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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: The curtain is being lifted and the truth about the liberal movement in this country is being exposed. Their anger is at a boiling point. In recent days it has become clear that the only dissent the left tolerates is their own.

We saw earlier this week in Beverly Hills when anti-war protesters disrupted a speech from Karl Rove. At one point a protester attempted to handcuff him order to make a citizen's arrest while another shouted he would, quote, "rot in hell."

Now these protesters didn't have the decency to allow Karl Rove to speak. They didn't want to hear what he had to say. They simply don't care about the first amendment.

Sadly, members of the Tea Party movement encountered a similar scene on their way to a rally in Senator Harry Reid's hometown this weekend.

Now, take a look at what a journalist, Andrew Breitbart encountered when he came face-to-face with some Harry Reid supporters.


ANDREW BREITBART, BREITBART.COM: They're throwing eggs. They're throwing eggs. Lovely. They threw eggs, isn't that nice.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Everybody on the bus.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Get them out of here or I'm going to jail today. Get him out of here.


BREITBART: What did you just say?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I said I love you! In spite of what you are! You heard what I said.

BREITBART: You're going to jail if I don't get out of here?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Everybody (INAUDIBLE) disagreements.

BREITBART: I haven't said anything provocative.


BREITBART: I I haven't said one thing provocative.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's over! It's over!

BREITBART: My mere standing here is causing people to get — intimate that they want to be violent against me.


HANNITY: Despite all the threats, the egg-throwing and disruptive behavior that we've seen on the left, well, Democrats in Congress think it's the Tea Party Movement that is out of control.

Now it's hard to believe, but it's true. Let's take a look.


CONGRESSWOMAN MAXINE WATERS, D-CALIF.: What people have seen on television in recent days is an outlandish behavior by the Tea Party operation in Washington, D.C. And I think that speaks volumes about what's causing problems in Washington.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI, CO-HOST: What exactly outlandish behavior? Specifically what do you mean by that?

WATERS: The shouting, the overrunning of the capital.



CONGRESSMAN CHARLIE RANGEL, D-N.Y.: The group in Washington fighting again the health bill and fighting against the president looked just like and sounded just like those groups that attacked the Civil Rights movement in the South.


HANNITY: All right, now, joining me now with reaction in all of these is Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

Congresswoman, welcome back to "Hannity."


HANNITY: I don't know how to explain all this compared to '60s segregation, they are waving flags Maxine Waters said in the rest of that statement here. Look at what happened to Andrew Breitbart. Look what happened to Karl Rove on a recent stop at his book tour. There's an all out effort by the Democrats to create a caricature of the Tea Party movement as racist, as extreme. What do you — how do you interpret this?

BACHMANN: Well, I think in 2010 America to call someone a racist is probably one of the worst things that you possibly can do. So either they need to have some very strong proof of racial motivation or this is an irresponsible insult that's actually slander.

I think it's beyond calling wolf now on this issue. Either you have proof or you don't. I was there, Sean, in Washington, D.C., 30,000 freedom-loving patriots showed up because they didn't like the health care bill. They were — there were doctors there, internists, anesthesiologists, surgeons, business owners, judges, 75-year-old apolitical women that were there. These people weren't there for any form of racial motivation. They don't like redistribution of wealth.

That's what this is about. Today if you oppose redistribution of wealth apparently, in some people's eyes you are racist.

HANNITY: I released a book earlier this weekend, Tuesday, and the subtitle of the book is "Defeating Obama's Radical Agenda." So a reporter is interviewing me, asking me are you inciting violence somehow against Democratic officials? I'm thinking, no, I'm saying at the ballot box that we want to defeat the president's agenda.

Now interestingly, the media didn't seem all that interested in Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn. Why do you think is that — there's a strategy here. I think they want to go after Fox News. I think they want to go after Rush and talk radio and Sean Hannity and Michele Bachmann, anybody that opposes them. I think this is an orchestrated effort, do you?

BACHMANN: Well, remember, President Obama brought his campaign manager back into the White House to sell this health care deal. There's been a continuing mantra through the conclusion of trying to pass health care. Remember when Speaker Pelosi walked arm in arm in a Civil Rights March across Independence Avenue from the House buildings over to the Capitol.

In three years I have never seen Nancy Pelosi cross the street the way that you saw in that picture. They deliberately went through that crowd perhaps to try and insight something. There were so many cameras there, Sean, no one recorded any racial motivation. Everything we've heard in the last week had a racial continuing coming out of the democrats' mouth and there hasn't been racial activity.

HANNITY: Andrew Breitbart, I spoke with him earlier today, is offering $100,000 to anybody that has video or audio tape of anybody that was associated with the Tea Party movement that made any racial slur. Which everybody would condemn. They are saying this without any video, audio evidence or any proof here. You think was deliberately done by the Democrats to create this image, to distract the American people from the real debate? What do you think their strategy is on this?

BACHMANN: It is a smear technique, but now it is beyond smearing people, this is actually out and out slandering people. Again, 30,000 freedom loving people, they were picking up their own litter afterwards. These were the nicest people you would ever want to meet, happy people. I think there's been a prearranged caricature that is being written, whether it is from the White House, whether it is from the D triple C, I don't know where coming from.

But they want the American people to think these are angry, racially tinged people. No, it's people don't like the government takeover of another 18 percent of the private economy. This has nothing to do with racism, everything to do with opposing redistribution of wealth. By the way, we are winning that argument.

HANNITY: So I got here — I was on the Drudge Report just coming on the air tonight and there's a story apparently, Harry Smith — the president won't come on this program, ladies and gentlemen, I wonder why. So, he's not here, but it says, President Obama, I can go to my right but I prefer my left.

Of course, you have the president shooting hoops again in another big CBS interview. I'm thinking isn't this a big part of the problem? Media and coverage of this president is pretty much nonexistent except for many a few strong reporters like Major Garrett. I thought Bret Baier did a great interview with the president, and a couple of others by the way. But not many are willing to take on the president. They want to show he plays basketball and he's with his kids. Yet, the real substance, he's transforming America and taking America more to the left to than any other president in American history. Why do you think they don't want to cover that aspect of his presidency?

BACHMANN: Well, I think it's pretty clear they share the same world view, Sean, very clearly. They're fine with the president taking ownership or control of 51 percent of the private economy. Remember, since the inception of bailout nation in 2008, the federal government — the story of the last 18 months is the federal government takeover of one industry after another.

Now we're at the point where 51 percent of the economy is under the federal government's thumb. Never before in the history of this country has that happened. This is a profound transformational shift.

HANNITY: You see on the polls, we'll go through them with Frank Luntz a little bit later in the program in detail. What is the net result at the ballot box as far as you can see it? I'm concerned that some people will get over confident and think the election for conservatives is in the bag. I don't believe that until the actual vote occurs. Where do you think you stand right now in terms of getting back Congress and the Senate?

BACHMANN: Well, the momentum, I think clearly is on the side of Republicans. But Republicans need to be very clear going forward that our message is to replace Obamacare — repeal it and then replace Obamacare with common sense reforms. We can't go wobbly in the knees on this one.

If we give a very clear defined pro growth agenda, tackling the deficits, tackling the out of control spending, creating true job creation in the private sector, we've got a winning message and we will take back the House and Senate this fall.

HANNITY: Next week, we are doing this program in your home state, Minnesota. I'm going to be interviewing you and Governor Palin and there's going to be a big rally. We're going to be right in the middle of it and by the way, people can come, all the details are on my Web site Hannity.com. So we look forward to seeing you in your home state next week with Governor Palin. Thanks for being with us.

BACHMANN: Thanks, Sean, so much. People can go to MicheleBachmann.com too for more details.

HANNITY: All right, terrific. Everyone's got a Web site. Everyone.

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