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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Lisa Rinna has starred in his shows like "Days of Our Lives," "Melrose Place," and recently made her reality TV debut on "Dancing With the Stars." She's also the author of "Rinnavation: Getting the Best of Your Life Ever." And in it, she reveals the secret to physical and mental well-being. And she should know.

At 45 years old, Ms. Rinna recently graced the cover of Playboy magazine for the second time.


How am I supposed to ask you about that?


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HANNITY: Listen, you're a little younger than me, but you look, like, 15 years younger than me. You're in amazing shape.

RINNA: God bless you. God bless you. Thank you.

HANNITY: And "Dancing with the Stars" inspired you to — you do regular workouts, ballroom dancing.

RINNA: Absolutely. You know, "Dancing with the Stars" inspired me mind, body, and soul. I've got to tell you. Why? I don't know. Why the dancing show would come along and it would, like, transform me. But it did. And I've kept up dancing. And I've been able to keep this body.

HANNITY: But you blew it, because the first season, you were asked, and you said no.

RINNA: Yes. But I'm not sure if I blew it. But I...

HANNITY: Almost blew it.

RINNA: Almost blew it.

HANNITY: But you got a second chance.

RINNA: I saw the head of the network at my spinning class.


RINNA: And I went up to her, and I went, "I am such a loser because I turned down your show."

HANNITY: You've had an up and down life. You went through a pretty bad post-partum.

RINNA: You know, I've struggled a lot in my life, and I tell a lot about it in my book. And yes, I did go through a horrible postpartum depression with both of my children.


RINNA: And I have never talked about it before, and I think it's very important, because I've been able to go to the depths of the darkness and come out of it. And I think that's the message I want to bring.

HANNITY: See, every time I've ever seen you on TV, you just seem like a happy person. You tell the story, and you compare and contrast. My background is more like your background.

RINNA: Is it?

HANNITY: Sure, I've had to struggle for everything. I had my ups and downs. It's more middle class.


HANNITY: Your husband, on the other hand, you know, went to Ivy League schools, and you feel like he had everything handed to him.

RINNA: Well in a way. We had a very different upbringing, and, again, his career has been easier for him, because, God, if you look like that, hello. You know what I mean?

HANNITY: It is ridiculous. Basically, you're saying that I don't look like that. So then...

RINNA: I don't feel like that. As I was saying that, it was like I don't mean that...

HANNITY: So basically, you're saying that I am a total loser.

RINNA: No, look at you. You have your own show.

HANNITY: So what? I don't look like that.

RINNA: Not many people look like Harry Hamlin. You know what? Seriously, I mean, come on. He is a very talented actor, and he's amazing.

HANNITY: You're trying to say — no, I don't care. Can I ask you a question?

RINNA: Yes, ask me anything, Sean.

HANNITY: These two — because you are so brutally honest. You talk about lap dancing in this book.

RINNA: I do. I talk about everything in this book. I completely lost my sexuality after I had my second child. I didn't want to have sex at all.


RINNA: And I think a lot of women go through that. And I knew, at 37 years old, I wasn't going to spend the rest of my life not wanting to have sex with my husband.


RINNA: So I went to...

HANNITY: And I bet he wasn't happy either.

RINNA: He wasn't. But he is now.

Basically, I went to sex college. And I really — you think that's funny, don't you?


RINNA: I made my own sex college. But no, seriously, I made an effort.

HANNITY: What is sex college? What is Sex college?

RINNA: I will tell you what a sex college is. I — Lou Padgett came to my house and taught me how to do things that I've never done before.

HANNITY: A guy came to teach you...

RINNA: A woman. It's a woman.

HANNITY: All right. Lou sounded like a guy.

RINNA: Lou sounds like a guy. A woman came to our house.


RINNA: And I had all of my girlfriends come over, and Lou teaches you how to do things sexually that would blow your mind, Sean Hannity. Blow your mind, baby.

HANNITY: Now, on this last edition of "Hannity," on the FOX News Channel.

But I — my daughter — if my wife — my wife is a very attractive woman. If she wanted to pose in Playboy, we'd have World War III. Now she doesn't.

RINNA: Would you?

HANNITY: If she did, I would go nuts.

RINNA: Would you? Why?

HANNITY: Because I wouldn't like it.

RINNA: Why wouldn't you like it?

HANNITY: I wouldn't want my — my wife's naked body in Playboy, that's why.

RINNA: Well...

HANNITY: Because I'm a Catholic kid.

RINNA: All right.

HANNITY: I am just so, you know.

RINNA: And I appreciate that. And I totally respect it.

HANNITY: Yes. So how did you make the decision, and how did your husband feel?

RINNA: Well, it's interesting, because I went to him, and he said, "Absolutely no way."

HANNITY: He did, see. He was like me. And how did you like being told what to do?

RINNA: I don't like that very much. But he knew when I walked in the room that I had my mind made up.


RINNA: And he knew that I was going to end up doing it sooner or later, but he did come to it.


RINNA: He did talk to a lot of people, and we come to it together.

HANNITY: No, you basically persuaded him. You basically got your way. He didn't want you to do it.

RINNA: It was those sexual techniques that came in handy.

HANNITY: Oh, jeez. You know? Can you just see my face? It's redder than it's ever been.

You know what the good news is? What I love about — every — I've watching you. I'm not a soap opera watching, but I've seen you for years, I've seen you on the show. I've watched you on "Dancing."


HANNITY: And I've watched you from a distance, and I've always seen somebody that's very happy, very cheerful. But it's also good for you to share with people that it hasn't always been so easy, and that you've had to struggle. And you're offering people your insight and life tips, life experiences. So there's a lot that people can get out of it.

RINNA: There really is. And I have struggled, and I have come out of it. I have — I have risen up above my depression or being teased as a child. We all go through things.

HANNITY: You grew up in Medford — I have friends in Medford.

RINNA: You do?

HANNITY: In Grants Pass, Oregon.

RINNA: Do you?

HANNITY: Of course.

RINNA: Do you? Of course, 30 minutes from Medford. I grew up in a very small town in Medford, Oregon. And it was not easy. It was definitely not easy. But I'm here to say you can have your best life ever at any age. And you can reinvent yourself at any age. But it's up to you.

HANNITY: I've lost 10 pounds. Did you notice?

RINNA: You do...

HANNITY: I still don't look as good as the husband.

RINNA: You know what? I'm not — we don't compare. We don't compare.

HANNITY: You totally compare. You threw me down the stairs, and now you're trying to save yourself.

RINNA: You look fabulous.

HANNITY: No, you basically called me fat and ugly.

RINNA: I did not. Oh, I so did not. You know what? You are hot. You're way hotter in person.

HANNITY: Why didn't you say that in the beginning? I'm way hotter in person.

RINNA: That's what people say to me. They come up to me and they go — they say, "You look..."

HANNITY: What a backhanded slap. So what am I? Fat and old and not hot on TV?

RINNA: I'm not going to go there. You're really cute. And you're really hot.


RINNA: And you can't compare yourself to Harry Hamlin. I don't compare myself to Harry Hamlin.

HANNITY: You're — he can't compare himself to you.

RINNA: OK, there you go.

HANNITY: Great to see you. Congratulations.

RINNA: Thank you so much.

HANNITY: Good luck with the book, and we appreciate your stopping by.

RINNA: Thank you so much.

HANNITY: Appreciate it.

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