPORT": Well, Sean Hannity, you know, he also said he's threatening to get back into the anchor chair. There is an opening at "CBS Evening News." Why don't they just go ahead and fill that position? No offense to your friend Bob Schieffer. It may also make Walter Cronkite a little bit angry. I hear he wants the chair back, too.

HANNITY: He wants it back.

DRUDGE: But no harm done here. I mean, he's having a hard time getting into the 21st century. They all are, though. Look at what we've gone through this week: Deep Throat, Watergate... Thirty-three years ago and they're still talking about good old Nixon.

It's time they catch up to the 21st century. And also, the reason I wanted to appear with you tonight on FOX is we're celebrating the 25th anniversary of CNN, right here on FOX, tonight!

HANNITY: You know what the difference is? You know, just before coming on air, I check in with "The Drudge Report." You have a huge, blockbuster story that is up there now, saying that the Pentagon has confirmed and you pick up A.P., Reuters reporting, that at Gitmo that some of these Korans were splashed with urine.

When are we going to — when will the mainstream media catch up to Matt Drudge on a story like that? Isn't this part of the problem with the old guard?

DRUDGE: Well, it happened a little bit late tonight. This is obviously the Pentagon trying to get this news in before a magazine does, I suspect, this weekend. This is sort of the old-fashioned Friday document dump done by the Pentagon.

And this is making me a little bit nervous, because they're actually saying our military personnel splashed urine on one of the holiest documents in the world.

Now, the media, of course, is going to pick up on this and say Newsweek was right. [Newsweek reporter Michael] Isikoff will probably have a ticker-tape parade there in Washington, D.C.

I don't know why the left is so determined to make fun of our military and to mock our military. This whole story makes me sad and my heart heavy. But I have a feeling some people are cheering tonight. How has it gotten that the left now cheers when the military is making a mistake, either a soldier made a mistake...

HANNITY: Matt, where are the stories out there about all the good that our military has done, the great treatment of prisoners — and these are combatants, enemy combatants, terrorist combatants?

The fact that they have a Koran is because we gave it to them. The fact that 99 percent of these guys treated these people and treat their religion with respect, that's not the story.

But people, for their evil purposes, will distort one story or an isolated incident and use it to harm our military and to...

DRUDGE: Maybe we can challenge Bill Moyers tonight to do some positive stories on the military.

COLMES: Matt, how are you? Good to see you.

DRUDGE: He wants work. Hello, Alan.

COLMES: It's Alan in New York.

DRUDGE: You're missing out on the beautiful Las Vegas sunset.

COLMES: I wish I could be there.

Look, who on the left, Matt, is cheering on this Gitmo story? First of all, I applaud you for putting it on the link on your Web site, which I saw, but who on the left is cheering that? Who?

DRUDGE: Instant messages on my screen saying, "It looks like you lost, you jerk."

COLMES: Those are — that doesn't represent the left.

DRUDGE: Well, who represents the left? Who are you making the spokesman for the left?

COLMES: I'm not making anyone...

DRUDGE: People on the left are celebrating tonight that the Pentagon is admitting there was urine splashed...

COLMES: No one's celebrating — just because some idiots are IM'ing you doesn't mean that the left is celebrating that there's a splash of urine on the Koran. The left — that's not what the left — you're misrepresenting what the left really stands for that. We don't stand for that.

DRUDGE: Alan, you've been in this business long enough. You know there are many people on the left who want Bush to fail, to be impeached now. That's the new thing.

COLMES: Absolutely not.

DRUDGE: They're moving now towards impeachment.

COLMES: What mainstream Democrat is calling for Bush to be impeached?

DRUDGE: Alan Colmes, read your e-mail.

COLMES: I do. You know I read it. What mainstream Democrat is calling for Bush's impeachment?

DRUDGE: Well, you have already an impeachment movement in the House, don't you? Isn't there a congressman already submitting impeachment?

COLMES: Not that I'm aware of.

DRUDGE: You had Susan Sarandon...

COLMES: I'd like to know who it is.

DRUDGE: You had Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins not long ago on CBS television calling for the impeachment of Bush.

I think you'll see a movement as the summer drags on, and if we get any more of this military and urination, of hard-core calls from the left [for impeachment]...

COLMES: Isn't it important to point out — I mean, you know, you're going to say, oh, Isikoff's going to throw a party. But you know, isn't the substance of the Newsweek story correct, whether or not their sourcing was correct? They have to have the right sourcing and they should, but if we're seeing that this is taking place, and you point, a document dump on a Friday so it gets hidden, these are important stories for the public to know about.

DRUDGE: Of course, and that's why we're discussing them. But Newsweek did retract the story, Alan. I didn't retract the story. They should have held tough then, if they felt comfortable enough with the information.

You can't retract it and say, "Whoops. You know what? We were right."

It's too much confusion out there. We have enough confusion from the Pentagon. We don't need it from the Newsweek newsroom.

COLMES: I applaud you for putting it on your Web site. It's an important story.

HANNITY: Matt Drudge, good to see you. Thanks so much for being with us.

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