Lawyer Nation?

There's more than a food fight going on in this country. It gets to the heart of something very wrong going on with this country. We are turning into a nation of babies. Not all of us, but enough of us, to make me worry about the whole lot of us.

Gone are the days we took responsibility for our actions. Now we hire lawyers to fix the consequences of our actions.

We get fat. We sue.

We trip. We sue.

We lose a job. We sue.

We lose a promotion. We sue.

Believe me, life is not fair. Some can eat like pigs and never get fat. Some can be college professors and never get fired. But in all seriousness, we're all too serious. All too business, all too legal.

Perish the thought we get fat and call a doctor. All too many of us first call a lawyer.

A lawyer won't make you thinner. But you will make his wallet fatter. And for what? The right to say you stuck it to someone for something you did?

When I go into a McDonald's, I eat the Big Mac. No store manager rams it down my throat. I ram it down my own throat. And I suffer the consequences with eyes and mouth wide open.

It's time to stop looking at lawyers and start looking in the mirror.

Believe me, there are many legitimate legal beefs in this country. Getting fat on beef shouldn't be one of them.

My mom used to say, "Neil, you make your bed, you sleep in it." It's our bed, in our room, in our life.

We can spend that life suing over what we aren't, or we can focus on what we are: Smart, able people who make our own beds and live our own lives.

Lives with consequences and without lawyers.

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