Is the Iraq Study Group Report 'the End of America'?

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Technological Threshold

Iran is reportedly having major technological problems in its efforts to enrich uranium for its nuclear program. The Jerusalem Post cites western sources as saying Iran will not be able to cross what is called the nuclear technological threshold until late next year — pushing back its timetable for assembling a nuclear device to 2010.

Experts speculate that the problems enriching uranium may have prompted Iran's interest in constructing a heavy-water nuclear plant that would produce plutonium, which also can be used to build a bomb.

"The Real End of Bush Rule"

Many overseas media are reacting to the release of the Iraq Study Group report by slamming the Bush administration.

The Egyptian tabloid "al-Osboa" said the report indicated, "the end of America." The headline in the Egyptian opposition daily "Al-Wafd" declared, "Bush confesses defeat in Iraq," and wrote of "the real end of Bush rule."

From Israel — the "Ha'aretz" newspaper says, "the Baker report undermines everything Bush and his aides believed in." Here in the U.S, David Broder in The Washington Post reported that the commissioners had an "exhilarating experience" in bipartisanship. But The New York Post called the co-chairmen of the ISG "surrender monkeys" — a term often applied to the French.

Millions Wasted

In South Carolina, an audit reports the state's highway commissioners have wasted millions of dollars on outside consultants. So what are they doing about it?

They want to spend $200/hour to hire more outside consultants to help them do a better job. The Greenville News reports the commissioners are seeking permission to pay a new consulting firm to provide advice concerning the financing of construction and toll projects.

Funny Side of Being Muslim

And The International Herald Tribune reports the cameras are rolling on a new situation comedy for Canadian television that looks at what is called the funny side of being a Muslim.

The title — and we are not making this up — is "Little Mosque on the Prairie." One of the show's writers says he does his research by bouncing ideas off cab drivers in Toronto. And a cast member is quoted as saying — "Muslims all over the world are known for their sense of humor." The show debuts next month.

—FOX News Channel's Martin Hill contributed to this report.