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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: This is one of the most horrific stories to come out of Egypt. CBS News Correspondent Lara Logan is back at home tonight after sustaining a brutal beating and sexual assault in Egypt on Friday.

Now CBS News said in a statement that while covering Mubarak's resignation celebrations in Tahrir Square, Logan, her team and security detail were surrounded by a mob of 200 people. Logan got separated from her crew and that is when the attack took place.

Now the New York Post is reporting that her attackers were screaming, quote, "Jew, Jew" and she was eventually rescued by a group of Egyptian women and approximately 20 Egyptian soldiers.

Joining me now with reaction is the New York Times number one bestseller "Culture of Corruption" Michelle Malkin is back on the program. Michelle, first of all, my heart goes out to her. She is an extraordinarily brave correspondent. I read this and I was thinking about, you know, wasn't this supposed to be the peaceful demonstration? And we have one journalist after another, our own Greg Palkot, Anderson Cooper and she apparently, you know, had a brutal vicious sexual assault her. What is your take on this?

MICHELLE MALKIN, "CULTURE OF CORRUPTION" AUTHOR: It's monstrous and as many women in particular will tell you, this is business as usual for many parts of the Middle East. I think if CBS News and the rest of the mainstream media want to do right by her and right by all the other journalists who were attacked last week and over the course of the last two weeks, what they will do is finally find some spine and refuse to whitewash the truth about who these assailants were, what they were motivated by.

It is always interesting, of course, Sean, when many of the same people who are always talking about root causes of this, root cause of that. If it scores political points against conservatives, have nothing to say about the root causes of anti-Americanism in particular, in these festering places in the Middle East.

HANNITY: What do you make of the comment, "Jew, Jew"? I mean, going over the polls, in Egypt there's a very strong anti-Semitic component there, anti-American component. Many support the Sharia law and that Islam should be part of the government. Except for the New York Post, I didn't see that reported anywhere.

MALKIN: Exactly. That's what I mean by the whitewashing of radical Islam and the way things are done, and the way people are treated there. It is so pat and easy to blame Mubarak, who was a long time American ally for all of this and ignore all of those global polls the Pew polls, et cetera, et cetera. When will they finally speak truth to Islamic caliphate power? It is about time, you have been telling the truth here, Sean.

HANNITY: Did you hear what this -- this NYU fellow and professor said the following in a tweet about Lara Logan, which he has since resigned, but this is beyond defensive. He said, quote, "Jesus Christ at a moment when she is going to become a martyr and glorified, we should remember her role as a major warmonger. Look, she was probably groped like thousands of other women."

Later, somewhat apologized but, you know pretty offensive stuff. I couldn't imagine if a conservative on the radio said that, I think there are double standards there.

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