Judge Jeanine: IG report evidence of deep state hard at work

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JEANINE PIRRO, HOST: Hello and welcome to "Justice." I am Jeanine Pirro. Thanks for being with us tonight. And thank you once again for making "Justice" number one last weekend.

Kellyanne Conway, Congressman Ron DeSantis, Anthony Scaramucci and Tomi Lahren are among my guests tonight.

But first, a very important opening statement.

I am a believer. I believe in the system and I believe in justice. I dedicated more than 30 years to the criminal justice system and the assignment of blame. Tonight I am not angry. I am just dumbfounded, disheartened and disappointed over the long awaited, often delayed Inspector General's report on the actions of the Department of Justice and the FBI in the handling of the Clinton e-mail investigation.

The report's conclusion, 568 pages later, FBI Director James Comey was insubordinate. There were a few mistakes and a few errors in judgment, and although there was some bias, there was no evidence of bias in the handling of the e-mail investigation.

This report mimics Comey's conclusions in the email case itself. Both the Inspector General and Comey make out a provable case, then conclude there is no case. Nothing changes. The deep state hard at work. I don't know about you, but I am so tired of lessons learned.

They say Comey deviated from the rules, deviated from the rules? Comey and his FBI cabal fixed a case. Hillary not indicted for her crimes yet an effort to frame Donald Trump for no crime.

And no bias in the conclusion because no one said "Yes, I was biased," or said simply "I am not biased." That's it.

Every day in this country, murder cases are tried for where there is no admission of guilt, and only denials. And yet, jurors decide the accused intentions based on what they say, what they do what they don't do. Determining someone's intent is not that difficult.

Intent can be determined like this, take a look at these texts. "We'll stop him from being president." It's like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die when you are 40. Hillary should win 100 million to zero. "America will get what the public deserves." And let's add a new one folks, from an FBI lawyer. "Viva la resistance."

Gee, isn't that Obama and Hillary's mantra. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand those statements. They not only indicate a biased hateful state of mind, they imply unequivocally a willingness to take official action to impact the election.

How do you pledge resistance against the President while you are investigating him, and the inspector general says, there was no evidence of improper considerations impacting the investigation? Folks, Comey didn't just deviate from well-established practices. He didn't even do an investigation. He covered for it by having the same people handle both the Hillary case and the Trump frame up.

Folks, it doesn't happen this way. This case is not about mistakes or errors in judgment. It's about a deep state trying to drag a crook across the presidential finish line and trying to destroy the man Americans wanted in the Oval Office.

Example, Jim Comey said he had to step into Loretta Lynch's role because she wouldn't recuse herself after secretly meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac. That's baloney. He didn't just step into her role to prevent an injustice, he stepped in to her role to declare Hillary not guilty, and Jim if you are such a champion of truth and justice, why did you go along with Lynch calling a year-long criminal investigation a matter.

Why did you say Hillary was extremely careless so as to not use the words grossly negligent, which would make her actions criminal and when brought before Congress, Jim, you punt and say, don't think grossly negligent applies.

First-year law students across this country laughed at you. You take a case from normal field agents to investigate with no grand jury, no search warrant, no subpoenas and you give away immunities like candy with no requirement that those immunized testify against anyone.

Investigators across the country laughed at you. And when you found Hillary's deleted emails that were marked "C" for classified, you decide to believe her when she said it was only a reference to the letter "C" in the alphabet in spite of the fact there was no A or B before C.

People in the intelligence community laughed at you, Jim, and when you wrote an exoneration of Hillary months before you interviewed her and 16 main witnesses saying it's done all the time, attorneys across the country laughed at you.

Come on, Jim, you acquitted her because like Hillary, you, Lynch and even Obama communicated government information via private e-mails, and you placed as many Trump haters as you could like your friend Mueller in charge of the make believe Trump collusion on the case.

I want to know from this Inspector General's report, why don't we know what judge signed the FISA warrant? Who renewed the FISA warrant? And what actions they are taking now, now that they know they were conned by a corrupt FBI agent? And why was Peter Strzok arguably the most of corrupt FBI agent in American political history put on the Mueller team to destroy Donald Trump with his girlfriend Lisa Page? Why is he still working and why am I paying his salary?

Why is Rod Rosenstein allowed to refuse to provide records and documents to Congress. And why is he allowed to threaten to subpoena records of those in Congress without any criminal investigation? Why Rosenstein didn't hand over the most of incriminating of all the texts, "He won't win president. Don't worry, we'll stop him." A clear and unequivocal attempt to obstruct a Presidential campaign. Why are the DOJ and the FBI allowed to lie to a Federal judge and say, "We have no e-mails between us on the Loretta Lynch- Bill Clinton tarmac meeting." Why can Loretta Lynch lie and use a personal e-mail and a fake name for government business?

Tell me how many times does someone have to lie to an Inspector General before they are just not believable? Why does Hillary Clinton just days after she meets Bill the attorney general on that tarmac say she will keep Loretta Lynch on as AG if she wins as president? We are not stupid, and why does the IG not recommend a leaked prosecution when there are 65 phone calls from a reporter to a top FBI official?

Why did Christopher Wray have to be brought to the White House to be convinced that McCabe needs to go? Isn't the FBI supposed to figure that stuff out on its own? I am worried. I am really worried.

This report is nothing more than a white wash of the deep state by the deep state itself. There are great people in the FBI -- men and women -- and I have had the honor of working with them. But they are embarrassed because they know how bad Comey and company destroyed America's confidence and that esteemed FBI. And there are great people in government, many of whom you have seen on this show.

Congressman Ron deDantis, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Devin Nunes, Lee Zeldin, Matt Gates, Andy Biggs, Senators Lindsey Graham, Ron Johnson, Chuck Grassley. These people are fighting the deep state as obstructionist Democrats like Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff stare into the cameras and turn truth on its head.

They are not real Democrats, they are demon rats. That's what I said, demon rats. And until the Republicans learn to fight like they do and go with a narrative no one veers from, they and socialism will run amok in this country.

We need people in Washington who believe in truth and justice and are not offended by the term law and order and believe in consequences. This is not a banana republic. This is the United States of America with a justice system that needs to be protected. It's time for those people who are not interested in supporting President Trump to get out of his way and that means you, Jeff Sessions. It's time for to you put on your big boy pants and start acting like the AG, and if you can't get on board with this President, then get the hell out of his way.

Let me be clear to all you critics. I am not looking for that job. I am an ordinary American who was brought up to believe in truth and justice. And like thousands and hundreds of thousands of men and women in law enforcement, we are just damn embarrassed and hang our heads in shame with the likes of Comey and his cabal as well as the impotent inspector general's report which is nothing more than proof the deep state is alive and well in Washington, DC.

That's my open. Tell me what you think on my Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram, #judgejeanine.

Now, joining me now to react to my opening and all of the development this week, counselor to the president, Kellyanne Conway.

All right, Kellyane, good evening. I am very disturbed by the inspector general's report. What is your take on it?

KELLYANNE CONWAY, COUNSELOR TO THE PRESIDENT: Everyone should be disturbed and I am very disappointed that so many people just want to react rather than report. Really dig through all 550-plus pages, Jeanine because there is so much to unpack here, and people really should not just cherry pick the results of this report depending on their political point of view or conclusions that are in search of evidence.

They really should be very disturbed in unison that we have people at the top echelon in the FBI, not the rank and file, good and decent men and women who do their job well every day, at the tippy top of the FBI, really trying to tip the scales.

By the way, they lack such political instincts. They didn't see the Donald Trump revolution coming. They of course view what Hillary Clinton did a month or so later, which is insult his followers. Call into question their intelligence and mental fitness. Who they are. These are cultural leaks in the deep state under our nose, people laugh sometimes and flick it away when folks talk about the deep state, it is right there. Read the inspector general's report.

Now, this should be the beginning, not the end perhaps of this conversation. Folks can ask -- I think they can ask Mr. Horowitz for more information. Congress if they are interested in learning more, they can certainly continue to pursue this and perhaps, they should in the interest of transparency and accountability.

Jeanine, let me make very clear, folks, don't kids yourselves, we would know zero, we would know none of this if Hillary Clinton had been elected, and not Donald Trump. You wouldn't know what was going on at the tippy top echelon of the FBI. And who the heck was giving Jim Comey a hero's welcome two short months ago for this silly book about leadership and morality of all things.

I don't need a lecture from Jim Comey about loyalty, morality, and leadership. It's embarrassing that people killed the fatted calf and rolled out the red carpet for his book tour when yet again, we see him putting himself before the process, a grandstanding, showboating, but more importantly, subverting the process. He was insubordinate and he went outside of Loretta Lynch's, the attorney general's responsibilities, I think, to act on his own and people should be very concerned about all of that.

PIRRO: Let me ask you this, you know, for me and you're so right, I mean, I have read a lot of these 568 pages. I don't know how much it weighs, but the bottom line, Kellyanne is that they didn't make a criminal referral. They have said five FBI agents should be referred for disciplinary actions. Everybody is still working. No one is forced to be fired. There is no criminal referral as they did with McCabe. How do you think the American people are going to react to this?

CONWAY: I hope they will react because -- but only if this is given a little bit more oxygen. That is my initial point that there is not a ton of coverage on this IG Report in the mainstream media right now. A little bit here and there.

They checked the box on it. But we deserve a deeper dive. Jeanine, you can't with a straight face credibly say that we've spent over -- well, actually two years, next month will be two years since the Russia investigation started. Just the Mueller investigation is a year old.

If for two years they have been investigating something against this president that doesn't exist, and yet people think that we should all go spend all this money and go on indefinitely about that. We are here -- you actually have some information that should -- I think animate Americans to want to hear more. But it's being ignored by those -- and I think some in the media are uncomfortable that people in the media were accepting -- excuse me, giving tickets to games and meals to FBI agents. That's very uncomfortable.

PIRRO: Uncomfortable, people have gone to jail for that. Politicians have gone to jail for that kind of thing.

CONWAY: Again, that's right.

PIRRO: And this is the FBI, but I want to ask you about the Donald Trump -- the president tweeting today that, "Democrats can fix their forced family breakup at the border by working with Republicans. I think we've got that tweet, yes, on the screen for a change. This is why we need more Republicans elected in November. Democrats are good at three things -- high taxes, high crime and obstruction." What now -- there is going to be a meeting, Kellyanne on Capitol Hill on Tuesday regarding the whole issue of immigration. What do you think is going to happen?

CONWAY: The president as he is wanting to do is trying to bring everybody together to come up with some commonsense plan, but he cannot be more clear about what his vision on immigration is. He wants to have a sovereign nation that has physical borders. He wants to build the wall, obviously, but he also wants catch and release to end. He wants a merit based immigration system. He wants more ICE agents.

You know, the Democrats think what the president is trying to say there is that these Democrats refuse to provide the funding necessary so that you can expand the detention centers, that you have more ICE agents -- some common sense measures and they have been saying -- and by the way, Donald Trump got here a year and a half ago. The immigration issue including at the border has gone on for a long time and if the two Presidents before him tried to deal with it also, Operation Streamline under President George W. Bush and President Obama (inaudible) in 2014...


PIRRO: Why does President Trump take the blame for what other presidents have did? Why is it so difficult? Why are these concentration camps for kids when they separate a parent from a child?

CONWAY: That is really a horrible description and it is insulting -- I have talked to some people over this weekend. It's insulting to people who have had families in concentration camps who then perished.

But I want to put that very charged rhetoric aside and make the very clear point that this President, he brought Democrats to the White House. They held court for an hour. But all the Democrats wanted to talk about was DACA. They just wanted to talk about the Dreamers. They never raised this with him.

PIRRO: Okay, all right, Kellyanne Conway, thanks so much for being with us.

CONWAY: But he'll be there to try to get a good policy in place. We need to fix immigration's complex set of problems and it will require a complex set of solutions. This is a great test, Jeanine, do the Democrats want to fix it or do they want an issue in the fall?

PIRRO: They want an issue on the fall and all right, Kellyanne, thanks so much. And here with more on the continuing fallout from the IG Report, Congressman Ron DeSantis, a member of the House Judiciary Committee.

All right, Congressman, you know, I understand that there are five FBI agents who are being referred for disciplinary action. That seems to be the toughest thing that came out of this 568-page, I think it is about five inches, six inches high report. What say you?

REP. RON DESANTIS, R-FL, MEMBER OF HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE: Well, I think that's kind of a conundrum here, it's that the report has damning facts and evidence. They did a good job doing that. They were not really willing to draw the obvious conclusion on some of this stuff. Guys like Peter Strzok should be prosecuted. Let's look at this text message on August 8, Jeanine that we didn't have access before this where Lisa Page is going to Peter Strzok said, "Trump can't be President, can he? Can he?"
And Strzok says, "No. No, he can't. We'll stop it."

PIRRO: We'll stop it.

DESANTIS: And they did not -- and that was a week after that same Peter Strzok who is saying he is going to stop Donald Trump from being president opens a full-blown counter-intelligence investigation against Trump's campaign based of an off-hand statement at a bar. They never produced that text message to Congress. Somebody deleted it. The OIG and the report said that they were able to get it forensically.

PIRRO: That message that we're just hearing about, hold on, the message that we are just hearing about was deleted?

DESANTIS: I think it was either withheld from production or the IG says they think it may have been deleted. Bottom line is, all of the other text messages from that day were produced. There was some human agency, I think that had to be involved to not produce that because all of those text messages were initially produced in 2017.

Well what was happening in 2017? You had all the hoopla about the collusion investigation. Had this text message landed before Mueller was appointed and people see the guy who is running the whole thing said we are going to use it to stop Trump. That would have totally taken the blue out, so whether it was Strzok, whether it was Page, whether it was somebody else, we need to know who did that. To me, that was a major obstruction of justice.

PIRRO: Congressman, listen, I am so fed up with this because you guys have been doing this with all due respect. And I gave you credit in my open. You know, I think you guys do a great thing. My viewers are fed up. They want to know why is there a different system of justice for the ordinary Americans than for them.

They can destroy evidence. They can tamper with evidence. They can conceal evidence. They can change the rules. They get away with it and ordinary men -- look at Manafort. Not that I give a darn about Manafort. But this guy is in jail right now and people have violated the law and they are getting a check from us.

DESANTIS: Well, Judge, you are looking at the person who wrote the original criminal referral to Sessions where I had 15 members of Congress join me to refer all these people, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page. We've already referred them to the justice department. The OIG was not willing to do that. We did it in Congress. Sessions has not gotten back to us. So a lot of us are on the case, and I think this damning text message, the fact that it was not produced, to me that's obstruction whether it was Page, Strzok, somebody else in the bureau, we need to get that answer. We're happy to have Horowitz come testify. We are going to ask him about that.

PIRRO: Yes, but that's just so -- Congressman, okay, you're going to ask him about it. let's just assume that we find out that they actually you know, were obstructing, there is no one in the Justice Department to prosecute. There is no special -- second special counsel, and I have got to go. So you and I can talk until we're blue in the face, if there is no one at the Justice Department doing anything, what difference does it make to quote a very famous woman.

DESANTIS: Look, if the Justice Department has let us down on this, then we should have had a second special counsel long ago.

PIRRO: All right, Congressman Ron DeSantis. Thanks so much for being with us. Next, more on the IG report as The Mooch comes to "Justice." Anthony Scaramucci joins me live in a moment to talk about the report and more as "Justice" rolls on.

PIRRO: Developing tonight, the fallout continues for what we know from the Instagram report, high-level anti-Trump bias in the FBI. Joining me, former White House Communications Director for a few days, Anthony Scaramucci, good evening.

ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI, FORMER WHITE HOUSE COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR: They call it The Mooch. It was so short, Jeanine, you can't call it a Scaramucci.

PIRRO: It's The Mooch and that is Scaramucci. I got it. I got it. All right, Anthony, are you at all surprised by the IG Report which actually doesn't recommend any criminal charge or any further investigation. It just said, you know, there were a few errors in judgment when there are so many fundamental flaws that all went in the favor of Hillary Clinton. And I am not going to ask to you repeat the report. But where do we go from here?

SCARAMUCCI: The problem is that I am sure the President is probably disappointed with this report because it's not 100% accurate. They've sanitized and glossed over things that actually happened and so you are getting the teeny top tip of the iceberg, Judge, and what is down deep below that is a real manifestation of corruption against the Trump campaign, the candidate Trump, and then eventually when he was president.

And so I think that Director Comey, I just find the sanctimony of his book, now, I have read the book in preparation for some interviews, and I went back to it tonight to look through the levels of sanctimony. He knew this report was coming out. He knew his friends in the FBI would protect him and sanitize this report.

And I have got to tell you something, the president once again correct. He talked about people eavesdropping on him. They talked about informants or spies whatever you want to talk about. He made the right judgment in firing James Comey, despite the fire fight that ensued thereafter.

And so for me, I am disappointed in the report, but I am not surprised, Judge that these people protect each other.

PIRRO: All right, you're not surprised. You're disappointed in the report. Everybody feels the same way. Where do we go from here? What do we have to do to change things so that people are accountable.

SCARAMUCCI: Well, I mean, I think this what the president is absolutely best at. And so, I think once he steps back and he digests all the information, my guess is he is going to appoint people that he trusts that are on both sides of the aisle for that matter and they are going to come up with a protocol to protect these agencies from these sinister rogue type people and so, my guess is by the end of the year or certainly maybe after the election, the president will probably have a protocol or a suggested protocol to use on a going forward basis to protect Republicans and Democrats.

And so what you know being a judge, that we are all subject subservient to the rule of law in our country, the president knows that better than anybody and so it is going to be incumbent upon him and I believe it will be one of his legacies, Judge, that he returns the luster and the glory to these organizations that they deserve.


PIRRO: Well, he can't do it -- Anthony, he cannot do it with Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein running the place and if the Dems win the House, you know as well as I do what they plan to do. And so, we can't wait until after the election.

SCARAMUCCI: No, I understand all that. But I do think that even if -- and by the way, I predict that we are going to keep the House. But even if we don't keep the House and they move for the nonsense towards impeachment, the President's poll numbers will likely get stronger.

I mean, the American people are on to the political intrigue and the political shenanigans and the politics of personal destruction that take place in Washington. I think they believe the President and take him at his word that there was absolutely no collusion inside the campaign.

PIRRO: Well, yes, first of all there is no...

SCARAMUCCI: All he was trying to do is...

PIRRO: Go ahead, Anthony.

SCARAMUCCI: No, I said, all he is really trying to do is improve the American economy, improve the quality of life for all Americans, and how about wages, Judge. For the first time in 12 years, there has been sustainable wages for middle and lower middle class families. So, the guy is doing a great job despite all of these head winds and obstacles.

PIRRO: All right, well, let's just hope that the American people see it and his poll numbers are great, so everything in that regard is good. Anthony Scaramucci, thanks for being with us.

ROBERT GRAY, CORRESPONDENT, FOX NEWS: Live from "America's News Headquarters," I am Robert Gray. Heightened security at the world cup after a taxi plows into a crowd in Moscow. The vehicle jumped a sidewalk near Red Square injuring at least eight people, including two from Mexico.
The crash is believed to be an accident. Russian police detained the driver.

Chaos in a Venezuelan nightclub. Seventeen people were killed when a tear glass canister caused a stampede for the exits. Hundreds of people were packed into Los Cotorros club for a graduation celebration when a brawl broke out. Witnesses say the tear gas was launched from inside a bathroom.
Eight people are in custody, including two teens believed to be responsible for setting off the tear gas. I am Robert Gray. Now back to "Justice with Judge Jeanine."

PIRRO: Welcome back to "Justice." President Trump is heading to Capitol Hill this week to talk immigration with the GOP. Here to talk about that and more, political commentator Tomi Lahren and former aide to Chuck Schumer, radio show host, Chris Hahn.

All right, guys, the issue of children being separated from their parents at the border is one that for some reason is getting tremendous traction. And anyone who is a parent has to feel a lot of emotion about it. And even as a judge when I was sentencing a parent to jail and the child would be in the courtroom, it's tough stuff.

But Chris, aren't parents ultimately responsible for their own actions in this regard?

CHRIS HAHN, RADIO SHOW HOST: Yes. But we have parents who are presenting themselves at the border for asylum. International law says we should treat them with dignity and respect. This is a policy that was initiated by the Trump administration. There is no legislative fix needed here. In fact, the US Attorney for the southern district of Texas, Patrick Ryan just said today this is a policy that Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump initiated themselves. So, I think, we've got a pun -- there is a very big difference though between people criminally crossing the border and presenting themselves at the border for asylum. I think we have got to do something about this right now. The President can do it right now, just write a letter.


PIRRO: So, Chris, are you suggesting that they are all asking for asylum, and Tomi, is there a difference between the President's policy and the law?

TOMI LAHREN, POLITICAL COMMENTATOR, FOX NEWS: The president has said he has zero tolerance for illegal immigration. Excuse me. This president has said he has a zero tolerance policy for illegal immigration, yes, as Americans we feel for anybody that is crossing the border because we know this is the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

However, this is a nation of law. So, I say to those parents and to those children, if you do not want to be separated, do not cross the border illegally. Follow our laws, follow the process. That's the best way to ensure that your family stays together.

PIRRO: Go ahead, Chris.

HAHN: So as I just suggested to you, Tomi, so I just suggested, when you are presenting yourself at the border for asylum, you are not crossing the border illegally. You are following a procedure. It's at that point that this administration has decided to take those parents and separate them from the children. That not only violates international law, it violates Matthew 25, and anybody who believes in that should be ashamed of this policy.

LAHREN: Chris, are you trying to tell me that every single person that is going to the border that they are separated from their families, they are all seeking asylum? None of those are illegal immigrants that are trying to come in to this country and then live and work in the shadows and take advantage of our American system.

HAHN: People who are seeking asylum.

PIRRO: Okay, Chris, the question is very simple...

LAHREN: All of these people are seeking asylum? Really?

PIRRO: Chris, you know as well as I and Tomi know, not all of them are seeking asylum. Come on, let's not kid each other. Now, for those who are come across illegally -- wait let me finish the question, for those who are coming across illegally, and not seeking asylum, some of whom have already been deported who are bringing children. The law is the same as it was when Barack Obama was President, and Bush was president.

So the president has not changed anything. In fact, this President offered the Democrats the opportunity to keep the -- some of the DACA kids here, 1.8 million of them and the Dems wouldn't go with it. You are just trying to make the president look bad.

HAHN: No, this is the president -- no, the president is treating people who are sneaking under a fence, the same as people who are coming through a door, Tomi, they are treating them the same and that is not right.

LAHREN: I want to ask you a question, Chris. This is very important because I know you and many on your side of the aisle talk a lot about compassion, and I agreed with you when you show compassion as a Christian, I believe in that as well, but where is the compassion for American citizens? Where is the compassion for legal immigrants living in this country that expects the rule of law to be followed and expect border security and border enforcement? Where is the compassion for those individuals? Does that not exists because President Trump is going to make sure it exists and that is why we elected him?

HAHN: Tomi, that that you do unto the least of them you do unto Christ.

PIRRO: Oh, Chris.

HAHN: And we know what is happening at the border right now. It is an abomination. It is an abomination.

PIRRO: What is an abomination? Every time a judge sentences a parent to jail, is that an abomination? Is that an abomination? They make the choice. Were the 200 people not responsible for their own actions and their behavior? When do you bring children across the border illegally?

HAHN: They are presenting themselves for asylum. They are not criminals. They are not doing anything illegal.

PIRRO: Really? How many breaking the laws? How many years?

HAHN: They are presenting themselves for asylum.

PIRRO: Chris, are they breaking the law coming here?

HAHN: No, they are not.

PIRRO: Let Tomi talk now.

LAHREN: Chris, you can shout as many Bible verses as you want. I believe in the Bible as well. I believe in what you are saying about compassion but the thing is this, you can't have a nation without a border. We need to make sure the borders are secure.

I know you are going to keep telling me that all of these individuals that are crossing the border are seeking asylum. But we know that that is not true. We have got 11 to 20 million illegal immigrants living in this country and those individuals are not seeking asylum. We have a problem at the border. This president has a zero tolerance policy for it, so if the Democrats want to come to the table. That's fine. But here on out, this president has made it clear, don't come to this country and complain about the rule of law.

HAHN: Tomi, let me ask you a question, since you've asked me a few. Is it right when people are seeking asylum for them to be separated from their kids? Should the president stop that from happening right now?

LAHREN: I believe first and foremost, we need to make sure we have a secure bored and of course we need to deal with these individuals.

HAHN: Answer the question.

LAHREN: We need to make sure we have a streamlined process that also starts with a wall. That starts with border enforcement so we can figure out who is coming over here and why they are coming over here. Right now we don't know. We don't know who is coming over.


HAHN: What about the asylum seekers? Should they be given...

PIRRO: You know guys what this reminds me of...

HAHN: When they show up at an official process for an asylum, should they be treated differently, Tomi?

PIRRO: Chris, you are like a broken record. We all know it's not all about asylum. Tomi Lahren, Chris Hahn...

HAHN: Truth. It is the truth.

PIRRO: Thanks so much for being with us. "Street Justice" still to come. Plus, what an honor for Alec Baldwin. He makes the list for one of the most of outrageous things I heard this week and Charlie Kirk is here to break it down. Next.

The 2020 election will be here before we know it. Take a listen to who thinks he'd be a great president.




BALDWIN: I would absolutely win. By 1,000%.

STERN: Where are you?


BALDWIN: If I ran for president, I would win, hands down I would win.

STERN: Because you would be the funniest, most of exciting, most crazy campaign.

BALDWIN: So there's many things this country needs to do that are so obvious.


PIRRO: And that's just one of the most of outrageous things I heard this week. Here to break it all down with me, Turning Point USA, founder, executive director, Charlie Kirk. All right, Charlie, what's your take on that sound from Alec Baldwin.

CHARLIE KIRK, FOUNDER EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, TURNING POINT USA: Well, look, you've got to remember, you know, he has been "comedian" for a couple of years now during the Trump resistance. I don't find him too funny anymore. It's like, comedy has completely lost all their substance.

But look, you have to remember, he couldn't even keep a job at MSNBC because he got fired for an anti-LGBT slur.

PIRRO: That's right.

KIRK: You think he can keep a job, as a late night host there, you're somehow supposed to win the Democrat primary and then the Presidential cycle? He has a horrible temper. He can't keep anything for more than a couple of months. And this kind of illustrates a broader point is that comedy is dead.

The left has killed comedy in America. It's almost as if what they say when they are serious has become comedy and when they say, when they are trying to make a joke isn't very funny at all. Because I found him trying to say that he is going to win to be quite comedic, but I don't think he meant it as a joke.

PIRRO: Okay, all right, let's get to Chelsea Handler's tweet. She is always good for outrageous. "Hey, syphilis brain, it's nice you have such sympathy for high level criminals yet not for kids being ripped from their parents by the thousands now. This is your policy. The Trump policy, not the Democrats. Everything you say is a lie. Your skin color is even a lie. Your hair." That's Chelsea. What do you say to her?

KIRK: That was so funny I forgot to laugh. So, look, here is what's so interesting about Chelsea Handler, she is another one of these "comedians" that has descended into this political hatred of this president, but let's talk about the immigration issue right here. They are selectively talking about these deportation centers where allegedly, these kids are being held immorally.

Now, look, you have to remember, a lot of the images that were spread on the internet of these were during the Obama administration. Where was Chelsea Handler calling out President Obama back in 2014? Was she down there picketing and protesting? Hey, Nancy Pelosi, were you there visiting with the rest of your Democrat colleagues when all of these images were actually taken? Of course not.

They are using selective outrage on a very particular issue that they want to try to drum up outrage and hatred in support of this president, you know why? Because he's succeeding across the board. He is the most successful president in our lifetime. He's bringing peace to the world. The economy is roaring. They have to pick some micro issue that by the way, President Obama ignored himself.

PIRRO: Yes, indeed, all right, and finally, Senator Schumer. He took to the Senate floor and he said -- sound here, all right.


CHUCK SCHUMER, SENATE MINORITY LEADER: By granting a meeting with chairman Kim, President Trump granted a brutal and repressive dictatorship the international legitimacy it has long craved. To the United States, it's permanent proof that we have legitimized the brutal dictator who starved his own people.


PIRRO: Charlie, we have a very short time, what's your take on good old Senator Schumer?

KIRK: I like him to say those same words when Obama met with the Castro brothers in Cuba. Really quick on this, President Trump is bringing peace to world and some of the Democrats have found something wrong with it. They would rather see conflict and war than Trump get credit for peace.

PIRRO: Well, there is no question about it, Charlie Kirk, thanks so much for being with us tonight.

KIRK: Thanks, Judge. You're the best. Thank you.

PIRRO: And last week, it was a taxi cab. How did I get around for this week's "Street Justice?" You're going to enjoy this one.

I jumped in a taxi cab last week. So, this week for "Street Justice," I decided to hail a different type of transportation and the topic, a curious decision on the Miss America pageant.

So, here I am in Manhattan trying to find out what New Yorkers think of their taking the swimsuit competition out of Miss America. Me and my pedicab driver, Kenny are hitting the streets.

All right, so Kenny, let's hit it, Kenny.

How do you feel about the fact they took the swimsuit competition out of Miss America?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think it's ridiculous. That's what it is all about.

PIRRO: It is for you.


PIRRO: You won't watch if they are not in their bathing suits?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don't really watch it anyways, but I mean, it's a beauty contest, so it's part of the tradition of it. They want to change everything.

PIRRO: So, it's not good.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don't think they should just change anyway.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Look at my body, do you think I care about that. I would never win those swimsuits. I think the girls do like it though.


PIRRO: I feel like I am in Ben Hur. This is my chariot. You don't have spiked wheels, do you? They're lost, so...

Let me ask you a question. They took the swimsuit competition out of Miss America. How do you feel about that?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think it's disgraceful. That was the whole point of watching it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think they were beautiful and I think they should be seen.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think that's great.

PIRRO: Why, you're going to watch it?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'll still watch it. It gives them more intellectual -- it gives these women -- it kind of shows these women that they have more brains than body.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What would males say? That's too bad that they took that out, but a female would say, that's awesome.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think it's too bad.

PIRRO: Will you watch it?


PIRRO: Do you think the numbers will move down?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No. I think the women will be more in tune.

PIRRO: But what do you think they should they substitute for the swimsuit?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A dance contest.

PIRRO: With the women or with men? What do you think of that?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I guess, it's sign of the times.

PIRRO: What do you think of that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What do I think of it.

PIRRO: Your wife is looking at you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I am disgusted. It's not right, is it. What do you think?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I want to be looking at the pretty ladies in swimsuits.

PIRRO: Why do you think they did it?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's political correctness gone mad.

PIRRO: So, Kenny, I will ask you, what do you think of the fact they took out the swimsuit competition with Miss America.

KENNY: I have to admit, when I did watch it, you know, I did kind of wait for the swimsuit competition to check it out.

PIRRO: The truth ultimately comes out. Admit it, Kenny.

KENNY; Yes, I do. I admit it. I love the swimsuit competition. Put it back in.

PIRRO: We'll be right back.

Get ready for the best book of the summer. My new book, "Liars, Leakers and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy." It comes out in July and you won't be able to put it down. You can get the truth and justice in this book and you can preorder it right now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Finally, tonight I want to wish all the wonderful dads out there a very Happy Father's Day. Thank you for watching. I am Jeanine Pirro advocating for truth, justice and the American way. "The Greg Gutfeld Show" is coming up. We will see you next Saturday night.


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