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SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: All right. Welcome to this big breaking news edition of HANNITY live from Miami.

Hello, Miami!

All right. We begin tonight, a Fox News alert. Tonight, the witch hunt, the Schumer-Schiff sham show, it is thankfully for the sake of the country, over.

The United States Senate, they officially voted to deny the Democrats' latest witness stunt. And the final vote to acquit the president is now inevitable, will take place, now, we expect 4:00 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

The country can now hopefully finally move on from this fact-free, partisan impeachment sham that will go down in history as one of the biggest and single most embarrassing Democratic blunders of all time.

Now, this three-year-long never-ending temper-tantrum, it will be over Wednesday. The damage to the country as of tonight, incalculable. The exact same people, those people that lied, Russia, Russia, Russia, impeach, impeach, collusion, collusion, three years of this, those that advanced their conspiracy theories almost daily, those that totally ignored what was the biggest single abuse of power, corruption scandal in history, those who ignored the dirty dossier, premeditated fraud on the FISA court to deny one American his civil liberties, his constitutional rights, those that were for spying on a presidential candidate illegally, his the transition team, deep into the Trump presidency, those same people, and, of course, their allies, the media mob, they failed at that what that was the latest coup attempt.

Now, all while they have not lifted a single finger at all to help you, we, the American people -- didn't create a single job, they didn't make us any more safe, or secure, or prosperous. They have dragged this out. They're being their usual immature selves.

Clearly, their hatred of President Trump now surpasses their desire to do anything for the American people as evidence by the last three years.

This is actually a sad and a very dangerous chapter we are closing in this country's history.

Earlier today, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, he secured the vote to block further witnesses and prevent further distraction. In other words, they didn't take on what's the sole constitutional role of the House, to impeach.

And, by the way, now, that the end is in sight, it cannot be soon enough, after key GOP senators, Lamar Alexander, Lisa Murkowski, announced their opposition to caving to the Democrats' latest, last-minute Hail Mary for what? More witnesses?

We had the opinion witnesses, hearsay witnesses. The only one fact witness says, what did the president want? Nothing, no quid or pro or quo, like Joe.

They did exactly what the United States Constitution as Professor Dershowitz rightly pointed out, required of them.

Senator Murkowski released the statement very powerful, reading, quote: The House chose to send articles of impeachment that are rushed and flawed. I carefully considered the need for additional witnesses and documents to cure the shortcomings of its process, but ultimately decided that I will vote against considering motions to subpoena.

And, last night, Senator Lamar Alexander tweeting: If this shallow, hurried, wholly partisan impeachment were to succeed, it would rip the country apart, pouring gasoline on the fire of cultural division that already exists. It would create the weapon of perpetual impeachment to be used against future presidents whenever the House of Representatives is on -- of a different political party.

Senators, thank you. Thank you for standing for the American people. Thank you for standing for truth, for facts, for fairness. Thank you for standing against what is a rage-fueled partisan witch hunt. Thank you for standing for our Constitution.

Any effort to extend their charade any longer is not a waste of time; it puts a further divide in this country.

All right. Here with the very latest -- he has been a very colorful voice throughout this entire process -- Texas Senator Ted Cruz is with us.

Senator, good to see you.

I applaud your colleagues. I applaud you the entire time. I'm a little bewildered why we have to wait until Wednesday, to be honest, but I guess we all know what will happen by then.

SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TX): Well, Sean, that's exactly right. I think the last 24 hours were pivotal.

For all intents and purposes, this impeachment process is over. The vote we had today, not to extend the trial, not to have yet more additional witnesses, we already had 18 witnesses testify in the House, we've seen thousands of pages of documents that the House managers and the White House defense lawyers focused on.

And throughout all of it, the House managers never prove their case. And so, their strategy, as you know, was just a Hail Mary. If they haven't proven their case, their only hope was: bring additional witnesses, drag it out weeks or months, and go on a fishing expedition, hope that somebody said something that would give them some basis for impeachment because they haven't proven it.

And this was a vote for the Republicans -- we're right on the edge, and today, holding 51 of the majority to say, we're done, we got enough, this is over. That means were headed straight to Wednesday afternoon, a vote on the final judgment. And the president is going to be acquitted of these charges and he should be.

HANNITY: And you had -- I know now the congenital liar, you had Jerry Nadler, they kept repeating, we have so proven our case beyond any reasonable doubt.

I want to stick to the constitutional aspects of this. Now, Professor Dershowitz did say you were one of his best students, and he's going to join us on set here a little bit, but there are constitutional concerns here.

The power constitutionally, the sole power to impeach, that lies with the House. The sole power for the trial lies with the Senate.

CRUZ: Yes.

HANNITY: I could not understand the argument, if they totally, completely prove their case went beyond any reasonable doubt and the case is a slam- dunk case, why they were trying to get your body, the United States Senate, to take on the constitutional role of the House when they rushed it through so urgently so that they could go on vacation and then hold it back from the Senate for so long?

CRUZ: Well, look, I'll return the compliment on Alan Dershowitz. He was my professor on law school, was a phenomenal -- in fact, he was my professor in criminal law 101, the very first week of law school, and was an amazing teacher.

And I think his presentation of the Senate was one of the most impactful presentations of the entire trial. And in particular, he walked through the history of what the Constitution requires.

This is not just a vote on whether you like the president or not, whether you agree with the president or not, whether your politics are the same. This is a vote over whether the constitutional standard is met, and the Constitution says for impeachment, that the only grounds for impeachment are treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

And what Professor Dershowitz walked through very effectively and actually before him what Ken Starr walked through very effectively, is that the constitutional threshold requires a grave, serious crime of the level of treason or bribery.

House managers didn't even try to allege a crime and they certainly didn't prove one and that's why as a matter of law. And, by the way, we did this whole digression on quid pro quo and all the discussion about additional witnesses whether there was a quid pro quo, whether there wasn't a quid pro quo, as a matter of law, it didn't matter. It was a side diversion.

That was one of the things we clarify during the questioning period that I think it was fairly critical to getting the four votes to end, to not have additional witnesses, is that we asked, actually Lindsey Graham and I together wrote the question asking, even if you assume, for the sake of argument, that there was a quid pro quo, does not change the legal analysis, is this a high crime or misdemeanor?

And the president's lawyers answered exactly right, that even if it were a quid pro quo -- you got disputed testimony on that -- it doesn't matter because the president has the authority to investigate corruption, and there was more than sufficient evidence of potential corruption with Burisma and the Bidens for the president to ask for an investigation on it.

HANNITY: And there was also evidence that we know from the Ukrainian court, we know from an --

CRUZ: Yes.

HANNITY: -- investigative report on "Politico" on election interference.

Last question, Senator, did you get an A in Professor Dershowitz's class?

CRUZ: Well, you know, it's an interesting story.

First-class, criminal law, I didn't. I got a B-plus in his first class. I took a second class from him called "Thinking About Thinking" that was co- taught with him and Stephen Jay Gould and Robert Nozick, world famous philosopher, and I think I got an A-plus in that one. So, you can average those two out.

HANNITY: An A-plus, wow. OK, that averages to an, A -- B-plus, A-plus.

All right. Senator, you did great work. You educated the public. Thank you for your -- your duty basically. Some people need to learn what is in the Constitution. We all needed a reminder.

By the way, now, remember, how did we get here in the first place? Remember the complaint, non-whistle-blower, hearsay whistle-blower, whistle-blower that Schiff lied about ever having contact with. Oh, we'd love to hear from the whistle-blower when in fact his office had. It was secret depositions in the basement of the Capitol. These were the audition witnesses.

Schiff, he had the chance to call any witness he wanted, every Democrat could have called the witnesses they wanted.

Well, where you got to hand-pick, you know, and, from the people you heard from, selectively leaking, and literally lying, without any GOP input, all of the considerations, due process, considerations that New Gingrich and the Republicans gave in the case of Bill Clinton, and Bill Clinton's attorneys were denied Donald Trump and his attorneys.

And after all of that, the congenital liar and his band of Democrats, they still were begging the Senate now to do the House's job for them. Again, the House conducts the impeachment proceeding. That is their sole constitutional power. The Senate's duty is to examine the evidence and render a verdict after a trial.

So, it means the time has now come and it is here, to end this madness once and for all.

For the Democrats, it means even more anxiety, more desperation, more pouting, more temper tantrums, and party infighting.

Just look at what happened on the Senate floor last night. You can't make this up. You have the congenital liar Schiff going after nutty Nadler and trying to stop him from speaking.

Take a look.


JOHN ROBERTS, SUPREME COURT CHIEF JUSTICE: Could you please respond to the answer just given by the president's counsel and provide any other comments the Senate would benefit from hearing before we adjourn for the evening?

REP. ADAM SCHIFF (D-CA): Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry.

REP. JERRY NADLER (D-NY): Mr. Chief justice, members of the Senate, we just heard from the House -- from the president's counsel is the usual nonsense.


HANNITY: If this was not so dangerous, it would be funny. After that temper tantrum which is really been going on for three years, the president tweeted, quote: Nadler ripped final argument away from Schiff because he thinks Schiff did a terrible job. They are fighting big time.

Nancy Pelosi, by the way, is total complete meltdown mode, upset that the president's words did an amazing job, his entire team did an amazing job dismantling the Democrats pathetically weak case and she claims that they should actually be disbarred. Wow.

Now, it's complete lunacy, unhinged, rage, panic, and all of the above, and it's all built of dysfunction. This has gone on for three long years. Why? Facts were on the president's side. The Democrats, well, the truth was the enemy for them.

Because the four facts that Jim Jordan always reminded all of us will never change. The four facts that exposed everything the Democrats have been lying to you about, and the mob and the media doesn't want you to hear. No linkage between aid and investigation during the phone call, aid was never mentioned. Zelinsky and Trump said, no, there was never any pressure. No one in Ukraine even knew that there was a slight pause as it relates to aid.

And Ukraine took zero action, nothing, they did nothing, to get the aid. They announced nothing. In other words, they didn't announce an investigation and they got the aid.

And don't forget, after that, there were five significant high-profile meetings after the July 25th call where no linkage to aid again was ever discussed. And it gets even better because the Democrats accusing the president of, well, in this particular case is exactly what they were caught doing, because Democrats were working with Ukraine to try to dig up dirt on the Trump campaign and the DNC operative, Alexandra Chalupa, remember, she went to the Ukrainian embassy chronicled in the January 11th 2017 "Politico" article, yes, to dig up dirt on Trump and his associates and sabotage the Trump campaign and, oh, by the way, help Hillary Clinton win.

It was Schiff who was caught on tape, remember that? Colluding with a guy he thought was a Russian who had dirt on Donald Trump to impact the election.

What do you have on Donald? Compromising materials. What's the nature of it? Pictures of naked Trump. Did Vladimir see them?

He's the only one caught on tape colluding with Russians. The only one that paid for Russian misinformation was Hillary Clinton and the dirty dossier that became bulk of information to spy on the president's campaign and transition team and presidency.

HANNITY: And then last night, it gets more even interesting. Hakeem Jeffries was asked about his rampant hypocrisy. He was caught totally off guard. Just listen to him, literally, the trembling in his voice, you can't even make this up. For a novel, it's so insane.

Take a look.


ROBERTS: Under the House manager standard, would the Steele dossier be considered as foreign interference in a U.S. election, a violation of the law and/or impeachable offense?

REP. HAKEEM JEFFRIES (D-NY): The analogy is not applicable to the present situation because first, to the extent that opposition research was obtained, it was opposition research that was purchased.


HANNITY: And, of course, you got the mob and the media, they don't want you to know about any of this. They are a complete meltdown mode over the impending exoneration and now acquittal of President Trump. They are literally unable to process but yet another conspiracy theory, another hoax, all of these lies that they have been telling for three years, yet again is blown up right in their corrupt faces.

But three straight years, the mob and the media have been nothing but state-run, radical, socialist, extremist Democratic state TV. Propaganda galore, smears, besmirching, slander, you name it, they are involved in it, conspiracy theories.

Here is a small sample of that and much more.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What we are witnessing tonight is really a capstone in a -- just a total collapse of faith in American institutions.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's a cover up. That's what the Senate has now done. They have covered up what the president of the United States has done in his grievous action.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: King-like, dictator-like, autocrat-like, you know, it's no different really than the kind of situation that Putin has or Kim Jong- un has or any other autocrat leader.


HANNITY: That's three long years sore losers of never-ending temper tantrum, hysteria, foreign election interference -- well, it would have been a dereliction of duty for President Trump to not trust corruption in Ukraine. Not to address, oh, you're not getting 1 billion unless you fire a prosecutor that's paying my zero experience son, oh, millions of dollars, 83 grand a month.

The average American family of four makes less than 54 grand in a year.

It's also why the manufactured, feign, phony outrage surrounding witnesses and John Bolton, that has been completely bogus as well.

Listen to the president's counsel Patrick Philbin exposing it all early today. It was a beat down. Take a look.


PATRICK PHILBIN, WHITE HOUSE COUNSEL: In the regular courts, the way things work is you got to do a lot of work preparing a trial called discovery to find out about witnesses and depose them and find out about documents before you get to trial.

You can't show up the day of trial and say, oh, honor, we're not ready. We didn't subpoena John Bolton or witness X, witness Y. And now, we want to subpoena that witness. Now, we want to do discovery.


HANNITY: Four investigations, Trump Russia collusion failing. Ultimately, the Mueller report failed. Pleas for more witnesses, Democrats, OK, that's all they had left clinging to their half-baked partisan impeachment sham, believing their own lies, all crumbling on Capitol Hill after hitting a roadblock called the truth, facts, reality.

They relied on their lies, their smears, their hyperbole and their slander and their conspiracy theories, and, of course, more speculations, more 2020 panic. They failed on the facts, they failed on the law, they failed on the Constitution. They handed President Trump what is the biggest election year gift they could ever ask for.

And 277 days from today, you are the ultimate jury, the American people. You get the final say. And, by the way, your vote matters. The message you sent matters.

You have the chance to once again shock the political establishment, the sewer, the swamp, the people that have been doing this for three consecutive years should not be rewarded for their lying to the American people, for their slander, for their conspiracy theories. What have the Democrats done to improve the lives of every day Americans that work hard, pay their taxes, you know, raise their kids, make our society a more perfect union? They have done nothing. Not a single, solitary thing.

And the time for accountability is yours in 277 days.

Here with reaction, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

How are you, sir? Are you here for the Super Bowl or you're just here to see me?

REP. KEVIN MCCARTHY (R-CA): Just to see you.

HANNITY: OK, I don't believe that. But --


HANNITY: Good to see you.

This has been three-year temper-tantrum.


The Democrats this entire time have avoided the facts because they want to avoid the president at the polls. You're correct that they hate this president, but they also hate you, they hate me, they hate your viewers, they call us deplorables.

Just look at Don Lemon laughing us (ph) --

HANNITY: We're smelly -- we're smelly Walmart shoppers.

MCCARTHY: Yes. Yes, they make fun of us.

HANNITY: I'm guilty. I cling to God. I cling to God, guilty.

MCCARTHY: You could see -- cling to God, my guns --



MCCARTHY: -- Walmart, yes, Bible, especially.

HANNITY: Uh-huh.

MCCARTHY: But for them to continue to do this, there's got to be an internal civil war going on, because it's true -- it's the thinnest, it's the weakest, they failed in every attempt.

And the most interesting part of all of those 18 transcripts, there's one they never released, one that never leaked to "The New York Times".

HANNITY: Ahh, the whistle-blower.

MCCARTHY: The inspector general, and we wonder why.

HANNITY: Whoa, the inspector general, that was the whistle-blower, hearsay whistle-blower.

MCCARTHY: Where this all started, remember?

The inspector general had a letter about a whistle-blower, and Adam Schiff coming forward, saying the administration might stop this whistle-blower from coming forward to. The only person that stopped it was Adam Schiff, the liar, because he met with the person.

HANNITY: If you become the speaker in 277 days or eight days from now, will you go back and will you release it?

MCCARTHY: I think it's only right. The answer is yes and we can release it right now. All that Adam Schiff has to do is call the Intel Committee together and have a vote. If we had a majority, we would have a vote to move it forward. That's the difference. That's why we need to change.

If they win the majority again and the president wins, this will just continue.

But look at this contrast -- in the last week, they continue the lies with Adam Schiff, the president talks Middle East peace. He signs the U.S.- Mexico-Canada trade agreement. He signs an agreement with China.

He is still doing all this --

HANNITY: They forgot Davos.


What if he had a Congress that would work with him? Instead of blaming America first, actually working for America first. That would be a fundamental difference.

HANNITY: Let me ask you this because I think it's important. What has happened to the Democratic Party? Joe Lieberman, once their vice presidential candidate, they threw him out of the party. Are there any Scoop Jackson, Joe Liebermans?

MCCARTHY: Very few left, and they're leaving.

Remember, this all started because Nancy Pelosi wanted to appease her socialist base. This party has became the party of Bernie Sanders and AOC.

Remember, Bernie is rising in the polls after AOC endorsed.

Remember this, Nancy Pelosi just last year in March said, impeachment would divide the nation. It'd have to be overwhelming, compelling --

HANNITY: Bipartisan.

MCCARTHY: -- and bipartisan. At the end of the day, the bipartisan vote is no.

HANNITY: It started in the House. You -- your entire team stuck together. Now, you have another --

MCCARTHY: The entire team.

HANNITY: Jeff Van Drew --


HANNITY: -- good for him.

MCCARTHY: At the beginning, we needed 19 seats. We only need 18 now because we had a Democrat join us.

HANNITY: Thank you.

MCCARTHY: Thank you.

HANNITY: Kevin McCarthy, appreciate it.

All right. By the way, joining us now with more, former Republican congressman, FOX News contributor, Trey Gowdy.

Mr. Gowdy, sir, so good to see you. I wish --


HANNITY: -- you were down here with us. We have a big game I think on Sunday and I've got a big interview on Sunday with president for the Super Bowl, which I'm very honored to do.

Let's talk about --

GOWDY: You do?

HANNITY: Yes, sir.

GOWDY: Yes, sir.

HANNITY: I'm more focused on work than the Super Bowl right now.

Let's go through the law and what was done wrong here with them rushing this.

GOWDY: Well, you've got due process, both substantive and procedural. So, you've got a prosecutor who is fundamentally flawed, who claimed he had evidence of collusion, Russia but would never show it to anybody. He lied about meeting with the whistle-blower. He made up a parody even though the transcript existed.

So, you know, I've heard a lot of talk about a fair trial. You also need a fair investigation. Prosecutors are ministers of justice. They are not out for a certain result.

So, Schiff was exactly the wrong person to lead this investigation.

And then you didn't let the White House counsel participate. You didn't let the Republicans call witnesses. You didn't even let Republicans fully cross-examine the witnesses.

So why would you expect people to embrace a product when both the substance and the process was so fundamentally flawed from its inception?

HANNITY: You never lost a case as a prosecutor. You spent these years in Congress, one of the more articulate congressmen in my view, where this intersects, politics and the law, looking at it through the prism of an election in 277 days.

What's the impact?

GOWDY: I think, Sean, my fellow citizens, regardless of political ideation, have this belief that, this precept of fundamental fairness. And they have this innate ability to sense when something is just not right.

And when 60 House Democrats vote to impeach Donald Trump before one syllable of the Mueller report has even been published, I think people know this is a strategy to weaken the president, but also to take the Senate in 2020.

And I just got to count on my fellow citizens to see through this, this charade. I just -- I've got to count on my fellow citizens to have higher expectations for us as a Congress and for precepts of justice.

HANNITY: All right, Trey Gowdy, thank you for your expertise.

You're not going to believe what the Democrats are saying about the Trumps acquittal. They are losing it. Lindsey Graham -- now, we're in Miami. How are you doing to Miami?

We are here and we have the big game coming up this weekend. We have a lot of friends with us.

As we continue, Alan Dershowitz on set with as well.


HANNITY: What a great crowd in Miami.

Welcome back.

A tremendous victory today for President Trump, and, more importantly, for you, we, the American people, and our great country. The greatest God gave man and the USA.

That did not stop the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer spreading more faceless mayors -- baseless smears -- baseless smears and despicable lies against the president. Why? He is a sore loser and three year temper tantrum continues as usual. I don't think it will ever stop.

Take a look.


SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): If my Republican colleagues refused to even consider witnesses and documents in this trial, this country is headed towards the greatest cover-ups since Watergate.

If my Republican colleagues refused to even consider witnesses and documents in the trial, what will the president conclude? We all know he'll conclude he can do it again. And Congress can do nothing about it. He can try to cheat in his election again.


HANNITY: No, that would be your party.

By the way, what about quid pro quo Joe, you're not getting the billion, Chucky? And what about your zero experience Hunter? Chucky, is there anybody else in America that can get paid millions with zero experience? How come you don't talk about that, Chucky?

Hmm, I guess because you're a hypocrite and you have a double standard and you're a liar. It's that simple.

Here with reaction to today's historic day in the Senate, Senator Lindsey Graham.

Senator, good to see you.

I got to applaud you.


HANNITY: I know how hard you work.


HANNITY: I know how hard you work. I know you stood for the truth and the Constitution, and this was never going to be an impeachment conviction, but thank God we got to where we got to today.

Why is it Wednesday?

GRAHAM: You know, Mitch McConnell did a fabulous job. You got 100 people in the Senate and you got to deal with them all. And that's the best he could do.

They've got a lot of ability to drag this thing out really forever. But he negotiated Wednesday. I wish it would be sooner.

But you got -- you know, Alan Dershowitz on, Ted Cruz was awesome, Trey Gowdy is so smart. I went to the school of hard knocks. You know what I believe about all of this? It was a bunch of partisan bull shit in the House, it continued in the Senate.

It's going to end Wednesday. The president is going to get acquitted. And it's going to blow up in their face. That's what I think this is all about.

HANNITY: You know what? I'm glad you said it. If I say it, I'm going to have to deal with it at work for the next whatever many days. I'm glad --


GRAHAM: That's your problem, that is your problem.

It's a bunch of bull shit.

HANNITY: Because you know what it is? It is total B.S.

And you know something? They have not considered one time the country.

Senator, you're in Washington. You're in the swamp and the sewer. I think this is what draining it looks like.

Here's my question -- can you name a single thing the Democrats have done in the last three years to make us more safe, secure, to create jobs, and prosperity? Because I can't think of anything.

GRAHAM: Well, they worked with the president to pass USMCA, let's give them credit for that, right? We worked together on prison reform.

You got to realize that President Trump has done a lot of bipartisan things in spite people hating his guts.

But the reason this is B.S., Sean, is it took 78 days in the House to impeach the president of the United States. During that time, Schiff led the investigation, the president couldn't call one witness on his behalf, could not cross-examine anybody, was shut out, and most of it was hearsay. So, it just -- it defies basic fairness.

When it got to the Senate, they're accusing me and Ted and others of being unfair because we refuse to call witnesses they could have called in the House.

And you know why they didn't call Mulvaney and Bolton and others in the House, Sean? You know why they didn't? Because it would get in the way of them impeaching the president before the election. Their goal is not to remove him from office but put a black mark on his record.


GRAHAM: And I hope -- I hope it blows up in their face.

HANNITY: Well, now they say -- oh, he's always been impeached.

I want to get to this Bolton issue. Let's say the president --


HANNITY: -- did say --

GRAHAM: So what?

HANNITY: -- I'm not going to give them a penny unless they do this, this and this. Number one, they got it all and they never did a thing. That's point number one.

Point number two, doesn't the president have a role to faithfully execute the laws of the land? And isn't there enough ample evidence between "Politico", a Ukrainian court and quid and pro and quo Joe and zero experience Hunter for a president to be concerned laws were broken? Because the answer to me is unequivocally yes.

GRAHAM: Well, number one, the president have -- had every right to ask the Ukraine to look into the Bidens because I am. Are they going to impeach me?

When this is over Wednesday, I'm going to make sure the chief of staff of John Kerry, who was told about the conflict with Hunter Biden, did you ever go to Joe Biden and tell him you got a conflict? George Kent (ph), who works for the State Department, informed the Obama administration that Hunter Biden is receiving $3 million a year from Burisma, the most corrupt company in Ukraine. And the vice president has the appearance of impropriety and conflict of interest.

We're going to get to the bottom of the Biden affair. We're not going to live in America where you just look at Donald Trump from morning, noon, and night, that you take a wrecking ball to the Trump family --

HANNITY: Hey, Lindsey --

GRAHAM: -- and give everybody else a pass.

HANNITY: -- could you imagine, Donald Trump on tape saying, you're not getting the billion unless you fire the prosecutor investigating Don Jr. --


HANNITY: -- who is getting paid millions of dollars with no experience?

You have the last 15 seconds.

What would the reaction be from Chucky Schumer and company then?

GRAHAM: There'd be holy hell and can you imagine if Mike Pence's son was in Ukraine making money and he was in charge?

This will end Wednesday, but this is the -- just the beginning of oversight. We are going to find out what happened.

HANNITY: Senator, this is -- that is a slam-dunk case. And I'm going to identify after Wednesday every law that needs to be considered as we have before us.

Senator, you've done a great job. Thank you for standing strong for the rule of law, the Constitution, the Office of the Presidency. Very important for our country.

The left, they're out there smearing Professor Dershowitz who tore them to shreds this week by giving them a history lesson on the Constitution and powerful defense of the president in this so-called sham trial. Professor Dershowitz is right here. He's going to be sitting next to me, next.

And also, Reince Priebus will be here to explain what this means for the president's reelection chances in 277 days.

As we continue, tonight from Miami.


HANNITY: All right. As we continue from Miami, don't forget by the way on the FOX broadcast network, coming up, Super Bowl, around 3:30 Eastern. My interview exclusively with the president, his first reaction to the events of today. That will be before the Super Bowl.

You heard Ted Cruz earlier in the show praising Professor Alan Dershowitz and his impeachment defense of the president. Well, it proves Professor Dershowitz.

Now, he wrote this book. Look, you can get it on Kindle for $1.98. Get it on Bookstores everywhere, "Guilt by Accusation".

It is -- you do not want to go up against this guy in a court of law as we learned this week. He tore them to shreds. He's on set with us in Miami, along with former Trump chief of staff Reince Priebus.

Professor, great job, take a bow.


How did I give Ted Cruz a B-plus? What was I thinking? You know, blind grading. I didn't know that.

HANNITY: You didn't know that.


HANNITY: An A-plus in the second class.

DERSHOWITZ: That's easy to explain, but he should have graded me, he was such a good student in that class.


DERSHOWITZ: He basically helped me teach it. His hand was up the whole time. He had a good point about everything.

HANNITY: We played some of the horrible things that have been said about you.

DERSHOWITZ: Unbelievable.

And, you know, Congressman Schiff has decided he wanted to put me on trail. He's invented something called the Dershowitz doctrine, which he has lied about systematically. He says, I say a president can do anything as long as he's running for reelection.

I started my speech by saying Nixon should have been impeached, he was running, but he committed crimes. The point I was making the president has done nothing illegal. The fact that he may have had his eye on re- electability is one factor, couldn't turn that into corruption. Everybody agrees with that.

HANNITY: Professor, he's lied to the country for three years.


HANNITY: He lied repeatedly. He lied in his memo on Russia collusion. He lied. He knew the facts were different.

You know, Lockhart in particular --

DERSHOWITZ: Oh, disgusting (ph).

HANNITY: It was -- it was repulsive, it was disgusting. He's going to compare you to Mussolini and Hitler and, what, Stalin?

DERSHOWITZ: And they won't have me on against him. They don't have the guts to put me on opposite of him. Look, you and I don't agree about everything.

HANNITY: He can sit here and I will give you two a half hour.

DERSHOWITZ: Yes, yes, OK. You know, I issued a challenge.

HANNITY: He won't come. You know --

DERSHOWITZ: I issued a challenge today to my opponents. Lincoln-Douglas type town hall meetings. Debate me.

HANNITY: I'll do it. I'll sit there and say, what do you think? What do you think? I will let you guys go at it.


HANNITY: Great job.

DERSHOWITZ: Thank you.

HANNITY: I know you've taken a lot of heat. I'm sorry about that.

By the way, I have been taking it for 31 years.

DERSHOWITZ: I know, I know.

HANNITY: You get used to it.


HANNITY: All right, let's -- through the prism of 277 days from now and the election, is this a big impact or forgotten memory, Reince Priebus?

REINCE PRIEBUS, FORMER WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, I think it -- to the president, it's going to be a forgotten memory. But I thought one of the best themes out of the president's defense team was that the Democrats are trying to take the vote away from the American people. And people out there know it.

The only reason the president was impeached was because the Democrats had more votes in the House. But if you look at the Real Clear Politics average of President Trump's approval rating, in October 2019, it was 41.5 percent or so. Today's average is at almost 45 percent, so the average of approval has gone up.

Keep in mind, everybody, President Trump's approval rating in 2016 on Election Day was 37 percent, which means he starting with plus seven-point advantage in the middle of an impeachment trial.

So, look, I don't think it's going to -- I think it's not going to hurt the president. I think, in fact, it shows to the American people how much he's had to put up with for the last three years.

DERSHOWITZ: And he's going to have to keep putting up with it because Nancy Pelosi is now pulled a real sharp one. She says even if he's acquitted and vindicated, he's still impeached. He's going to have that label forever.

That should not be how it is. Why? He didn't have a fair trial.

HANNITY: Correct.

DERSHOWITZ: He was indicted. And what happens if a person is acquitted after indictment? The indictment disappears.

HANNITY: It was -- I mean, Republicans -- Newt Gingrich gave Clinton due process, and I know you were helping Clinton at the time.

DERSHOWITZ: I did, yes, I was.

HANNITY: But they did give due process, all of that was denied here.

DERSHOWITZ: Uh-huh. And when you deny somebody due process, they say, well, we're only indicting him, but then you can't come back and say, he is still indicted.

HANNITY: So, he's not really impeached in your view.

DERSHOWITZ: If he wins this, I think nobody should regard him as having been impeached anymore than you would regard anybody who is indicted as still being indicted if you won a unanimous 12-person jury on acquittal (ph).

HANNITY: A scale of 1 to 10, last question, Reince, will this help the president down the road or will people forget? Real quick.

PRIEBUS: People are going to forget about it, but people are going to see that a bipartisan group of people rejected impeachment from the beginning. And we're going to see next week the likelihood is that a bipartisan group of people are going to acquit the president.

HANNITY: Well, Reince, thank you.

By the way, Professor Dershowitz's book, it's a fascinating read. I read it cover to cover., Kindle, $1.99, "Guilt By Accusation."

Great job this week. Take a bow.

DERSHOWITZ: Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

HANNITY: And I think you made Harvard proud, both of you and Ted, very different political views.

DERSHOWITZ: Yes. I wish people agreed, but, you know, but you have to be strong. If you're going to be controversial, you're going to stand up to conflict.

HANNITY: I couldn't do this job. You can handle it. You're tough.

DERSHOWITZ: I know, I know, I know. Yes.

HANNITY: All right. The hate Trump -- the media mob -- officially, they are losing it. And we've got the video evidence now in the acquittal is now but -- all but inevitable. Dan Bongino, Jenna Ellis.

As we continue -- hey, Miami! We are in Miami. A little game going on to tell you about and preview my interview with President Trump for the Super Bowl, straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. As it begins to look more and more like the president is now about to get his acquittal, which he will on Wednesday. In the Senate sham impeachment, the Schumer-Schiff sham show, the left wing media mob, well, they are now entering their latest full-fledged meltdown.

All right. Here with reaction, FOX News contributor, Dan Bongino, on set with us; senior legal advisor to the Trump campaign, Jenna Ellis.

You know, I played this earlier.


HANNITY: You see, the people, they like the president's -- you know, Baghdadi, caliphate. They like the fact that we got Soleimani. They like record low unemployment where the best since ‘69 and African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and women. They seem to like that.

BONGINO: You know what else they like? That their wallets are getting nice and fat --


BONGINO: -- (INAUDIBLE) and government is getting out of their lives, because the president --

HANNITY: By the way, Dan just signed a new contract. So is yours.

BONGINO: You're stuck --

HANNITY: Congratulations.

BONGINO: -- with me for two more years.

HANNITY: I'm proud of you, man.

BONGINO: Yes. Thanks, by the way. I appreciate it.


BONGINO: But really, their wallets are fatter, and what's frequently unheralded by a lot of folks out there is President Trump's unprecedented effort to get government red tape out of your life. They don't care about - - nobody gives a damn about impeachment.

One quick thought here, was that David Axelrod said he was at a focus group with, he said --

HANNITY: Eighty minutes.

BONGINO: Eighty minutes before Democrats brought up impeachment. It's a clown show, let's get back to the real business of running the country, total joke.

HANNITY: Jenna, from a legal point, I don't think Jay Sekulow, Cipollone, and company couldn't have done a better job. Professor Dershowitz.

JENNA ELLIS, SENIOR LEGAL ADVISOR TO THE TRUMP 2020 CAMPAIGN: Oh, fantastic. And, you know, this is the narrative now, at the 11th hour when the media is reaching peak hysteria, there are two big lies that the lying left is continuing perpetuate. So, from a legal perspective, the first one that Schumer is saying, no witnesses, no documents, that's a lie. There were 18 witnesses in the House inquiry.

Over the course of the nine days of arguments and opening statements, we heard 192 clips of testimony from 13 witnesses in over 28,000 documents were given in the house record to the Senate. So that is a lie that there were no documents or no witnesses.

And then second, the next lie that they're perpetuating is that somehow an acquittal doesn't mean vindication. In every legal sense --


ELLIS: -- then that means that a judge, a jury, or whoever is the arbiter here, which in this case and this instance is the Senate, when they return a verdict of acquittal, that always means not guilty legally. It's a lie. You have the lying left and then you have President Trump on the right, promises made, promise kept.

HANNITY: Let me go to Dan.

ELLIS: The contrast here could not be more stark.

HANNITY: I -- they have lied for three years, Dan. They are liars. They lie.

BONGINO: This is the first impeachment in the United States history and you realize with no victim, what's -- who's -- I have asked a couple of people. You go, who is the victim? They can't get a single Ukrainian to come forward and say they were actually victims --


HANNITY: No, everybody in Ukraine --

BONGINO: There's nothing there. It's a total hoax.

HANNITY: All right. Welcome. Congrats on your deal.

ELLIS: Absolutely.

BONGINO: Thanks. Appreciate it.

HANNITY: All right. When we come back, we're in Miami. Super Bowl legendary sportscaster, a good friend of mine, Jim Gray tells us who's going to win, straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. Don't forget, my Super Bowl interview with the president, 3:30 Eastern. I think we have a few things to talk about, but we are here in Miami, Super Bowl Sunday, Kansas City and San Francisco.

Joining me now, not only a legendary sportscaster and broadcaster, FOX News contributor, he's a personal friend, Jim Gray.

How are you?

JIM GRAY, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Sean, great to be with you.

HANNITY: Good to see you.

All right. Well, I want a good game.

GRAY: We all do. And, you know, the country needs the Super Bowl, we need a side the joy of Patrick Mahomes. We need to see everybody --

HANNITY: By the way, that kid -- wow -- 

GRAY: He's incredible.

HANNITY: Amazing, right? He's so talented.

GRAY: And he smiles and he's just -- he's the Steph Curry of the NFL.

HANNITY: I love watching him. Don't you love watching him?

GRAY: And we want to hug Andy Reid. He's dedicated his life to this, and we can't wait to embrace Jimmy Garoppolo because he's good and he's so good --

HANNITY: How old is Mahomes?

GRAY: Pardon?

HANNITY: How old is Mahomes?

GRAY: Twenty-four.

HANNITY: He's about to be the highest paid player in football, isn't he?

GRAY: Well, that's going to take a while. They will probably do the contract but, you know what, it just comes at a great time. It's been an awful week with Kobe Bryant's passing.

HANNITY: Oh my, terrible.

GRAY: A tragedy with those families.

HANNITY: One of the best players ever. You knew him.

GRAY: Knew him since he was ten weeks old.

HANNITY: Oh my gosh.

GRAY: Loved him. Going to miss him. It's just awful.

But now, we have a chance for everybody to come together, watch the Super Bowl, tune in on Fox. Listen to it on Westwood 1 Radio if you're in your car.

HANNITY: You're going to be doing it?

GRAY: Correct, going to be doing the broadcast and --

HANNITY: Do you have a prediction?

GRAY: I'm going to predict we're going to have a great game. I don't want to do it because I'm broadcasting the game.


GRAY: But I literally have vacillated. Every half hour, I think San Francisco is going to win, last half hour, I thought Mahomes was going to win.

HANNITY: I feel the same way. I can't --

GRAY: They've got so many weapons. But guess what? Even though the team they are going to outscore them, with all the weapons Kansas City, on an average, the 49ers have outscored them and had one more point over the course of the season.

HANNITY: Should NFL football go international?

GRAY: Of course, it already is. They play in Mexico. They play in London. They play in Canada.

HANNITY: I mean --

GRAY: I mean, oh, you mean with teams? That would be hard because how do you do the competitive balance, who is flying where, how do you do it? By the way, what teams want to be playing --

HANNITY: What is Tom Brady going to do?

GRAY: Brady doesn't know.

HANNITY: He's friends with everybody.

GRAY: If he doesn't know, how should I know? He's got --

HANNITY: All right. Before the Super Bowl, 3:30 Eastern, I will be interviewing the president, first interview since all the events.

We'll always be fair and balanced, never the media mob.

Let not your heart be troubled. Laura Ingraham is next from Miami. We'll see you on Super Bowl Sunday.

Have a great weekend.

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