Mass Murder…Six Years Later

A few weeks ago, I spent some time with a senior citizen whose two sons were killed on 9/11/2001. He called the young men his best friends.

Every day, this fine man and tens of thousands of other Americans wake up and confront the pain of irrational loss. It never goes away.

That is where we began our discussion of 9/11 and the war on terror this evening. Liberal newspapers today are full of editorials that say the Bush administration is violating everybody’s rights and fighting the war.

However, our research shows that only one, one case of a rights violation has been adjudicated in a U.S. court in the past six years. And we'll tell you about that later.

But come on. Whose rights have really been violated? The answer's obvious, those who were murdered six years ago and their families. The government under Presidents Clinton and Bush knew the danger Al Qaeda posed, but didn't take action until after the 9/11 attack.

Our intelligence agencies were caught by surprise. And the shameful immigration mess allowed the killers to live among us.

Those are massive violations of the rights of Americans. But even worse, even worse are those citizens right now who continue to put us all in danger by misusing their freedom.

Spotlight one, Hollywood Director Brian DePalma. His film "Redacted" shows American soldiers raping an Iraqi woman and killing innocent civilians. DePalma admits he made the film to hurt the effort in Iraq.


BRIAN DE PALMA, "REDACTED" DIRECTOR: The move is an attempt to bring the reality of what's happening in Iraq to the American people. The pictures are what will stop the war. And if we can get these pictures in front of a mass audience, and get these stories in front of a mass audience, maybe we'll have some effect.


Now that the vile man and his vile film will have an effect all right. Imagine young Muslim men, already steeped in hatred, sitting there watching a Muslim woman raped in living color. If even one of those men enters the fight and kills an American, it is on Brian DePalma.

And during World War II, President Roosevelt, the liberal icon, would have put DePalma in prison. Mr. Roosevelt well understood the danger U.S. forces faced in battled, the same exact danger they are confronting right now.

A loyal citizen doesn't make that danger worse, ladies and gentlemen. If you want to protest the Iraq War or the war on terror, fine. But don't put our troops in danger by doing so. There is no justification for that.

And then we have the deniers, the loons who spit in the face of the 9/11 victims by saying America attacked itself on 9/11. I mean, how low is this?

It's true these people are usually mentally unbalanced, but some of them do have influence, especially on uneducated young people.

Listen to this rap by Jadakiss and Mos Def.


JADAKISS: Bin Laden didn't blow up the projects. It was you, (BLEEP). Tell the truth, (BLEEP).

MOS DEF: Bush knocked down the towers.

JADAKISS: Tell the truth, (BLEEP).

MOS DEF: Bush knocked down the towers.

JADAKISS: Tell the truth, (BLEEP).

Bin Laden didn't blow up the projects. It was you, (BLEEP). Tell the truth, (BLEEP).

MOS DEF: Bush knocked down the towers.

JADAKISS: Tell the truth, (BLEEP).

MOS DEF: Bush knocked down the towers.


Again, there is no — there is, I should say, freedom of expression in America, but there's also right and wrong.

It's the duty of all clear thinking Americans to defend their country against the deceivers, call them out. Don't buy their stuff.

Finally, it's truly sad the country is so divided on the sixth anniversary of 9/11. Many are simply blind to the danger. Some simply despise their own country. All in all, it is tragic. And that's “The Memo.”

Pinheads and Patriots

Tonight marks the beginning of "Pinheads and Patriots," a new daily segment where we will tell you who we believe is helping America and who's hurting the country.

We also want your help on this segment. If you have nominees in either category, please e-mail them to us.

Now, the first patriot is an actress who walks the walk. Daryl Hannah wants a cleaner planet. No limos for her.


O'REILLY: Now, I understand that you have not bought gasoline for your car in seven years. Is that correct?


O'REILLY: What kind of car are you driving, by the way?

HANNAH: I drive a diesel. It's a 1983 El Camino.

O'REILLY: All right. So it's an El — it's a vintage car.

HANNAH: It is. Well, they only made a couple hundred diesels when they — '83 and '84, I think.

O'REILLY: Instead of putting in diesel gas, you put what in there?

HANNAH: I put biodiesel B100, which is 100 percent biodiesel, made from waste grease. And that's what I've been running it on.

O'REILLY: Where do you get it?

HANNAH: You can get it at the gas station now.


All right. Now on the Internet, they tell you where you can get that biodiesel, made out of garbage. And that's what she does. And as I said before, anything we can do to get away from foreign oil we should do.

So Daryl Hannah is a patriot.

Now, on the pinhead front, I've got to open up the segment with my pal and yours, Stuart Smalley, a.k.a. Al Franken. After Air America declared bankruptcy last year, Smalley fled to Minnesota where he's now running for the U.S. Senate, if you can believe it.

Franken says he's qualified for that position because he's a satirist, which may be satire itself. I just don't know.

What I do know is that he's raised a ton of money from Hollywood people like Rosie O'Donnell and that Republicans in Minnesota call him, quote, "the most mean-spirited candidate" they've ever seen. That sounds accurate to me. We can also throw in there dishonest.

Smalley is a pinhead.