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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: It appears as though the Department of Homeland Security has now spiraled into a frat house. Yes, Janet "Sherlock" Napolitano and the agency tasked with protecting you, the American people, from another terror attack are now under fire after a top official has placed herself on leave following allegations of lewd conduct with her employees.

Suzanne Barr, chief of staff at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, is being accused of everything from making sexually charged comments to members of her staff, to binge drinking on taxpayer-funded trips; and these allegations date all the way back to 2009.

Now clearly, "Sherlock" Napolitano and the Obama administration, they do have some explaining to do, seeing as protecting our country doesn't seem to be too high on their priorities list.

Joining me now with more is the author of the New York Times number one best seller, "Culture of Corruption," Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin.

Apparently a lot of problems over there at that agency, Michelle?

MICHELLE MALKIN, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: Yes, this is really the tip of the iceberg and it looks less like a frat house than it does a sorority run amok, Sean. And what we have here I think is an old girls club and a culture that has been encouraged by Janet Napolitano, or at least allowed to happen, with some of her gal pals who were put in positions of great responsibility when they had little to no actual law enforcement experience.

And I think that that is what the point of the lawsuit that's been filed by a former DHS official, and affidavits that are coming out, new ones, that were filed in conjunction with this lawsuit really tell. I mean that's the story that we've been hearing a lot in many different parts of this administration, but particularly, DHS, that people who have no equipment or interest in enforcing the law have been busying themselves on junkets like the one in Columbia in 2009, where apparently, the chief of staff, the ICE chief of staff Suzanne Barr, was involved in a lot of boozing and lewd conduct.

HANNITY: All right. So let me see if I understand this correctly. So people that are ill equipped, not prepared, lacking in experience, get these jobs, why? Because they're just friends with Janet Napolitano? That's the only reason?

MALKIN: Well, that --

HANNITY: And then we see the conduct afterwards?

MALKIN: Yes. That's right. It's classic crony government. Suzanne Barr worked for Janet Napolitano in Arizona. Was her chief of staff there. A political appointee who knew zero about homeland security. And obviously, if these allegations are true and this lawsuit had no interest in enforcing them, which of course would comport with the attitude of the guy in the White House, who has signaled many times over that he doesn't want the Department of Homeland Security enforcing basic immigration law.

Then we have Dora Schriro who is very intimately close with Janet Napolitano, again with almost no federal law enforcement experience. In fact zero law enforcement experience. And was also a special adviser to Janet Napolitano before she was appointed five months after Suzanne Barr arrived at DHS in 2009.

HANNITY: All right. What do you make of Biden? You've written recently about him. And we've been talking about him tonight. I mean it's pretty outrageous that the long litany of attacks now that team Obama has made. I like the fact that Romney and Ryan are fighting back, and they're punching back hard.

But this history of Joe Biden going back to, you know, the people with Indian accents, working at 7-Eleven and Dunkin Donuts. They want to put you all back in chains comment. You know, my state is a slave state. Barack Obama, first mainstream African-American -- he's articulate, he's bright, he's clean, a nice-looking guy.


HANNITY: You know --


HANNITY: What if you said that? What if I said that? What if a conservative politician said that?

MALKIN: Yes. Well, you know what? He's got this amazing immunity from his own tongue. And I have long diagnosed what I called Biden-rhea of the mouth. I mean he's had it for a long, long time now and gotten away with it. And now "Bozo the VP" is out there, engaging in the most shameless kind of race clownery. And I know that there are a lot of decent Americans on both sides of the aisle that are sick of it.

I'm glad that Romney and Ryan are fighting back, just as you say, but I think that more people need to spell out what this is. Because this chains remark that he made in front of a black audience in Danville, Virginia, was a blatant, racist, racialist pander.

And there are people of color across this country who look at white Democratic politicians who talk down to them and try and talk black, and aren't taking it anymore. Because what it really is is a white-washing of just how miserable --

HANNITY: But Michelle --

MALKIN: -- the economic record is of this administration, not just for black people, but for all people.

HANNITY: You can take this back to 1998, Missouri, Democratic Party radio ad. You elect Republicans, black churches will burn. You've got Al Gore. He speaks before a predominantly African-American audience. He goes into preacher mode. Republicans don't even want to count you in the Census.

Hillary Clinton does the same thing.


HANNITY: Changing her tone and her cadence. The James Byrd ad in 2000. It's predictable politics from Democrats. This is nothing new. But I think Obama now --

MALKIN: No, it's not.

HANNITY: -- has taken it to a lower level, when it's, you know, about killing people, about felonies and tax cheating and dirty air and water. People haven't paid attention now. I think it backfires.


HANNITY: What do you think happens?

MALKIN: I hope so, too. I mean I call it seismically cringe worthy, when these politicians adopt these accents and go into black churches, and yes, I mean, Hillary Clinton was most notable because it was just so comically bad. But with Barack Obama himself I think it's the worst because you think about the kinds of things he's done to racial pander, it isn't merely mimicking an accent. He makes things up.

Who can -- who can forget among us who are informed, in 2007 in Selma, when he made up part of his biography to try and endear himself to civil rights people. He said that the Selma bloody march was responsible for him being born when he was born four years before the event. And the kind of fabulist impulse of the progressives, I think, has to stop. And we have to draw the line, and appeal to decent people -- that the first reaction when Paul Ryan gets named as the vice presidential candidate on the ticket is to point out that he is a white guy? What does that have to do with anything? What happened to post-racial America, Barack Obama?

HANNITY: Yes. If this works, if this works, this is all America's going to see and worse. If they're rewarded for this type of sleazy campaigning, then we'll never see an end to it.

But I've got to run. Michelle, always good to see you.

MALKIN: You bet, take care.

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