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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Natalee Holloway's father recently met with the Aruba prosecutor for about four hours. Joining us live from Birmingham is Natalee’s stepfather, Jug Twitty. Welcome, Jug.


VAN SUSTEREN: Jug, this meeting that Dave Holloway had with the prosecutor, four hours long, what can you tell us about it?

TWITTY: I don’t think anything really came out of it, Greta. I was disappointed. You know, the last time I asked Beth today, I said, you know, Have you talked to Karin Janssen? When’s the last time you talked to her? And honestly, the last time that she’s talked to Karin Janssen was August the 28th. And what’s today, the 27th of September? I mean, that’s almost a month ago, and that was when I was with Beth down there. We flew back down to have a meting with Karin.

And it was such a heated conversation that after we left the meeting, she cut my information off. You know, I had a person that was a liaison between the police and us, a personal friend, and before I could even get back to the hotel room, she had already called and cut it off.

VAN SUSTEREN: Why was it heated on August 28?

TWITTY: Because I think I was asking questions that she didn’t know that I knew about, things that she wouldn’t tell me and I was confronting her with, you know, things like the blood in the car. If you’ll remember, way early on in the investigation, even the prime minister came and said, Yes, they found blood in the car. The FBI said they found blood in the car. She says they didn’t. She says they — I know for a fact that they cut parts out of the seat, cut parts out of the ceiling of Deepak’s car, and they sent them wherever to get tested. And she said no. Initially, the FBI said there was blood all over the car, but then they came back and said now it’s cleaning fluid. And I went ballistic in the meeting. And you know, there are a lot of other things that I went ballistic on because she’s so vague on everything that she tells you. You know, here’s a perfect example, when she hasn’t communicated with Beth in a month. So another...

VAN SUSTEREN: And, go ahead. I’m sorry.

TWITTY: No, I mean just things like, you know, one of the things when I left down there last time, we have another attorney, Helen, and Helen asked that three of the people that were with Beth and I that night we first arrived on the island, the FBI took their statements when they came back to the United States, but obviously, the Aruban police really didn’t use their statements because I believe that the people there the first night, like myself, could give you answers as to what Joran said, what his dad said, what happened, all this kind of stuff.

So my attorney asked that we come back to the United States, take these three people, go to a federal judge, have them sworn in, and we have a federal judge here that was kind enough to help us bring these three friends in that were there that night and take their sworn statements. And of course, my attorney in Birmingham is calling down there, asking Karin Janssen, What exactly do you want? She won’t even return his phone calls. I mean, it’s pitiful. It’s horrible.

VAN SUSTEREN: The two of you got into it a little bit on the 28th, and she’s cut you off. But when she met with Dave, Natalee’s father, for four hours, did she talk about the investigation for Natalee, or did it go off on collateral issues?

TWITTY: No. She talked about the issues as far as Natalee, you know, having problems with her family with Beth and I or with her father, or whatever. Of course, all this stuff was talked about way early on in the investigation. She talked about $1 million life insurance policy on Natalee, which is just crazy. She talked about my brother being in the banking business, being in money laundering. And I mean, I just don’t know where this stuff’s coming from, Greta. It’s like she’s not even trying to find out the answers, she’s trying to find out everything, you know, that could be wrong, as far as our family goes. You know, it drives me crazy.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did Dave walk away, if you know, with the sense that he had gotten some information, or did he walk away with a sense of frustration from this four-hour meeting?

TWITTY: I can’t tell you that because I haven’t talked to Dave. You know, I’ve talked to Beth. I’ve seen some e-mails that Beth has sent me back that Dave’s e-mailed back and forth to them down there. But it’s frustrating. You know me, Greta. I mean, you’ve been to my house. You probably know me better than any of the people that I’ve talked to, you know, in the media, and I’m a high-strung person. I’ve kind of tried to stay back lately because, you know, first of all, I have a lot of friends that were affected by Katrina and our business was affected by that, so I’ve kind of stayed back and let Beth do this. But you know, I have a real problem with the prosecutor. Either she’s hiding something down there, or she doesn’t have any backbone.

VAN SUSTEREN: Which do you think it is?

TWITTY: I don’t know. I really don’t. I mean, I cannot understand why she can’t communicate with the family, I can’t understand why, you know, she doesn’t take and go back to the beginning and talk to the people that know the answers. There’s a lot of people there that first night. You know, why they didn’t take my statement until 33 days after? Why she will not admit — and this was one of the things we got in a heated conversation abut, in my meeting with her on August the 28 — why she will not admit she made a mistake in not arresting those boys the night after we brought them to them on a silver platter and let them go for nine days. Her deal was, We’re going to let them go. We’re going to try to, you know, be like catching a mouse in a trap. We’re going to track them. They got nothing. I mean, you know, they were going to tape their phones. They were going to do this. They were going to — they got nothing.

VAN SUSTEREN: And of course...

TWITTY: And she’s...

VAN SUSTEREN: ... no information.

TWITTY: Yes, she basically tells me, you know, this is the same thing as Van Der Sloot. You know, you keep acting like this, Mr. Twitty, you know, we’re going to quit. And you know, I said, Well, that’s a great attitude to have.

VAN SUSTEREN: Jug, as always, thank you for joining us.

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