What would you do if everything you built a career on was obliterated in a single natural disaster?

All the money you made. All the factories you built. All the dreams you achieved. Gone. In a flash. Just like that.

What's more, you think you've lost out. Your workers have lost out more.

They don't have jobs anymore. They don't have paychecks anymore. They don't have benefits anymore.

And, you're offered a big, fat insurance check to call it a day. But you don't.

They dangled a lot of money to walk away. But you won't. So you rebuild. And throughout, you pay your people. All your people.

Your accountants call you crazy. Your friends call you worse.

You don't care. You rebuild. And you come back stronger. Better. Your workers are better too.

They never missed a paycheck. And when it came time to deliver for you, they never missed a beat.

You win. They win. America wins.

This isn't fiction. This is fact. You can read about it in my book and you can see the guy who masterminded it on my show.

More good news you're not hearing about some caring capitalists you should be meeting... and you will.

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