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BRIT HUME, HOST: Rush Limbaugh, the fabled radio host, thinks that Harriet Miers is a dubious nominee for the Supreme Court; his conservative credentials are, of course, impeccable. But so are those of James Dobson, the founder and chairman of the evangelical Christian organization, Focus on the Family.

He joins me now from Colorado Springs, where his group is based. Dr. Dobson, good evening, Sir. Tell me why you believe, contrary to a number of other prominent conservatives, that Harriet Miers is indeed a conservative?

JAMES DOBSON, FOUNDER, CHAIRMAN, "FOCUS ON THE FAMILY": Well, Brit, thank you for having me on. You know, everybody has to make their own decision about this. And all I can tell you is that the more we know about her, and find out about her, the more we are impressed with her. We know people who have known her for 20, 25 years, and they would vouch for her. These are people we know and who share our philosophy.

HUME: Like who? Give me some examples, if you can.

DOBSON: Some of them involve — one of them in fact is a judge that you had on earlier in the show, as a matter of fact the Supreme Court justice from Texas, Nathan Hecht. Another federal judge in Texas, and there are others in Texas, who know her very well and speak for her.

But more to the point, you know, one of the most endearing characteristics of this president is that he does say what he means, and he tends to deliver on it. That is our take on it. And during the campaign, he made it very clear the kind of justice or judge that he would appoint. And he was not equivocal about that at all. To this point, he has a wonderful track record of appointing people that are consistent with that philosophy. We believe it has done it again.

HUME: It sounds almost as if you are saying the main reason that you are supporting Harriet Miers is that you believe the president?

DOBSON: That is part of it. And I do believe the president on this issue. Have I not always agreed with the president on his decisions, and will continue to disagree with him when I feel like I need to. But, in this matter, he has been consistent. And I have been impressed by the quality of the judges that he has put on the court. And I do trust him. Beyond that, I do know things that I am not prepared to talk about here. And you know — who knows, who knows? You don’t know until somebody gets on the court whether or not you have made a disastrous mistake or not. We made that mistake with Justice Souter, and maybe this is a mistake. But for now she looks good.

HUME: Is there anything beyond the fact that you trust the president and you trust the judgment of these people, who you have mentioned that know her? Anything specific that you can cite in her record that gives you confidence in her?

DOBSON: I think that you have covered some of it. She is a woman of incredible accomplishment. In her long career, she has been willing to stand up against the American Bar Association with regard to the policy on abortion. That took a lot of courage. She has — she is a conservative Christian. She is very sincere –

HUME: Let me stop you there on that.


HUME: You say she is a conservative Christian. I have heard it said that she is indeed, evangelical Christian, like yourself and like the president. How do you know that?

DOBSON: I know the church that she goes to and I know the people who go to church with her.

HUME: Which church is that? Just for the benefit of the public.

DOBSON: I think that I should let her reveal that.

HUME: I wouldn’t know. I can’t imagine why it would be a secret.

DOBSON: You know, you already quoted Rush Limbaugh and he said that on his show, that she was an evangelical Christian and I know that to be a fact.

HUME: Do you think that evangelical Christians, by and large translates into conservative?

DOBSON: Absolutely not. But I will tell you this — there was not been an appointee to the Supreme Court who is an evangelical Christian to my knowledge in decades. It is refreshing that one could even be considered. But when you put that with our understanding of her belief system, I think that she is a good woman. I may be wrong. My neck is out a ways, because a lot of conservatives don’t agree with me. But that is the way that we see it.

HUME: Have you met her? Do you know her?

DOBSON: Have I not met her, no.

HUME: So, you are out there, aren’t you?

DOBSON: I am out there, and I’m willing to stand on that. I mean I think that’s what it means to take a stand and to express your views and that’s what I’m doing.

HUME: What are you willing to do now in support of her? Are you willing to put your mailing list, your organization, your muscle into play here?

DOBSON: I will say this, we will listen very carefully during the confirmation hearings. And I may get a big shock and a big surprise. If I do, I will say so and I will admit it. But, until I do, I will express the views that I have expressed to you. You know, including on our program in the morning.

HUME: Very good to have you, Doctor Dobson, thank you very much.

DOBSON: Thank you.

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