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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: My friend and former Olympian Bruce Jenner joined our Great American Panel and told us how the Kardashian household can be full of fun, also a lot of drama. Now take a look when one of the girls, Kim, is scheduled to go for Lasik eye surgery.


KHLOE KARDASHIAN, SISTER OF KIM: This is your eye. And this is how he's going to clamp down your eye. They're going to hold it.


KHLOE KARDASHIAN: And they take a thin layer of the top of her pupil, and they lift it up.




KRIS KARDASHIAN, MOTHER OF KIM: Khloe, Khloe, Khloe. I can't let you play with, like, knives and tools. You're dangerous.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Mom, please call and cancel. Please. Help me get out of this. I do the Pussycat Dolls or I go blind.

KRIS KARDASHIAN: You're doing the Pussycat Dolls, Kim. We have a contract. OK? End of story.


HANNITY: All right. Joining us now is one of the stars of that hit E! reality series, "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," Kim Kardashian. By the way, she's also the founder of SheDazzle.com, three best-selling workout DVD's, which by the way, I could probably use. They continue to take Amazon.com by storm.

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You also have a perfume line and everything?

KARDASHIAN: I do have a perfume line coming out at the end of the year.

HANNITY: Are you wearing it? Because it smells good.

KARDASHIAN: I am wearing it. I have a few samples.


KARDASHIAN: And it's pretty much all I wear.

HANNITY: Well, terrific. It's good to see you. I had Bruce here. I've always been a fan of his. And one of the things that I was asking him — I said all right. Because I've seen the television show. It's — by the way, it's nuts.

KARDASHIAN: It is nutty.

HANNITY: It's nutty but in a fun way. You have a great family.

KARDASHIAN: Thank you.

HANNITY: And, you know, you don't drink alcohol.


HANNITY: You don't really party, although, all the, quote, young famous girls have the reputation of doing that. You don't. Why?

KARDASHIAN: Well, you know what? I definitely go out. I definitely like to hang out. To me, going to parties is dressing up with your girlfriends. I work so much that it's the time to get ready together.

HANNITY: Yes, I dress up all the time. No, I'm kidding. I wear jeans every night. It's not a secret anymore. But go ahead.

KARDASHIAN: And then, you know, I never go to an after party. I'll go out. I'll have, you know, a few dances, and then I'm out. I just have never liked the taste of alcohol.

HANNITY: You just don't like it.

KARDASHIAN: I just don't like it.

HANNITY: Do you like the fact that some girls look up to you because of that as a role model?

KARDASHIAN: Definitely. I mean, I know what when I was 14 years old my father taught me how to drive, and he said your older sister one day, she might get into drinking and all of her friends. And I want to teach you to drive so if anything happens, you never let anyone drink and drive, an dyou call me.

And there — there was an instance once when I had to drive my sisters and all of her friends when I was 15 home, and I called him as soon as I got there.

HANNITY: Now you recall, everyone remembers your dad, because he was one of the lawyers in the O.J. Simpson case. But you were very close to him, and he died pretty young, at 59. And you were on "Dancing with the Stars" which by the way, I think is a gutsy thing to do.

KARDASHIAN: It was tough.

HANNITY: And you lost, what, the fifth anniversary after his death.

KARDASHIAN: Yes. My father passed away a little over five years ago. So the day I was kicked off, I remember the show was really tough for me. And I cried so hard that night of the performance.


KARDASHIAN: And I said I just want to go home, dad, if you're listening, just do whatever you think that I can handle. And then I got kicked off that night.


KARDASHIAN: And I was like OK, this was a sign. I wasn't meant to be here any longer, and you answered my prayers.

HANNITY: No, but I think that's a gutsy thing to do. By the way, I never do it. I didn't even dance at my wedding. Isn't that awful?

KARDASHIAN: You didn't.

HANNITY: I swear I did not.

KARDASHIAN: That is awful.

HANNITY: It's awful. I'm a bad husband. I've been married 17 years.

KARDASHIAN: Maybe. Maybe if I don't dance at my wedding, then that — longevity, exactly.

HANNITY: That would be good. You believe — for example, you gave a quote to Playboy when you were in — and we're going to get to that in a second. And you used to say your prayers before going to bed that you would stop developing...


HANNITY: ... and that you, quote, you had to embrace this idea about how you look.


HANNITY: So many girls are so fixated on this. This is important to you.

KARDASHIAN: It is really important to me. You know, I just — right now I just shot for the cover of Muscle & Fitness. And when I look at magazines like that I look at these, you know, really fit girls. And I feel like I'm curvy. So when I do magazine covers like that I feel very empowered, and I feel that I'm representing the curvy women, and it's not so sexy to be stick skinny. It's not me.

HANNITY: It's — and by the way, I'm going to be on the cover of, you know, "Fat Old Guy with Gray Hair Magazine." And — well, I'm getting in shape, though. I've lost a lot of weight.

KARDASHIAN: You look good

HANNITY: I've been working out.

KARDASHIAN: Have you been using like, fit in your jeans by Friday.

HANNITY: I can't fit in my jeans on Monday or Sunday. So forget about Friday.

I want to ask you. Why Playboy? That's the only thing I didn't understand. That didn't make sense. And I know you went through that in the first year of your show.

KARDASHIAN: Yes. I did it a long time ago. It was a decision at that time that I felt like I was OK to handle, and I felt like it was iconic. And so many fabulous women have done it.

And I'm going to prove that I can do this magazine that shows everything, and you can be fabulous and curvy. When I look at magazines like that, I thought you had to be this anorexic skinny model.


KARDASHIAN: It didn't represent to me voluptuous women. And I wanted to do that.

HANNITY: Do you have any moral qualms about doing that? My daughter, who's young, if she ever wanted to do it, I'd want to kill her.

KARDASHIAN: Yes, exactly.

HANNITY: And you probably understand that from a father's standpoint.

KARDASHIAN: I definitely do.

HANNITY: So did that go through your mind when you were making the decision to do that?

KARDASHIAN: We did talk about it with my whole family, and Bruce, my stepdad, gave his opinion. Because we kind of...

HANNITY: He's with me.

KARDASHIAN: Oh, yes. When we talked about it as a whole family, that's how we make our big decisions. That was a big decision.

And Bruce said, "You know what? I'm sticking up for your dad. He would in no way want you to do this." And, you know, if my dad were here, I would be very uncomfortable.

HANNITY: He'd defend you. Yes, you would be.

KARDASHIAN: It's your dad, you do Playboy. But my mom is very empowering and wanted me to make a decision on my own and thought that I could look back at this magazine, you know, years to come and feel like I represented the curvy, voluptuous women, and I'm very proud of what I did.

HANNITY: Good thing they don't have that for men, because there's not enough air brushing in the world for guys.

All right. You knew and were friends were and actually worked with, like, Paris Hilton.


HANNITY: And with Lindsay Lohan. Those are two girls that I look at from the outside, and I don't follow the celebrity world as much as everybody else. But I would be very nervous for their future — or Britney Spears — because you read the stories about the drinking and the partying and the carrying on.

Do you worry that we're going to wake up and there's going to be a situation, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, you know, that these girls — one of them is going to go too far and a tragedy is going to occur?

KARDASHIAN: I do get worried, you know, when anyone is living, you know, a lifestyle like that.

However, I think that you have to understand that these girls — I mean, I'm 28 years old. These girls — you know, Lindsay's a teenager. She must be 21 now.

HANNITY: She's about 21 now. Yes.

KARDASHIAN: We've seen this cycle of her life, and she's 18. I don't know what I would do — I mean, I remember seeing Britney Spears once, and the cars are all blocked off because they're chasing her.

HANNITY: You go through that. You like through that.

KARDASHIAN: I do, but not, you know, to that extent. It's definitely more controlled.

HANNITY: You are friends with Lindsay and Paris. Have you ever called them and reached out to them and said, "Hey, can I help you? Are you OK? Is this too much?"

KARDASHIAN: No, I haven't really reached out. I think, you know, they have their family and their own like inner circle of friends that they go to for stuff like that. But I've worked with them all, and I've been friends with them all. But I also think that people are going to go through whatever they're going to go through.

And it's just — really must be hard because there's such a watchful eye. So I think the media does tend to elaborate on things and make things a bigger deal than what they are and kind of fabricate things.


KARDASHIAN: So you never know what's true, at least, because I've seen stories that aren't true about myself. So you never know what's true, so I would never want to pry into someone else's life and say, "Hey, are you OK for this" when it could totally be a made up story.

HANNITY: Well, it's true. But maybe it's true that you offer sort of some counsel and advice. Look, you have a great head on your shoulders.

KARDASHIAN: Thank you.

HANNITY: You're doing terrifically well, and it's very nice to meet you.

KARDASHIAN: Thank you. And your dad — your dad, Robert, would have been proud. And I know Bruce is proud, because I've talked to him about you. So thank you for being with us.

KARDASHIAN: Thank you for having me.

HANNITY: Thanks.

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