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JESSE WATTERS, HOST: Hello everybody. I'm Jesse Watters, along with Emily Compagno, Juan Williams, Dana Perino and Tyrus. It's 5:00 in New York City and this is “The Five.”

You are looking live at Calexico, California, where President Trump is inspecting a new section of the wall being built in California. He is continuing to make border security his top priority. The president threatening to take bold action to stop a new surge of illegal immigration.

Trump giving Mexico a one-year warning to fix the crisis or he'll hit them with the tariffs and may even shut down the border. Here is the president.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT: It's a colossal surge and it's overwhelming our immigration system. The system is full, it can't take you anymore. Whether it's asylum, whether it's anything you want, it is illegal immigration, we can't take you anymore. We can't take you. Our country is full. Our area is full. The sector is full. We can't take you anymore. And I'm totally willing to close the border.


WATTERS: That is a pretty big deal if he decides to do that. All right, Dana, after the Mueller report came back, he kind of flirted with pivoting to healthcare and then quickly stopped.

DANA PERINO, HOST: He was like touching a hot stove.

WATTERS: It was like his hand came tight off of it. And now he's moving on immigration, but I don't think he is choosing to move on to immigration. I think the immigration situation is so dire he has to do this.

PERINO: Well, in immigration is constant from the campaign, actually for 40 years and we have not done anything with our Congress. I do think it is very smart to get out of D.C. That's my thing. I would have him on the road all the time.

WATTERS: That was your idea?

PERINO: Just get out of that town, go and focus, go and show the problem. The media travels with the president no matter where he goes. We have known for three days that the president is going to be making this border trip. We've been talking about it. That is how you use the bully pulpit to focus. That said, I think that this -- all week, everyday this week we've had a different thing --

WATTERS: Actually, we have the president speaking live now. Let's go to him.


TRUMP: I hope it works. This is just a concrete protector, but the wall behind it, and you see it all the way down and we're going to be building - - we already built a lot of it. It looks great. It's better and more effective than the previous wall and we actually can do it faster and it is less expensive, if you can believe it.

So it is better, faster and less expensive, other than that, who knows. Thank you all for being here with a great stretch of wall. See where it is going. This is going all the way up. Much of it is like this. We have different walls. We have some that are holding back water so obviously this doesn't do that trick.

But we have a lot of good concrete divisions that hold back various parcels of water. We have a lot of water going up. But this is, I would say, the majority would be in this style and some of it is 30 feet, some is 15 feet, some of it is 12 feet, depending on the area.

Much of it is reinforced heavily and very, very hard to climb. If you want to climb that, it's pretty sharp up on top, too. If you want to climb that, you deserve whatever you can get, but it is a very, very hard. It is meant anti-climb. It is called anti-climb.

So, it's a great wall and it looks -- I think it looks fantastic. Very see- through, so you are able to see the other side which is a very important element, OK.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. President, do you have any response to (inaudible) by California and others?

TRUMP: No, no. You know, it's interesting about California. They are begging for the wall in San Diego, you know that because people are pouring through in San Diego, going over their front lawns, going into people's houses.

So they want the wall down in San Diego and we did it. And then you hear they don't want the wall. They want the wall if you ever took it down. They wanted that one so badly and we did a great job. We stopped everybody, virtually -- actually everybody from coming over.

It's a tremendous success, but California is always the first one to complain. And I don't mean the people of California, they are fantastic. I'm talking about the politicians in California. They complain. When their forests go up, they complain. They got to take care of their forests a lot better.

But when the wall, they want the wall in San Diego, but then they are always the first one. They were the first one to pull the National Guard and they need the National Guard, especially in California. So, we're proud of this. As you know, this area is an area that a lot of people used to come through.

And since we've had it up, Kevin, I think not one person has been able to get through. These people can speak to you better. Come on over here. You guys are my friends. Come on over here. Say hello to the fake news fellows. Fake news.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. President, this morning when you spoke (inaudible).

TRUMP: Yes. No, we're going to see what happens. We want to have people. We want to have everything just perfect. We will see what happens, but we may be going -- we may be going at a different -- you'll be seeing very soon. We may be going a different direction. If anybody wants to speak up about this, so we just got this up, I'd like you to, Gloria, if you would. Gloria maybe will say a few words.

GLORIA CHAVEZ, CHIEF BORDER PATROL, EL CENTRO SECTOR: Thank you Mr. President. You know, as the chief here in El Centro, we are very appreciative of this wall. These men and women out here in this area of two miles were experiencing a high number of assaults and use of force incidents.

This was prior to this wall being built. This is 30-foot border walls that are pillar bollards and you can see through it. For us, it is a huge advantage to see what is on the other side because before with the old landing mat, we could not see the adversary. We couldn't see the threat that was on that side.

We would get rocked constantly. We would get items thrown at us everyday. With this 30-foot wall, we haven't had those types of incidents. Just here in these two miles, our assaults have dropped by 65 percent, just in this area. That is very important to me as a chief because I don't want our agents hurt.

I want them out here protecting the country and doing their job. In these two miles, just illegal entries alone, have dropped by 75 percent just in this area. Yes, the wall is here and people have maybe around it are breaching the area, and they are coming around, but that's OK.

TRUMP: The only way by the way -- the only way they get in is by going around it. They're not going over it because you have a lot of tremendous people watching, they can't get ladders and go over. Plus, it is dangerous. It's very high to go over it.

So, when Gloria says 65 percent, this is 100 percent, but when they go down further -- but we are going further and further out, everyday we're building more wall and we're going further and further and you will be at 99.9, I predict.

CHAVEZ: Well, we will. And we have about 11 miles, Mr. President, thank you for that. Construction starts with this type of wall in June of this year.

TRUMP: Good that it's going (inaudible).



CHAVEZ: It will be.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And sir, we have some of our sheriffs here. Our fabulous partners.

TRUMP: Good. Please.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Joe, come on over here.

TRUMP: Central casting. We can't cast -- you don't have anybody in Hollywood that looks like these guys.

DONNY YOUNGBLOOD, SHERIFF, KERN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA: I'm a sheriff from the Central Valley of California and I have three other Central Valley sheriffs. We feel this impact from 400 miles away. Each of us have experienced heinous crimes that are committed by people in our country illegally.

And I just want to take this opportunity to thank this president for doing the right thing and standing up for law enforcement in this country. It is greatly appreciated and I just want you to know that.

TRUMP: Thank you sheriff. We're with you 100 percent.

YOUNGBLOOD: Hi congressman.


TRUMP: He got a good one.

YOUNGBLOOD: I'm Sheriff Donny Youngblood, Kern County.

TRUMP: It's a great group of people.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Good seeing you again.

TRUMP: Sheriff, say something, if you would like.

So we, you know, we don't have on the south end of our county, Pinal County, Arizona. We border here with Pima County. And together we're constantly working to try to fight the drug trafficking and the human trafficking that's coming into this country.

A couple of weeks ago I was in the Oval Office and we issued a challenge for the congressmen and women and senators to come down here and see the border. I appreciate our president leading by example and coming down here.

You can see the benefits of the wall and hopefully as we progress with this, we will start to see those effects in our county as well because we're fighting this everyday, the human trafficking and the drug trafficking and I know Sheriff Napier out of Pima County can talk a little bit more about that.

MARK NAPIER, SHERIFF, PIMA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA: Well, good afternoon. I'm Mark Dapier, the sheriff of Pima County, Arizona, the largest border county in the United States. The strategic deployment of physical barriers along our southern border will always be part of the picture of border security, which is absolutely fundamentally necessary for humanitarian reasons, public safety reasons and also for national security reasons.

Anyone who would suggest that we do not have a crisis on our southern border is being intellectually dishonest to the point of being dishonest with malice. We have humanitarian crisis, which is very clear and compelling. We have a compelling crisis of public safety with human trafficking, drug trafficking, sex trafficking coming up through the border.

This is not make-believe. This is something that we live with every day as border sheriffs. So we applaud the efforts of the current administration to secure the border. It is long overdue and those who would argue that we do not have a crisis on our southern border need to come to my part of the world and see what is really going on.

We interdicted 58 pounds of methamphetamine just the other day and last month, 13,000 fentanyl pills. My deputies recover about 100 bodies a year in the deserts of Pima County, Arizona. So please do not tell me this is not a public safety crisis, not a humanitarian crisis and not a national security concern. So this is a very serious issue and it is time our government got serious about it. Thank you.

TRUMP: And they don't come here, the people that are opposed, mostly Democrats. I mean, Republicans are for it, but mostly Democrats, they don't come here. And we want them, yes. We want them to come here. We could take you to sections. Now, it looks nice and calm because we have the wall.

But if you would have seen this before we put the wall up, you wouldn't believe it. But we could take you to sections that are so dangerous that you can't walk through them, OK. You can't walk through them. So, thank you very much, all of you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Sir, we also have Chief Flores here.

TRUMP: Come on chief (inaudible). Please, say a few words. Please

PETE FLORES, DIRECTOR, FIELD OFFICE, SAN DIEGO: All right. Good afternoon. Pete Flores, I'm the director for field operations for the San Diego field office. My AOR consist of all the California, Mexico ports of entry, along with airport, seaport in San Diego.

I can tell you from my perspective as we talk comprehensive border security, what border security means national security. At our ports of entry, where we have last year, we did 79.3 million travelers come through our port of entry. We also did $50 billion worth of trade that came through our ports of entry just northbound on what we see down here.

So then, additional investment and officers, the additional investment in technology, in (inaudible) equipment, our x-ray equipment and what we have, our ability to scan, screen and inspect is a tremendous investment in how we do business on the border and securing our border as well as allowing for the facilitation of legitimate trade and travel. Thank you for that.

TRUMP: Thank you very much. Fantastic job.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm (inaudible), the local media here in Fresno (ph). We have been covering this now for months.

TRUMP: Good. Thank you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm just curious, so many illegal migrants are crossing illegally, so how would shutting down the southern border help if they are crossing illegally and not --

TRUMP: Well, we're going to shut it down if we have to, but Mexico can do it very easily and they have been, as you know Jenny, they've been doing a very good job over the last four days. I will tell you, we're going to shut it down if we have to.

We're going to tariff the cars coming in that they make in Mexico, if we have to. But Mexico has been doing a great job. I want to thank the president of Mexico. He's the first one. He's really been doing the job. He's helping Mexico too. Not only economically and not only because I won't be forced to shut it down or do the tariffs.

But he really is helping Mexico. He's doing a great thing for his country. So, I want to thank, through your camera, I want to thank him, the president of Mexico, thank you. Anybody?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. President, if we can ask. We have seen the letter that your lawyers have sent about your tax returns. Is there anything you would like to say about it? Can you explain?

TRUMP: Nothing whatsoever. Nothing whatsoever. I have nothing to say about it. I got elected. They elected me, now they keep going. I am under audit. When you are under audit, you don't do it, but I'm under audit. Other people are under audit then nobody would do it when you are going through an audit.

And I always go through audit. They audit me all the time. I don't know if they audit you, sheriff, I don't know -- do they audit you people? I don't think these people ever get audit. They'd be afraid to audit you people, but, so that's it. Any other questions?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Have you talked to Attorney General Barr before his testimony? Have you talked to him at all about --

TRUMP: I don't know, but I think he's doing fantastic job. I think he's a fantastic attorney general. He is so respected in the Department of Justice and by these people. It is what we need. He's a great gentleman. Thank you very much, everybody. We'll see you back at the next stop.


TRUMP: Thank you. All right. Do a great job.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I appreciate your time, thank you.


WATTERS: OK. That was President Trump in southern California touring the new border wall construction. And very powerful presentation, Tyrus, bringing in Gloria and some of the other experts on the ground. One of the guys actually said that if you are denying it's a crisis on the border, not only are you being dishonest, you are being dishonest with malice.

TYRUS, HOST: Yes. Malice is always great word when it is used properly, but there is something about feet on the ground, people who are actually living in the moment. And I think what was starting to go kind of south, I think the president was kind of getting a loss for words there.

When he brought Gloria in, phenomenal job Gloria out there, but people can feel that, they understand that and you take the politics out and you go with facts and what is going on there. That was bipartisan straight up, this is how it is, this is how we are dealing with it. And that is what the American people need to see.

So, that was great information, and if you had issues, if you were just listening to the stuff going on in Washington, after seeing that interview, you would start thinking, you know what, maybe there is something going on that is not just hyperbole and division. So, that was a wonderful interview. Your P.R. blood was boiling down.

PERINO: I was. Pumping.

TYRUS: And there were great hats.

WATTERS: Yes, always more authoritative when you have a hat like that.

TYRUS: Yes. I mean, the guy -- you know what, I'm learning a lot. This is a (inaudible).

WATTERS: I might have to start wearing one like that. People really listen when you wear a hat.

PERINO: Well, what about your hair?

WATTERS: Yes, I couldn't mess up the hair, right.

TYRUS: Yes, I mean.

WATTERS: All right, Juan, you heard from the experts on the ground, 30- foot fence, assaults down, you know, rock throwing down 65 percent. When deployed strategically, it is very, very effective.

WILLIAMS: yeah, thank you President Obama. That section of wall was paid for back in 2009 as repair job by guess who, President Obama.

Actually we paid for it, taxpayers.

I'm saying right now, you listen to this bluster and bluff coming from Trump. Oh, is Trump putting up that wall? Trump hasn't built any wall, this is repair job funded by President Obama. Look, I think Dana has a point, always good to get out of Washington.

PERINO: let me hear more about the point.

WILLIAMS: Yes, and thank you President Obama because guess what, that section of wall was paid for back in 2009 as a repair job by guess who, President Obama.

WATTERS: Actually, we paid for it. Taxpayers.

WILLIAMS: I'm just saying --


WILLIAMS: -- because right now, you know, you listen to this blustering bluff coming from Trump and you say, is Trump putting up that wall? Trump hasn't built any wall. This is a repair job that was funded by President Obama.

Look, I think Dana has a point. It's always good to get out of Washington - -

PERINO: Let me hear more about the point.

WILLIAMS: because, I'll tell you, because it's really important for him to get out because he's had a tough week. He's being sued by 20 states, including California over his emergency declaration.


WILLIAMNS: They are asking him for his tax returns and he's struggling with that one. Just today he just withdrew the nomination of his ICE director, the guy he had up for that job. Nobody is clear on it except thinking that Steven Miller, who is behind this, failed immigration policy, didn't like the guy. Of course the Senate and the House have gone after his famous Saudis --

WATTERS: So Juan, he's not having a bad week. So let me just get this straight. You said since it is Obama's wall, you like it?

WILLIAMS: No. What I said was --

WATTERS: All right, I got it.

WILLIAMS: No, no, no. Because you guys focused on the idea that you had security people there saying, before this wall was here we had a problem. But guess what, that is before the wall was there years ago are being repaired buy Obama.

WATTERS: So, you're saying walls work? Is that what you're saying?

WILLIAMS: The wall works in that section.

WATTERS: Those worked when Obama oversees it.

WILLIAMS: We don't need to see the shining sea wall except in your imagination.

WATTERS: No, I agree. We don't need it all the way, but you need it strategically, right?

EMILY COMPAGNO, HOST: Yes, we do. That right there was the real- world application of everything that is going on that crosses borders. The crisis is not limited to nor does it begin at our southern border.

One of those gentleman at the end mentioned that $50 billion flows only northward over and across ports of entry, almost $30 billion is profit from the -- for cartels and the drug industry. Since 2006, Mexico has been fighting militarily a kingpin strategy against all of their drug wars locally.

What do we think that we are seeing? It is all of the effects from that. So it's not about simply human immigration crossing the southern border. It's because the push factors coming south of the border are so strong, so complicated and so now long-term invested that that's what we're dealing with.

So I love that the president also brought in the broader conversation of including Mexico in that because it is about time for some diplomacy so that we can either help or stop it.

WATTERS: Yes, important to hear the grizzly reality of the drug war, talking about they find 100 bodies a year just buried in the desert.

PERINO: Well that's why I think that -- so, the president, I would keep him out on the road at least once a week because when you are in the Roosevelt Room or the cabinet room and you bring the cameras in or let's just say that maybe he's just headed to Mar-a-Lago on Fridays and he talks to the cameras on his way out to the helicopter, it looks repetitive.


PERINO: You have to change the scene in order to change the story line. I also think that every day this week he's had a different position on Mexico. There was going to be closing the border, then they're not closing the border.

They were talking about tariffs, but maybe not for a year or now, today, he is praising the Mexican president, which maybe that actually works in terms of getting the Mexican president to do more. But I would do this. We all know that the answer to all of these problems resides in Congress.


PERINO: So, focus like laser beam on Congress, but make them follow you. Get out there, get on the border or wherever, talk about healthcare, wherever it is going to be, don't do it from the Roosevelt Room because it is not effective.

WATTERS: Do you think this is going to be a game-changer like Dana said, to get out on the road, change the optics and force, maybe one of these Democrat congressmen or senators to go visit and hear from the experts?

TYRUS: Again, I'll go back to Gloria, phenomenal job. It changed the conversation. It went from Juan's expressions like here we go again to, you know what, what is she talking about, that was interesting. And that's important to what we need.

And here's a thing about the flip flop through the story every day. I want to get his back a little bit on this one because I think you're saying -- and I would say, this Jesse Watters' hair is off to the right, I don't like it. Sir, it's actually off to the left, maybe we should change it. The next day, you know, it's actually off to the left.

So he is listening to his people when he is often criticized for not. He will say something, actually Mr. President if we close the border, our economy is going to be in big trouble. So the next day, OK, you got a year. So, I'm actually OK with that because he's known for going off the cuff, he's known for getting a little emotional and say, well, guess what, we're going to do this. And he is listening to his experts. So let's not (inaudible).

PERINO: My point on that is that it takes the focus off of Congress.

TYRUS: Yes. Well, that is what they want --

PERINO: Right. I wouldn't let them do that.

TYRUS: -- because no one at this table has got a Congress t-shirt.

WILLIAMS: Really? I wonder who politicized this issue in the first place.

PERINO: Obama.

WILLIAMS: I think its Donald Trump who said Mexico was going to pay for this. But let me just stop for a second, forget that for a second. Remember, spending on a wall does nothing to stop the infusion of families and especially families with children, we're not talking about an invasion. We are not talking -- we're talking about most of the people coming right now, families with children.

A wall does nothing to do that. It does nothing in terms of the added wall in terms of detention facilities that are needed to accommodate these people at this moment. That is the crisis, Jesse. That's the real crisis.

COMPAGNO: The families are pawns of the cartels. That is just a small portion of it.

PERINO: That's right.

WILLIAMS: Well, I'm just saying. Remember --

COMPAGNO: It's a $5 billion smuggling industry.

WILLIAMS: Remember, Emily, this is not mostly Mexican. These are people coming from Central America. There are different rules in terms of asylum for the Mexicans.

PERINO: That is why I would focus on Congress and make them fix that part.

WILLIAMS: Well, they would. I think Democrats want to do something about the facilities, the detention facilities, the judges to accommodate it.

PERINO: But if they don't do something about the kind of laws, they won't have to do that.

WILLIAMS: But Trump has done so much to politicize it, that he has us stuck. All right, switching gears now.


JOE BIDEN, FORMER VICE PRESIDENT: I just want you to know, I had permission to hug Lonny (ph).

By the way, he gave me permission to touch him, all right.


WILLIAMS: Joe Biden joking in his first public appearance after several women have accused him of unwanted touching. Right after the speech, Biden answered questions about those allegations.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you expect a lot more people?

BIDEN: Well, you know, I wouldn't be surprised, but I've had hundreds and hundreds of people contact me, who I don't know. And you know, they say the exact opposite. I'm sorry, I didn't understand more. I'm not sorry for any of my intentions. I'm not sorry for anything that I have ever done. I've never been disrespectful intentionally.


WILLIAMS: And President Trump is weighing in. He's trolling Biden on twitter with this parity video.


BIDEN: Because I came to hug people, right. I grab men and women by the shoulders and say, you can do this. And women, men, young, old, that is the way I've always been. That's the way I've tried to show I care about them and I'm listening.


WILLIAMS: The former vice president quickly responded by calling Trump, "presidential as always." What do you make of this Emily?

COMPAGNO: I feel like today we saw the old Biden and the kind of new Biden. And he shined in my opinion, in front of that union audience, right, where he kind of exhibited what propelled him to success in the past, which was, you know, very relatable and comfortable and hey, we're all in the same boat, and making that joke.

And them afterward during that presser, I was just struck by what I felt was him being archaic. He seem to me like a relic or he said it, you know, the definition of progressive, that it seems to be changing, almost confused.

And it seemed that while it might resonate with older voters in the Democratic Party, it didn't seem to me that he had that relevance that I can see that could galvanize the entire spectrum of the Democratic Party, which is what would be needed for him to win the primary. I thought he was seemingly sadly out of touch.

WILLIAMS: That's interesting. Jesse, you know, I noticed all week that Republicans have been in his corner on this saying maybe the #MeToo Movement's gone too far. So I'm thinking to myself, wow, it was that interesting. Is it the case that Republicans may want Joe Biden, maybe a little bit nicked up and damaged as a foil for Trump in 2020?

WATTERS: Yes. We like to see the Democrats damaged if they're going to run against Trump. That is obvious. But I think that Biden handled himself well today. It was a nice ice breaker at the top, the joke. And then when he did the gaggle I thought he seemed relaxed and confident and tried to make sure everybody understood he was not being perverted, and that is what I think needs to come across.

That he is just maybe a little archaic as you would say or goofy, but he did struggle when he was trying to define ideologically where he was, progressive, moderate, Democrat, he finally stuck the landing and said, I'm an Obama-Biden Democrat and I think that is where he needs stay.

But he's moving right now into the Elizabeth Warren territory where whatever she says doesn't matter, everybody just thinks fake Indian. And now, if you get the constant trickle of more women coming out saying that he violated my personal space week after week after week, every time you see Biden, you don't think about what he said in the speech, you just think creepy Joe.

WILLIAMS: So, you know, Dana, what strikes me here is that this opens the door to a lot of questions about Joe Biden's past obviously the Anita Hill hearing would be large, but also his support for business, the fact that he opposed partial birth abortion as it's called for a while, the plagiarism charges against him I guess that's 30 years ago. Do you think that --

PERINO: Not to mention, you know, he supported the Iraq war.


WATTERS: Nice summary, Juan. That was good.

WILLIAMS: You're welcome.

PERINO: That's a very -- that's very like "Watters World."

WATTERS: Yes. Keep going. I'm rubbing off.

WILLIAMS: You know, that's the problem with just telling people the facts.

PERINO: The Biden people are like, OK, Juan, shut up. So, if you remember in 2008, what was the deal between McCain and Obama? McCain had this really long record and Obama was like helping change. And if you look at what is happening now with the Democrats, they might love Joe Biden.

And they might think, you know, he's the -- he could be the best candidate, but he has all of these things that a new Democratic Party doesn't want. But then we also say that on this show, that every single time the polling comes out about Biden, we talk about all these things that are going to be hard for him, but he stays at the top in the Democratic polls.

WILLIAMS: But it is not close.

PERINO: And it is not close. He might take a hit now.


PERINO: The other thing -- can I say one other thing, is that -- because I know where you are going with that, and I agree. In the Fox News voter analysis of 2016, whatever we called it at that point, one of the number one things in all of those primary debates and the voting is that Republicans said we like him because, Trump, because he tells it like it is. We want someone who will tell us like it is. The thing I think that Biden could do is tell it like it is, but he's not quite yet there.

WILLIAMS: All right, Tyrus, one of the things he did in the speech, though --

PERINO: Just say agree.

TYRUS: I love the joke.

WILLIAMS: You love the joke.

TYRUS: I thought it was great. Good for him.


TYRUS: Like, that's how you fight it. This isn't -- he is not being accused of sexual harassment or taking somebody in the back corner and being completely inappropriate. They are saying, you know, I didn't like the way he hugged me or congratulated me. It's a different thing. There is a line there.

So, good for him to fight back with a joke and of course it's always great to clearly not be creepy when there are children present. So that was -- I thought it was really -- I thought he had a good day. I was proud of him. I was happy that he stood up and fought for himself.

PERINO: It's funny because I wonder how the Democrats take it, though, right? Wow, look at that shot.

WATTERS: Look at that shot.

WATTERS: Where are we?

TYRUS: You put it in black and white, I mean, are you ready, Roy? I'm ready. Let's ride in and get them.

WILLIAMS: I think Tyrus, you got to be careful with your comments about children when we have that picture up there.

A twist in development in a year's long mystery. Big update from the FBI on the convicted felon who was pretending to be a boy missing for eight years. That is next on THE FIVE.


PERINO: Outrage and confusion growing after the teen who said, he was missing Illinois boy, Timmothy Pitzen turned out to be a 23-year-old with a criminal record. That man Brian Michael Rini has now been charged with making false statements to federal agents after a DNA test showed, he was not present.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They identified themselves to him as FBI agent. They administered Miranda warnings. They warned him that lying to a federal agent is a violation of federal law. Nevertheless, he again repeated that he was Timmothy Pitzen. Then law enforcement confronted him with the DNA results. And at that point, the person immediately stated that he was not Timmothy Pitzen.


PERINO: And this former criminal's own brother is blasting him for giving the Pitzen family false hope.


JONATHAN RINI, BROTHER OF BRIAN MICHAEL RINI: I'd tell the family that I'm sorry for what he's done. But for him, I wouldn't even speak to him. I hope he gets help. I hope he - I also hope he goes to prison for this but or at least an institution, but I have no idea.


PERINO: Emily talk to us about the legal trouble that he could be in and should be in.

COMPAGNO: So, he is currently charged with that lying to federal agents which we know well because it's in plenty of legal stories in the news. I want to point out that to satisfy the elements there is a knowing and willful element to it. And given his history of mental health problems, there might be an arguable defense there that he didn't knowingly - it wasn't willful, because he didn't understand.

He also as was kind of alluded there, he has an extensive criminal record that also includes violating probation many times and being MIA. So, you might be able to argue well is this an example of the system failing someone. You know I honestly hate this story, because it is so painful for families like that to have that pain resurrected in the form of someone who could be as simple as just a punk, taking advantage everyone or up to a person with serious mental health issues that needs to be taken care of in that way or needs to be on medication. Either way our tax dollars are paying for him now.

WILLIAMS: Let me just follow-up on what Emily was saying Dana and tell people that it's eight years. He could go to jail for eight years on this charge, but this guy is supposedly suffering from Asperger's, Bipolar, ADHD and according to his family maybe even more, so he is mentally disturbed, but he said, he watched a 2020 story about what happened to Timmothy Pitzen, the missing child. And that then prompted him to do this because he wanted to get away from his own family. But there is no excuse.

PERINO: Once again Jesse, there might be mental health problems here but also there has to be consequences for people that put families through this. And investigators, they don't have the time for it.

WATTERS: Yes, I would strap this imposter into a strait jacket, medicate him and institutionalize him immediately. He's obviously a threat to society. His family hates him as a career criminal, career hoax artist. I feel sorry for the guy, but he's sick and he doesn't belong in society.

The reason we got excited about the story in the beginning was that because we thought the actual child had escaped after being abducted by sexual traffickers. And we've seen this before, Elizabeth Smart, Jayme Closs, Kate Jaycee Dugard where they somehow free themselves after years of captivity and live to tell the tale and if you're a parent, you understand how incredibly resilient your child has to be in order to get out of this and how important it is to tell them that your phone number, you home address, all that stuff, so they can get that triggered.

PERINO: A quick last word, Tyrus?

TYRUS: As a parent it just sickens me to hope that they felt that the moment of that euphoric like my baby's home.

PERINO: And yet they pray for him.

TYRUS: Of course, they did.

PERINO: In their press conference they pray for him.

TYRUS: Of course, they did, it's always the best people, they get treated the worst.


TYRUS: And that's - I'm not even going to talk about him. He doesn't matter. My heart goes out to the family and as a parent, I don't even know if I can show that kind of tolerance for someone who did something so disgusting.

PERINO: All right, we will move on. Jussie Smollett is in hot water again. Why the city of Chicago is ready to take him back to court. Up next.


TYRUS: Chicago not ready to force actor Jussie. Not with the U. Chris Rock. Smollett to pay for the hate crime hoax investigation. The city threatening to move forward with $130,000 civil lawsuit after the actor refused to cover some costs. His attorney responded by saying Smollett will quote not be intimidated, not be intimidated. This is your party bro. I'll give you the U back for you to pay.

PERINO: He was self-intimidated.

TYRUS: Yes. You need to pay this fine and let the people move on. This is your fault. No one is picking on you. You do understand you're responsible for this. Now, Jesse.


TYRUS: The guy who's probably been in some situations.


TYRUS: Real life situations where you might have said something and maybe a small group of people thought about putting hands on you.

WATTERS: That wasn't a small group. It was a large group.

TYRUS: It was a large group. See, I knew I was going to the right guy. How do you feel. Do you think the right thing to do, I know it's a lot of money but--

WATTERS: No, it's not for him. You pay up, you get out of there and you rehab your image because right now he's taking a beating. I think Barkley hit him hard. Snoop hit him hard. He got wrecked as you said by Chris Rock.

TYRUS: Chris Rock took his vowel out of his name.

WATTERS: Yes, when you're removing someone's vowels from their name that's a big deal. I think he was making 125,000 per episode and he doesn't have a husband and no kids. He should have a healthy savings account. Right now, Geragos is rapping him. He's probably at a $1000 an hour. He's going to get burned to pieces in legal fees. He should pony up, walk away and fire who's ever advising him.

TYRUS: Juan, I see a lot of facials, you disagree. What's going on?

WATTERS: You say flatus.


WILLIAMS: No, I'm an American, I think he was cleared by the criminal justice system and the city is harassing the man. And I think that the idea--

WATTERS: Poor Jussie.


WATTERS: Poor Jussie.

WILLIAMS: It's not poor Jussie, because I think--

WATTERS: He's the victim.

WILLIAMS: All of us here think it's likely he made up this. But again, once the criminal justice system is cleared you, the politicians and the police harassing this guy. I'm not for that. I think that's a bad, bad way for us to go.

TYRUS: Normally, I would agree with you this because I feel as - but this situation, this brother is wrong and it's not - he wasn't cleared.


TYRUS: They made a deal.

WILLIAMS: I don't care what deal.

TYRUS: And they sealed it.

WILLIAMS: Right. But the deal is done by the powers that be and you know I mean the fact is he's apparently going back to the show.

TYRUS: Of course. Yes. Ratings are everything. So, yes. All right. Legally.

COMPAGNO: I respectfully disagree with what you said.

PERINO: You don't have to say that.

COMPAGNO: I mean it.

TYRUS: Dana, you stop that.

PERINO: I'm kidding, it's Friday.

TYRUS: That boy you had earlier is gone.

WATTERS: When Dana you don't have to be polite, you don't have to be polite.

COMPAGNO: The criminal justice system did not clear him. And when you said, he was cleared by the powers that be. I think that's the heart of this issue is that all of the powers that be totally disagree with the way that this case was handled and ultimately resolved. Even though it's not resolved at the federal level. Case in point the fact that the Chicago Department of Law which is under the mayor's purview stood up and said, OK, well then, you're going to pay us back.

They are absolutely flexing their muscles with how best they can try to disgorge him, used that word again in the best way that they know how. Look you owe us this money because you were lying. And in terms of that he was charged and then indicted on 16 counts and that deal was totally non- reflective of how the criminal justice system was playing out.

I absolutely love this and note that the Department of Law in Chicago that's almost 300 attorneys, they do litigation, they do transactional, they do legislative stuff. It's a humongous representation of the city of Chicago. I love that they are standing up right now and it will be successful. And if he does fight it there is more evidence that can come to light in that proceedings that would probably be detrimental to him.


TYRUS: And speaking of humongous and flexing your muscles, Dana take us home. How do we do this?

PERINO: All right. I think that the police union is going to join the city, but they're going to take it from a different angle. They're going after Kimberly Foxx, who is the State Attorney, because they're saying there are several things that are happening. For example, we had a guy on the daily briefing and soundbite saying that he's got guys coming in and they've had broken kneecaps, one almost had his finger chewed off in one of these situations when they were trying to deal with crime and they can't get felony counts against these criminals. So, yes, you see that face, right there. It's going to happen.

TYRUS: Wow. She's not playing it.

PERINO: Wow. That's horrible.

TYRUS: I don't know who had a worse face, both were just shocked. But don't go anywhere. Fan mail Friday is up next.


TYRUS: This is classic.

COMPAGNO: It's Fan Mail Friday. Let's get to your questions. OK, I'm so excited. First question, what do you do that you consider to be a bad habit, I'll start with you Tyrus?

TYRUS: Cuss.


TYRUS: I stole her answer.

PERINO: Probably don't have anything.


TYRUS: You've got to be kidding me. She cares too much.

PERINO: That's pathetic, because I actually am very self-critical. But I if I said that I had a bad habit of whatever I think it is, you will not think it's bad. And then it'll be worse for me.

TYRUS: Sometimes she just--

WATTERS: Yes. she reads too much. That's her bad habit.


WATTERS: I think I'm selfish. I can admit that.

COMPAGNO: Is that a habit?

WATTERS: It's constant.

TYRUS: Yes, it can be.

WATTERS: It's a big habit.

TYRUS: Rampy.

COMPAGNO: I think that's good. That's good you've acknowledged it.

WATTERS: Yes, I'm in therapy.

WILLIAMS: I think it'll be like procrastinating, stewing, overthinking things. Just go with your gut sometimes you know just relax.

COMPAGNO: Yes, I think these are characteristics, not habits.

WILLIAMS: Well, that's a habit. You know how they say it. You’ve got to watch your thoughts.

WATTERS: Wait. Juan has been overthinking, is that true?

TYRUS: Yes, I agree with that. Look when he walks into work every day. He has been overthinking a lot of stuff.

WATTERS: A lot of stuff.

COMPAGNO: I would say, talking with my hands is a bad habit because I feel very self-conscious about it now lately and then also, I get upset while driving.

WILLIAMS: Is this because of O'Rourke?

WATTERS: You have road rage.

COMPAGNO: A little bit. Maybe it's because everyone else drives really slowly and it's really - OK, next question.

PERINO: They should drive as fast as you talk.

TYRUS: Another thing of her, she's me.

COMPAGNO: OK. What is your go to rerun show when nothing else is on TV?

WILLIAMS: Silence of the Lambs is on or something like that.

TYRUS: You should listen to that Watters.

WATTERS: Can I assume next - Juan is going to eat my face.

WILLIAMS: No. But you know I mean there's always a ball game on. There's always a ball game.

PERINO: That's not a rerun.

WATTERS: Well, Dana. That's a very strict play.


WATTERS: I'm in a F.R.I.E.N.D.S binge right now, so I would go that.

COMPAGNO: Because you like watching yourself.


PERINO: Seinfeld for me or the other day, I watched Gilligan's Island.

WATTERS: Hello, Marianne.

TYRUS: Amazing.

PERINO: Why not Ginger.

WATTERS: I don't know.

TYRUS: I have a horrible guilty pleasure. It's Murder She Wrote. I am obsessed with Lansbury.

WATTERS: Angela Lansbury.

TYRUS: I'm obsessed with her.

WATTERS: You can't say that with a hat like that.

TYRUS: No, I can. I can do what I want, I'm a grown man.

WATTERS: Yes, sir.

TYRUS: But I am obsessed with her and my favorite part is she's just a novelist, but every word she goes, Ms. Fletcher. Everyone knows who she is. Like her name dropping is phenomenal. I do not miss that show. From the Hallmark, me and Dean Cain are working on the miniseries, Faster the Speed of Love.

PERINO: I bet do you have time for all these.

TYRUS: I'll make it happen, but I love that show.

WATTERS: I did not see that coming.

TYRUS: In a cup of coffee.


COMPAGNO: New reruns The Wire is old. The original 90210.

TYRUS: Those are both.

COMPAGNO: Quick last one. What is one thing your mom used to say or parental figure that you thought was really true?

TYRUS: I don't like you. 100 percent. She believes it 100 percent. She was not a fan of me either.

PERINO: Don't be too big for your bridges.


WATTERS: I mean she still says it. She tells me to knock it off and to behave and to be nice to Juan.

WILLIAMS: Well, that's a nice thing. We appreciate that.

TYRUS: Text yes, have you've got a text.

WATTERS: No, not yet.

TYRUS: I bet she loves the hat.

WATTERS: Wait, we do have a text. Hold on a second.

TYRUS: Set a watch to it.

WATTERS: Honey, mental institutions and strait jackets are the stuff of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

TYRUS: Great movie.

WATTERS: Long Ago and Far Away.

PERINO: Emily and I made eye contact and we knew you weren't going to get mom tag.

TYRUS: Mom did not like that.

WATTERS: Sorry mom.

COMPAGNO: No one like that. Juan what about you. Is there something your mom or dad or--

WILLIAMS: My mom more than my dad. My dad had stuff because he's in a business where he was having to encourage boxers but so he'd always say stuff like you know a fire can burn your house down, but it can also feed you and you know light your way, so use your fire positively. My mom on the other hand was like you've got to be. That's not good enough. Come on man. I mean I could be; I remember being in a play. I got a big part in a play and she said, you're the bad guy. You shouldn't be the bad guy.

WATTERS: Tough love.

COMPAGNO: OK. Mine would be don't put off today what you can do tomorrow. No, don't put off tomorrow what you can do today. The opposite. And then also present the Leona which is the physical presence is lion like nothing beats being there physically show up.

TYRUS: I had a bad mom. Well, you guys are great.

COMPAGNO: No, you didn't. All right. One More thing is up next.


WATTERS: Time now for One More Thing. You guys if you've watched the show, probably remember our friends over at row back. They love “The Five” and we love them. If you catch me on the weekend, I'm probably wearing one of their shirts, because I love them and they're about to roll out one of their newest performance Polos.

It's called the Patron just in time for golf season kind of an Augusta green, just in time for the Masters and a portion of the proceeds is going to go to organizations committed to introducing golf to veterans with disabilities. So, to go Check it out. Do it for the troops?

Also, Watters World this weekend, we are loaded. We have Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Lou Dobbs, murderer's row, if you will.

WILLIAMS: You're right.

WATTERS: All right. So, go to that and check that out. Dana Perino.

PERINO: All right. So, a Nevada mom, she burst into tears because her 13- year-old son is amazing. He bought her a car.

TYRUS: It's a great story.

PERINO: Crystal Preston thought her son William was joking when he first told her. He had news that they were going to be able to go over to somebody's house. Crystal was a single mother of three and said the family was in a new situation where they were struggling financially. William got inspired to change his mom's life. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I saw people on YouTube, and they get their mom a car and then just like surprise their mom with the car. And then I wanted to do it.


PERINO: So, he found a used car online struck a deal with the seller where he would trade his Xbox and do housework in exchange for the new ride. William you're an inspiration and good job.

WATTERS: What a good kid. Juan.

WILLIAMS: Pretty wonderful. Hey, do you remember your first magical musical moment.


WILLIAMS: Well, take a look at 11-month-old Thomas Accurso as he hears a violin for the first time. Yes, Thomas' mom took him to a music class for babies that's when he heard Laura Zawarski start to play Elvis's song Can't Help Falling in Love. Well, he fell in love with the music and as you can see walked straight towards her, totally mesmerized. She was his Pied Piper and then he grabbed her leg. His mom took the video three weeks - a week ago I should say and it since been viewed three million times. It's clear the world loves Thomas falling in love with sweet music.

WATTERS: All right, Emily.

COMPAGNO: All right. It seems like there is always a new challenge on the Internet right. And most of them involve dance. So, check out this Charlotte meteorologist Nick Kosir who attempt the slide like this challenge and nails it. As a former state cheer and pom judge, I will say that he gets an A for effort and--

WILLIAMS: Absolutely.

COMPAGNO: Nailing it on that slide.

WATTERS: Nice job down there. All right. Tyrus.

TYRUS: I will never unsee that. All right. My One More Thing is all my things. So, I've got NPC Novell exclusive on Fox Nation. Tyrus and Tim for the podcast. And of course, the mothership, The Greg Gutfeld Show. And coming soon, Enough Said, so that's me or Jesse.

WATTERS: No, that's you. Enough said. Well done. It's a hell of a hat. All right. That's it for us tonight. We'll see you back here on Monday. Have a nice weekend everybody.

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