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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Disturbing news tonight involving Jennifer Kesse, a missing Florida woman: She just popped up on the Internet.

Now, you will remember Jennifer. She's the young financial analyst who vanished in January 2006. Jennifer had just returned from a Caribbean cruise with her boyfriend, but then never showed up at work. Police found her Chevy Malibu at a condo complex near her home. And surveillance video showed someone near her car.

There were some promising leads, but nothing has panned out so far. So why is Jennifer's photo now on Internet dating sites? Jennifer's parents, Drew and Joyce Kesse, join us live from Tampa.

Before we — good evening to both of you.



VAN SUSTEREN: I keep hoping that, you know, when we finally have you on there, there'll be some good news. But tonight, we struggle through the bad news on this. And before we go into the latest sort of development, let me ask you, this, Joyce. Are there any new tips or anything promising in the investigation as to where your daughter is?


VAN SUSTEREN: Nothing at all?

JOYCE KESSE: It's extremely active, but nothing in one direction.

VAN SUSTEREN: Drew, now to the really what I call mean, rotten part. Your daughter's picture has now shown up on at least two Internet dating sites. Tell me what you know about this.

DREW KESSE: We had been contacted via our tip line about one sighting on line of a Web site for dating, as well as in a blog picked up the site that you are showing right now for mature dating. Jennifer's picture has been cut and pasted from our Web site, Findjenniferkesse.com, and someone has taken it upon themselves to utilize that, I think fraudulently, deceiving people into possibly wanting to date someone other than who they really are and victimizing, honestly.

VAN SUSTEREN: And just what you, quote, needed, someone to be cruel and mean on top of the horror that you guys have experienced since January '06. So what are you doing about it, Joyce? Have you tried to contact anyone who's using her picture?

JOYCE KESSE: Actually, the law enforcement agencies are doing that and trying to find out what would possess some sick individual, obviously quite twisted, to actually go and cut and paste a picture from a missing Web site, and knowing that, putting it on as their own photo with their dating profile. I think it's just sick.

VAN SUSTEREN: I agree. Drew, let me talk for a second about the investigation. January 24, 20906, is probably the day something happened to your daughter, but her car was found about two days later about a mile or so from her condo. But there is surveillance video January 24 at abut 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon of someone walking away from her parked car. Is there any greater lead in identifying that person? Because that person must know something.

DREW KESSE: Right. Absolutely not. What's really strange here, Greta, is we seem to have two people that literally have vanished, and it's very tough to deal with. Obviously, the film that you are showing, as well as the stills, they're tough pictures, but we still feel that someone would know who they are when they see them. But honestly, nothing has come from it, no.

VAN SUSTEREN: And that's why we keep putting it up, hoping that maybe someone sees it and (INAUDIBLE) This really is the key clue, at least as far as I can figure out. Joyce, if your daughter left her apartment on that morning on the 24th to go to work — you know, the apartment has lots of construction people, a lot of people working around. It's a lovely condominium (INAUDIBLE) Has the company that was there — have they said anyone failed to show up to work or showed up at work after 1:00 o'clock? Has that been investigated?

JOYCE KESSE: That's part of the investigative process, and we're not necessarily privy to that information, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, well...

DREW KESSE: We do know...


DREW KESSE: We do know, though, that there were illegals working on premises, as well as staying on premises, that basically, the staff was cut in half the next day. So you know, it's hard to track those people. It's also hard to track — when you have a condominium complex, it's hard to track individuals who contract contractors individually to come in and fix something in their own homes. So there's a lot of people around, really.

VAN SUSTEREN: Drew, Joyce, thank you both very much and...

DREW KESSE: Thank you, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: I only wish we could really help you. Anyway, good evening to both of you.

JOYCE KESSE: Hopefully, next time.

VAN SUSTEREN: Yes, indeed. Hopefully, next time.

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