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DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Our issue is strong borders, no crime. Their issue is open borders, let MS-13 run all over our country. That's what's going to happen if you listen to them.


JEANINE PIRRO, HOST: President Trump rallying Republicans in Nevada, holding firm on his tough stance on immigration. Hello, and welcome to "Justice" I am Jeanine Pirro. Thanks for being with us tonight. More from President Trump ahead, plus, in an outrageous move, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is told to leave a Virginia restaurant. Has the left really lost its collective mind? That and more in a moment. And also, I want to thank you for making us number one last weekend.

First now my opening statement. It's come to this? No more civil discourse? What's happening in this country today is beyond anything we have ever seen in American politics. Political debate at the very heart of the founding of this country has devolved into political harassment and outright political abuse.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, one of the most of prestigious jobs in Washington, DC, out to dinner, places her order and is then told to leave by the owner because she works for the president of the United States. Sarah quietly leaves. The Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen this week was literally screamed and heckled out of a restaurant while eating her dinner.

Trump supporters are being harassed all across this country by a hysterical left unwilling to accept the decision and the will of the American people who put Donald Trump in office. These unhinged leftists are normalizing outrageous behavior which is only getting worse. So why is this happening? Once the democrats 24-7, Russia collusion illusion nonsense fizzled, because there was no evidence of wrongdoing or collusion other than corruption on the part of those at the top level of the FBI and DOJ to frame Donald Trump, the left needed a new issue, a new deflection to some other made-up wrongdoing on the part of Donald Trump.

What to accuse him of? What can we blame him for now? They then deflect to the inhumane separation of children from their families at the border. Now, I want to be clear. I have spent my professional life fighting for children, children who have been victimized and injured and harmed. There is nothing more heartbreaking than children being separated from their parents.

Every day, family court separates parents from their children; every day criminal judges separate parents from their children and every day, children are placed in foster care away from their parents. And I haven't heard anyone on the left complain. Now, for those of you who are so blinded by Trump hatred, there are laws in this country. A primer.

When you cross the border into the United States illegally, expect to be arrested. You do not have the right to come here. We did not invite you here and you cannot stay here, but on your way out, you can thank Bill Clinton and his Flores settlement that requires that children be taken away from their parents within 20 days of crossing the border, and you can also thank Presidents Bush and Obama for signing into law that children cannot be detained at the border longer than 20 days under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act.

And now everyone wants to go after President Trump. This is not something that President Trump created. George Bush did nothing about it. Barack Obama did nothing about it. And by the way, Laura Bush, we haven't seen you for a while, thanks for entering the fray and calling the removal of children cruel and inhumane. Why didn't you just roll over one night and tell your husband, the president, that his zero tolerance policy was cruel and inhumane?

The left just doesn't care what the facts are. Politicians are willing to stand up and totally contradict themselves in their efforts to create political chaos, hatred and abuse. And Steny Hoyer, the most of senior- ranking Democrat in Congress says this.


REP. STENY HOYER, D-MARYLAND: He is taking infant children hostage, wrenching them from the arms of their parents, traumatizing them perhaps for life.


PIRRO: Hey, Steny, you have been in Congress for 37 years. You said nothing during the Clinton, Bush or Obama administration, and now you are worried? And Senator Kamala Harris says this.


SEN. KAMALA HARRIS, D-CALIFORNIA: We imprisoned them. We imprison them. We put them behind barbed wires.


PIRRO: Kamala, when you were Attorney General in California, over one million people were separated from their children. The separating of children from their families only hurts if Donald Trump is President? And Peter Fonda, he says, "We should rip the President's son from his mother's arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles." Hey Peter, how about you get on your motorcycle and take an easy ride off the planet. J-Lo bemoans and trashes the president for this separation of children from parents, except this child is separated from her parents in Mosul by ISIS.

Even TIME magazine is so blinded that they ignore all journalistic standards to trash Donald Trump. The child depicted here on the cover was not separated from her mother. In fact, the child here was taken by the mother without the father's permission or knowledge or consent from her home country and this mother by the way had previously been deported.

We cannot allow our country to be overrun by illegal immigrants. The only resolution to this problem is to build the wall. Amnesty does nothing but create an incentive for additional crossings by illegals. Make no mistake, the Democrats are simply looking for an issue for the 2018 mid-terms. And even if they have to lie, create false images and a movement to intimidate Trump supporters, they will stop at nothing.

Folks, we are in a dangerous place right now. Hate is hate. Hates lead to harassment and abuse, and that abuse leads to violence, and that violence leads to retaliation. Any threat of violence that conjures up a visual of violence is more dangerous than just having different political views. We are a very short distance from those who are willing to cross the line of political debate to those willing to cross the line into political abuse.

That's my open. Tell me what you think on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, #judgejeanine. And remember, if you like my open, you're going to love my book "Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case against the Anti- Trump Conspiracy," it is out next month, but you can preorder on Amazon and Barnes & Noble now.

And joining me now with reaction to my opening statement, and more of this week's news, Congressman Ron DeSantis. Congressman, good evening.

REP. RON DESANTIS R-FLORIDA: Good evening, Judge.

PIRRO: All right, you heard my open. I am stunned at way they are treating people who work for the president of the United States. Literally heckling them out of restaurants. Screaming at them, trashing them. If people saying things like your child should be in a cage with pedophiles, have you ever seen it this bad?

DESANTIS: No, I haven't, Judge, and I think the left is just totally unhinged and they are just taking this to a level that is not healthy for our society. Look, politically it is going to end up benefiting Trump and Republicans, because I think middle America looks like that and I think they recoil with that kind of conduct, but it would certainly be better if people could actually air difference civilly, but the left is not in the mood for civil. They hate Trump. They hate people associated with him and they let that show time and time again. It's really, really troubling.

PIRRO: Okay, so this week, you were in Congress, this week, there was a bill that was submitted, and we couldn't get the votes so it was folded and next week, there is hope that there might be a bill. What is going on in the House?

DESANTIS: No, Judge, we voted on a bill which is exactly what President Trump promised and what most of us who ran promised. It got 193 votes. No Democrat voted for it. We had 40 Republicans vote against it. It was the only bill I have seen since I had been in Congress that would actually solve the problem of illegal immigration.

It authorized Trump's wall. It had e-verify so that you have to check to make sure people are legally here. It defunded sanctuary cities. It changed these asylum laws which are inviting a lot of the stuff we're seeing at the border now. So it did - it ended chain migration. It ended the diversity lottery. It did everything we've promised, and yet you couldn't even get all the Republicans to stand with President Trump and pass that.

PIRRO: Why? Why Congressman?

DESANTIS: Because here's the dirty secret with the illegal immigration, the Democrats want more illegal immigration because they think you set up cycles of amnesty and that gives them more Democratic voters, but there is a sliver of Republicans who are part of the cheap labor wing of the Republican Party, who also don't want to have security, who want to see more people coming illegally because that's cheaper labor for some of the businesses, which is not good for society because it contributes to lawlessness and it lowers wages for Americans, but there are some powerful forces that are supporting it, so I think the combination of those two have been the reason why we've not had border security year after year after year in this country which a majority of Americans desperately want.

PIRRO: Okay, so now, the president says something very interesting. He says, "Look, I don't care at this point because it is not going to pass the Senate. Mitch McConnell doesn't have the chutzpah, let's call it that, to get rid of the filibuster. The President is right. The Senate is not going to pass it if the House even does pass something.

DESANTIS: Well, I think he is exactly right, but what the leadership is trying to do is try to pass not the bill that got 193 votes that the conservatives support, that the American people support, they want to support - they want to pass a big amnesty bill which I think would be a total disaster, it's like a $2 million person amnesty, and the people can also amnesty their parents. There is still more chain migration there.

It will not solve the problem, it will lead to a massive border surge next summer and just as you said in your opening, Judge, when you do amnesty, you are inviting more illegal immigration. I think that's what the leadership bill will do. There is no way, had they put that on the floor this week, after Goodlatte's bill got 193, I don't think it would have even snipped the hundred votes because I think the American people would see it for what it is. So, I agree with the president, if all you are trying to put up is an amnesty bill, that is not going to work.

PIRRO: Okay, well, what about, let's talk about drugs. If 80% of the drugs in this country come from the southern border, 90% of the heroin in this country is coming from the southern border, aren't these people - forget politics, forget the demographics of illegals voting Democrat, therefore, they want the illegals and open border. They want to trash Donald Trump. What about drugs that are killing a thousand people a week in this country?

DESANTIS: The number one reason to support Trump's wall is to save lives because you interdict the drugs. We interdicted enough fentanyl, Judge, as you know...


DESANTIS: That would kill millions and millions of Americans because it's so lethal. So, you build a wall, you seal off the southern border from the drugs coming across, you are going to save thousands and thousands of American lives, and yes, I think we need to do the wall for that reason alone, also for the immigration stuff, but it is absolutely mission critical, and if you look at the opioid problem right now, the prescription abuse has actually declined. States have taken action. We were better positioned there. It's the street drugs that are really killing a lot of people, and that's fueling the crisis and making it worse and worse every day.

PIRRO: Let's talk about the fact that - one more question, if we absorb so many people who come here, then what we've got is a system where the people who do it the right way are then pretty much punished and the people who do it illegally and all the Democrats who are supporting them and who want open borders, they flout the law and we give them education, medication, housing and everything. So, I mean, what is the message that we are sending illegals right now in this country around the world?

DESANTIS: The message is particularly from the Democrats is, "You are much better off coming illegally. Why would you go through the whole process?" And that's a terrible message to send. And it's also sending a message to people waiting in line legally. You guys are suckers. Why are you doing this? And I am telling you, Judge, legal immigrants who are here and naturalized, they really resent what the Democrats are doing with this illegal immigration and the amnesty because they did it the right way and they are proud to be Americans and proud to have done it the right way.

PIRRO: All right, Congressman DeSantis, I just want to read one thing the president tweeted, "Congressman Ron DeSantis, top student at Yale and Harvard Law School running for governor in the great state of Florida. Ron is strong on borders, tough on crime, big on cutting taxes, loves our military and our vets. He will be a great governor in Florida." I've got to tell you, Ron, that's pretty good. Thanks for being with us tonight.

DESANTIS: Thank you, Judge.

PIRRO: All right, and Candace Owens from Turning Point USA, still ahead tonight, plus, "Street Justice" selfies, you don't want to miss that one. And next, the real take on what's going on at the border. Former Sheriff Paul Babeau joins me live as "Justice" rolls on in a moment.


TRUMP: We have to have strong borders. We are going to have the wall. We are going to have the wall. We've already started it. We've already started it. You know, we've started it in San Diego.

CROWD: Build that wall. Build that wall.

TRUMP: No, we are going to have the wall and we started it. We have $1.6 billion. We have started it, we are fixing it and we're building new and we're starting it, but - and we'll build it for a lot less money than these people think. A lot less money.


PIRRO: The president of the United States reiterating to GOP supporters in Nevada today, the border wall has already been started. The president had a lot to say about immigration today after a crazy week of conflicting reports of what's really going on at the border. Joining us now with his take is former Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeau. Sheriff, thanks so much for being with us tonight. Now, I want to ask you a question...


PIRRO: All right, we talked about with Congressman DeSantis, the idea of all the drugs that are coming across the border. You're a sheriff.


PIRRO: But now, what we've got is this crazy, the left is now saying, "We've got to instead of separating kids from families," which is required by law from the Clinton administration then Bush, then Obama, now they are saying, "We've got to keep them all together, but now they shouldn't be in jail together. We should just let them loose." Okay, now I want you to follow me.

You have 2.7 million American kids whose parents are in jail. Should we let those parents out and let them loose? Mr. America couldn't let them together, they can be together? Why is it different for people who choose to flout our laws and come here?

BABEAU: Exactly, that's the whole case and point. I brought this on Anderson Cooper on CNN with Jorge Ramos and he's bashing Trump, bashing America, making it like this is somehow showing we're uncompassionate. I said, "Wait a minute. These people from come through Honduras, through Guatemala up through Mexico. Mexico stopped them and said, "Hey, we'll give you asylum. We'll give you refugee status," and they said, "Excuse me, no we want the United States because we want American welfare. We want American healthcare. We want education, we want in-state tuition." Our own citizens don't even get these same benefits and this is outrageous.

PIRRO: But you know what? When you say that Mexico said, "Wait a minute, we'll give you asylum." You know though that Mexico, if they are not eligible for asylum, will kick them out. If they dare come back, they get 10 years in prison. You know that, right, Paul?

BABEAU: Of course. And they only did that as a show because there was so much pressure with this Honduras caravan. The bottom line is, we have to - not only these children, the parents who are coming, if don't apprehend them and deport all of them back to their countries of origin, what it does- it is a throwback to the Obama days of, it sends a message to everybody, every family in Central America and in Mexico that, "Make it to the border. Give these prepared statements and lines of persecution and you are home free in the United States."

We cannot allow that to happen. There were 52,000 illegals who were apprehended just in May. So, imagine all those who weren't caught and apprehended.

PIRRO: But what is going on, Paul, that there is all of a sudden a huge increase recently. What is that about?

BABEAU: All of these people are being coached. We saw it when we had this Honduran caravan coming up and all of these human rights attorneys from the United States were traveling down to Mexico coaching them on what they are exploiting, flouting our laws here in the United States and trying to take advantage of the process thinking that somehow, as long as they come in because they have to be granted, because they are claiming asylum and persecution in their own country that we interview them, we process and that they would get this permission which would allow them to be released into our communities, no longer under President Trump, these people are being held, and they are being processed, adjudicated, and then they will be deported back. That's what needs to happen. Thank God President Trump is enforcing our immigration laws.

PIRRO: But you know, when the president ran for office, he said he was going to build the wall and he said that he would have zero tolerance. He says what he is going to do and now, people are not - the left, the Democrats, I call them, demon rats, not Democrats, demon rats, okay they are not happy to wait until the next election. They are now threatening, harassing and now what I call political abuse of people who work for the president. I mean, why don't they just wait for the next election?

BABEAU: Over the top.

PIRRO: It is.

BABEAU: Well, not just that, they have crossed the line. They are invoking all of these stories in comparison - Schumer's and a whole lot of these clowns, and I say that with no respect for these people because they are talking about concentration camps. They are talking about children who were separated in all of these concentration camps to go to the showers to be murdered. Millions and millions of Jews. How dare these Democrats go there. Not one of these children have been harmed or abused. They are breaking our laws. These parents knowingly, willingly brought them through multiple countries risking robbery, rape and many times, murder to come here and then they scratch their head wondering why on earth we are enforcing our laws here in the United States, we are a sovereign nation.
That's our right.

The laws are on the books. It was under Obama and under Bush before. This is where President Trump is putting our country, our laws and our people first just like he did yesterday with the Angel families talking about them and the victims. This is what these Democrats, they don't want to hear one of these stories that our American citizens have been murdered or killed by criminal illegals, but they want to talk about some story of a family being separated.

PIRRO: Let me ask you this, Paul, before we have to go. There is $1.6 billion that was appropriated in the Omnibus Budget, all right, most of that money according to you know, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and the budget, I you read it, is not allowed for an actual concrete wall or any of those prototypes that they had, all right? Why is Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, why are they not supporting the President? Why are they into this lawless scenario that we're dealing with?

BABEAU: They should be. This is a mandate for President Trump to build the wall. I helped, as an Army officer, helped construct the wall south of San Diego, north of Tijuana, and served down in Yuma for a year and a half. This wall is needed in the high traffic built up areas, and it's not a 14- foot wall. Trump is building a 30-foot plus wall that's impenetrable and that's what we need. Secure the border, enforce the law.

PIRRO: All right, Sheriff Paul Babeau, thanks so much for being with us tonight. Good to see you.

BABEAU: Thank you, Judge.

PIRRO: All right, and "Street Justice" is still on deck, plus Candace Owens from Turning Point USA, but next, if you are a regular viewer of "Justice," you know this man usually battles it out with the panelist at this time every week, but this week because I always stick myself in the argument, I decided to take on Chris Hahn solo. Don't miss it. Chris and I will debate in a moment.

ROBERT GRAY, CORRESPONDENT, FOX NEWS: Live from "America's News Headquarters," I'm Robert Gray. An estimated 100,000 people taking to the streets of London in an anti-Brexit march two years after that nation voted to leave the European Union. Protesters saying pro-European chants and waved EU flags demanding that the country hold a vote be held on the final Brexit deal. Many are concerned the government is doing a poor job of negotiating that agreement which could severely impact that country's economy.

The president of Zimbabwe narrowly escaping an assassination attempt when an explosion rocked a campaign rally shortly after he delivered a speech. At least eight people were injured according to state-run media. The blast occurred in a VIP tent seconds after the president entered. On July 30th, Zimbabwe will hold its first elections since longtime leader, Robert Mugabe was forced from power. Now back to the judge.


TRUMP: Immigration, it's the Democrats' fault. We won't get one vote. I am telling you, if we gave them every single thing they want, they will say, "We don't want it." It's pure obstruction. Remember their word, "resist." Resist is their word. You remember what our word is? Lots of different words, but ours is like, "Approve, get it done."


PIRRO: Welcome back to "Justice." President Trump rallying the Republicans and whipping the Democrats ahead of the midterms as the immigration battle intensifies. Joining me now to discuss is radio talk show host, former Chuck Schumer aide, Chris Hahn. All right, Chris, do you have a lock or a fence around your house? Do you have a lock on your door? Do you have a fence around your house?

CHRIS HAHN, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Of course. Of course, I do.

PIRRO: So, is that way to saying that it's a private home and you will only have people enter who are invited.

HAHN: Absolutely, but this is not as simple as that when you're talking about our border.

PIRRO: Why is this different?

HAHN: Well, look...

PIRRO: Tell me why.

HAHN: Well, look, we have people coming here. We have got people coming here who are fleeing atrocities, just like my family just two generations ago fleeing Europe.

PIRRO: Did your family come here illegally, Chris?

HAHN: There was a better process when my family came here.

PIRRO: No, no. Answer the question, did they come here legally or illegally?

HAHN: My family sought asylum. They sought asylum just like the people who are seeking asylum now.

PIRRO: I bet they did it legally, Chris, I'll bet they didn't cross the border illegally. Let's get to premise now.

HAHN: Look...

PIRRO: I am looking.

HAHN: When people come here, when people come here seeking asylum...

PIRRO: No, Chris, am I to assume that your parents sought asylum through regular channels?

HAHN: Grandparents.

PIRRO: Or did they - they did...

HAHN: Yes.

PIRRO: Good, now you can keep going.

HAHN: Of course, right, so when people come here seeking asylum and they are presenting themselves at a border to a Border Patrol agent or at a regular crossing, they should be treated with dignity and respect and I don't think that's what's going on right now.

PIRRO: I agree with you, Chris...

HAHN: And politically...

PIRRO: Chris, I agree with you, everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. Here is the problem, you make it like these people come to the border and saying, "I need asylum." That is baloney and you know it. They are crossing illegally and they are caught by Border Patrol and they are using asylum as an excuse. Why don't they go legally to people and seek asylum as opposed to crossing illegally with coyotes and being caught by the cops.

HAHN: I've got a better idea, Judge.

PIRRO: An open border?

HAHN: I think the president should reenact - no - I think what the president should do is what Obama did and allowed people to seek asylum in their home country and wait there for their decision. The president took that away from them when he came in because everything Obama did was bad according to this president. But that was good and the president should go back today and do that.

PIRRO: Chris, if their country is so bad and they are being killed and fleeing all kinds of criminals, do you think they will go to their country and say, "Listen, I am going to wait for America, let me know when I can claim that you are mistreating me." Chris, the truth is, these people are coming here for food, education, medication, housing and if they wanted asylum, we would be glad to give it to them except for the fact that they don't really want asylum, otherwise, they would do it legally.

HAHN: They do want asylum and they are coming here for safety, and they are also coming here for jobs. I think the president and Congress should address the fact that - they are coming here for jobs that there is a market in this country driving people here even with 3.5% unemployment.

PIRRO: So, it's our fault that they are crossing illegally?

HAHN: There is a market for it. Nope, there is a market here in this country driving people to this country, we should drop that in the immigration reform.

PIRRO: What is there a market for?

HAHN: Absolutely not.

PIRRO: They are bringing drugs.

HAHN: The market is for cheap labor. There is a market for this...

PIRRO: All right, 80% of our drugs come through the southern border. You cannot deny that; 90% of the heroin comes through the border and we shouldn't protect our border when a thousand people a week are dying from drugs?

HAHN: Judge, of course, we should...

PIRRO: So, you agree we should build a wall?

HAHN: But these people - hold on, I do not. I do believe though that we should treat people with dignity and respect. We should stop drug traders from coming across the borders, but the people being locked up right now are not drug traders.

PIRRO: Let me tell you something, Chris, you know what, you cannot make an absolute. What I will tell you is this, Border Patrol agents have told me that MS-13 gang members with the tats and everything else have said, "During the Obama 2014 Central America influx from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, yes, I'm MS-13 you've got to let me in." And they had to let them in, so don't tell me how great Obama was. Obama started this mess.

HAHN: Yes, I don't think that's the case. President Obama did not seek to let MS-13 in.

PIRRO: He sent the message that they couldn't stop them. You are wrong. You are wrong, Chris.

HAHN: No, he did not.

PIRRO: Oh, he didn't?

HAHN: Immigration was down under Obama versus where it is now under Trump. So somebody is sending a message and it wasn't Obama.

PIRRO: In 2014, the influx from Central America with all the people on freight trains and everything else, on top of those trains, that was make believe, too? Come on, Chris, you know that's not the point.


PIRRO: Let me ask you this, Chris, what should President Trump do? He acquiesced, he said, "Okay, I don't want these kids separated even though Obama, Clinton and Bush did it. I don't want them separated. I'll let them stay together." Then the left comes out and says, "We don't want that to happen anymore." They just hate Trump. Why don't you admit it? They hate Trump. The guys did what they wanted and now they are trashing him.

HAHN: Nobody hates Trump.

PIRRO: What?

HAHN: Nobody hates him.

PIRRO: Nobody hates Trump?

HAHN: We've got to have - we have to treat people with dignity and respect. You do unto the least of them as you would do unto me, as the Bible commands, and we've got to do a better job of it because right now, what's going on down the border is un-American.

PIRRO: Chris, all right, I am going to give everybody your home address and tell them that you are a good Christian man and you want to treat everybody the right way. You will feed them, house them and educate them.

HAHN: I am not the state.

PIRRO: So, don't give me Bible readings unless you're willing to live by them yourself.

HAHN: I am not the state. Judge, I am not the state.

PIRRO: I am not paying my taxes, Chris? I don't pay for these people. These people come here, do they already have a house? Are they already in school? Do they have medical care? Did they get ObamaCare before they got here?

HAHN: There is a market.

PIRRO: Stop making it - there is a market. What are we doing? We're drawing them in.

HAHN: There is a market.

PIRRO: We don't want them here.

HAHN: There is a market for their labor. There is a market for their labor and we have to address this through comprehensive immigration reform like the package the Senate passed and House can take it up. They can take that right now.


PIRRO: Why won't the Democrats work with the president? They just want to obstruct and you know it, Chris.

HAHN: They will. They will.

PIRRO: Obstruct?

HAHN: The Republicans have not invited Democrats to draft this bill and the Republicans accepted this bill provided by themselves without any Democratic votes.


PIRRO: The illegals don't need an invitation, but the Democrats do. Chris Hahn, always great to have you here.

HAHN: The Republicans control the Congress. Thanks, Judge.

PIRRO: She is the former "Sex in the City" actress who wanted to be New York's governor. Find out what Cynthia Nixon said this week that I just couldn't believe. Turning Point USA, Candace Owens joins me next with a list of the week's most of outrageous comments. Don't go away.

Cynthia Nixon adding her two cents this week, tweeting that Immigration and Customs Enforcement is a terrorist organization, and that's not all. She joined "The View" as well. Take a look.


CYNTHIA NIXON, AMERICAN ACTRESS: I think we need to abolish ICE, that seems really clear. They have strayed so far from the interests of the American people and the interests of humanity. We need to abolish it.


PIRRO: So, here with reaction to more and some of the more outrageous news of the week, Turning Point, USA Communications Director, Candace Owens. Candace, what do you think of Cynthia Nixon who is running for governor saying that we have strayed so far from what the American people want? What do you think of that?

CANDACE OWENS, COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR, TURNING POINT, USA: Look, I think quite frankly, Cynthia Nixon needs to consider running for governor in Mexico. I genuinely no longer understand if the Democrats are aware that they are seeking to serve the American people. It's like they have no idea that their constituents are Americans.

They are outwardly just opposed to everything that is Americanism at this point. I don't get it whatsoever. It's embarrassing that she would insult the border agents. They have one of the toughest jobs in this country. It's a dangerous job, and by the way, a lot of them are Mexicans.

PIRRO: Yes, that's true. But what about - I mean, the whole concept of a law enforcement organization, Federal being a terrorist organization. You know, I didn't hear these people yelling and screaming when the ISIS was out there. I mean, it was like, "Oh, no, we've got to go against law and order." There is this whole new concept that anything having to do with the law is a problem.

OWENS: That's exactly right. They are against law enforcement all together. They have been against police officers on their platform. They have been against our veterans and our troops. Anything that serves the American people and protects us, the Democrats are adamantly opposed to. And quite frankly, these ideas are dangerous. I can't believe she had the gals to say this whatsoever.

PIRRO: All right, let me ask you this, Peter Fonda this week tweeted, "We should rip Barron Trump from his mother's and put him in a cage with pedophiles and see if mother will stand up against the giant a-hole she is married to." Since when have we been able to refer to the President as that and put a child in a cage with a pedophile?

OWENS: This is absolutely disgusting. There are really no other words for this, but absolutely sickening what he tweeted here. And more sickening is the fact that there was absolutely no consequence for what he tweeted. His movie is being released this weekend, I believe. They have no consequence whatsoever and there is a double standard here. Why was Roseanne Barr immediately canceled, but he still gets to have his movie put out.

It's a major problem. There was more outrage over Melania Trump's jacket than there was over Barron Trump being threatened with pedophiles.

PIRRO: Well, it is interesting the way they treat a conservative or a liberal or leftist and the consequences, there are none. And finally, Sarah Sanders' tweet today what happened to her and I talked about this in my open, she says, "Last night I was told about it owner of Red Hen..." that's the name of restaurant, "... in Lexington, Virginia to leave because I work for the President of the United States. I politely left. Her actions say far more about her than about me. I will always do my best to treat people including those I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so."

Now, what do you think is happening in this country right now, Candace, where the left has absolutely no come compunction to heckling people like the Cabinet Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, to throwing people out of restaurants, getting bullhorns outside their homes, calling them racist, fascists and whatever? Did Republicans ever do this or is this just something that they are entitled to do because they hate Donald Trump?

OWENS: No, the Republicans actually never did this. But I will tell you what, I am comfortable with this story because what this tells me is that the left has absolutely lost control. They know that they are losing. They are scared. They are desperate and this is like flailing arms of a temper tantrum at this point. So, I am not too worried about it. I think this shows that we are winning, that Donald Trump is winning and that he is making tremendous strides.

PIRRO: I think, Candace, you are right, I think that America is going react to this. I think that all of this ultimately benefits the president. But this is very painful, I mean, people who are going to work and these people work in White House, they work 18 hours a day. They are on call 24/7, and yet they are being trashed like this. If we did this to someone in the Obama administration, they would be in jail or if we said, "Hey, your daughter should be in a cage with a pedophile," we would be in jail. Yes?

OWENS: Absolutely. We would be in jail and they would say that we were racist and that we were sexist and a bunch of other names, but Sarah Sanders is built for this. She is extremely tough.

PIRRO: She is. Candace Owens, thanks so much for being with us.

OWENS: Thank you for having me.

PIRRO: All right, and what did you do for National Selfie Day? I hit the streets for "Street Justice," next.

I read recently that Kim Kardashian may be taking a break from taking selfies, although since then, she has taken a few more. But it put me in a selfie frame of mind, so just the other day, National Selfie Day, I hit the streets with some "Street Justice."


PIRRO: So, here I am in New York trying to figure out if New Yorkers are going to give up doing selfies since Kim Kardashian is no longer high on selfies. What do you think? Want to take a selfie?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Of course I want to take...

PIRRO: Okay, wait a minute, so Kim Kardashian says she is not taking them that much anymore.


PIRRO: That's a lie.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A hundred percent lie.

PIRRO: Why? Because she is so self-absorbed she loves to see herself.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That's one mouthful of reason.

PIRRO: Do people mostly smile, do they smooch? I mean, what do they do with a selfie?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Smile, the duck face used to be a thing for a while. That kind of...

PIRRO: Let's do a duck face.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know that thing.

PIRRO: Okay, so let's take a selfie. Kim Kardashian says she is not taking selfies that much anymore, do you believe her number one. Do you think can get through a day without taking pictures of herself?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think she can because so many other people are taking her pictures and she doesn't need to do it herself anymore.

PIRRO: I am not too good at this. Do you take selfies?


PIRRO: Do you know what a selfie is?


PIRRO: Kim Kardashian says she is not taking them anymore, do you believe her?


PIRRO: Why? Because she can't stop taking pictures of herself?


PIRRO: We are taking a selfie. I can't take this thing. It's on video. Oh, here we go. Watch this. So, Kim Kardashian says she is not taking selfies anymore. Do you believe her?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, please, I would never believe that.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I just can't imagine her staying out of the limelight.

PIRRO: What makes a good selfie?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I have no idea. What makes a good selfie to us?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Going higher than yourself.

PIRRO: Like this?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The ring light, and it projects like natural light, makes it look like amazing lighting for your skin so it looks...

PIRRO: So you look better than you really look in person. Let me ask you a stupid question, why would you want to look better than you look in person because then when people meet you, they are disappointed, it's a letdown.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, you hide in your room and you just make everyone think that you are beautiful.

PIRRO: Should you smile? Should you look nonchalant?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A lot of girls go for the duck face.

PIRRO: How many selfies does it take to get the perfect selfie?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, at least 100.

PIRRO: At least a hundred?


PIRRO: Do you know have any deck as to how many selfies it takes to get a perfect selfie?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, I don't know, like a hundred in one setting...

PIRRO: Everybody says that. Who has that kind of time?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Absolutely, I don't.

PIRRO: Have you ever taken selfies?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, but I don't share them though. I don't share them.

PIRRO: You make them for yourself? Take those out of your ears. You've got to look. That's a selfie.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That is a selfie.

PIRRO: That's a good one because we smiled. Thank you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Pleasure meeting you.


PIRRO: We'll be right back. Finally tonight, don't forget to friend me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and on Instagram @judge_jeanine. I love to read what you have to say, I really do. You never have to miss "Justice," if you can't watch, set your DVR and if you can't figure out, go to Google. Plus, get ready, if you like my opens, you're going to love my new book, Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy," it is out in July, but you can preorder it now on Amazon and Barnes & Nobel.

Listen, thanks for watching. I am Jeanine Pirro advocating for truth, justice and the American way. Greg Gutfeld is next. See you next Saturday.


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