Judge Jeanine: Time for Republicans to start wielding power

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JEANINE PIRRO, HOST, JUSTICE WITH PIRRO: Hello and welcome to "Justice." I'm Jeanine Pirro. Live tonight in Washington, DC. Thanks for being us tonight. And a patch show, White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley, Congressman Mark Meadows, Fox News Contributor Sara Carter and David Bossie are just some of tonight's live guests.

But first to my opening statement. So, they decide to trash, belittle and shame the president and his family including the first lady, making fun of their accent, their intellectual capability, their hair, you name it.

And they decide to ignore a congressional subpoena for Department of Justice documents on the FISA abuse scandal and the Hillary Clinton investigation. So who are they? And who do we blame for the repeated trashing of the first lady? Why is it open on the First Family? Who do we blame for the refusal to honor congressional subpoenas?

There is only one group to blame, and that group is the Republican Party. How did we get so lost? How is it that these people are so comfortable, so at ease hanging effigy, the bloody head of our president, laughing about killing him in the elevator, laughing about blowing up the White House, threatening to beat up the president?

They criticize the intellect of our president, a Wharton graduate who got a 30 out of 30 on an acuity test when they, Robert de Niro, Chelsey Handler, Madonna, Sean Penn and Johnny Depp never got past the 12th grade.

They do it with such ease and no shame. Why? The do it because they can. Because they have learned there are no consequences, that nothing happens to them when they do.

Barack Obama on the other hand, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi promote resistance and obstruction. Police are told to stand down and not arrest. Hollywood jumps in trying to brainwash everyone that the president, Republicans and anyone who believes in law and order is the enemy while ideological federal judges follow the narrative.

As President Trump seeks to protect us on our border because Border Patrol agents are swamped, they chant in unison that he is a racist, a fascist. They dither as to whether or not they want their border protected.

And in the case of Oregon's Governor Kate Brown, she refuse border protection and refuse to assist other states three days after she accepted a large donation from George Soros. Hey, Kate, a geography primer, you weren't even in the picture.

Take a look at this map. Your state isn't on the southern border where the operation is being conducted. The Democrats are comfortable doing what they do because they've learned how to wield power like the FBI and the Department of Justice when they decided that one of their own would not be prosecuted.

Like when they prioritized illegal criminals over American citizens, proudly declaring themselves to be sanctuary. They have learned what to do when they are in power, covering for their own like allowing a corrupt charitable foundation, which in reality is a pay-for-play international racketeering syndicate.

They have instituted a deep state channel government to continue their agenda even when they are gone from power. And unlike Republicans, they've learned to circle their wagons. They are in lock step with each other on Russia collusion narrative when we all know the only collusion was the cash flow of hundreds of millions that went into Bill and Hillary's corrupt foundation for our uranium.

And even though Democrats lost the House, the Senate and the Oval, they are still running the country with the help of establishment Republicans. And as a result, the Trumps are fair game. The president colluded with the Russians and must be impeached. Melania is an idiot. Ivanka's successful clothing line must be removed from the shelves, and Eric's charity gave more than 98 percent to help childhood cancer victims. His charity must be shut down.

Donny takes an innocent meeting and they say he has committed treason. Their hate is vicious and it's real. And as they march proudly in their pink hats oblivious to the irony of their deafening silence when their Democrat president was getting sexual favors from an intern in the Oval Office while he was president.

It's time for the Republicans to start wielding power. They've got to learn to stop their namby-pamby spineless finger to the wind approach to running the country. It's time for Republicans to stop fighting with each other and start supporting the president. How can you Republicans possibly let the DOJ, the Attorney General, and the FBI stonewall you? Put on your big boy pants and use the Department of Justice and the FBI to investigate and prosecute those who violated our laws.

And while you are at it, stop apologizing for our Second Amendment because this ain't going to end well unless and until Republicans get the guts to wield the power to run our government the way it's supposed to be run.

And that's my open. Tell me what you think on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page, #judgejeanine.

And joining me now, White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley. How are you, Hogan?


PIRRO: All right, good, thank you. Now, they talk about this and I want to talk about the border. I keep hearing about this caravan of immigrants traveling through Mexico on their way to us. What's going on? Who are they? And what is happening?

GIDLEY: Well, obviously, Mexico is an ally. We are working with them and I think this is beginning to break up, but what this does is it exposes exactly what's going on in our country that for whatever reason, Democrats refuse to acknowledge. They pretend it's not urgent that people are coming across into our country illegally.

We have seen a 200 percent increase from March of this year and March of last year of illegal people crossing into this country.

PIRRO: But why? I thought...


GIDLEY: Fifty thousand last month...

PIRRO: Fifty thousand increase?

GIDLEY: Last month, absolutely -- no 50,000 last month alone were caught at the border coming in illegally.

PIRRO: Okay, so let me ask you this, when the president came in, he -- it declined 70 percent. Why all of a sudden is it is it up again?

GIDLEY: It declined because of the Trump effect, what he ran on and what he promised. He got in office and no one wanted to come here because they knew they would be deported. They knew they would be subjected to our laws.

Instead, Democrats and Congress have obstructed and dithered and haven't fixed the problem. And now smugglers are telling people on the other side of the border, "Come across. They are not going to do anything."

And the number one function of the federal government as you know, is to protect the American people. President Donald Trump without fail, without question and without apology will do that and has done that since the moment he took office.

PIRRO: Okay, now a couple of things, you said that we are working with Mexico. There was a time when Mexico was allowing those you know, 150,000 whatever it was from Central America -- Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala to come through and they were letting them in on the trains. Now, we've got a better relationship with Mexico?

GIDLEY: We are working with them. The president obviously has a good relationship with the president of Mexico.

PIRRO: Absolutely not.

GIDLEY: Absolutely, but there is still -- Mexico's laws for immigration are much stronger than ours.

PIRRO: Oh, yes.

GIDLEY: They can take a court right to the border and if they catch you, you are gone within two days. We release you in two days and say, "Hey, by the way, there is a court date you have to come back for later." If you are from a Central American country. If you're from Mexico, you can go back immediately.

If you are from a Central American country, you come in and they say, "Come back for a court date to be determined." No one comes back on the court date.

PIRRO: No one. Of course not, and now, the Obama "catch and release," where we catch you, just what you are talking about, and you can show up if you feel like it. That's over. The president put an end to "catch and release."

GIDLEY: We are absolutely working to put an end to this immediately. This is one of those egregious loopholes that are in the law that allow people to come here and claim all types of things as it relates to, " I want to be free in this country for credible fear," for example. We have seen a 1,700 percent, 1,700 -- not 17, not 170, 1,700 percent increase in people claiming credible fear from their previous country and...

PIRRO: Oh, so for asylum.

GIDLEY: Right. So, they want asylum here and they get it.

PIRRO: Okay, now, let's talk about the role that drugs play in this quick increase of the last month. And by the way, the president making this decision, was this decision made because he didn't get we wanted in the Omnibus Bill for the wall?

GIDLEY: Look, if Congress doesn't act, the president will. This ultimately though, if it is going to be fixed in totality, if we're going to have a long-lasting solution that protects this nation, it has to be done via Congress.

What we have seen are Democrats saying, "There is no urgency on the border. This is all made up." Not true. The numbers are coming in from VHS. We now understand the waves begin in the spring. They realize Congress hasn't done anything. They stood up and said, "We would rather shut down the government..." if you remember the Schumer shutdown, over hundreds of thousands of people who are here illegally and unlawfully as opposed to the protection of hundreds of millions of American citizens. And that's where we are.

PIRRO: When I was at the border, Hogan, I actually spoke to people who said they are basically doing their own protection because there is no wall. There is no fence. There is no technology and all that crap that they talk about. That they literally have to keep people and trespassers -- illegals -- off their property.

And they are left to their own devices. If they hurt someone, an illegal, then they end up getting sued.

GIDLEY: Right, and that's one of the reasons we put actually, the president decided to mobilize the National Guard, to send people down because it allows us to put more badges on the border, the ones who can actually make the arrests, the ones that can actually detain people who are here illegally and the ones that can work to send them back to their country of origin.

PIRRO: Okay, now do we have enough judges? I mean, once the -- let's say the National Guard assists in the arrest or in the detention. Where do they go? We keep them. We are not releasing them. Will that work?

GIDLEY: The backlog is massive and that's one of the things we want to do to break that up. And that's one of the things the president asked for in this last piece of legislation.

PIRRO: Did he get it?


GIDLEY: One of the four pillars, it's not in there. We have got to have more judges down there. We have got to have more people on the border. That's what the president is pushing for because we have to protect this nation.

PIRRO: There were a lot of judges who were forced to retire at 70. Maybe the president ought to use them. You know, they would be happy to show up at the border.

GIDLEY: Maybe we could send you down there.

PIRRO: Well, you wouldn't have to wear a robe. You could ride your horse in like they did in the old days.

GIDLEY: That's right.

PIRRO: Hogan Gidley, thanks so much for being with us.

GIDLEY: Thank you so much.

PIRRO: And joining me now with more reaction on the battle to secure our border, former Pinal County sheriff Paul Babeau. He served as a major in the Arizona National Guard and commanded 12,000 National Guardsmen in 2006 when President Bush dispatched, as I understand 6,000 National Guards to the border.


PIRRO: That's correct. All right, Sheriff, good to have you here.

BABEAU: Thanks, Judge.

PIRRO: Thank you. Talk to us on why now? Why is there an increase and why is the president saying, "I have had enough. I want to send the National Guard?"

BABEAU: Well, we are seeing now -- those south of the border are saying in fact, "Hey, let's probe, let's test the resolve of this president." Because the laws by Congress are still handcuffing our system. This "catch and release" was still allowed up until this week.

So, the president did a terrific thing in signing that order ending "catch and release" and Sessions who has been late to the game is really pushing hard and I applaud him for that.

What we need, he is sending 4,000 National Guards and I caution this whole process and this deployment because there are some who are advising the president to send, "Hey, let's send mechanics to fix the Border Patrol vehicles. Let's send admin support so they can do paperwork and they can do some of the surveillance and their communication center."

I was a commander of those who did that work and then also, far more importantly, armed soldiers. Actually, issued 120 rounds of ammunition. They were deployed directly on the border, so you had three to five soldiers right on the border with a military vehicle. We actually had a bank of lights that lit them up at nighttime so they were in full plain view.

PIRRO: So, Paul, let me ask you this...


PIRRO: The National Guard was deputized to make arrests?

BABEAU: No, and so I have the law enforcement background and the military. They didn't need to because that show of force -- everyone in the world knows America's military is the most powerful, so those south of the border, you have to understand, you understand this as a judge, nobody wants to get caught.

So, when they see that show of force, they say, "My god, we are not going through here." So, any of these high traffic or built-up areas, that's where you deploy our armed soldiers and that's what's needed.

PIRRO: All right, quickly, before we end, George Bush did this, other presidents have done this. When are we going to do it for once and for all? What is it going to take to stop the flow of drugs, human trafficking and all the illegalities coming across the border? What is it going to take?

BABEAU: Well, you build the wall. But the two components that worked in UMA, we had a 94 percent reduction in illegals and in drug smuggling, and how that worked was streamline, which was prosecute everybody who came across the border and formally deport them.

The president in effect just ordered that for all nine sectors of the Border Patrol, so that is win one for the president. He set the table.

The second part of this, he has to deploy, in my recommendation armed soldiers to the border. If you are going to send America's military, that's hard force. Don't send a temp service for mechanics and all of these other support.

Support the Border Patrol. They will come in and make the arrests just as they did in UMA and you will see this border is secured once and for all when the wall is built finally with President Trump.

PIRRO: All right, Paul Babeau, thank you so much for being us tonight.

BABEAU: Thank you, Judge.

PIRRO: All right, and David Bossie and Dick Morris still on deck tonight and next, the new document that show exactly why Andrew McCabe deserved to be fired from the FBI. Congressman Mark Meadows talking about it with me live right here, next.

Developing tonight, President Trump blasting the DOJ and FBI in a series of tweets, one of which reads as follows, "Lawmakers at the House Judiciary Committee are angrily accusing the Department of Justice for missing the Thursday deadline for turning over un-redacted documents relating to FISA abuse of FBI Comey, Lynch, McCabe, Clinton e-mails and much more. Slow walking. What is going on? Bad."

My next guess is as fed up as the president and me and demanding action too. House Freedom Caucus Chariman, Mark Meadows joins us this evening, and Congressman, thanks for being with us.

REP. MARK MEADOWS, R-NORTH CAROLINA: It's great to be with you.

PIRRO: Don't you love working on Saturday nights, too?

MEADOWS: You know, hey, most Americans work on Saturday nights.

PIRRO: Yes, they do, including yours truly. All right, look, the president is fed up. I hear there are 1.2 million documents. You guys have been demanding them for months and months and months...

PIRRO: And now, you had a return on the execution -- on the -- we turned out a warrant and they gave you nothing.

MEADOWS: They gave us absolutely nothing and the president has a right to be frustrated. I am frustrated, but you know what? Enough with the talk.

PIRRO: So, what are you going to do?

MEADOWS: You know, here are the next two things that we have to do, is we have given a very short deadline. I have given a deadline of this week. We need to see the documents...

PIRRO: But the deadline was Thursday?

MEADOWS: The easiest thing for them to do at this particular point, Rod Rosenstein can call Michael Horowitz who has the documents and say, "Just give them to Congress." If he doesn't do that, if he is -- and you are right, he avoided the subpoena. The deadline came and went, all we got was a phone call.


MEADOWS: ... and I think what we have to do is -- there is a growing consensus of holding them in contempt of Congress, but it's not enough to just stop there. We have to have someone who is actually willing to do the job.

And if the Deputy Attorney General is not willing to do it and not willing to allow to us have our constitutional oversight authority supported, then we'll find someone who can.

PIRRO: Well, does that mean you guys are going to get rid of Rod Rosenstein?

MEADOWS: I think that if he does not turn over the documents, that there are a growing number of us on Capitol Hill who believe that someone else needs to do the job and what happens there is we have gotten constitutionally, we have some things that we can do.

PIRRO: Well, look, you know what? Look, as far as I am concerned, and I come from a different area. I come from law enforcement, you know, you don't respond to a subpoena, you get a search warrant. You go in with whatever you need and you get what you want. Like they did to Paul Manafort.

This guy -- its five in the morning. They don't send him a letter and say, "Please," they do not do a press conference. The Feds didn't sent the subpoena. They go in and get it. We might as well do that?

MEADOWS: Well, therein -- as part of the problem is we have got the Department of Justice and the FBI that are the ones that are obstructing this, the very law enforcement agencies that are...

PIRRO: And they are obstructing it because it will show what?

MEADOWS: Well, I can tell you what we have found already. We have found a number of documents that would indicate that there was coordination with the White House, coordination...

PIRRO: With the Obama White House.

MEADOWS: With the Obama White House, coordination with the State Department. So, it goes well beyond what we know. And here is the problem, the reason why we know that is because we have taken those un- redacted documents and actually gone over and figure out what it said behind the redactions and these are the things that the DOJ and the FBI had been hiding from members of Congress and they have been hiding it for four months.

PIRRO: You know, when the Department of Justice, our Department of Justice, Donald Trump is the President, they resist handing over Hillary Clinton's e-mails because they say she is a private citizen. You know the deep state, the shadow government is running things.

MEADOWS: Well, you not only see that, Judge, here is the other thing. The speed of which they started investigating candidate Donald Trump, now President Trump was at warp speed. Nothing happens fast in this city, and yet they went ahead and moved unbelievably fast to investigate this president during a campaign.

And if it was coordinated in any part by the White House, we already know that Brennan was briefing...

PIRRO: John Brennan...

MEADOWS: John Brennan of the CIA was briefing Harry Reid alone in August during August recess and that there was this mysterious letter that came after that, but there are just too many coincidences.

And what I am here to tell you is I am fed up. I have had enough. My good friend, Jim Jordan is fed up. I talked to him earlier today. We are going to not only demand answers but we are going to demand action.

PIRRO: Today is Saturday...


PIRRO: By next Friday, if you don't get what you want?

MEADOWS: I think what you will see is not just Jim and I, but Chairman Nunes, a number of others will actually go to really those areas that we have within our purview under the constitution to compel them to actually produce the documents.

PIRRO: And if they don't, how do you get rid of Rosenstein?

MEADOWS: Well, I think the first area is really a contempt of Congress, but certainly...


PIRRO: But Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress and nothing happened.

MEADOWS: You know, one of the things that we have -- a tool in our tool box is impeachment. It's a privilege motion. Any member of Congress...


PIRRO: I like that.

MEADOWS: ... can do that.

PIRRO: All right, I like that. Did you hear that, folks? Impeachment. Congressman Mark Meadows, thank you so much for being with us tonight.

MEADOWS: Great to be with you.

PIRRO: Good to see you. All right, and the outrageous comments of the week with my guest, David Bossie, still ahead.

And next, Sara Carter and David Tafuri join here live to talk about immigration, border security and more. The panel is next as "Justice" rolls on.

ROBERT GRAY, CORRESPONDENT, FOX NEWS: Live from America's News Headquarters, I'm Robert Gray.

One man dead and four firefighters injured in a fire at Trump Tower in New York City. Now, the four-alarm fire broke in a residence on the 50th floor about three hours ago. The victim is identified as a 67-year-old man.

The four firefighters suffered only minor injuries. No members of the First Family were present at the time of the fire. So, far no word on a cause.

Two US service members have died in a helicopter crash. It happened last night during a training exercise at Fort Campbell in Kentucky. The soldiers were members of the 101st Airborne Division, their names have not been released.

This marks the fourth military aircraft crash this week killing a total of seven service members. In one of those incidents, four marines were killed in a helicopter crash. Now back to the judge.


ALI NOORANI, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, NATIONAL IMMIGRATION FORUM: Immigrants are helping create jobs in California. I mean, Tucker, you are trying to label the promising...


TUCKER CARLSON, HOST, TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT: I am not labeling, what I am doing is asking -- no, no. What I am asking for is an adult conversation, which is what...


NOORANI: ... which is what I am providing you.

CARLSON: No, because you're not. You told me, you literally stared at the camera, like I am some kind of moron and said, it's the ag sector that is driving immigration in California. I know the numbers. That's not even untrue, it's ridiculous.


PIRRO: An intense battle on how to secure our border with Mexico playing out across the country this week.

May panel is here and ready to battle it out as well. Fox news contributor, Sara Carter, and former Obama campaign foreign policy adviser, David Tafuri, join me now.

All right, guys, you just saw that. And, you know what, Sara, I am going to start with you because I know you spent some time on the border. So, Tucker's guest there is saying basically the whole problem with the border is that the ag sector is dragging the illegals across the border for jobs and the Americans, I have heard this one before, need drugs, so we are kind of bringing them over ourselves.

SARA CARTER, CONTRIBUTOR, FOX NEWS: Oh that is just completely a joke. That's false on his face. I mean, of course, there is this supply and demand for narcotics and that is a problem that we have to deal with in our country, and of course, there is cheap agriculture.

But let's be honest, the border has been a problem for decades and more than that, it's not just a problem about people crossing the border. It's a national security issue for our country now.

It has been extremely dangerous. Part of the problem is, there is not enough Border Patrol agents. Their hands were tied behind their backs for the last eight years. They were out there on the border. I can tell you, Judge, because I was out there with them. I would see troves of people coming into this country.

Not just from Mexico and Honduras and Central America, from China, from Pakistan, from India, from Somalia. So, how do we...

PIRRO: I mean, how do we stop this? What do we need?

CARTER: We really need an overall policy that not only targets employers. I mean, look, if you are going to hire illegals, you should be penalized for it, but we need a border wall too to protect us.

PIRRO: Okay, David?

DAVID TAFURI, FORMER OBAMA CAMPAIGN FOREIGN POLICY ADVISER: Well, so the number of people coming across the border has actually steadily declined over the last 10 years.

PIRRO: Except for last month.

TAFURI: Except for last month, exactly. It's still a problem, but it's actually gotten better.

PIRRO: I don't feel better.

TAFURI: It still needs to be -- well, if you look at the numbers, it is better. But it still needs to be addressed. Now, I think that means we need more border security, perhaps, something like a wall, also using technology and surveillance and more Border Patrol.

But what President Trump has done this week are the stop-gap measures that are going to mask the problem. So, he's sending the National Guard to the border. That's really not what their role is. These are fighters. They are trained to fight battles, not to go -- not go and patrol the border.

CARTER: Yes, but...

PIRRO: Why not use them? Go ahead, Sara.

CARTER: Yes, why not? Because, look, it's been done before. President Bush used the National Guard. He had 6,500. Obama used the National Guard. He had 1,300 on the border at one point in time.

PIRRO: Okay, all right, so other presidents have used National Guards, okay, but President Trump is doing it because of this ridiculous Omnibus Bill that wouldn't allow him to use any money to build the wall. So, what should the man do?

TAFURI: It's okay to use the National Guard, but it's not the preferred solution. Now, there is a failure of leadership when President Trump can't get his border security package through Congress and it's a Republican controlled Congress with the House and Senate are controlled by people in his party.

Now, there was a compromise that he put forward that he could have pushed through if he maintained support for that compromise and if got Congress members on his side. And that is to do something for DACA...


PIRRO: He offered an...


TAFURI: But then, he pulled it back. So, do something for DACA and offer them something on border security.

PIRRO: Go ahead, Sara.

CARTER: Judge Jeanine has a point here, you know, and I want to go back to something that I think is essential here. The president realizes because has been advised by both our intelligence agencies, the DEA, law enforcement, how dangerous that border is and how dangerous the situation is right now in Central America and Mexico and what is coming...

PIRRO: We know it's dangerous, but he's saying that the president isn't doing the right thing.

CARTER: No, the president has to do something and this is what he needs to do. He needs to make this a very poignant moment where he says I am going to put the National Guard out there, we are going to get that...


PIRRO: So what else should he do? So, you are blaming the president because Congress wouldn't give him what he wanted?

TAFURI: No, because the president wasn't creative and effective enough to push through a compromise.

PIRRO: The president offered triple the number of DACA's Dreamers.

TAFURI: But then, he pulled that back and he didn't support it because he wanted to have $26 billion for border security. Now, I don't know if that's the right number or not, but Congress, a Republican controlled Congress did not support that number.

So, he should have backed off that number. He should have reached a compromise, less money. DACA, some wall, some security, that's how you deal with this. You don't send the National Guard whose job it is to protect America and fight wars down to the border.


CARTER: No, there is a war.

PIRRO: I have news for you, David, it is a war.

CARTER: These drug cartels, Judge Jeanine...

TAFURI: It's not a war. There is a war in Syria. There is a war in Iraq. There is a war with ISIS. This is not a war.


PIRRO: A thousand people die a week from drugs and 80 percent to 90 percent is coming from the southern border.

CARTER: And the battles between the drug cartels, a very good point -- the battle has been -- and the drug cartel battles along our US-Mexico border. The amount of drugs and narcotics and other contraband coming into the United States...

PIRRO: We know it is bad, so he's blaming the president. What we are trying to figure out is did Obama do anything to improve the situation or did he make it worse?

TAFURI: Well, Obama also failed to push through an immigration package. Now, at the beginning of Obama's presidency, he also had a Democratic controlled Congress, so you can criticize him for not being able to work with members of his party to push through something., but Republicans did not support any package at all on immigration.

Obama also had to use, as Sara mentioned, Obama also had to use the National Guards...

PIRRO: There was a Gang of Eight. You're wrong about that. That was the Gang of Eight that had a compromise, so you're wrong about that. But go ahead...

TAFURI: But the Republicans blocked that. Republicans in Congress blocked that Gang of Eight.


CARTER: The same problem (inaudible) under the Bush administration. They could not find a resolution to the border. So, the most of important thing for President Trump to do right now, the greatest thing that he could do right now is find a resolution to that border. Look, these drug cartels, they are terrorists.

PIRRO: What is the resolution is what I am asking you, guys? Well, there is going to have to be a resolution to this border...

CARTER: We know that...

PIRRO: But what is the resolution?

TAFURI: It's more border security officials, people who are trained in their jobs to protect the border.

PIRRO: But he didn't get the money, he's sending the National Guard.


TAFURI: And it can be a wall if that is what he wants, but we have to use the money efficiently to build a wall that works and also use technology and surveillance.

PIRRO: But David, they won't let him use the money for the wall.

TAFURI: No, they didn't. No, they didn't give him. They didn't give him all the money he wanted.

PIRRO: It's in the bill. He can't use any of the money for the wall.

TAFURI: Because he didn't reach a compromise on DACA and the other thing that he also has to solve.

PIRRO: He offered to triple the number of Dreamers that Obama did.

CARTER: So, why didn't they take that?

PIRRO: Because they want an issue for 2018.

TAFURI: Because he didn't get Republicans or Democrats on the left and on the right to support him. And because he changes his policy on immigration every week. Next week, it will be something completely different. This president cannot stick with the policies.

PIRRO: You're wrong, tell him he's wrong, you've got 10 seconds.


CARTER: I will tell you you're wrong, David. I guess, we are having a good debate here. Look, I think there will be something coming out of this and I think he's doing the right thing by checkmating everyone, putting the National Guard on the border, and making a statement here. And he has time to get it resolved.

PIRRO: Sara Carter, David Tafuri. Thanks, for this very civilized debate. And former Clinton advisor, Dick Morris, is still ahead. And next, the boss is here. Former Trump Deputy Campaign Manager, David Bossie is here and he intends to break down the most outrageous things we heard this week. Joe Scarborough, Ellen -- you'll see them all. You don't want to miss this segment, next.

PIRRO: The mainstream media's wild attacks on President Trump continued this week and of course, our buddy, Joe Scarborough was at it again.


CHARLES JOSEPH SCARBOROUGH, CO-HOST MORNING JOE, MSNBC: Hey, Alex, instead of Trump makes bizarre false claims, can you say Trump lies, and then just put in parenthesis again, close parenthesis, about illegal voting?


PIRRO: And do you believe that's just one of the most of outrageous things that I heard this week. And here with reaction to that and more, former Trump Deputy Campaign Manager David Bossie. All right, David, what's your take on the two of them on air saying you have got to put on the chyron, which is the little strip underneath that the president is lying.

DAVID BOSSIE, FORMER TRUMP DEPUTY CAMPAIGN MANAGER: It just goes to show you how delusional MSNBC is. They have nothing else but their hate that they spew on the airways.

Look, if they wanted to get better ratings, they would run reruns of "Gilligan's Island." They have to do -- 50-year-old reruns would do better than "Morning Joe." That's a fact. So, I am just saying, they have to do these things because it has become their schtick. And it's really damaging to democracy. It is damaging to our presidency, to the family of the -- the first family.

What they do every day in their hate-filled spiel is destroy what I believe is an important fabric, which is that we all want the president to succeed. This is really the first presidency that I have seen that and I have watched him since Ronald Reagan and we all disagree on policy. We disagreed with Barack Obama's own policy, but we weren't...

PIRRO: But we respected him.

BOSSIE: And the presidency and the First Lady. Look, there were people out there, you could have the one-offs that do stupid things. But we are -- they are running. The left is running a program of hate across America, and it is despicable.

PIRRO: And I talked about it in my opening tonight, but you know, Michelle Obama is part of that where she says my husband was the good parent and Trump is the fun parent. And then she is talking about politics when she is at a women's leadership conference.

So, I think we have got the sound here.


MICHELLE OBAMA, FORMER FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES: And I already sort of felt like the eight years that Barack was president, it was sort of like having the good parent at home, you know. The responsible parent. The one that told you to eat your carrots and go to bed on time.

And now, perhaps we have the other parent in the house and we thought it feels fun, maybe it feels fun to some for now because we can eat candy all day and stay up late and not follow the rules.


PIRRO: Do you see that woman across from her yes'ing her? I don't know what she was talking about.

BOSSIE: No, it was gibberish, but look, Michelle Obama again, that goes to my point. She is undermining it for the next First Family. This is not helpful. She didn't appreciate and she defended her daughters and she should have from those attacks. From irresponsible mean-spirited people. She was offended and she should have been, during her time in the White House. It was irresponsible then and it's irresponsible now.

PIRRO: But you know what, Chelsea Clinton didn't get attacked. Their kids didn't get attacked, but the Bush were attacking the Trump kids is their business.

BOSSIE: And by the way, before the Trump presidency, the Trump children were revered, were thought of as unbelievably successful. Ivanka Trump who is in her own right an incredibly successful young woman, mother, working mom, someone who young women have looked up to for years, and now she is here and the left is attacking her. It's again, it's disgraceful.

PIRRO: And Ellen Degeneres talking to Kamala Harris, I don't know if we have time for the sound, but Ellen says that if -- do we have time? Let's hit it then if we have time.


ELLEN DEGENERES, AMERICAN ACTRESS: If you had to be stuck in an elevator with either President Trump, Mike Pence or Jeff Sessions, who would it be?



BOSSIE: It's so funny. You know, these people make jokes that are not good for America. And I think that this is -- look, Kamala Harris is part of the problem in California. She has been part of the problem. She is supporting you know, illegals. She supports sanctuary city. She is not for law and order and she was the Attorney General of California.

And now she is talking about wanting to see the Attorney General, the Vice president and the president not survive in an elevator. It's a joke. These are not funny things. And I am sorry, it's not funny.

PIRRO: I agree. David Bossie, good to see you here in Washington.

And he was an advisor to Bill Clinton and he has some advice for Donald Trump that may surprise you. Dick Morris is with me live, next.

PIRRO: My next guest has a long career navigating in the political world and has some very interesting advice for President Trump regarding Bob Mueller's investigation. Former Clinton adviser, Dick Morris joins me now and you can read all of his columns and see his lunch alert videos at dickmorris.com.

All right, good evening, Dick. It's a pleasure to have you on "Justice" and...


PIRRO: I read your op-ed where you talk about the president -- the the fact that you don't think the president should meet with Mueller, but before we get into that, CNN is putting out that Donald Trump has begun the initial steps of preparing for a possible interview, but they don't back it up. There is no source saying he is going to do it, but they are just blabbing so it seems, what do you know? And what should the president do?

MORRIS: Well, sitting down with Mueller is really a sort of three-hour game of "Gotcha" against a professional at that game. Mueller's effort will not be to find the truth or to learn Trump's side of the story. It will be to catch him in what could be played as a lie, catch him in saying something that might not be completely true, that Trump may not even realize isn't true.

And you know how Trump embellishes and talks on and uses superlatives. He is hoping to trap him in those. His investigation has run out of gas. He hasn't found any evidence of collusion, and now he's hoping to morph it into an investigation into obstruction of justice and hoping to use a comment that Trump may make in an interview to establish that. Trump is insane to go into an interview with Mueller.

PIRRO: You know, what's interesting, Dick is that even you know, Mueller should be investigating a crime and we all know that collusion with Russia is not a crime. So, without there being a specific crime other than now the word is it's obstruction of justice, in order to assess whether or not there should be any charge on obstruction of justice, Mueller would have to rely on his pal, Jim Comey and his testimony and must find it credible. But Mueller is pals with Jim Comey.

MORRIS: There is nothing more dangerous than a prosecutor in search of a crime to prosecute. And with these laws relating to making it illegal to lie to the FBI and the literal strict interpretation of what one would say makes that a complete setup for Trump.

What I think he should do, is if he feels he has to testify before Mueller, insist that it be with written questions and written answers. Then his lawyers can vet it. He can be sure that there is no way it could be interpreted as a lie and he will come out of this okay.

And there is no way that Mueller can argue it has got to be verbal, it's got to be in person. He's talking about the president of the United States.

MORRIS: He may not have three hours when he's doing nothing to sit with Mueller and chew the fat. And I think if Trump insists on putting it in writing, he can come out of this process alive and then I think, the Mueller investigation falls apart.

PIRRO: When you -- Dick, let me ask you this, when you were with the Clintons, were you there as he was preparing to testify during his investigation in the Monica Lewinsky case?

MORRIS: I was there, but I wasn't there. I was always in touch with him, but I think that he well understood the importance of avoiding a direct encounter with Starr. When he finally did, it was because he had no choice because of the semen stains on the dress.

PIRRO: That's right, and we don't have anything like that here. Anyway, Dick Morris, thanks so much for being with us tonight. We will be right back.

Finally, tonight, don't forget to friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter and on Instagram @judge_jeanine and you never have to miss "Justice" if you can't watch, just set your DVR.

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Thanks so much for watching. See you next Saturday night. I am Jeanine Pirro advocating for truth, justice, and the American way.

Greg Gutfeld is next.


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