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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: As we continue on "Hannity & Colmes", Reverend Franklin Graham is one of very few Americans who have visited Kim Jong-Il's North Korea. In 2000, Reverend Graham met with government leaders and preached in churches around the country.

He's now called for President Bush to meet directly with Kim Jong-Il and diffuse the growing nuclear tensions.

Franklin Graham joins us.

Reverend Graham, I've got to tell you, this is the first time you and I have disagreed. I think that's exactly what he wants, and we would be capitulating to his terrorist actions.

REV. FRANKLIN GRAHAM, SAMARITAN'S PURSE: Here's — here's the way I look at it and, of course, it's just my point of view.

We talked to China. And Mao Tse-Tung was responsible for the greatest genocide probably in the history of the world, 60 million people that the Communist Party in China killed.

Now, you know, President Nixon went in with Henry Kissinger in the 1970's, flew in there and met privately with them, one on one; and as a result of that, the bamboo curtain began to break apart. And of course, today we're still dealing with a communist country, but we were spending billions of dollars. They're spending billions of dollars with us. We're talking to them.

Now, we certainly disagree on many, many fronts, but I think in North Korea we've got to talk to them. If we don't, we could risk a major confrontation.

HANNITY: I support, Reverend — support talking to them. I believe those six-party talks. I think the other countries in the region, I think they have too big of role to play in the eventual peace that will come out of this.

I — but, let's be honest. He is a lying dictator in pursuit of nuclear weapons that has not — that has not respected any agreement he's ever made anyway.

GRAHAM: All right. But just — just compare this to China. China has nuclear weapons, and they killed 60 million people.

But here is what I'm saying. I'm not saying we agree with these people. I'm not even saying we have to like them. But I think we must talk to them.

And let me say something about these six-party talks. China doesn't want to see the two Koreas come together. This would put a great dent in their economy. I don't think the Russians want to see the two come together. It would put a dent in their economy.

If the economic engine of the south was united with that cheap labor force in the north, it would be a major power in that region of the world, and Japan doesn't want it.

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Unfortunately, our time is so limited here. I think you have it exactly right. You and I don't often agree, but I think what you're saying about North Korea is extremely important.

HANNITY: That's the first clue you're wrong, Reverend.

GRAHAM: First clue.

COLMES: That we truly have the ability to unite. I appreciate what you're saying. You're right. The six-nation talks, not all those nations have the same agenda we have.

GRAHAM: That's exactly right.

COLMES: That's important to understand here.

GRAHAM: And listen, talking to someone — when you talk to somebody face to face, things change. And I hope that if it's — you know, if the president and — would see fit that maybe they could review this policy, because where we are today with the six-party talks, we're not going anywhere.

COLMES: You said bring them to New York; put them on a train from San Francisco to New York. Let him get a taste of democracy. Right?

GRAHAM: Absolutely. Let him see our nation from coast to coast, and I think it would have a great impression upon him.

HANNITY: I don't mean to interrupt. We've got to break it, but you ought to know when you agree with Alan, that you are...

COLMES: You are a great American. There you go.

HANNITY: Now I need to be involved in prayer and fasting for you, Reverend. So I'm...

COLMES: Just do the fasting part.

HANNITY: We'll come back, and we're going to ask Reverend Graham about the conflict and the escalation and tensions in the Middle East and Israel when we get back with Franklin Graham, as we continue.

We're glad you are with us on "Hannity & Colmes." Thanks for being with us.


HANNITY: As we continue with Reverend Franklin Graham. Reverend, we're watching these tensions. Once again, the clash of cultures, Islamic fascism, the attacks against Israel, your thoughts?

GRAHAM: Well, I've been to Lebanon many times and Israel over 50 times to these countries. And we have many people that we work with there. I talked to Lebanon today to our contacts. We're helping with the refugees that are coming out of the south.

But more than anything right now we need to pray for our president that God would just give him wisdom. We need to pray for peace in the Middle East, that God would work in the hearts of the men and women in that region. And we certainly need to pray for the people of Israel.

I do support Israel. But we have many friends in the Arab world. And there are many people that are suffering right now. People that lost their homes and are running for their lives.

COLMES: We only have a second left. How is your dad doing? I understand he just preached in Baltimore. How is he tonight?

GRAHAM: He's doing well, and he's watching tonight. And I know that he's very interested in both you men and thinks a lot of you and the program that you have.

HANNITY: Reverend, I think the one thing Alan and I both need are his prayers, so we'll take them.

We always love having you on the program, Reverend.

GRAHAM: Thank you.

HANNITY: Thanks for being with us. All the best to you and all your great work. And we appreciate your time tonight. Thanks for being with us.

GRAHAM: God bless and pray for our president.

HANNITY: Absolutely. Ditto to that.

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