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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Now, there is huge news. Our State Department does not think this is good news, and it's about a former president. According to the Associated Press, the terrorist group Hamas has confirmed that former President Jimmy Carter will meet with exiled Hamas leader Khaled Meshal.

We called the former President's office and got the dodge. President Carter's press secretary would only say by e-mail "The schedule is still being firmed up, so I can neither confirm nor deny speculation about any specific meetings that might take place."

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Well, if the meeting is planned, is it a bad idea? What would the fallout be?

Plus, last night Elton John—yes, this is a political story—rocked New York City. He headlined a concert to raise money for Senator Clinton. The concert raised $2.5 million. But what Elton John sang is not getting the attention today. It's what he said.


SIR ELTON JOHN, SINGER: I've always been a Hillary supporter. There is no one more qualified to lead the Americans than Hillary Clinton.

Having said that, I never cease to be amazed of the misogynistic attitude of some of the people in this country. I say to hell with them. This lady (INAUDIBLE).


VAN SUSTEREN: Joining us live is the former Deputy Chief of Staff and senior advisor of President George W. Bush and now FOX News contributor, Karl Rove. Nice to see you, Karl.

ROVE: Great to see you, Greta.


Jimmy Carter's office won't confirm, but the AP says they have spoken to some sources, and that former President Jimmy Carter is meeting with a Hamas leader in Syria on April 18. The State Department is not happy. What do you think?

ROVE: Well, first of all, Hamas has itself said that the meeting is going to take place. They've confirmed the meeting.

If Jimmy Carter was unaware that this is a terrorist group that kills Americans and denies the right of Israel to exist, then his meeting is naive. If he is aware that they're a terrorist group, then it is deeply irresponsible. And, in either case, it is dangerous to the path to peace in the Middle East.

This is a very bad, bad thing that Jimmy Carter has done if he has already planned a meeting with Khaled Meshal.

VAN SUSTEREN: What can be done if the Bush administration wants to take another run at former President Carter to get him not to do it? Does the State Department call him? Should President Bush pick up the phone? What can be done or should be done?

ROVE: Well, the State Department has twice cautioned him not to do this. Remember, this is a group that denies Israel's right to exist and engages in violence to end Israel.

The 5,000 rockets have been launched by Hamas from Gaza against southern Israel. Dozens of suicide bombers have been commissioned by Hamas. Remember, one of them in 2002 killed 30 people at a Passover dinner in March of 2002.

There are 26 Americans who have been victims of Hamas. Today Congressman Mark Kirk of Illinois put out a statement reminding us of their names. There was David and Neva Applebaum(ph) who were killed before their marriage. There was Telia Nathanson(ph), who was three-year-old. There was Shamil Tomenfeld(ph), who was three-months-old. This is a violent, dangerous, terroristic organization. And Meshal himself in December of 2006 called on Muslims around the world to kill Americans. Was President Carter not aware of this? This is a man who, after 9/11, encouraged Hamas celebrations of the attack on our soil.

I mean, President Carter, if he has not confirmed this meeting and not announced it, ought to undo the meeting and not meet with this terrorist. He has a responsibility to the office of the American people who elected him to uphold the prestige of the office and not squander it by meeting with tin horn tyrants and terrorists in Syria.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. I only have 30 seconds left, but let me quick jump to other topic—Elton John saying we have a misogynistic—used to be called "sexist"—attitude in this country. What do you think about what he says? Is Senator Clinton getting hit a little bit harder than Senator Obama?

ROVE: She's getting hit harder than Senator Obama, but it's because she's a woman, it's because she's running a lousy campaign and giving both Obama and the press opportunities to beat up on her, such as the fib about Bosnia.

VAN SUSTEREN: And Senator Obama, is he getting treated fairly by the media, or is he getting a ride?

ROVE: Well, he's been treated with kid gloves. But, again, I don't think it has to do with man and woman. I think it's just that she is running an appallingly bad campaign, has bad relation was the press, and he's an inspiring, heroic figure in the eyes of many journalists, and, as a result, they've applied a different standard to him.

VAN SUSTEREN: Thank you, Karl. Sorry to cut you so short, but the breaking news changed everything. Thank you, Karl.

ROVE: That's all right, Greta. You bet.

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