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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And you are looking live at the crowd. We are here in Centennial Park in Atlanta, Georgia, and we are joined by lots of our friends, and we are marking the 15th anniversary of the Fox News Channel.

Here with me now is comedian, radio, television personality. The one and only, Atlanta's own Jeff Foxworthy. How are you?

JEFF FOXWORTHY, COMEDIAN: Welcome to my hometown, buddy. Congratulations on 15 years.

HANNITY: Thank you so much for being here. I have been a fan of yours and Larry the Cable Guy.

FOXWORTHY: I listen to you every afternoon.

HANNITY: I am very honored. I really am. How do you know if you're a redneck?

FOXWORTHY: If you your working television sits on top of your non- working television. If you have ever been accused of lying through your tooth. If you think fast food's hitting a deer at 65 miles per hour. The list goes on.

HANNITY: You wrote books on this. You keep coming up with one a day?

FOXWORTHY: I did the first book in '88. I started doing the page a day calendars in 1990. It's 2011 and I am still -- every year, you are like, there cannot be 365 more of these.

HANNITY: And you find them.

FOXWORTHY: There is not a lot of research going on. It's pretty much my family.

HANNITY: You know, first of all, congratulations, the TV show, "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" It's been a big hit.

FOXWORTHY: A real big hit, I have never been on the air five years in a row on anything. I love doing the show, as long as they give me the answers. I don't pretend to be Alec Trebek and know that stuff.

HANNITY: How do you know Alec really knows?

FOXWORTHY: Well, he acts like he really knows. We had a second-grade grammar question and the lady goes, I remember there homonyms and synonyms and antonyms. But I can't remember the difference now. Can you use it in a sentence? I was like, yes, my antonym came over for Thanksgiving dinner.

HANNITY: One of the things, you know, I love about comedy. I watch you and Larry the Cable Guy is a good friend of the program is, you know, we live in serious times and we are talking politics here. You guys make me forget all of that for a few minutes.

FOXWORTHY: I always said it's the release valve that keeps the boiler from exploding.

HANNITY: So you're saying I would explode if I didn't have you.

FOXWORTHY: Everybody needs to laugh once in a while or you go crazy. I mean, we all go through the bad stuff. I had Fox News on today for three hours. I'm ready to jump off the ledge! My wife's telling me, you can't watch it that long in a row anymore.

HANNITY: Well, you to get some material. You are probably watching those Wall Street protesters out there.

FOXWORTHY: Here's the deal. I understand their frustration. I understand that people are frustrated. But it's where they are putting it, it's totally wrong.

HANNITY: By the way -- we have done these man on the streets. We go down there with a TV camera. Why are you here? "We are here -- to make -- global warming." There is no coherent message.

FOXWORTHY: They are protesting capitalism and I am watching them with their iPads and iPhones, it's like, capitalism gave your dad the money to buy that for you.

HANNITY: Exactly, exactly. That's a good point. You know, we lost Steve Jobs. I got my iPhone here. I got my iPad. I think, all right, some people on the left had their way, when he was 25 and he had $250 million, he would have stopped creating great things. Why have we gotten to this point where we attack people that are successful. When did becoming successful become a crime in America?

FOXWORTHY: I don't know because to me, America was built as the land of opportunity. It wasn't the land of guarantees. It was having the incentive that if you worked hard at it, I mean, the second month I did comedy, I made $20.

The first year I was on the road, I did 427 shows and I made $8,300. But I was one of those guys, I did 500 shows a year for eight years in a row. I was out there working. Nobody knew my name and I am one of the blessed people because it worked. It's that opportunity.

HANNITY: My first pay job was $19,000 a year, you know. I didn't get into any of this for fame. I got it because I loved it. The light went on, I had fun. I enjoyed it.

All right, are you political? I probably shouldn't put you on the spot?

FOXWORTHY: I never wanted to be a political comedian because I would watch him in New York and immediately half the crowd hated you. It didn't matter which half, but yes, I mean, I get up at 6:00 in the morning, I read the paper before anybody in my house gets up.

HANNITY: Is that right?


HANNITY: So you love news. Look, I think Larry the Cable Guy, I don't know if this gives it away, but he named his daughter Reagan.

FOXWORTHY: Yes. That was not by accident.

HANNITY: I don't think it was. Listen, we really appreciate it. Give us a couple more -- you know you are a red neck if --

FOXWORTHY: If your son's name is Dale, Jr. and your name's not Dale. I know some people named Dale, Jr., NASCAR fans. You can't do that, you have to be a Dale to have a Dale, Jr.

HANNITY: There is a lady in the crowd who named her son after Greg Maddux, the great pitcher for the Atlanta Braves. There he is in the front.

FOXWORTHY: You are in Braves territory here.

HANNITY: How are you doing? Can you catch a football? Here you go, Maddux. All right, bad throw.

FOXWORTHY: Stick to radio. Stick to TV.

HANNITY: I'm trying my best. Jeff Foxworthy, appreciate it.

FOXWORTHY: Thank you so much. Here's to another 15 years.

HANNITY: Thank you. God bless you. Appreciate it. By the way, you can see Jeff and him perform with our friend, Larry the Cable Guy, next Friday, October 14. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, send our love down to Baton Rouge.

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