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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: In her new book entitled "Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton," Kathleen Willey takes us on a detailed account of the alleged assault in the Oval Office, to the fallout that followed, to the death of her husband.

Joining us now, Kathleen Willey.

It's been a long time. Thank you for being with us.

KATHLEEN WILLEY, AUTHOR, "TARGET": Thanks for having me.

HANNITY: Well, you've known you were going to write this book, and you know the Clinton operatives, because you've lived through this, they're — they're going to come out. They're going to assassinate your character. You've lived through this.

WILLEY: I have.

HANNITY: As has every woman who has ever accused Bill Clinton of anything. They've all gone through this, right?


HANNITY: And you are friends with Juanita Broaddrick.


HANNITY: You've talked to Paula Jones. We know that he admitted to lying about Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers.


HANNITY: So why put yourself in the middle of this at this point? You decided to do this. You said in the beginning you were concerned about Hillary, and you wanted to expose her for who she is.

WILLEY: This story is not about what happened in the Oval Office. It is about what happened to me after I was subpoenaed by Paula Jones's attorney. It was after I was subpoenaed by Ken Starr's investigation.

Terror, a terrible smear campaign, intimidation. No citizen in this country should be subjected to that kind of — terror.

HANNITY: But all the women that have made allegations have gone through similar things here. You talk about Hillary in this. Now this is a question. She got asked, I think, the toughest question in the campaign, a direct question: do you support illegal aliens getting legal driver's licenses? And now it's been a weeklong story.

Do you think she should have to answer the question that — whether or not she believes that you and Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones and Juanita lied, considering she's courting the women's vote so hard?

WILLEY: I do. I wish somebody would ask that question.

HANNITY: Do you think she'll ever get asked it?

WILLEY: I hope she does. I hope she does.

HANNITY: This — what happened to you, and you detailed this in the book. You go through what he did to you in that Oval Office. Remind people of the circumstances, because you were a Democrat. Right?

WILLEY: A strong Democrat.

HANNITY: And a big supporter of Bill and Hillary's.

WILLEY: A very big supporter. We raised a lot of money. We started Virginians for Clinton.


WILLEY: I volunteered. I worked in the inaugural. I worked in his social office. I worked in counsel's office.

HANNITY: And so here your husband gets in trouble. Your family is in trouble. And you — walk us through what happened to remind people that day when you walked in the Oval Office. First of all, you were close enough to get in a meeting with the president in the Oval Office. What happened?

WILLEY: I went in. I was distraught. I was upset. My husband was in the middle of a financial crisis. I needed to stop volunteering, I needed to get a regular job to help him through this to help my family and my children. We had two children in college. And I went to see him.

And I've talked about what happened in this — in the Oval Office in the grand jury. I've talked about it on "60 Minutes". It's detailed in the book. It was a terrible ordeal for me. And I — no woman should be subjected to it. It was an assault.

HANNITY: He assaulted you.


HANNITY: He — and you — he touched, grabbed, fondled, and kissed you against your will?

WILLEY: Yes, yes.

HANNITY: And it's an allegation that was not made by one woman. It was made by multiple women.

WILLEY: Many of us.

HANNITY: And so what — for those that are going to say, this is old, you know. Republicans need to focus on the campaign. How does this impact Hillary? Where is the focus on Hillary here? She's running now. He's out of office.

WILLEY: Hillary claims to be and wants us to think that she's a champion of women's rights. She's a women's advocate. She's a feminist. She has enabled his behavior for over 30 years. This started way before they got married. This is all documented in my book.

COLMES: Hey, Kathleen, in the book, as well, which we're talking about here tonight — first of all, thank you for coming on the show.

WILLEY: Thanks for having me.

COLMES: And thank you for mentioning me in the Q&A we had, in the book as well.

The — what you just talked about having happened in the Oval Office, as you know, Linda Tripp is not exactly on my side of the equation here. Talked about in sworn testimony that you were flirting with the president. She talked about you were wearing a particular dress, dressing a certain way to attract his attention.

She said after the meeting you rushed back to her office, described the meeting and you were smiling from ear to ear. That night you had talked to Linda Tripp on the phone. You had talked about his schedule, where he was going to be. And you talked about, she says, about whether you would become the girlfriend of the president.

WILLEY: No, no.

COLMES: That was Linda Tripp and what she had to say.

WILLEY: No. No, no, no, that did not happen. That...

COLMES: Why would Linda Tripp be saying all this?

WILLEY: Linda Tripp since has vindicated me in — in an interview with Larry King.

COLMES: She said this in — this is what she said in sworn testimony.

WILLEY: Well, she since has vindicated me. She said she misread the situation. She was wrong. Larry King asked her a direct question: "Do you think Kathleen is an honest woman?"

She said, "Yes, I do."

COLMES: Well, I'm just telling you that's what she said in sworn testimony. She said it under oath.

WILLEY: I know what she said. I know what she said. I was there. I saw her. I talked to her. I told her what happened. I befriended her.

COLMES: You mentioned the — being subpoenaed after all this.


COLMES: Now let me put up on the screen what Robert Ray said and having investigated the situation, the independent counsel. He said, "Willey's testimony to the grand jury about the alleged incident differed materially from her deposition testimony given in Jones v. Clinton." You said at your deposition that Clinton did not fondle you. The final report of the independent counsel in Madison Guarantee Savings & Loan regarding Monica Lewinsky and others that there was a difference in the things you said in those two different appearances. Why would Robert Ray say that?

WILLEY: Robert Ray had an agenda. Robert Ray...

COLMES: He did?

WILLEY: Yes. He wanted to run for Senate from New Jersey when this was over. You know, he needed political support.

COLMES: He wasn't a liberal. He wasn't a Democrat.

WILLEY: I know. He also got arrested for stalking a woman, too, many years ago.

COLMES: But does that have anything to do with this?

WILLEY: Well, I don't know.

COLMES: I don't know anything about his arrest for stalking a woman.

WILLEY: Well, I do. I do.

COLMES: He also said — let me put this. "Willey gave false information to the FBI about her sexual relationship with a former boyfriend, and acknowledged having lied about it when the agents confronted her with contradictory evidence."

You actually talk about this in the book.


COLMES: And you admit that you told untruths about a former boyfriend.

WILLEY: I had a romantic relationship with a man younger than I, who pursued me. It was not long after my husband's death. I didn't handle it well. I didn't handle — it ended badly. I didn't handle it well. I did something that was wrong. And I admitted it. And I am embarrassed by what I did.

That doesn't say that I lied under oath in the grand jury. I was shocked by the questions from the FBI. I had — I had been questioned for 75-100 hours. And it got real personal. And it got to that point, they asked me the question, and I was not truthful about it.

COLMES: We're going to pick it up right there in just a moment. More about the scandal that shook the Clinton White House. But could this book affect a Clinton White House repeat? That and much more, coming up.


COLMES: We now continue with the author of the new book, "Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton", Kathleen Willey.

You've admitted lying to an ex-boyfriend about being pregnant. We have some of these discrepancies that I've put up on the screen in terms of Robert Ray. So why should we believe you now?

WILLEY: Because I'm telling the truth. This isn't about — this is not about what happened in the Oval Office. This isn't about something that happened to me 12 years ago. This is about what's happening today.

This is about what Hillary Clinton is doing to women like me so that she can attain the presidency. She wants us all to be quiet.

COLMES: Well, I'm not sure I would agree with that. But one of the other things you say in the book, you claim that a public investigator, Jack Palladino, admitted to a San Francisco talk show host, Melanie Morgan...


COLMES: ... that he was involved in harassing you and killing your cat.

WILLEY: No, I didn't say Jack Palladino did it.

COLMES: What are you saying?

WILLEY: I did not say that. Melanie Morgan met Jack Palladino, and she said to him, "Aren't you ashamed about what you have done to Kathleen Willey?"

His response to her was, "No. But I am ashamed that Hillary did not pay me in a timely fashion."

COLMES: For doing what? Are we talking about the death of your cat?

WILLEY: Investigating me, harassing me, intimidating me. That doesn't mean Jack Palladino himself did it. He's good —

COLMES: Do you think he hired other people to do it?

WILLEY: Sure. Yes.

COLMES: He says it's untrue.

WILLEY: He's been on the Clinton payroll for years.

COLMES: But he's saying, essentially, that that conversation never took place and that he may sue over that — over the statement.

WILLEY: Good. I'm sure Melanie welcomes that. I believe Melanie 100 percent.

COLMES: And he also says that what's claimed to be a cat, an FBI forensic team actually got that and found out it was a raccoon, not a cat.

WILLEY: Wait a second now. Wait one second. Two days after my deposition in the Paula Jones case, I opened my front door. I live out in the country. There was an animal skull sitting on my porch. That was put there by somebody.

I have never seen before that — never saw any kind of an animal part. I have dogs and cats. It was sitting on my porch, facing the door when I opened it.

COLMES: Do you have any evidence of anybody purposely putting it there and who that might have been?

WILLEY: Did I see anybody do it? No. But — I would not see anybody do that.

COLMES: Do you think the Clintons would be involved?

WILLEY: Yes, I think Bill and Hillary Clinton tip-toed up on my porch.

COLMES: They themselves, a president of United States would be involved in putting an animal on your porch?

WILLEY: I think Hillary — I know that Hillary and Bill Clinton participated in hiring people like Jack Palladino, like Terry Lenzner, like Palatano out in California to intimidate me, Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Dolly (INAUDIBLE) and others that I can't name.

HANNITY: Dick — Dick Morris called them the secret police.

WILLEY: Secret police.

HANNITY: And he went into great detail. But this was the strategy to stop the bimbo eruptions, et cetera, here.

I want to go back to this. On the eve of your testimony in the Paula Jones case, there was — you lost your cat. And there was somebody came up to you, a stranger, and mentioned...

WILLEY: He had run away, or he had — just turned up missing.

HANNITY: Your cat did. But you ran into a stranger who mentioned the loss of your cat, and your cat's name, and your children by name.

WILLEY: I didn't run into him. He approached me one morning. He alluded to the fact. He alluded to my cat by name in the past tense. He said, "How is that — how is — he was a nice cat." He said, "That Bullseye was a nice cat."

HANNITY: And that was a direct threat, you believe, on the eve of your testimony to let you know the cat's gone?

WILLEY: That was followed by — that was followed by, "How are your children?" And he named them by name. That was followed — that was followed by this naming of very dear friends to the children. That was fired by, "Did you ever get those tires fixed?" I had three out of four tires of my car flattened by a nail gun.

He said — let me finish — he said, "You're just not getting the message, are you?" That was the threat to go in and lie under oath.

HANNITY: You know, I'm listening to the liberals attacking here. And it's amazing that Bill Clinton, who did lie, you know. And then you're questioning your veracity and your integrity. He did lie about Monica. He did lie about Gennifer Flower. And he had finally, in the end, had to admit at least one issue, the affair.

You know, I did a lot of research tonight, and I tried to find Hillary Clinton ever commenting on what her — you know, Hillary directly being asked about you. Do you know of an instance where she was? Or about Juanita? Or about Paula Jones? "Do you believe these women?" I can't find it.

WILLEY: Katherine Prudhomme asked her in New Hampshire.

HANNITY: That was the only time I found.

WILLEY: That was the only time. That's the only time. I don't think she's been asked right about me. I think I would have heard about it.

HANNITY: And you say other women contacted you?


HANNITY: How many?

WILLEY: At least — I remember between 10 and 12 women contacted me anonymously, told me about specific incidences in the Oval Office and otherwise.

HANNITY: Kathleen, grateful. Thank you for being with us.

WILLEY: OK. Thank you.

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