Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Former CIA officer and one time FOX contributor Larry Johnson is calling retired general and FOX military analyst Paul Vallely a "right wing [hack] making up facts,” after Vallely said former Ambassador Joseph Wilson told him his wife worked at the CIA as both waited to appear on FOX programs.

This as liberal Websites say they have proof Vallely is lying, saying research service LexisNexis shows Vallely and Wilson never appeared on FOX on the same day. But in fact, Vallely and Wilson appeared on the same day nine times in 2002, and on the same show twice — on September 8 and September 12, when both men appeared within 15 minutes of one another.

Taking it Back?

Meanwhile, NBC's senior diplomatic correspondent Andrea Mitchell now says she never meant to say that it was "widely known" that Wilson's wife worked at the CIA before the fact was publicized by columnist Robert Novak. Mitchell says online bloggers took her words out of context, telling a talk show host that she merely said people knew that a secret administration envoy, which turned out to be Wilson, had been sent to Niger.

But in a 2003 interview, Mitchell was asked specifically about how many people knew that Wilson's wife worked for the CIA. Mitchell answered, "It was widely known among those of us who cover the intelligence community and who were actively engaged in trying to track down who among the Foreign Service community was the envoy to Niger."

Labor Leak?

Yet another leak investigation on Capitol Hill: this time into how House Workforce Committee. Last month, a member of the Committee's Democratic staff reported that the document, meant to help committee members draft pension reform legislation, had been taken without permission from a staff office by a Bloomberg employee.

The document has since been returned, but the committee’s ranking members have asked Capitol Police Chief Terrance Gainer to conduct a thorough investigation, saying the document was given to Congress on the condition that it be treated in a strictly confidential manner.

Planned Protest

When hundreds of Los Angeles high school students told administrators they planned to walk out of school to attend last week's protest by the liberal "World Can't Wait" group calling for President Bush's impeachment — the L.A. school district decided not to discipline them. Instead, the district provided school buses and a staff escort to transport some 800 students from 10 schools to the rally and back. School officials said students would attend the protest with or without their permission, and the district's chief operating officer told KNBC, "Our issue...was safety, and I think we fulfilled our mission."

— FOX News' Aaron Bruns contributed to this report