Lawmakers trying to 'rush' through immigration reform?

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STUART VARNEY, GUEST HOST: The push to stop the rush, Senate Republicans fighting to stop what they are calling the Democrat's plan to ram through immigration reform.

And we all know what happened when Congress rammed through health care reform without everybody reading it. It's still growing.

Now Senator Jeff Sessions is trying to prevent that from happening again. And he joins us on the phone.

Senator, do you have something in mind that might be in this bill that's being rushed through so we can't read it first?

SEN. JEFF SESSIONS, R - AL: There are a number of really serious, complex problems that require very much in-depth study and effort.

For example, how -- fundamentally, how will the number of people legalized -- it could be as many as eight million workers -- how will they impact the wages and employment opportunities of Americans? Also, we know that over half of these people have not -- do not have high school diplomas.

So we know that it's -- the numbers indicate they will be low-income people who will draw a substantial amount of social services once they're eligible for that. And that's going to cost hundreds of billions of dollars.

We have got -- now the message has changed, indicating that the amnesty, the legality, will go first, and we're promised that somewhere along the line enforcement will occur. And that was the real fatal flaw in 1986. So, there are just a host of these questions.


VARNEY: Senator Leahy says he wants to move quickly on this. I think that's his precise expression, move quickly on this, get this thing done.

What do you say about that?

SESSIONS: That is just the wrong thing to do.

This is an exceedingly important and complex issue. We should have hearings with the best economists that we can get to discuss the economic impact. We need the top law enforcement officers to tell us what needs to be done to ensure that there's lawfulness at the border, how we're going to be able to enforce workplace legality. All of these matters are -- require...


VARNEY: Are no hearings planned, sir? This is a major piece of legislation. It's been in the works for year years. Is there no plan at this moment to hold hearings and bring in the experts and find out exactly what we're dealing with here?

SESSIONS: There are no plans at this time.

We had one general hearing a few weeks ago. The problem in -- now, after Senator Rubio joined with some of us who asked for hearings, Senator Leahy indicated there might be one hearing. But Senator Reid has said he intends to bring this straight to the floor as soon as the committee finishes its work. And Senator Leahy has been -- very much stiff-armed any suggestion that we have a deliberate process here.

I'm very worried about it. It's not the right thing to do.


SESSIONS: The American people need to know what's in this bill.

VARNEY: Senator Jeff Sessions, Republican, Alabama, thanks very much for joining us, sir. Thank you.

SESSIONS: Thank you.

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