Masters backlash for Condoleezza Rice

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BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: You got to love Sugarman.


BECKEL: Isn't that what you said it was?



BECKEL: Sugarland, sorry.

The Masters kicked off today in Augusta, Georgia. And the club's first female members are on site for this year's legendary golf tournament. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was spotted in her green jacket yesterday. She was admitted to the theme club last August. Believe it or not, some critics don't like it.

Here is Professor Marc Lamont Hill tearing into Condi for joining the club.


MARC LAMONT HILL, PROFESSOR: I think this is actually really disturbing, even shameful that Condoleezza Rice allowed herself to join this all-white, basically, all men basically, club with absolutely no set of demands, no requirements, no set of interests being presented on behalf of the people who have been excluded. If you are the only black person in the room, if you are the only woman in the room, Condi, you are probably in the wrong room. You should be ashamed of yourself.


BECKEL: Dana, are you going to rap about this.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: What does he think when she was secretary of state she was probably often the only woman in the room as well? She was one of the most able secretaries of state we have ever had.

What's shameful is that he would criticize her for any -- who is he wearing a t-shirt on TV making fun of Condi Rice?

BECKEL: And if Augusta didn't allow Condoleezza Rice to be a member, he would be the one front and center saying what's wrong with them?


GUILFOYLE: Double standard. Why don't you celebrate the fact that she has been admitted there? That she played, that she is an amazing golfer, she is just a winner in life, an awesome person. Like you said, Dana, many times probably the only woman in the room like yourself when you are at the White House.

BECKEL: Greg, you are a big golfer.


BECKEL: What do you think?

GUTFELD: I'm often the only woman in the room. I always like it when two stories kind of like come together. It's like you have people that are perfectly OK with Obama's BFFs going to Cuba but not OK with a great woman getting into a previously, I guess a boy's club because there was some kind of racial history with Augusta.

But what about Cuba? I mean, Cuba? Come on.

BECKEL: Can I raise a couple points here.

Some of these great golf courses in the South had not allowed anybody but white men in. Somebody has got to start. They had -- was it Southern Creek, was going to play the Masters there. Going to play a tournament there. I guess the open.

And they had a lot of protests and they finally let somebody.

In Augusta, which had been a bastion of white guys for years, they finally let Bob Johnson, the head of Black Entertainment Network. I mean, this is progress. You shouldn't look at this as something that's bad it's good.

I mean, if that's what it takes to break into the Masters, Augusta, then that's what it ought to be.

GUTFELD: Should they change the name? Don't call it the Masters?


BECKEL: Greg, it's the oldest most prestigious --

GUTFELD: I don't know anything about golf. By the way, I'm going to get a lot of hate mail for this. What is it with golf? Seriously?

GUILFOYLE: What do you mean?

GUTFELD: What is it about golf? Why is golf so important? It takes up so much space? Think of all the cool arcades you could have and by the way, peewee golf courses are much more fun.

GUILFOYLE: And easier.

BECKEL: You will get a lot of mail on this one because there are a lot of us who love to play golf. We call it a nature walk interrupted.

GUILFOYLE: Bob wears golf shoes to the set. What else do you know?

GUTFELD: I want my golf course to have little wind mills on it.

BOLLING: Do we think Marc Lamont Hill, great guy, know him a long time. Does he actually believe this or just looking for a little bit more?

Marc, come on, professor, really? You don't really believe that do you? No way he can possibly believe that.

GUILFOYLE: I'm glad you admire --

BECKEL: I admire him, too.

GUILFOYLE: -- t-shirt, Greg?

BECKEL: Why would the world complain when something like this happens and you break the racial lines?

PERINO: I would love it I think Greg had the best point. What does he think about Beyonce and Jay-Z going to Cuba and what does he think about my rap?


PERINO: Not that I really want to know.

GUILFOYLE: He said you probably should have made a list of demands.

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