Leftist protesters take over Portland street; Steven Seagal responds to Russia hysteria, talks new movie

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TUCKER CARLSON, HOST: Good evening and welcome to "Tucker Carlson Tonight." Trump rally in progress right now in Council Bluffs, Iowa. It's right outside Omaha. We're monitoring it, of course, as we always do. And if news happens, we'll go right there.

But first, we want to bring you up to speed on what's happening here in Washington. The crack political team over at The Washington Post, our daily local newspaper, has uncovered a brand new species of fake news they think you need to know about, imaginary Left-wing mobs.

In a piece posted last night, The Post explained that in order to win the midterm elections, those Republicans have "cast the Trump resistance movement as an angry mob."

Now, cast is of course here a synonym for misrepresented. The Washington Post wants you to know that these mobs are not real. They're an illusion and that may surprise you, because you may have recently seen videos of prominent Republicans being chased out of restaurants by screaming progressives.

You may have read news accounts about how a Republican Congressman from Louisiana was shot with a high-powered rifle by a Bernie Sanders supporter. You may have seen college campuses descend into rioting simply because conservatives showed up to talk.

And just this past weekend, you may have watched transfixed as groups of hysterical young people yelled at Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill and then pounded in rage on the front doors of the Supreme Court.

All of this may have given you the mistaken impression that there is a threat of disorder and lawlessness from the Left building in this country, some of it funded by a man that The Washington Post neutrally describes and recording now as philanthropist George Soros.

Well, rest easy says The Post. In fact, all of this talk of Left-wing mobs "taps grievances about the nation's fast-moving cultural and demographic shifts." In other words, this is racism, and it's designed says The Post, "for the benefit of white voters, particularly men."

Wow, so the angry Left-wing mobs you thought you had been watching on television turn out to be merely a hallucination. They're a fever dream concocted by those diabolical magicians over at Fox News. Thank heaven, you can wake up now. None of it is real, it's 1996 again.

But wait, has anyone told the angry Left-wing mobs about this? They seem to believe that they exist. In Portland, they're still blocking traffic and breaking things and screaming at old ladies in wheelchairs.

Apparently, they don't get The Washington Post in Oregon. Watch.




CARLSON: Don't believe your lying eyes. Now some reports, there haven't been many reports, but some describe the protesters you just watched as ANTIFA, others say they're Black Lives Matter.

It doesn't matter. What you're actually looking at is the youth wing of the Democratic Party. These are their shock troops. Listen to Maxine Waters and Cory Booker call them to arms.


SEN. CORY BOOKER, D-N.J.: Go to the Hill today. Get up and please get up in the face of some Congress people.

REP. MAXINE WATERS, D-CALIF.: If you see anyone from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get up and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they are not welcome.


CARLSON: Go get them, get in their face. Well, they obeyed. The Left always obeys. Obedience is the whole point of their program.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If kids don't eat in peace, you don't eat in peace.

(CROWD CHANTING) Abolish ICE. Abolish ICE. Abolish ICE. We believe survivors. We believe survivors.


CARLSON: Well thanks to incidents like the one you just saw, the ones The Washington Post assures you aren't real, didn't really happen, and you have no right to be worried about, normal people across the country nevertheless are becoming concerned.

Now, that's racist, says The Post because of course being yelled at by rich white kids and not liking it is racist. But nevertheless, Kelley Paul, Senator of -- wife of Senator Rand Paul says that she's so concerned by what's happening that she keeps a loaded gun by her bed. Watch.


KELLEY PAUL, WIFE OF U.S. SENATOR RAND PAUL OF KENTUCKY: So many frankly unhinged people and unstable people out there. And when they hear someone on their side telling them get up in their face, they take that literally, and they think that that gives them a license to be very aggressive, be harassing.

It does scare me that there is going to be somebody that is really unstable that takes that message a step further. We've updated all of our security systems at home. We -- I sleep with a loaded gun by my bed. I've always felt very safe, used to never even lock our doors, and now that is all changed.


CARLSON: Well, The Washington Post might call Mrs. Paul paranoid. On the other hand, many on the Left openly celebrated when her husband wound up in the hospital after being assaulted by an angry liberal.


PAUL: My husband had six broken ribs and was violently assaulted, was seriously, seriously injured. And to have people like Cher and Bette Midler laughing on the Internet and lauding his attacker, like well what kind of person are you that you think that is acceptable.


CARLSON: Well, that's a fair question and the video we just showed you is real video. We didn't make it up in the basement to scare you or to win the midterm. Assessing everything you've seen over the past year, you might be tempted to conclude that just maybe there is a growing problem with Left- wing mob violence.

But Left-wing leaders and their propagandists in the press have concluded, you'll be surprised to learn, the exact opposite. Faced with one Left-wing riot after another, they have decided the problem is actually you. You're the problem, sitting at home, you're dangerous.

In The New York Times this morning, Paul Krugman accused the Republican Party of harboring authoritarian impulses. Apparently, Republicans have been chasing prominent Democrats out of restaurants recently and banging on cars. Oh wait, there's that projection thing again.

Hillary Clinton is so worried though about how dangerous the Republican Party has become, those angry Mormon grandmothers in black bandanas you're seeing in downtown Portland smashing windows, that she no longer considers Republicans Americans or even fully human.

According to Hillary Clinton, you no longer have to be civil to Republicans. You can do whatever you want to them, because they deserve it.


HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. That's why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and/or the Senate, that's when civility can start again.


CARLSON: Yes, when we win, civility can return. So, there you have it, the perfect distillation. There's the most recent Democratic Presidential candidate, the leader of her party by default, endorsing viciousness openly against her political opponents. And yet according to The Washington Post, a newspaper, this is what Republican extremism looks like, and you'd have to be crazy not to see it.

Andy Ngo lives in Portland, where again he's a journalist at Quillette. He's been following this very closely and he joins us tonight. So Andy, we played a bunch of videos, some of which you publicized, what's happening in the streets of Portland.

I don't even know what your politics are, but were those -- I just want to be clear, were those right-wing protesters, were those Republicans in the streets of Portland.


CARLSON: Hmm, they were not. What -- who were they and what was the point of this and how much coverage did you get in Portland, and did any civic or political leaders in Portland raise any kind of outcry about this, the violence?

NGO: Some of the footage you showed was recorded over the weekend on Saturday by Brandon Farley, and that was a protest organized by Don't Shoot Portland, which is a Black Lives Matter type of group.

They were protesting the police involved shooting of a man who is suspected of shooting two people. And well, the police here take a pretty hands-off approach much of the time with protesters.

And what you saw on Saturday in the video is demonstrators were allowed to take over a street in downtown Portland and direct traffic and threaten drivers, stop traffic while the police looked on from a block away, because they were afraid of inflaming the situation.

CARLSON: Did democratic political leaders in Portland denounce the violence?

NGO: Not as far as I know. I mean, I know the story right now is being framed in a pretty partisan way in your show, but the facts of the matter on hand is the Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler also doubles as a police commissioner.

And while I'm not privy to some of the internal conversations that you may have with the police department here, just based on all the events that have happened in the past, I would say there's sort of a dereliction of duty, of being -- of upholding the rule of law.

CARLSON: One might be tempted to come to that conclusion. The Washington Post doesn't agree, but I do. Thank you very much, Andy, good to see you. Thank you for putting that on line.

NGO: My pleasure.

Quentin James is co-founder of Vestige Strategies. He joins us tonight. So, Quentin, we don't agree politically, but I think we can both agree that people banging on cars with batons, threatening old ladies, is totally unacceptable. Why isn't that being denounced?

QUENTIN JAMES, CO-FOUNDER & COO, VESTIGE STRATEGIES: Look Tucker, I think it is unacceptable, again, we can agree on that.


JAMES: But there are larger problems at hand here. I think the violence that we're seeing across the country isn't really coming from the Left, but actually from the Right. You could show clips tonight of Dylann Roof preparing to kill people in a church in Charleston or clips of many of the other white supremacists who've gone on and killed people, like in Charlottesville last year with Heather Heyer.

CARLSON: Well, let me, hold on - let me, hold on right there.

JAMES: Listen, no one is talking about violence on either side, Tucker, I'm not certainly supporting that.

CARLSON: So right now, well actually yes, you heard Maxine Waters say get in people's faces in restaurants and gas stations.

JAMES: Tucker, that's not violence, she's calling for a peaceful protest.

CARLSON: Well, actually if you scream at someone to the point where they have to leave the restaurant, that is I don't know violence, that's an act of wild aggression I would say. Is that happening to a lot of Democratic lawmakers, do you think?

JAMES: Look, I don't think people should be obnoxious with their protest, right, but look I think this is a time of civil disobedience. What, I'm sorry?

CARLSON: Can you think of a case where a Democratic politician has been, I don't know, doxed by a Republican staffer, has been chased out of the restaurant, screamed--

JAMES: I mean, look Tucker, I vividly-- CARLSON: --at in an airplane. I don't see that - I understand The Post--


JAMES: I vividly remember in 2010, when--

CARLSON: --but I don't see that.

JAMES: In 2010, people showed up to Congressional town halls with loaded weapons. And I don't know how we distinguish that from violence right and showing up armed. So, look, we are--

CARLSON: That seems like a non sequitur to me. I'm just saying right now in 2008, you've seen a lot people--

JAMES: Look we have one-party rule in Washington, Tucker, so the Republicans are encouraged.

CARLSON: So it's OK, but what about - well, what about the 250 year old tradition of explaining what you're for and explaining why what the other person is for is wrong? When did we get to a place where office holders--

JAMES: I think we are seeing that.

CARLSON: --encourage young people to - really, because Hillary Clinton just said you no longer have to be civil to people you disagree with.

JAMES: I think what Hillary Clinton --

CARLSON: What do you think of that?

JAMES: I think what Hillary Clinton is saying is that what we're not seeing unfortunately from the Republican Party is leadership to hold President Trump accountable. He's going all over the--

CARLSON: Now that's not she may be saying that, she may be saying, but that's not what I'm quoting. And look, that's a debatable point, but she said we don't have to guess because she said it explicitly, you don't have to be civil to Republicans because they're too big a threat to you.

JAMES: That's not what she said explicitly. She was saying at an appoint --

CARLSON: --she wasn't saying--

JAMES: You can't be civil when a party is not following legislative protocol.

CARLSON: So you disagree--

JAMES: We are seeing an agenda from Donald Trump--

CARLSON: So you don't be civil? Wait, but hold on, you don't like Trump I get it, but hold on I'm not talking about Trump. I don't care about Trump. I care about the rest of the country.

You're not required to be civil to people you disagree with, like do you want to live in that country, honestly?

JAMES: Tucker, I am not calling for incivility. I think--

CARLSON: But what do you think about Hillary?

JAMES: -when people are frustrated.

CARLSON: Didn't she say - I get it, I get it, I know - I was through the years of Obama, I know what it's like to be frustrated, that thought he really hurt the country. But I was always civil.

JAMES: And we saw a lot of similar protests from people on the Right.

CARLSON: Then why don't you just say - look, Hillary Clinton -- that's not helpful, will anybody break ranks or everyone's just a little lemming on the left, you have to be like, Oh Hillary said it, I agree.

Can you just say Hillary actually -- I think we should continue to be civil though we disagree?

JAMES: Tucker, I think the challenge here is we are not seeing that level of accountability from the Republican President right now.

CARLSON: I'm happy to criticize Republicans all the time, because I'm not a partisan robot. But I know in the Left--

JAMES: And we are not seeing that.

CARLSON: --like they will never criticize anything. All right, OK.

JAMES: President Obama got criticized when he went against the will of the party. We saw that for eight years, Tucker. We saw Blue Dogs in effect.

CARLSON: Last chance, are you going to -- will you just say Hillary Clinton is wrong, I mean let's just be civil even if we disagree, or no we can't say that?

JAMES: Look I don't think she was calling for incivility and so look should we now be -- so that's the point here, Tucker.

CARLSON: OK, they are barking at me.

JAMES: No one is calling for incivility.

CARLSON: OK, go rewind the show and look at the tape and we can -- we'll talk later. Quentin, thank you.

JAMES: Thank you, Tucker.

CARLSON: Well, so Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court and many are arguing that we need to keep going after him for some reason, in fact impeach him. For what exactly? We have someone who can perhaps explain for what.

Also actor Steven Seagal now has Russian citizenship. He's talking about running or the press is saying he may run for Governor of Siberia. We're going to talk to him, just ahead.

Also, the President is speaking right now in Iowa. If news happens, obviously we'll go there.


CARLSON: Brett Kavanaugh is now officially on the Supreme Court. Democrats are still mad at him, not to the process, but him personally and seem to be getting madder. Lawmakers say that they will pursue impeachment against him at some point, if Democrats take the House.

Members of the media are lashing out on that same point. Some people argue that supporting Kavanaugh is sufficient cause to stop speaking to a person. James Carville bluntly laid out the political calculation here.


JAMES CARVILLE, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Kavanaugh is worth a lot -- is worth a lot more alive than dead. They're going to keep him front and center. The Democrats win the House; they'll probably hold some kind of hearings on the fact that a lot of people think that he perjured himself.

Kavanaugh is going to be an issue in 2018, he's going to be an issue in 2020; the Democrats are going to keep digging up stuff. The press is not going to stop all of the things that they are working on about Kavanaugh. It's just one of these amazing things that probably has never happened before in American politics.


Richard Goodstein is an attorney, a former adviser to Bill and Hillary Clinton. We should note, in the interest of honesty, he's not in charge of the Democratic message. He joins us tonight.

So, Richard, let's say I'm a Democrat and I'm thinking I want cheaper health care, I'm worried about my premiums, a lot of people are. And so, I vote Democrat, I'm thinking man my health care prices are going to go down. But the first thing they do instead is, let's impeach Brett Kavanaugh. I'm bewildered by that.

RICHARD GOODSTEIN, DEMOCRATIC POLITICAL CONSULTANT: I don't think they - look, I can't quite figure out James Carville a lot of times, in this time in particular.

That's not what they're just saying. Nancy Pelosi very specifically said we're not talking impeachment of Trump, we're not talking impeachment of Kavanaugh, and even Jerry Nadler who may Chair the House Judiciary Committee had said, "we're going to look into that investigation."

That was what -- we could put it in air quotes, because it was a joke, what the FBI did, but he's not even talking about impeachment. There are some who are -- I'll concede that, but you know Chris Coons and cooler heads are saying, hey it's a waste of time, it's not healing. And be frankly. if the Senate is anywhere close to where it is now, it's--

CARLSON: But continuing the investigation into Brett Kavanaugh, to what - to what end? I mean I get -- first of all, I don't think it's a political matter, it's working for Democrats and we'll find out.


CARLSON: But as of tonight, it doesn't seem to be winning a lot of new voters to Democratic Party. But how does that help the country exactly?

GOODSTEIN: Well I think the whole point of what the Democrats will do in the House is be a check on Trump that has not been right in effect. So whether that's his dealings personally with women, whether it's his tax strategies, whether it's dealings with the Russians, both his staff and frankly the (inaudible).

CARLSON: So, Democrats are going to go after Trump on his personal life, really?

GOODSTEIN: I'm just saying, this is a new--

GOODSTEIN: If you've been naughty, we are going to get you, we're the party of virtue?


GOODSTEIN: Do you remember, there was something called Bill Clinton and people went--

CARLSON: I remember very well, right, and smart Republicans regret that. They lost seats, it was a stupid waste of time. I mean obviously, Bill Clinton's a totally creepy guy and mistreated women, got it. But should we even impeach him over that? No, most people think no.

And all Democrats think no, and yet they're repeating the same behavior. Why are they doing that?

GOODSTEIN: Well again, I think the Democrats' attitude is, let's kind of show the country how things are supposed to work. We're supposed to be--

CARLSON: They kill people for their personal lives now.

GOODSTEIN: It's not a question of anything have to do with the personal life.

CARLSON: Really?

GOODSTEIN: If you're going to have the FBI do an investigation, have the FBI doing an investigation, not constrain it so that you know what the answer you're going to get.

CARLSON: So, one of your leading Presidential candidates is running around. He came on this show and said the problem with Trump is he violated his marriage vows. Now look, I'm totally for marriage vows, I've been married 27 years.

But I didn't know this was the new Democratic standard. So the adultery rule is now in place in the Democratic Party hat. Is this going to apply to everybody?

GOODSTEIN: Look, I don't--

CARLSON: No, seriously.



GOODSTEIN: I think the fact of the matter is what the Democrats are going to run on this year is, as you said, health care, dealing with the corruption, self-dealing with friends-- CARLSON: Making sure you haven't committed personal sins.

GOODSTEIN: That President well - no, and the fact is--

CARLSON: Are you guys even evangelicals?

GOODSTEIN: Now beyond-- GOODSTEIN: Evangelicals don't believe in God, like sort of an atheist religious movement?

GOODSTEIN: Let me think about - OK, so the fact of the matter is I think, as regards Brett Kavanaugh, it's not so much what he did back in high school, OK.

CARLSON: Oh it's not, OK. So his yearbook is cool now, OK.

GOODSTEIN: I don't -- I think what it has to do with lying--

CARLSON: Look, again, Bill Clinton was impeached for lying.


CARLSON: And somehow this is, oh like whatever, boys be boys. I love the Democratic Party. So whatever the other side does that we hate, we're going to be certain to do it 10x.

GOODSTEIN: I think not. I think what you're trying to do is clean up the way in which Congress acts vis-a-vis the President. He has been a rubber stamp so far and I think the public is actually looking for a check, which is why it looks like the Democrats are going to control the House.


CARLSON: I thought that until now.

GOODSTEIN: If Hillary Clinton had been - become President, we'll only be talking about, could the Republicans be getting a 60 vote margin in the Senate and basically two-thirds of the House.

CARLSON: She become President, you would be wearing uniforms and marching in step, OK, as you know.

So, that's one thing I'm happy, but I know that on some level you are too. Richard, thank you.

GOODSTEIN: My pleasure.

CARLSON: Great to see you.

What effects will the continuing attack on Brett Kavanaugh and on civility itself have politically and more importantly on the country? Brit Hume has been around a few elections and he'll tell us after the break.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Prime Minister Abe just had a big election, won by a landslide, he's a friend of mine. But he said, look we're protecting Japan. They are making a fortune. They're sending us millions of cars. We're not allowed to send them, they have barriers, but they send millions of cars into here. They pay essentially no tax.



CARLSON: Republicans believe that the total war waged on Brett Kavanaugh personally and his subsequent confirmation to the Supreme Court will help them in the upcoming midterms. The Democrats don't believe that they're continuing to go against Kavanaugh, attacking him personally. Now they're against civility, they think that will help them in the midterm elections.

Who's right? Brit Hume is the senior political analyst at Fox, that's well- deserved, he joins us tonight. Brit, both sides seem convinced that they're winning on this. Who is?

BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS: Well I think the Democrats are pretty maxed out on motivation. Remember, this is the Democratic voters' first crack at a ballot box, since Donald Trump won the election, which so offended them and left them almost speechless with rage.

And they've been raging for two years; they are eager to vote. But I think -- so I think any additional motivation they get out of the Kavanaugh affair is likely to be only a modest increase, because - of where the needle already was.

Republicans, on the other hand, were looking pretty sleepy.


HUME: And uninterested, and a lot of them don't like Trump and so he's got a kind of a divided party and so on. And the Kavanaugh case clearly has changed the equation there and all of the polling evidence we see shows that motivation among Republicans is up.

So, as far as Kavanaugh is concerned, Republicans got more out of it, but they had a bigger gap to close, because the enthusiasm gap has clearly been with the Democrats for the last few years.

CARLSON: This is the last day to register in a bunch of different states and I think registration has been pretty intense today. What did you think of Hillary Clinton's remark made to a British journalist that civility, the rules of civility, ought to be suspended when dealing with Republicans? This seemed like kind of a moment to me.

HUME: Well, she always seems to be a couple of beats behind the music, because this is where some people in her party are going, right.


HUME: And looks like she's trying to get on that train of hate. And pretty soon, when things get back to normal, she'll be back in the middle of being an establishment politician, I think. I don't know if she's going to stay with this line.

CARLSON: So this is what you're seeing from a bunch of these sort of elder statesmen in the Democratic Party. They're not exactly sure what's going on. The kids are all hopped up and mad and blocking intersections. And rather try to restrain them, they're making the case, hey I'm hip and radical.

HUME: Yes, I'm with you. I'm with you. People that want - back then, the slogan was, I'm with her.


HUME: Now she's saying to them, I'm with you.

CARLSON: So something like this happened 50 years ago, didn't it?

HUME: Yes. I mean, this - this, I remember when we had a lot of trouble in the streets during Vietnam and after.


HUME: And it was a bad issue for Democrats in the end.

CARLSON: Because normal people didn't care.

HUME: Yes, normal people didn't like it and elected Nixon twice.



You think that will happen this time.

HUME: No, I don't -- he's not around.


Well I think -- look I think - look, there's no -- in my opinion, Tucker, this is insane politics.


HUME: And this stuff is -- and for Dick Durbin to have said in the middle of the hearing when people are jumping up and screaming about every few minutes, this is early in the hearings, right.


HUME: And Republicans were complaining about it. And he was saying, no this is democracy, no this is not democracy.


HUME: And most Americans, I mean overwhelming majority of Americans don't think it's democracy, which is why people like I guess you've had before don't really want to say out loud that they support this kind of thing, but they make excuses for it.

CARLSON: Yes, democracy is listening to what citizens think and then enacting it. This is shutting them.

HUME: That's exactly right.

CARLSON: Brit, thank you very much.

HUME: You bet, Tucker.

CARLSON: Good to see you.

Well, we had a spirited debate last night about John Mayer, who has come out against something called toxic masculinity. Timmy Bruce joins us to decode the whole thing next.

Attacking men for their gender, for their innate maleness, one of the many ways Washington distracts from bigger issues. It's all detailed in a new book called Ship of Fools, available at any bookstore.

The President by the way is still speaking in Iowa. We'll keep monitoring that speech for news and go to it, if any occurs, stay tuned.


TRUMP: So Germany is paying 1 percent. We are paying 4.3 percent to protect Europe. Explain that one to me, OK, please.




CARLSON: John Mayer is a highly accomplished musician and a highly accomplished womanizer. Being a highly accomplished womanizer is no longer something to brag about in this country. So, John Mayer would like you to know that he is a changed man.

In fact, there is no single greater friend, no greater foe of piggish male behavior than John Mayer. He's deeply sensitive and he'd like you to know that.


JOHN MAYER, AMERICAN SINGER-SONGWRITER: I don't want it to be the male contract. I'm telling you that's the contract that we have to tear the contract apart.

We do not possess the universal ability to have any women that we see. I'm just going on record as revealing the trauma of men feeling like they are falling short of a (BLEEP) alpha male contract that nobody can live up to.

And until we get rid of that in men, we won't have the life that we all deserve.


CARLSON: So that was Mayer breaking into a one-man therapy session in the middle of a concert the other night. We thought it was kind of amusing and had sort of a cynical take on it, because maybe it was a pre-emptive defense of his own behavior.

Feminist Anushay Hossain though said we just didn't get it, most men don't. John Mayer is actually a feminist hero, she argued. Watch.


ANUSHAY HOSSAIN, COLUMNIST AND POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Toxic masculinity isn't about saying your body is a wonderland. It's actually about men being violent towards women. And that song was written for his girlfriend at the time.

CARLSON: Everyone is against men being violent toward women.


CARLSON: But I wonder if the standard isn't different. If Brett Kavanaugh's calendar from 1982 had basketball was Squee and then your body is a wonderland and your bubblegum tongue, I mean you would have called for his arrest, right?


CARLSON: Tammy Bruce is a radio show host, President of Independent Women's Voice. She joins us tonight. Tammy, great to see you. Just to be clear, I'm not making a case against John Mayer.

Well, he's pretty good actually. I'm making a case against this phrase that we're seeing everywhere, toxic masculinity, which doesn't seem like an actual thing, it seems like an attack on all men, not just the violent ones and I'm against that, because I think it's wrong.

TAMMY BRUCE, INDEPENDENT WOMEN'S VOICE: Well -- and it is wrong, it's -- but it's useful for the Left. It's like climate change, it can be whatever they want at any moment.


BRUCE: There's no reality to it at all.


BRUCE: It's whatever your mood is, and that's the purpose of calling it that. But at the same time, in and of itself, it does indict every man, right. It indicts the nature of maleness and manhood.

Now, I don't -- I love men, I think men are great, I love the masculine man who saved me once from another man who was trying to get into my car at a gas station. Maybe my life was saved in that moment.

I love the men who are in the military, who are first responders, and the women who join them in that effort. We sleep nicely at night because of-- CARLSON: Yes.

BRUCE: --masculine men every day. The bottom line is though, that interview you had with her was fascinating, because she also admitted that this standard of what is toxic masculinity and why not just call it violence against women, but they don't-- CARLSON: Yes.

BRUCE: --because they want it to be the overall indictment, is she said it would only really apply -- it only applies really to Kavanagh because he was a nominee for the Supreme Court. And of course, the implication to that is that, well he would have a larger impact on society.

Look, Tucker, entertainment figures have a huge impact on culture, on children. Musicians, and dancers, and actors, they are having a huge impact and they don't have any watchdogs looking at them with what they're doing and what decisions they're making.

They don't do things that are transparent that we don't see them making their decisions like we do with the Supreme Court.

CARLSON: No, it's totally right.

BRUCE: Yes. And lastly, this argument that we should look at all men as the problem is what makes a Harvey Weinstein possible. It's what makes a Bill Cosby possible--

CARLSON: That's right.

BRUCE: --is that we dilute the view and we ask people to look at the innocent man like Kavanaugh, using him as a stand-in. Well then, the other men, and maybe this is what Mr. Mayer was doing, if they say the right things, they -- it's like an invisibility cloak. They think they don't have to -- they're not held--


CARLSON: It's so true. Can I -- we're almost out of time, but real quick, have you noticed this, that the threat is not for masculine men. The men I've met who mistreat women most consistently are the weakest men, the least masculine men.


CARLSON: Have you noticed that?

BRUCE: That's a very good point and this is where, when looking at each individual case, every woman has to deal with whatever -- however we approach the issues in our lives with violence and the nature of the man who might be violent toward us.


BRUCE: But the argument is about, is separating women even from the men in their own lives, the men that love them, and that's the political agenda here.

CARLSON: Exactly. Exactly.

BRUCE: It has nothing to do with masculinity or strength--

CARLSON: You are totally right.

BRUCE: --it's a control issue, right.

CARLSON: Exactly, it's dividing and conquer. Tammy Bruce, as always so deep, thank you.

BRUCE: Thanks Tucker.

CARLSON: So we've done the math and it turns out that America is spending more helping illegal aliens who snuck into our country and have children here than its spending on a border wall to control our territorial integrity.

Is Congress considering anything to do to change that? That's next.

Then Steven Seagal joins us to talk about his new movie and the role he may be playing in U.S.-Russia relations for real.

Trump rally is still going on in Iowa, we are monitoring it.


TRUMP: So now, if you like your children or love your children, you can leave your beautiful farm to your children and they won't have to pay any taxes. They won't have to go to your local banker, borrow money--




CARLSON: Well, the creepy porn lawyer is many things, obviously intensely creepy, trust me. But he's also, to be fair, an astute political observer. He was throwing around spurious gang rape allegations a couple of weeks ago at Brett Kavanaugh. That didn't work, it actually hurt his party.

So, he's pivoted to a new tactic, embracing the Left's newfound support for incivility and political violence. And what better way to show that support than by picking a fight literally.

So, today the creepy porn lawyer challenged Donald Trump Jr. in a three- round MMA bout. Don Jr. has not accepted that challenge yet, but of course we're on that story, and we'll tell you if it develops.

And then this, a fascinating new report by the Center for Immigration Studies has found that helping illegal immigrants have children in this country is a bigger priority for our government than defending the border itself.

Steven Camarota is Director of Research at the Center for Immigration Studies, and he joins us tonight. Steven Camarota, thanks a lot for coming on. So, how did you measure this priority?

STEVEN CAMAROTA, CENTER FOR IMMIGRATION STUDIES: Yes, right now, we're just looking at Census Bureau data. They ask people every year, a very large census, several million people in this American Community Survey, if they're immigrants and if they had a kid in the last year.

And then you can use the characteristics of people to pick out those who are likely illegal immigrants. That's what the government does to estimate illegal immigrants.

CARLSON: Right, yes.

CAMAROTA: So when you do that, you find that there are about 300,000 births to illegal immigrants each year at a cost of about $12,000 for the two- thirds that are paid for by taxpayers per right , so about $12,000 is what it costs to have a kid in the United States.

That does include some of the care for the child after he's born.


CAMAROTA: And so, if you add all that up, it's about $2.5 billion a year we pay for the births to illegal immigrants, which as you pointed out, is more than we've spent on any kind of new wall construction or barriers at the border.

CARLSON: Does that make us good people or masochistic crazy people?

CAMAROTA: Well, the thing of it is, a couple of things I would say about that, look if someone's here and they're having a kid, we're going to pay for it, if they don't have insurance and two-thirds of illegal immigrants don't have insurance.

So, we're going to pay for it. And since the kids born here and is a U.S. citizen, it may make sense obviously to do that. But the larger question is, as a matter of policy year after year to tolerate this and not try to encourage people to go home and not try to stop them from entering, that does seem masochistic.

CARLSON: So just as almost a metaphysical question, if you tolerate something consistently over decades, you're welcoming it, aren't you?

CAMAROTA: Right. I mean obviously, if we have a situation where illegal immigrants can get everything from driver's license to access all kinds of benefits on behalf of their children, get in-state college tuition, we have whole jurisdictions that won't cooperate with immigration enforcement. You have to say that it's almost amazing that we don't have more illegal immigrants in the United States--


CAMAROTA: --than the 10 million to 12 million that you estimate.

CARLSON: Because our political hash wants them. That's the conclusion. Steve Camarota, great to see you. Thank you very much.

CAMAROTA: Thanks for having me, Tucker.

CARLSON: Actor Steven Seagal received Russian citizenship a couple of years ago. He wants to improve relations between his native country, this one, and his adopted one. Some say he may run for office there. We are going to talk to him about that after the break.

Immigration and Russia, by the way, two of the many issues where Washington's interests diverged completely from those of everyone else in America. That's in this new book Ship of Fools. Worth reading, stay tuned.


CARLSON: We vowed to keep you updated on the threat from zombie raccoons, because this show is not just about politics, we've got the whole country's concerns in mind.

And of course, zombie raccoons are a threat to national security and the well-being of this nation. Last summer, hundreds of them terrorized Central Park in Manhattan. And now, like so many hipsters living on their parents' time, the zombie raccoons have moved to Brooklyn, the hippest of the Burroughs.

Several of these raccoons carry the distemper virus and they have been found in Prospect Park, that is a popular dog walking location for people in skinny jeans. That's terrifying because, while the distemper virus is no threat to humans, it does affect dogs.

It's one thing to infect hipsters in Brooklyn, but we draw the line at endangering canines, as you should too.

Well, most of Hollywood is deeply concerned about Russia. That follows a memo they presumably were sent the day after Hillary lost the election. One exception though is Steven Seagal. He has received Russian citizenship; he's moved in the other direction pretty aggressively.

He is now Russia's Special Envoy to the U.S. He's even talked about running for office there. He recently joined us to tell us about that, plus his new film. All of those came up in this conversation. Here it is.


CARLSON: I want to get to your film first. I just read one critic say it was the best you have done in a very long time. Tell us about it.

STEVEN SEAGAL, ACTOR: Well, I also think it's the best film I have done in over 20 years. It's a Kung-Fu movie, but really it's just the wisdom of what I consider to be a man who rises to the occasion of helping those who are in tremendous need and becomes a reluctant hero.

It has all of those different scenes in it that kind of pull the heart strings of the people, the public, and it's got great action and great story, some great characters and great Chinese stars. I am proud of it. It's a wonderful motive.

CARLSON: Well, a lot of people need rescuing right about now, I would say. So, tell us, the other news story about you recently, is that you are considering running for Governor of Siberia.

SEAGAL: Yes sir, I've noticed that.

CARLSON: Yes, that's for sure. If you are saying running of Governor of Siberia, tell us about that, why if that is true, what you would do if elected?

SEAGAL: This is one of the millions of fake news sort of stories.

I was at a film festival in Vladivostok which is where my father's family is from. And somebody in the audience said, hey man, we don't have a Governor here. You want to become the Governor? I said sure, and there it went.


SEAGAL: But, at the same time, we said 30 times, guys we were joking, and Vladivostok had a friend of mine become Governor there the next day. So, it was just a joke that the press enjoyed doing bad things to certain people with.

CARLSON: Yes, I am not surprised by that at all. So, you are a Russian citizen, you were awarded Russian citizenship, you are in Russia now.


CARLSON: Give us your perspective on the debate over Russia taking place in the United States right now.

SEAGAL: Well, I said this before, I believe this is a situation where there is a tremendous amount of propaganda against Russia. And in my opinion, most of the things that are being said is fabricated and untrue.

And I think that this whole thing with Russian collusion and the President of the United States being involved in Russian collusion, all this - I think it's all a fantasy.

And I think that this has more to do with the great divide between the Republicans and democrats and the conservatives and liberals, and how at this point, certain groups will do anything in the world, they don't care if it's legal, illegal, immoral, they don't care, anything to win this battle where their agenda triumphs.

And so, I really think, and I've said this before, we are at a tipping point in the United States of America where, if people don't realize that Republicans and Democrats really at one point have to start to work together in a more civil fashion and agree to disagree and understand that the truth and civility will really, really help the process of true politics instead of destroying our nation.

CARLSON: So, you are in Russia a lot, you talk to Russians, what do they make of this? Are they following it, what do they think of it?

SEAGAL: They are just completely bemused. They are -- some of them are laughing and some of them are crying. But the basic consensus is that they are finding it astounding and hard to believe that so much is being made of this and a lot of these accusations against people like Kavanaugh, they just are finding -- the people I talk to are finding it just incredulous.

CARLSON: Yes, I feel the same way. You know Putin, what is he like?

SEAGAL: I think he is a brilliant strategist. I think he is an intelligent man. I think he's a great world leader. And I think if we would come to terms with trying to deal with Russia and some of the other countries in Eastern Europe and so forth and so on, as if they are equal partners, I think that this would really go a long way in world peace.


CARLSON: Washington's obsession with Russia. They spent two years on it, why? Well, as a distraction. It's on purpose. It's a distraction from the actual problems that we face.

But more than anything, it's a distraction from the reasons that Trump became president. There are real reasons, it's all explained in "Ship of Fools." That's the thesis of the book, it's at your local book store and also online. Order it, if you want to know what actually happened.

That's about it for us tonight. It's an honor to do this show for an hour at 8 pm. We'll be back tomorrow at 8 pm. We are the sworn enemy, we are not joking, of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. TDR if you can figure it out, good luck with that.

Good night from Washington.

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