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ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Do the CBS documents prove that somewhere someone is out to get the president?

Joining us now on the phone with an exclusive interview is Gary Killian the son of Colonel Jerry Killian, who is the alleged author of the documents in the CBS piece.

Gary, thank you for joining us once again. Tonight again on "60 Minutes" they covered the story. And Marion Carr Knox, who was your father's secretary says she thinks the documents are fake but that they accurately reflect your father's point of view.

How do you respond to that?



KILLIAN: Well, quickly and succinctly: She's wrong.

COLMES: She says that you have no way of knowing whether that is true. She said that tonight on "60 Minutes."

KILLIAN: Well, as to having never seen any documents like that that would be true. And neither has anyone else.

I only know and recollect my own conversations with my father regarding this and that doesn't reflect his feelings.


KILLIAN: Also, the documents themselves, which I have seen, for example, the one directing him to report to the clinic, people that were requested or directed to report to a clinic for a physical, those letters came from the clinic commander, not from operations.

COLMES: Here is what The New York Times reported today. I'll put it up on the screen. And it is again quoting your father's secretary, who says, "We did discuss Bush's conduct and it was a problem Killian was concerned about."

She says, "I think he was writing the memos so there would be some record that he was aware of what was going on and what he had done."

She talks about having discussed problems with Mr. Bush's conduct.

KILLIAN: Well, Marion Carr is a sweet lady. I've known her since I was six years old. It's been represented that she was my father's personal secretary. That's not true.

She really was directed to do typing for any officer within the operations area. Her primary responsibility was to support the group commander.

And she just wouldn't have had that information or that insight.

HANNITY: Sean Hannity here. Thanks for coming back. We know how inundated and how busy you've been of late.

KILLIAN: Hi, Sean.

HANNITY: Here is what the facts are. And she basically admits what you're saying. She's admitting they're a forgery. She's saying they're a forgery. She's saying they're not real.

This never would have made air if...

KILLIAN: Sean, my point is: We all know the documents are forgeries, so why are we talking about the contents of forged documents?

HANNITY: But there's more important information that I think gets to the heart of CBS' big credibility problem and I think they have now dug themselves even a bigger hole.

They went to you before this went to air. You told them this was false, that this didn't happen. Your step mom told them it was false, they weren't real, it didn't happen.

Both of you told CBS that your dad admired him and loved him, meaning George W. Bush. That's not in their original story.

KILLIAN: Well, love may be going a bit far, but you know what I'm saying. He had a high regard for him.

HANNITY: A very high regard. That was the wrong word. I apologize.

But they ignored the people that worked with your dad, that knew how he felt about George W. Bush, that they admired him. They ignored them and they...

KILLIAN: Absolutely.

HANNITY: ... went with this story in spite of all of that. What do you think of this now?

KILLIAN: Well, I think they're in way over their heads.

HANNITY: I mean, can you believe that the only thing they've got left is to just keep going back and saying, "Well, answer the questions even though the documents may be false. Just answer the questions?"

It's mind-boggling. To ignore you and your mom and the people that knew your dad well?

KILLIAN: Right. I've also read some statements from Mrs. Knox that indicate what while she didn't type these documents, she typed similar documents. The obvious question is, "OK, where are they?"

HANNITY: Well, that is the thing at this particular point in time I want to know is where this source came from.

Because if they turn out to be a forgery, they don't have any obligation anymore to protect that source. I think that ought to be revealed. I think that's an interesting question.

And, more importantly, I think they're really trying to use your dad to hurt President Bush politically.

KILLIAN: And that, Sean, is the part that I find most despicable about the whole thing: that they would try to use my deceased father to advance their own agenda.

COLMES: Well, I think we need more information to know who might be behind it if, indeed, that is the agenda. But Gary, we thank you very much for being with us tonight.

KILLIAN: You're welcome.

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