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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: The left wing media insists that yesterday's tea parties were a sham and doesn't that capture exactly what they're all about? And that is our headline, this Thursday night, day number 87 of America's redistribution plan and day number two of America not taking it any more completely out of touch.

Now thousands upon thousands of Americans rallied yesterday in cities all across the country yet the left-wing completely pathetic Obama mania media, well, they refuse to report the truth about what happened. Instead their sorry old Obama apologizing, well, once again, it has gotten the best of them. Just take a look at this disgraceful performance by a CNN reporter just yesterday.


SUSAN ROESGEN, CNN REPORTER: OK. You're here with your two-year-old and you're already in debt. Why are you here today?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Because I hear a president say that he believed in what Lincoln stood for. Lincoln's primary thing was he believed that people had the right to liberty and they had the right...

ROESGEN: Sir, what does this have to do with taxes? What does this have to do with your taxes —

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let me finish speaking.

ROESGEN: Do you realize that you're eligible for a $400 —

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let me finish my point. Lincoln believed that people had the right to share in the fruits of their own labor and that government should not take it. And we have clearly gotten to that point.

ROESGEN: Wait. OK. Well, Kyra, we'll move on over here. I think you get the general tenor of this. It's anti-government, anti-CNN since this is highly promoted by the right wing conservative network FOX, and since I can't really hear much more, and I think this is not really family viewing I'll toss it back to you, Kyra.


HANNITY: Has anyone even heard of that woman before and who cares what she thinks? There were probably more people at the rally than there were people even watching CNN. But of course what CNN doesn't want you to see is what happened after that hit when the people at the protest actually confronted the CNN reporter and made her look like the hack she is.


ROESGEN: "Obama is the anti-Christ," "Obama is the devil."

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know what? You are not talking to regular mainstream people. (INAUDIBLE)

ROESGEN: Most people here don't have a sign.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That's right. I don't have a sign. (INAUDIBLE) He doesn't have a sign.

ROESGEN: Why don't you tell me why you're here.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We're here because we are sick and tired of the government taking our money and spending it in ways that we have no say in. We have no say whatever. The government is being run by the Federal Reserve Bank and they are getting all of our money.


HANNITY: And meanwhile over on C-Span, "Vanity Fair" media reporter James Wolcott, well, he needs to get his television fixed.


JAMES WOLCOTT: What I saw on television, the biggest rallies had maybe 5 to 7,000. Rallies in smaller cities were drawing maybe 2,000. That is not going to be the basis of a movement, that's not going to be a burgeoning movement. And the other thing that I think is really odd is that what I saw interviews yesterday, they were talking to people, they were saying there's a lot of rage in the country. There's a lot of anger, but when they actually talked to people, they were mostly just miffed.


HANNITY: Now really? You didn't see that many people? Let me ask you. Did you see this?




HANNITY: Here is the point. These Obama cutouts and sycophants, the Obama mania media in the press, they always do this to people that they disagree with. They love antiwar and prop A protests in California, but when Americans stand up against a radical socialist agenda that they endorse, well, the press falls all over themselves trying to dismiss them as phonies and that's why people are watching this network, the FOX News Channel, in record numbers, and why they have written off so many of our competitors. And that's how out of touch these guys in the media really are, and in one sense, well, that is what yesterday was all about, the forgotten man here in America.

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And joining us with more tonight is former Clinton adviser Dick Morris. You can get Dick's columns and videos for free by just logging on to dickmorris.com and Dick, good to see you.


HANNITY: My voice is a little hoarse yet still, but there were over 20,000 people that showed up last night, Dick, well-behaved, wonderful people, young, old, middle aged. It was inspiring to me. It energized me that so many people don't want or don't like this country moving in the right direction. How do you interpret all of these combined around the country?

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MORRIS: Well, I'm in Paris right now because I figured I'd go to the source of where left-wing socialism starts and examine it at its core, but the food and wine don't hurt either.

The sentiments that were expressed by that CNN reporter are so at variance with what the data is showing. Every morning with my orange juice I read Rasmussen reports with the latest polling, and Obama's favorability drops a point every week. It's now down to 55. It started the month at about 58. When he was inaugurated president it was 66. And he has an interesting thing where he says do you strongly approve or strongly disapprove and at the start there was a 20-point margin. Now it's almost tied. There's a two-point margin. And I think that Obama is sinking day after day after day and those crowds that you spoke of are reflecting that.

HANNITY: Dick, 20,000 people plus that showed up in Atlanta and granted, it was probably — it was by far the largest in the country, but putting that part of it aside, this is a grass roots movement. People are angry at the movement of this country to socialism. They're mad at the debt that we're putting on our children and grandchildren. They're mad at confiscatory taxation. They think that America literally is moving towards the socialism that you have right there in France where you are today. Do you think this has an impact? Because Obama said oh, he didn't even know about it. He wasn't watching. Do you believe that?

MORRIS: I think it has a huge impact and I think it particularly impacts on moderate members of Congress who were elected as moderate Democrats but now have to vote as socialists and I think they're watching this ground swell and I think it's weakening their support.

Eileen and I just finished writing — we're here on a vacation afterwards — our new book "Catastrophe" and one of the statistics that I dug up that just blew my mind, 41 percent of Americans who get colon cancer die — I'm sorry, 41 percent of Canadians who get colon cancer die and 32 percent of Americans who get colon cancer die. The difference is the Canadian health system won't approve the use of the most effective drug to treat colon cancer because they say it's too expensive. That's what we're headed for and people understand that, and they know that while they still have their liberty, they need to speak out about it.

HANNITY: And I agree and I think one of the things that's interesting about this, I think most people understand that health care probably is the dividing line, that if America — and he puts a $634 billion down payment on health care, if we go down that road, we don't get to recover after we spend that amount of money. True, false?

MORRIS: It's true, but the key thing about health care and we made this point in the book "Catastrophe." It's going to come out in two months. You can spend more money on education and you get better education. You can spend more money on defense and you get better defense, but for medical care, you're limited by the number of doctors and nurses that there are. This service can't be delivered by a machine. It needs to be delivered by a person and if he's going to expand health care to cover everybody, no matter what extra money he puts into it, he's not going to have enough doctors or enough nurses to go around and you'll have the same kind of rationing that I was just citing in Canada.

And you're right, that is the dividing line. Taxes can always be repealed, but with health care, you're talking about somebody's life.

HANNITY: We look at all the things we debated in the campaign and I said for example, not to have a list of potential radicals, guys that may put a pro-life bumper sticker on their car or a pro Second Amendment bumper sticker on their car, but it's interesting, and even quote, these angry military members which they're now apologizing to, and I think they need to do a lot more.

But obviously Barack Obama doesn't view Jeremiah Wright, Ayers and Dohrn as radical. Do you think that the person that I was trying to warn American about, do you think that radical is now in the White House? Is he that extreme or do I misinterpret this? Am I wrong in some way?

MORRIS: I think that that's a question I've asked myself so many times as this administration has unfolded. I don't think he's as bad as Jeremiah Wright or William Ayers, but I do believe that at heart he is a European socialist. If you come here to Europe and you understand their system, their priorities, their focus on distribution rather than growth, on fairness rather than moving up, on avoiding work rather than encouraging people to work, you really come to understand that it's a different world view. And it is what Obama shares. And I'm concerned that when you look at the global regulation of our economy, you look at the application of international law, you look at the growth of sharia law, that you're really talking increasingly about taking America away from Americans.

HANNITY: Dick Morris, listen, we appreciate you getting up there very early in France this morning, we appreciate you being on the program.

MORRIS: 1:30 in the morning.

HANNITY: I know, thank you.

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