Malkin: California is sabotaging the sovereignty of America

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SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: All right. Tucker, great to see you and thank you.

And welcome to 'Hannity.'

Major breaking news tonight, President Trump takes a huge stand against California over its sanctuary state policies that protect criminal illegal immigrants and, of course, create lawlessness and endangers the lives of American citizens. Now, the Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a lawsuit to stop California's blatant interference with federal immigration enforcement while also blasting the liberal hotbed of anti-Trump resistance.

Now, this comes after the Oakland mayor aided and abetted criminal illegal immigrants tipping them off about an ICE raid that was coming. Tonight, we go one on one in a 'Hannity' shoot-out with Jorge Ramos over this hot-button issue.

Also breaking right now: a stunning new revelation that the FBI lied to the FISA judges in order to get a warrant to spy on Trump campaign associate Carter Page and according to the new report, former British spy Christopher Steele, he knew that he was being paid by Clinton and by the DNC, but that is not what the FBI's FISA application said.

And also breaking right now, new information about how the FBI missed a crucial warning and warning signs from Stoneman Douglas shooter Nikolas Cruz.

We have that and all that more breaking news in tonight's opening monologue.


HANNITY: All right. So, tonight, the Trump administration draws a line in the sand when it comes to liberal states aiding and abetting criminal illegal immigrants that pose a significant threat to you, the American people.

The Attorney General Jeff Sessions, he used a news conference today to officially announce that the Trump administration is suing California over their sanctuary state policies that shield these illegal immigrants that commit crimes, Sessions did not hold back. Let's take a look.


JEFF SESSIONS, ATTORNEY GENERAL: A refusal to apprehend and deport those, especially the criminal element, effectively rejects all immigration law. It's a rejection of law. And it creates an open borders system. It is the only way it can be described.

An open borders is a radical, irrational idea that cannot be accepted. Contrary to what you might hear from open borders radicals, we are not asking California, Oakland, or anyone else to actually effectively enforce immigration law, although we would welcome the positive assistance the majority of jurisdictions provide. We would certainly like that.

But ICE agents do incredible work every day. They are not backing down. They're not going to be deterred and we're not going to stop enforcing the law in Alabama, or California either.


HANNITY: President Trump, Jeff Sessions, and the federal government, they are simply standing up for the rule of law. The radical left, they are putting criminal illegal immigrants before the safety of American citizens.

All the Trump administration wants to do is enforce federal immigration laws that are already on the books. It's really that simple. We either in this country, we have law and order or we have chaos.

Let's say you don't like the laws. Then change them. Elect people that will change them. But if you break the laws on the books, you should suffer the consequences.

California's officials, well, they don't have to help, they just need to stop interfering. In the case of this Oakland mayor aiding and abetting criminal illegal immigrants, well, we'll have more on that disgraceful story and potential crimes of the mayor in just a second.

But what's disturbing about all of this is that officials in California, they are now risking your lives because they think protecting criminal illegal immigrants is good politics. They are literally willing to endanger Americans by harboring people that have no reason to be in this country because they think it will win them a couple of extra votes.

We have liberal politicians like California Governor Jerry Brown. They don't want to debate the issues, they know the facts, and the truth, and the rule of law are not on their side. And that's why instead of addressing why his state is shielding criminal illegal immigrants, well, Governor Brown instead, he attacks Fox News. He accuses the federal government of going to war. Really, Jerry? Watch this.


GOV. JERRY BROWN, D—CALIFORNIA: This is really unprecedented for the chief law enforcement of the United States to come out to California and act more like Fox News than a law enforcement officer. This is a political stunt. It's more like Fox News and what's going on in Washington and it's not about the truth. It's not about protecting our state. It is about dividing America.

This is basically going to war against the state of California, the engine of the American economy. It's not wise, it's not right, and it will not stand.


HANNITY: OK. It's not right, but we did invite Governor Brown to come on the show tonight, but shockingly, well, he said no.

Governor Brown has no facts to back up this argument, so it's no surprise that he's too gutless to come on the program.

Liberals in California, they need to answer one simple fundamental question. How does America benefit from criminal illegal immigrants staying in the country? If you don't see this as a danger that is posed to every American -- well, I don't know how I can convince you. What is the upside? What is the reward? Why are you willing to risk and imperil other people's lives? These are criminal aliens. We're not talking about DACA here.

People like the mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf, they sure seem to think so, and that's why the mayor was tipping off criminal illegal immigrants about the ICE raid late last month. And guess what happened.
As a result, all the acting head of ICE's at about 800 criminal illegal immigrants were able to avoid arrest.

Is that what Americans really want elected officials to do, to protect illegal immigrants that are criminals?

The Attorney General Jeff Sessions blasted the Oakland mayor earlier today. Let's take a look.


SESSIONS: So here's my message to Mayor Schaaf. How dare you, how dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical open borders agenda?


HANNITY: What this mayor is doing is disgraceful but despite the mayor's actions, ICE still was able to detain criminal illegal immigrants. Look at the stats about the Oakland area raid. In spite of the warnings, 232 people arrested for violating federal immigration laws.

Of the 232 arrested, 180 were either convicted criminals, had been issued the final order of removal and didn't leave, or had been previously deported and then returned again to the U.S. illegally because we have open borders. 115 of the 232 had prior felony convictions for sex abuse, weapons charges, and assaults.

Those are the types of people that this Oakland mayor is protecting?

Of course, Libby Schaaf is defiant, defending her lawless behavior. But the Department of Justice is now looking into a possible obstruction of justice charge against her for what she did.

Keep in mind, if California lawmakers, if they want to continue to obstruct federal immigration officials from actually doing their job, then President Trump should follow through on his threat to pull ICE agents from California. You may remember this.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We are getting no help from the state of California. I mean, frankly, if I wanted to pull our people from California, you would have a crime nest like he would never see. All I had to do is say ICE and Border Patrol, let California alone. You'd be inundated -- you would see crime like nobody's ever seen crime in this country. And yet, we get no help from the state of California.


HANNITY: All right. When it comes to criminal illegal immigrants, the media, the left, liberals, they refuse to look at facts and because of this, they are complicit in the harm that these people in the future will cost to American citizens.

Unlike the left and most members of the media, well, we've actually been down to the border, over a dozen times. We have watched firsthand what is going on down there. I've been on horseback, all-terrain vehicles, helicopters, votes, I've seen drug warehouses, tunnels, I've seen it all.

When President Trump says we need a wall, he's right. And I don't mind a wall with a door either. In 2014, I sat in on border briefing with then-Texas Governor Rick Perry. Listen closely, 642,000 criminal offenses committed by illegal immigrants in the state of Texas alone and only a seven-year period -- a serious problem. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Criminal aliens have been responsible for about 642,000 offenses, criminal offenses. You look up there in the top left, sexual assaults, there's close to 8,000 victims.

HANNITY: Six hundred and forty-two thousand crimes since --


HANNITY: In Texas alone?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Over 200,000 individuals with a criminal history, they committed over 614,000 crimes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's the cost of not securing the border.


HANNITY: 642,000 crimes created and impacting the citizens of Texas and a seven-year period.

Then there's all the statistics of the liberal mainstream media always conveniently ignore, truth doesn't seem to matter to them. According to the Migration Policy Institute, about 822,000 of the 11 million illegal immigrants in America are convicted criminals, 820,000. The U.S. Sentencing Commission has found that illegal immigrants account for 13 percent of all non-immigration-related federal sentences for the fiscal year 2016.

This, despite the fact that these illegal immigrants, they only make up 3.5 percent of the population, 3.5, 13 percent, and this is important. That number is only dealing with federal sentences. Much higher if you factor in convictions by state and local governments.

According to the latest report from the Government Accountability Office, get this, an estimated 55,000 criminal illegal aliens were in federal prison in the year 2010. In fiscal year 2017, ICE deported over
226,000 illegal immigrants. And also in 2017, over 127,000 of those deported were previously convicted of a crime.

And in 2010, the DOJ found that 57 percent of immigration offenders charged in U.S. district court had prior felony convictions. The facts on illegal immigrants are irrefutable, and that's why the left and the media never talk about them. You've never seen this before, I'm guessing.

This is about protecting you, the American people. It's that simple.

All right. We'll have more on this in a minute.

Also breaking tonight, we have more evidence, more proof that the FBI lied to the FISA court judge in the original application and three subsequent renewal applications to get a warrant to spy on a member of the Trump campaign. Remember, in an election year.

And according to a 'New Yorker' report, former British spy Christopher Steele, who put together this dossier filled with Russian lies and propaganda, he knew -- he knew he was being paid by Hillary Clinton, he knew he was being paid by the DNC just months after he was hired by Fusion GPS.

This is significant because according to Congressman Adam Schiff's memo, which references the FISA application for the warrant, the FBI told the FISA judge that Steele was never told about the political motivations behind his work. Also remember, Steele hates Donald Trump also.

So, the FBI again flat-out lied and what we can only assume here is that it was an effort to make Steele more credible as they were omitting evidence to a FISA judge.

The FBI, Fusion GPS, remember, they never bothered to verify, corroborate the fake news dossier which is mandated in FISA law. And by the way, it's part of the FBI's own protocols.

And also, the FISA application was denied the first time but then Steele and the dossier was brought in to put the request over the top. Or to quote a former deputy director of the FBI Andrew McCabe, remember, he testified, without the dossier, they would never have even been a FISA warrant application. That's how important that dossier was to getting the approval of the FISA court.

This scandal is by far the most massive abuse of federal government power in the history of the country. And that is why a second special counsel needs to be appointed like yesterday and the month before to investigate what is severe FISA abuses.

All right. Also finally tonight, new details about how the FBI missed a critical warning sign from the deranged Stoneman Douglas High School shooter, Nikolas Cruz. Congressional committee chairmen Trey Gowdy, Bob Goodlatte, they issued a press release on key findings from an FBI briefing on the Parkland shooting. It's previously been reported that in January of this year, a friend of the Cruz family called the FBI tip line to report Cruz's disturbing behavior. Well, tonight, we have no information about how that FBI agent will answer the call, handled it, and according to Gowdy and Goodlatte's press release, after that call warning about Cruz, the person who took the call spoke to a supervisor about what was said. Their conversation was never documented.

And at that time, the FBI was able to connect Cruz to a different September call, to the FBI tip line. And that's where Cruz made a threatening YouTube comment about wanting to be a professional school shooter.

Despite that information, the FBI never proceeded ahead with an investigation. The FBI never told local authorities. They never told the field offices about this. And as we've been saying, this entire tragedy, all of it, could have been prevented, but they are of course was a series of gigantic bureaucratic failures.

Instead of trying to fix the system, correct those mistakes, we should secure the schools like we secured those Hollywood actors and actresses that were on the red carpet on Sunday, well, the left, the media predictably, they continue to blame guns all in an attempt to limit your constitutional right to keep and to bear arms.

All right. Joining us now with more reaction, we have the host of "Michelle Malkin Investigates", Michelle Malkin, former deputy assistant to the president, FOX News national security strategist, Dr. Sebastian Gorka.

You know, we talked a lot over the years, Michelle, and you wrote a book about this, about illegal immigration in this country. And you look at all of those numbers and statistics, the one that stands out the most to me is
3.5 percent of the population, estimate, 13.5 percent of crimes, that's federal, not state and local.

What part of this is California, the governor, at the Oakland mayor not getting?

And they don't care. And it's that defiance, it's that recklessness, it is that sabotage of not only the sovereignty of California, but the sovereignty of this country, that they have sacrificed for political and electoral gain. They've been doing it for decades.

And for Jerry Brown to call Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump's accountability for their actions a stunt, there is no bigger radical open borders clown car than the one that is filled by the Democrat politicians. Jerry Brown, who declared the state a sanctuary state with his raft of 10 different bills, that undermined enforcement of the law, that prevent employers and landlords and citizens and law enforcement from cooperating to make sure that that state is safe.

Then you have Xavier Becerra, who I don't know if you remember this, Sean, but in 15 years ago, you interviewed him and he proudly acknowledged his membership in one of the most radical open borders organizations in America, MECHA, whose slogan is, for the race, their race, everything. For people outside the race, nothing.

And now, he's in this position of power --


MALKIN: -- as well as Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf. Sanctuary cities are outlaw cities. Sanctuary mayors and sanctuary governors are outlaw governors.

HANNITY: Well, this is important.

MALKIN: And we need to do more. We need to do more than just hold them civilly liable. They need to be criminal liable. They need to be kicked off from behind their bully pulpit and put behind bars.

HANNITY: And, Dr. Gorka, we're not talking about DACA, which, by the way, President Trump was willing to make a deal on DACA, for the wall, chain migration, and the visa lottery. We're not talking about any of that. We are talking about criminal illegal immigrants, those that not only broke our laws coming into the country illegally, but then committed other crimes.

Now, if you aid and abet in a system and getting away from authorities, the question is simple. Are you then responsible for whatever other crimes they commit in the future?

SEBASTIAN GORKA, FOX NEWS NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGIST: Well, of course, you are. Whether you're a governor or whether you're a mayor, you take an oath of office. If you are acting in contravention of the supremacy clause of the U.S. Constitution, which gives federal government the sole mandate to deal with immigration, then you are obstructing justice and you may be aiding and abetting felons.

It's a very simple question. Does the governor of California, does the mayor of Oakland believe that because they are politicians, they are above the law? This is the Clinton complex, Sean. They think they are politicians, therefore, the U.S. Constitution and federal law does not apply to them.


HANNITY: All right. Let me ask -- well, it's got to apply to them. And it supersedes what they are doing in the state.

GORKA: Of course.

HANNITY: Here's my exit question for both of you. Should the Department of Justice follow through and arrest the mayor of Oakland? Because I assume that in the minds of the left, that will turn her into a martyr.

GORKA: The president is committed to rule of law, Sean. He is not prepared to see this happen again because when you provide sanctuary, let's look at who you are providing it to. You are providing it to criminals.

The people we have to protect are Americans. For the last eight years, ICE, DHS, CBP, have been shackled. They've been handcuffed, Sean. We are allowing them to do their job which is to protect Americans.

HANNITY: I wish these guys would go to the drug warehouses that I've been to. I wish they were out with me. I was there were gang members were arrested.

That same exit question, Michelle Malkin.

MALKIN: Absolutely.

HANNITY: Should those that aid and abet be arrested?

MALKIN: Yes, they absolutely should be. I said they should just be the start. I mean, we need to have Attorney General Sessions here in Colorado. We've got defiant outlaw politicians right now in Denver and law enforcement officers. The police chief who refuses to cooperate with ICE, there was a hit-and-run illegal alien driver that they refused to put an ICE detainer on.

They need to be behind bars. We need to have more than lawsuits. We need to have prosecutions.

HANNITY: All right. Thank you both, Michelle Malkin, Dr. Gorka.

When we come back, a 'Hannity' shootout. I go one-on-one with Jorge Ramos on our top story of the day. That's next.



SESSIONS: It cannot be the policy of a great nation to reward those who unlawfully enter its country with legal status, social security, welfare, food stamps, work permits, and so forth. How can this be a sound policy? Meanwhile, those who engage in the process lawfully and patiently and wait their turn are discriminated against, it seems, at every turn.


HANNITY: All right. That was more of the Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaking today in California about our nation's immigration policy.

Joining us now, the author of "Stranger: The Challenge of a Latino Immigrant in the Trump Era," Univision anchor Jorge Ramos.

Jorge, welcome back. Good to see you, sir.

JORGE RAMOS, UNIVISON ANCHOR: Great to be here. Thank you.

HANNITY: All right. Let's just for a second put aside DACA. Let's put aside chain migration, let's put aside the visa lottery. I want to talk specifically about criminal aliens in the United States -- those that came here illegally, those that committed crimes, those that are immigration officers, ICE and others, are trying to deport.

Do you support that?

RAMOS: Let me just say that the vast majority of immigrants and the vast majority of undocumented immigrants in this country, Sean, are not criminals. As a matter of fact, all the reports that I've seen and all the reports that you've read clearly conclude that they are less likely to commit --


HANNITY: Jorge, these are talking points.

RAMOS: They're less likely to be criminals and to be behind bars. Those are the facts, Sean.

HANNITY: I went down to the border. I'll give you facts, because I was on horseback, all-terrain vehicle. I was in helicopters. I was in boats, and I sat through a security briefing in Texas with Rick Perry, 642,000 crimes committed by illegal immigrants against Texans alone.

Here's my questions: putting all those issues aside, those that commit crimes in America, including some violent crimes, even murder, those criminal aliens, do you support having them removed from this country?

RAMOS: Absolutely. I have -- I have no problem with that. I'm not here to defend real criminals.

But we cannot criminalize the whole immigrant population simply because of what if you have done --


HANNITY: Did I do that? Did I do that?

RAMOS: No. I would say that all the white population is responsible for what Stephen Paddock did in Las Vegas. That will be completely unfair. It's exactly the same thing here, Sean.

HANNITY: Let me give you one statistic. Illegal aliens accounted for 13 percent of all non-immigration related federal sentences in 2016. Now, that is a significantly higher percentage than the 3.5 percent estimated population.


HANNITY: Wait a minute -- you just got done saying all immigrants don't commit crimes. I will agree with you. But that is a much higher percentage than the rest of the population and of illegal immigrants in the country.

RAMOS: I have different numbers. According to the Migration Policy Institute, less than 3 percent of undocumented immigrants committed a felony. And that in this case, (INAUDIBLE) this has to do with fake IDs. This percentage is much lower than the rest of the U.S. population.

So, basically my concern, Sean, is that you are, and President Trump and many of his followers, are criminalizing an immigrant population who is not responsible for the economic problems that we have and who's not responsible for the majority of the crimes in this country.


HANNITY: I'm not talking about the economic problems.

But you know something, Jorge? You never went -- are you saying that the people that I sat with, those were security people, law enforcement, border agents, I sat in a meeting and I put it up on the screen.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Criminal aliens have been responsible for about 642,000 offenses, criminal offenses. You look up there in the top left, sexual assaults, there's close to 8,000 victims.

HANNITY: Six hundred and forty-two thousand crimes since --


HANNITY: In Texas alone?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Over 200,000 individuals with a criminal history, they committed over 614,000 crimes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's the cost of not securing the border.


HANNITY: Are you literally saying to me that they are lying? Because they're not. And the problem is --

RAMOS: What I'm telling to you is that --


HANNITY: You sound like you don't care about the Americans that are victims of crime that -- by people that don't respect our law.

RAMOS: Of course I do care. I mean, I -- of course I do care. I live in this country, my children live in this country. And you have to put those numbers in perspective because --


HANNITY: Six hundred and forty-two thousand in perspective. Give me the perspective.


RAMOS: The false perception to your audience, Sean, that most immigrants and most undocumented immigrants are criminals. And you know, they don't want to get in trouble with the law.

HANNITY: Why are you putting words in my mouth? Why would you do that?

RAMOS: No, they don't want to get in trouble with the law.

HANNITY: Then why --

RAMOS: They want to prosper and help the rest of America.


HANNITY: I would argue, I don't concede your point, but you're wrong on another point. You're right, the vast majority and having been to the border 13 times, everywhere from the Rio Grande to San Diego and having been in the drug warehouses, I would argue, yes, they want to leave the property that many of them face in Mexico and have more opportunity in America. I'm saying do it legally.

But there are six -- you're not answering my question -- 642,000 crimes committed against Texans alone in a seven-year period. That's not your family, Jorge. Where is your sympathy for those victims of crime and why shouldn't we take those that are committing crimes and get rid of them tomorrow?

RAMOS: Again, I am not here to defend real criminals. I'm not here to defend real criminals. But then, if you just put those numbers and you put them --

HANNITY: Coming illegally, you're criminal. You broke the law.


RAMOS: -- in context and you don't tell the people, you don't tell your audience the truth, the fact that immigrants are less likely to be criminals than those born in the United States.

HANNITY: That's not factually accurate.

Address Kate Steinle's family, because there are a lot of families that have sadly been victimized by those people here illegally that commit more crimes. What do you say to her family?

RAMOS: I cannot even imagine what they're feeling. I cannot even think about that. There is no excuse for that. Again, if you say that all undocumented immigrants our responsible for these crimes but --

HANNITY: Nobody's saying that.

RAMOS: You are inferring that.


HANNITY: I'm not inferring. No. I speak very directly. I am saying to the mayor of Oakland.

RAMOS: Exactly as President Trump did and that is not good.

HANNITY: I am saying to the mayor of Oakland, stop aiding and abetting criminals that committed more crimes and those that are here illegally who committed crimes on top of that and I think you should want that mayor to do the same. Stop.

RAMOS: What you're talking about sanctuary cities. Sanctuary cities are saying no and California is saying no.

HANNITY: I am saying we have federal law that ought to be obeyed, absolutely.

RAMOS: Since the 1950's.

HANNITY: You don't believe in a rule of law then.

RAMOS: I do believe in the rule of law, but somebody has to help immigrants, one. And second, this policy established by President Trump and his administration is already helping a lot bad hombres.

HANNITY: President Trump supported DACA. President Trump that you don't like supported DACA.

RAMOS: Let's not forget that the person who killed DACA is called Donald Trump.

HANNITY: He was the one willing to make law. Let me ask a question. When you go down with me into a town hall in Texas and will invite the 642,000 families of those that would like to come that were victims of crime and listen to their stories? Will you come?

RAMOS: I'll do a show with you and then we will decide who is going to be attending that show, but I think this conversation.


RAMOS: This conversation is interesting and I appreciate you giving me the opportunity.

HANNITY: I got to roll.

RAMOS: We have to continue. I understand. All right. Thank you Sean.

HANNITY: When we come back, disgrace FBI Director James Comey getting ready for his big audition to be an MSNBC contributor. A mini monologue you do not want to miss. That is next.


HANNITY: All right so James Comey is preparing for yet another moment in the spotlight. Just as we predicted, to be the disgraced former FBI Director just weeks away from a big media blitz, of course promoting himself for this brand-new tell-all book, you might remember this.


HANNITY: Comey will get a multimillion dollar book deal, a movie, a miniseries, primetime special. Diane Sawyer or maybe even George Stephanopoulos why not go totally in for the Clintons. He wants to be the book that Rachel Meadow, Steve Colbert, Bill Murry, the biggest Trump haters in the country.


HANNITY: I was more right than I knew. The man who put the fix in, raid the Clinton investigation, got fired from the FBI and lead to potentially classified information in order to trigger a special counsel investigation there. He is now getting ready for the biggest audition of his life and that of course, he will become the next darling of the mainstream media.
We'll discuss this and more into night's mini monologue.

It's the moment we all knew would happen. James Comey has finished writing his book and is now ready to cash in on his anti-Trump and for me. Naturally his first stop on his upcoming mainstream media world tour will include a morning interview with former Clinton hack turned ABC's so called journalist George Stephanopoulos. Of course he is the Clinton's BFF and another with professional late-night Trump hater Stephen Colbert. Let's just say the mainstream media can barely contain their excitement. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: James Comey for the first time since he was fired by President Trump is ready to talk. Nothing is off-limits. Stephanopoulos- Comey.

STEPHEN COLBERT, LATE NIGHT HOST: I'm also really excited because I just found out, April 17th my guest sitting in that chair will be former FBI Director James Comey.



That is what I said.


HANNITY: Given that (inaudible) glee over an upcoming interview. Can you really expect Stephanopoulos, Steve Colbert and others to ask the tough, important questions that you of the American people deserve answers to? For example, is Colbert-Stephanopoulos are they going to ask Comey why he never investigated Hillary Clinton's lies? The exoneration before investigation? Will the so-called journalists over at ABC ask Comey how a seasoned independent FBI Director was actually bullied into calling the Clinton criminal investigation a matter, during the 2016 election? Is Colbert going to press Comey on why he look the other way when Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch really held that secret meeting on the tarmac days before the FBI decided not to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton?
Is Comey going to be force to discuss why a draft statement that he was writing, months before interviewing Hillary Clinton, exonerating her on charges in the email investigation, why was it written so many months in advance before the interview? Is Comey going to explain the lies, the outright lies? The outright omissions to a FISA court? He told President Trump about his verified salacious dossier, but months earlier, he allowed the unverified salacious dossier to be presented to the FISA court? Why would Comey withhold the fact that Clinton paid for the dirty dossier? Will the mainstream media actually address Comey's potentially unlawful leaking of classified information after he was fired? I doubt those important issues will be pressed or even seriously addressed. Instead, I think Comey, he just might find that the career he is always been dreaming of in front of a camera with of course some of his anti-Trump friends, he wants to get hired to bash Trump every single day like the rest of media.
With that said, James Comey, do you want to have a sit-down interview? Do you want to come and discuss your book? Do you want to discuss the questions that need to be answered that millions of Americans want to hear answers to? Come on the program. I'm offering you the full hour. I'll offer you three hours unprecedented on my radio show. You just have to be willing to address every issue. Here's reaction, Fox News legal analyst at Gregg Jarrett and former congressman and Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz. There's so many issues here. Gregg if I can start with, he is the guy that put the fix in, we now know. This is not in dispute it anymore. He was exonerating before investigating. He told Trump in January 2017 said it was an unverified and salacious dossier, but he allowed the same dossier to be used as the bulk of information for the FISA warrant against Carter Page in the Trump campaign. Is he in legal jeopardy?

GREGG JARRETT, FOX NEWS LEAGL ANALYTS: He is in a lot of legal jeopardy. This is a guy who failed to uphold the law and lacked integrity. Those were the direct words of the Department of Justice when they recommended that he be fired. Let me read one line from Rod Rosenstein who wrote the memo on the findings. Remember, he was the protege of James Comey, told Congress that. He said I cannot defend the director's handling of the conclusion of the investigation of Secretary Clinton's emails. I do not understand his refusal to accept the nearly universal judgment that he was mistaken. Then Rosenstein went on to quote from six different Attorney Generals and deputy Attorney Generals who said that Comey had usurped the power of the Attorney General, abused his own powers and broken a myriad of rules and regulations. This is a guy who's in a lot of trouble.

HANNITY: The FISA law, correct former congressman Jason Chaffetz, doesn't the FISA law require that the FBI verified, corroborate -- don't their own protocols call for that before they go before a FISA Judge?

JASON CHAFFETZ, HOUSE OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: The law requires it. It's crystal clear. It's a one-way court. There's only one presentation. The necessity to be fair, to be complete, to lay out all the facts, they have to go to greater lengths to disguise it than they would have by just seeing Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paid for it.

HANNITY: All right. If your James Comey's lawyer, Gregg Jarrett you have to be a great lawyer. You do more research than anybody I know. You're writing a book on this case, you are up to your eyeballs in this every day. If you are James Comey's lawyer and he is writing this book, how closely are you going through this and is there a great risk in these interviews for him that he is not thinking about right now as he dreams of fame and fortune and the position on MSNBC conspiracy theory TV?

JARRETT: Comey will try to massage the facts and try to rationalize his behavior, but if I'm his lawyer, I have to be really worried because he is looking at potentially theft of government documents, perjury, obstruction of justice, abuse of power and probably three or four other at different felony statutes.

HANNITY: Why would a good lawyer allow this?

JARRETT: Because the lawyer wants to be paid and he better hope that Comey makes a lot of money off the book. His legal fees are going to be steep.

HANNITY: There is one thing I've noticed congressman is that I've watched his twitter occasionally, he is so arrogant. He thinks he is so holier- than-thou and he rigged an investigation, you allowed people to lie to a FISA Judge. He never told the judges that it was Hillary Clinton bought and paid for it, he told Trump one thing three months after he used it to get the FISA warrant. I'm not a lawyer, but I would say he is in serious jeopardy and I don't care what Stephanopoulos or Colbert ask him.

CHAFFETZ: He'll get some tough questions from Stephen Colbert. I'm sure it will be hard-hitting questions. He does have a degree of arrogance. He would typically when he came and testified before congress, he would like to do it without notes, and he would try to hit that five minute timeline just as close as he could. There's so many things that he didn't do and even when they asked him questions, they are under oath. He was not candid about those.

HANNITY: He lied?

CHAFFETZ: No. Listen, there was a point right after he let Hillary Clinton go when I asked him if he looked at the questioning under oath when Hillary Clinton was under oath from Jim Jordan the big guy in the committee, did she lie or not, didn't even look at it. Didn't even consider it.

HANNITY: Unbelievable. All right guys great analysis, appreciate it. All right when we come back, some prominent Democrats are receiving calls to resign, because they have ties to the racist radical anti-Semite crazy Louis Farrakhan. That is next.


HANNITY: All right. A follow up tonight on an explosive Daily Caller for at least seven house Democrats including liberals like Maxine Waters, Keith Ellison in fact have direct ties to their racist anti-Semitic character that is known as Louis Farrakhan. This has caught the attention of the Republican Jewish coalition who are now calling these lawmakers to resign and no wonder why. Watch this.


LOUIS FARRAKHAN, ISLAM LEADER: The Satanic Jews. They control everything and mostly everybody, they are your enemies. You must be somebody. He is now becoming apparent that there were many Israelis and Zionist Jews in key roles in the 9/11 attacks. White folks are going down. And Satan is going down. And Louis Farrakhan by god's good grace has pulled the cover off of that satanic Jew.


HANNITY: Of course, we have this picture and this of course Louis Farrakhan and Barack Obama that was hidden from view from his entire presidency and leading up to the election in 2008. Here's the reaction.
Salem radio national syndicated talk show Larry Elder, civil rights attorney and Daryl Parks. Daryl, you won't dispute that Louis Farrakhan isn't anti-Semite, are you?

DARYL PARKS, CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY: Yes, I am. On that same video you just showed, he distinguishes between who he believes is a good Jew or a bad Jew.

HANNITY: Really? Keep going, because you just keep digging.

PARKS: Without question, let me say this clear. I can't speak for Louis Farrakhan, he speaks for himself right? However he has opinions that not all of us agree with. Let me say this --

HANNITY: Is here racist or anti-Semite? That is the question. The answer is yes and we can play hours of tape.

PARKS: No I think he has some views on a very controversial and I don't think so.

HANNITY: Racist? Anti-Semitic?

PARKS: I think he has some issues.

LARRY ELDER, SALEM RADIO NATIONAL SYSNDICATE HOST: I don't know what to say, but for me to say that Louis Farrakhan is not anti-Semitic would be if I said David Duke said he wasn't racist. Of course he is anti-Semitic. There's a laundry list of things he is said. Sean the truth is that there is a great deal of anti-Semitism in the black community. A study found out that around 12 percent of Americans could be called anti-Semitic. About 36 percent of blacks could be called anti-Semitic. Of those groups, which is the most racist?

HANNITY: Why would a guy like Daryl Parks defend him?


PARKS: I am a strong supporter of U.S. people Sean. I am strong supporter of Apex, so I see that there are -- both sides have some positive things to them.

HANNITY: You are supporting a hateful, anti-Semitic racist like Farrakhan. Larry?

ELDER: You know Sean, what's so baffling about this, Jews have been so supportive of blacks over the years. They support over 5,000 schools for blacks in the south, a Jewish man helped find the NAACP. All the Jew that helped black register in 1954 in Mississippi an incident that memorialized in that movie, Mississippi burning. 75 percent of the nonblack who came down there were Jews. Two of three young men who were killed in Mississippi burning were Jews.

HANNITY: Last word Daryl. We are almost out of time.

PARKS: I think you have to look and see what has Farrakhan did against Jewish people?

HANNITY: All right. Unbelievable. Daryl, I don't know what to say. When we come back, a video that has been seen by over 14 million people. That is next.


HANNITY: All right. Amid calls from Democrats for more gun control, a Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates, Nick Freitas is his name, is pushing back in a major way. Listen to part of the speech he gave on the house floor there. It's been seen by over 14 million people on Facebook. That is our video of the day.


NICK FREITAS, REPUBLICAN MEMBER, VIRGINIA HOUSE OF DELEGATES: If we want to have an open and honest debate, I'm all for that. Let's do that. But it does start with a certain degree of mutual respect. It starts with a certain degree of not assuming that the only reason why we believe in the second amendment is because the NRA paid us off? If that is what sort of logic you want to use, why don't you go take a look at how much money the NRA spends and how much money Planned Parenthood spends.


HANNITY: Powerful. Time for the Hannity hotline.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You don't know what you are talking about. I'm sad at times. You're clueless.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I just want to let you know that I did watch the movie let there be light and I have to tell you out of all the Oscars awards that should have been number one. Not only was that an amazing movie, but it was a moving movie and it was a true movie.


HANNITY: I just never know what to expect ever. If you want to call me? Good, bad, ugly, it doesn't matter. 8772258587, before we go tonight, my faith-based film that I produce let there be light is now available on DVD, it is at Wal-Mart,, All right we are always fair and balance let not.

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