Ingraham: The defenders of lawlessness

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SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: Let not your heart be troubled because Laura Ingraham is back in D.C. tonight. Good, back in the swamp, in the sewer.

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INGRAHAM: I'm Laura Ingraham. This is 'The Ingraham Angle ' back in Washington, D.C., as Sean said. What an exciting show we have for you this evening. Great guests, including an unbelievable twist in the Mueller investigation. We'll tell you why Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama suddenly have a new connection to it. Plus, our "Seen and Unseen" segment, Raymond Arroyo digs into some utterly bizarre trends among all millennials and Hillary Clinton's expansion into TV.

Also a disturbing report on how easy it may be for non-U.S. citizens to register to vote and then cast a ballot. Michelle Malkin joins us for what it means in the upcoming election. But first, the defenders of lawlessness. That is the focus of tonight's Agle.

If you want to see just how radical, how extreme Democrats have become an immigration, check out the freaks at their anti-ICE protests. The siege at the ICE building at Portland, Oregon, started June 17th and continues today.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Protesters even followed them home to their residences, followed them when they went to pick up their kids at day care. Repeatedly threatening their lives. This was an absolute siege of an ICE facility. A lot of people don't know this. This really isn't getting covered in the mainstream media. We lost that building for ten days, almost two weeks. The protesters took control of that building. Again, these were not normal protesters. Folks like ANTIFA, violent, militant groups.


INGRAHAM: You know what? You haven't seen the media coverage of that aspect of it. We're going to get into more in just a moment, we have new information for you tonight. To top it all off, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler shot down the terrified ICE officers calls for help. Saying that police would respond to them, "when there were eminent life safety threats." OK.

And last week, Wheeler told the demonstrators to peacefully disengage for their own safety. Heck with the safety of the ICE employees. This is totally out of control. And it is backfiring big-time on the Democrats. A recent Reuters poll found that immigration was the top issue for U.S. voters heading into the November 2018 midterm election. It edged out even the economy. And it's hard to believe that the voters concerned about immigration here is focused on what the left wants to do, this phony concern for the kids at the border. I don't think so. Remember, not so long ago, Democrats at least gave lip service to our basic right to border enforcement.


BILL CLINTON, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: It is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years.

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER, D—N.Y.: Illegal immigration is wrong. And primary goal of comprehensive immigration reform must be to dramatically curtail future illegal immigration.

HILLARY CLINTON, CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT: Look, I voted numerous times when I was a senator to send money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in.


INGRAHAM: Well, and remember this from President Obama back in 2014, who sounded a lot like Trump on this issue, except for the no protester marching part.


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Do not send your children to the borders. If they do make it, they'll get sent back. More importantly, they may not make it.


INGRAHAM: Of course, almost none of them were sent back. Instead of warning of the dangers of making family tracks across the border like President Obama just did, the new, more ANTIFA-friendly Democrats warned about in America that actually punishes border jumpers. And they are never happier on the let then when they are using kids as political pawns.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I've heard of the stories --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- year-old infants being before the judges, it's almost -- Chuck E. Cheese's uses things like this to check parents and their children when they are there.


INGRAHAM: OK. With that absurd analysis, Vermont would be better off with Chuck E. Cheese's mascot as one of their senators. Oh, my God. Chuck E. Cheese's does a better job of keeping parenting -- here's an ICE official, attempting to introduce this concept called applying the facts to the law. To this Democrat senator from Hawaii, Mazie Hirono.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Again, I think we are missing the point. These individuals are there because they have broken the law. There has to be a process.

SEN. MAZIE HIRONO, D—HAWAII: They have broken the law only is deemed so by the president with his --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, ma'am. They are therefore a violation of Title III of the Immigration Illegal Entry, both a criminal and civil violation.

HIRONO: My understanding that under zero tolerance, these are no longer civil proceedings but in fact are criminal proceedings?

UNIDETIFIED MALE: They are both.

HIRONO: I'm confused.


INGRAHAM: OK. God bless her. She's confused. All that volcanic ash blowing across Hawaii begun to affect the good senator's cognitive skills? What part don't you understand? Laws on the books, violate the laws, there will be a penalty. And the pundits wonder how Trump got elected? Out of the roughly 2,500 children who were separated from their family units at the U.S.-Mexico border. More than 1,800 have already been reunited with her parents. Of the 700 children are so who are still not reunited, 431 have parents now outside the United States. Those parents were either deported or voluntarily abandoned their children, a fact that is conveniently omitted from the Dem-tifa crowd. Democrats wailing over the plight of the remaining children are conveniently ignoring the facts.

Due to domestic or drug abuse, many of these parents are now deemed unfit to care for their children or dangerous for their children. So news flash: the U.S. government is protecting the border kids today. Or do the Democrats want them to be reunited with parents who could traffic them or who are criminals themselves? Is that what they want?

By the way, the kids who may have a chance of being deported back home, to be in their homeland with their parents, are now being blocked in a lawsuit by the ACLU. By the way, wasn't that Americans Civil Liberty Union? Now it's Illegal Immigrants Civil Liberties Union. In the meantime, we are caring for these children in the U.S. taxpayers are footing the bill. But who cares about these facts? When peddling emotions, dripping with concern is so much easier.


MIKE BRZEZINSKI, MSNBC HOST: Melania Trump went to the border and asked these empty questions about when and how these families will be put back together. She doesn't care. She's planning Christmas at the White House. Are you idiots running this country? You seem like child abusers to me. Ask any doctor, ask any child welfare specialist, ask any psychiatrist, ask yourself. Is this abuse? This is abuse.


INGRAHAM: That was abuse just watching that. You ever notice how the empathy, though, just runs one way? It's never the same kind of empathy for the families victimized by violent illegal alien crime. Or DWI deaths because of illegal immigrants. Or drug trafficking. Gunrunning. Never any empathy for Americans who have been pushed out of their jobs in the workforce for cheaper illegal labor. Never ending empathy for ICE agents, who have their reputations as mirrored or lives threatened, for just doing their jobs.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Our commitment to consistent and fair enforcement of the law is demonstrated on a daily basis by the integrity, the unbiased professionalism, and the compassion of the men and women of CDP exhibit toward the aliens we encounter, particularly toward the most vulnerable. We do not believe our humanity behind when read report for duty.


INGRAHAM: That's a great line. Now Americans are just a lot smarter, let's face it than the left and their media and the poodles think. Americans understand that we are not a country without borders. Of course we have compassion. That is why we are taking pretty good care of them, all things considered. They are not with their families but they are being fed, clothed, doctor's appointments, entertainment, sports, schooling, interpreters, lawyers. That is not nothing. And Americans will not be guilted into supporting politicians who put the interests of illegal aliens ahead of our own citizens. Here is why Congressman Ron DeSantis will be the next governor of Florida. He gets it.


REP. RON DESANTIS, R—FLA.: We can fight illegal immigration. All we got to do is enact e-verify and stop sanctuary cities.

TRUMP: We want maximum border security and respect for our heroes, ICE, Border Patrol, and law enforcement, and we are going to have tremendous border security that will include the wall. That will include the wall.


INGRAHAM: The applause went on and on last night. The biggest applause lines -- when the issue of immigration came up. Look, in my mind, it's actually sad, it's really sad to see what happened to the party of FDR and John F. Kennedy, the Democrat Party. On this issue and so many others, they used to believe America was worth defending. Her laws, her Constitution, the Declaration, her borders, her history. Now their most vocal voices believe it is time to destroy that old order and replace it with something closer to socialism. But we are not about to let that happen. And that's the Angle.

Joining me now for reaction is Tom Homan, the former acting director of the ICE. Mr. Homan, thank you so much for being here. Really appreciate it.


INGRAHAM: I got to tell you, when I see what's going on in Portland, Oregon, beautiful Portland, a lot of history of political activism, that's fine, this is not your ordinary political activism. What's happening there that the American people are not seeing because the media will not adequately cover this story?

HOMAN: What has been happening -- during the time I saw your clips earlier, and Chris Crane is right. The mayor has refused to take action on those folks that have illegally prevented us from doing our jobs by shutting our building down for over a week. How many child molesters, predators, weren't arrested that week?

How many criminal aliens, aliens who enter this country illegally and commit yet another crime weren't arrested that week? A lot of criminals are now walking the streets of Portland that would have been arrested that week. The mayor turned his back on the citizens of Portland for his own political ambitions.

INGRAHAM: Now Chris Crane was talking about the ANTIFA infiltration, or some would say takeover of this protest. Are the run-of-the-mill, kind of millennial protesters, with the magic marker signs, and the black mask people, kind of working hand-in-glove there from what you are gathering?

HOMAN: Yeah, I watched video of the Portland office showdown for several days. And ANTIFA was there. In a matter of fact, they hung their ANTIFA flag up where the United States flag --

INGRAHAM: Whoa, whoa whoa -- they took down the U.S. flag, they climbed the building, they took on the U.S. flag, and they replaced it with a ANTIFA flag?

HOMAN: Yes, ma'am. And the patriots at ICE -- when they took the building back, the first thin they did was raise the American flag back up.

INGRAHAM: The only thing I can think about it is when ISIS was rolling through parts of Iraq. And they were going to those Christian villagers in Mosul and so forth. They were knocking down those churches, taking off the cross, and raising the ISIS flag. As a form of domestic terror.

HOMAN: It's pathetic what's going on in Portland. I don't know who is worse than that mayor or the mayor in Oakland --

INGRAHAM: Oakland.

HOMAN: -- or Philadelphia or New York. I mean there's a whole bunch of them right now, who have never accepted this president, and they will put their own political ambitions ahead of the public safety of their citizens. Now I want to remind the Portland mayor because I'm sure he will hear about that, these ICE employees, are also tax payers and citizens of the city of Portland. He has a duty to protect them and the police.

INGRAHAM: Zephyr Teachout, interesting name, Democratic candidate for a New York attorney general, calls to abolish ICE and said it this way. Let's watch.


ZEPHYR TEACHOUT, DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR NEW YORK ATTORNEY GENERAL: ICE has to be abolished and as attorney general, I will continue to speak out against ICE, I will prosecute ICE for their criminal acts. We have stories of consistent abuse within ICE. The idea that we could call this law enforcement is a real offense to the idea of law itself.


INGRAHAM: A real offense. I think she's mixing up -- I think she means "offense" but that's OK.

HOMAN: I've never seen that video but now I'm more irritated than I was when I walked in here. That attorney general --

INGRAHAM: Candidate.

HOMAN: -- candidate. I hope that is as far as she gets. Look, prosecute ICE agents? ICE officers and agents have taken more than 5,000 criminal aliens up the street in New York. That walked out of there sanctuary jails. ICE has done more for public safety in that state in their own governor has. ICE officers on the northern border have shut down opioid trade and --

INGRAHAM: But they say Tom -- the reason they are upset is because you are separating families, you are focused on deporting these families, when you should be focused on the illegal immigrants. They are conflating border patrol, HHS, detainment centers, and ICE they are putting them in one big pot. What you could do a better job if you weren't focusing on these poor children.

HOMAN: Let me tell you about the whole separating families. I watched the hearing yesterday and I was quite disturbed by some of the questions by Democrats. They kept wanting to put the blame on border patrol agents and ICE. They had us out of process, we've been separating families for decades, first of all. This isn't a new --

INGRAHAM: decades.

HOMAN: -- decades. They want to blame somebody? Congress needs to look in the mirror. I have been up on the hill several times along with the head of CDP and CIS talking about the loopholes. If they want these folks to see a judge and claim asylum, we do, too. There is one way to guarantee to see a judge is to keep it in a family residential center. They don't want to do that. They refuse to fix the loopholes, the attorney general did what he had to do operationally to defend our borders. The attorney general did exactly what he should have done.

INGRAHAM: Zero tolerance is a way to go. He was right. We have a runaway judge situation in this country who are acting as super legislators.

HOMAN: A judge in San Diego, he ordered during the 2,500 unification stop, doing the DNA testing, when we did the DNA testing for the children under five, five to seven percent weren't their parents. So if you extrapolate that to 2,500 people, how many children do we have to release them to people that weren't their parents because I judge decided that DNA wasn't important?

INGRAHAM: Wow and the 20 percent of kids were not brought across by their parents --

HOMAN: Twenty-five hundred children separated. There's 10,000 children in custody, HHS that were separated by their parents who hired criminal organizations to put their kid in the trunk of a car and smuggle into United States. That is child abuse.

INGRAHAM: Who are the parents who send their kids across the border alone? I'm sorry. What kind of parent is at?

HOMAN: I watched (inaudible) claim the administration of child abuse -- the child abuse is hiring a criminal organization to put your kid in the trunk of a car and smuggling them to United States.

INGRAHAM: Tom Homan, hey great to see you.

HOMAN: Appreciate it.

INGRAHAN: We miss you over there at the Homeland.

HOAN: I'm in the fight.

INGRAHAM: All right. Good for you. And Bob Mueller is prepared to make a significant concession to the Trump legal team. Citing sources, John Roberts reporting that Mueller has agreed to reduce the number of questions for President Trump and a potential interview from his initial list of 49. Mueller is also willing to accept some answers in writing, though he wants oral answers to others. Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani responded to the tug- of-war over an interview earlier today.


RUDY GIULIANI: They sent us a proposal. We responded to their proposal. It took about ten days and yesterday, we got a letter back. And now we're in the process of responding to that letter. At the end of it, they should render their report, put up -- I guess, put up or shut up, what you got? We have every reason to believe they don't have anything.


INGRAHAM: Joining us now to analyze, Alan Dershowitz, author of the book, big best-seller -- "The Case Against Impeaching Trump," along with Sol Wisenberg, former independent deputy in the Whitewater investigation. Professor Dershowitz, what you make of this latest development? Supposed concessions, they don't seem like huge concessions to me. Down from 49 questions, some in writing. Does this change the calculus?

ALAN DERSHOWITZ, AUTHOR, "THE CASE AGAINST IMPEACHING TRUMP": I don't think so. It's not about quantity. It's all about quality. All he has to do is ask one question, what was your motive, why did you fire your Comey, or why did you ask Comey maybe to go easy on Flynn? All they want to do is get him to say in a context where he would be charged with a crime, something that is controversial, and something that somebody else will come in and testify and say, no, he told me something different. No, he told me that his motive was this or that.

Motives are so vague and subjective. And you can be charged with lying to prosecution officials, even if you tell the truth. If there is another witness who comes in and gives a different account and the prosecutor is trying to get you. They want to put you in perjury trap and believes or says he believes the other witness who made out only be singing, but he may be composing, in order to get a better deal. You've walked into a perjury trap. In the end, I don't think as lawyers are going to let President Trump testify orally at all. Look, the president may get his way. He says he wants to testify. But no lawyer is going to walk his client into a perjury trap.

INGRAHAM: Tonight, "The New York times" Sol is reporting that the president is pushing for an interview with Mueller against the advice of counsel. Now I don't know if this is kind of a -- they are playing around here on this, good PR or if that is the real deal. But let's pretend for the moment that is real. Your reaction?

SOL WISENBERG, INDEPENDENT DEPUTY FOR THE WHITEWATER INVESTIGATION: I think it is suicidal. I think it's idiotic. I agree with the professor. Here is the real key here. Based on everything we know, they don't have anything close to an obstruction case on the president. But it is much easier, in addition to the stuff that Professor Dershowitz said, it is much easier to prove a case of flying to the government under 18 U.S. code section 1,001 than it is to prove an obstruction case, particularly based on what they have. It has to be material, but the threshold for a material lie is extremely low. And their cases are legion of convicting people under 1,001 and including Martha Stewart. It's a terrible strategy and I can't believe -- I would physically restrain my client in these circumstances.

INGRAHAM: You and I both --

DERSHOWITZ: And also --

INGRAHAM: OK gentlemen. Hold on, Alan. We're going to stay for another segment. We have an incredible story ahead. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's stunning connection now to the Mueller probe. You won't believe it. Stay there.


INGRAHAM: If you've happened upon one of the other cable news network boots recently, first of all -- tsk tsk -- you've probably been bombarded with updates on former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort's federal trial kicked off today. Despite no allegations of Russian collusion, Manafort is facing serious prison time in a case brought by the special counsel, Bob Mueller. It's all related to Manafort's work that Russian friendly Ukrainian political party there that predated his time with the Trump campaign. So it got swept up in this whole deal. Interestingly enough though, there are reports that Mueller has referred three cases to federal prosecutors in Manhattan involving high-profile lobbyists who also worked on behalf of that same Ukrainian linked group without registering as foreign agents.

Haven't heard much about that. Have you? Could it be that, because, well, one of those names is Tony Podesta? Super lobbyist to the Democratic Party and brother of John, the chairman of Hillary's failed 2016 campaign. Or that other name, Greg Craig, he's a former White House counsel for Barack Obama. Re-joining us now for reaction, Alan Dershowitz, and Sol Wisenberg. OK, guys. How potentially serious, or not, is the deal with referring both Podesta and Greg Craig to the southern district of New York? Greg Craig, full disclosure, worked for my old law firm, Skadden Arps and they parted ways months back. But let's start with you, Professor Dershowitz. What is going on here?

DERSHOWITZ: Greg is a great guy. He lives on Martha's Vineyard with me. I see them periodically over the summer. Full disclosure. Look, this proves that you never needed a special counsel. They are taking these cases more and more and referring them to ordinary U.S. attorney's office. The Manafort case also could have easily been tried by the U.S. attorney's office in northern Virginia. The other Manafort case by the District of Columbia U.S. attorney's office. Why do we need a special counsel? The cases don't involve Russia for the most part, the only cases that involve Russia are cases that will never be tried at all, the 12 Russians.

They are not coming to Disneyland any day soon to be served. They are not going to be expedited by Vladimir Putin. So we are seeing more and more proof that we never needed a special counsel; that special counsel will end up filing a report and getting some low-hanging fruit and getting some convictions, largely unrelated to what his mandate originally was. I didn't like special counsel when they were appointed to get Bill Clinton, I didn't like them in other cases. I don't like them now. I don't think they're consistent with the principles of democracy.

INGRAHAM: I was independent counsel, but yea, similar. Sol, we are vacuuming up a lot of information about people, and it is going after the special -- the southern district of New York, same deal with Michael Cohen. It doesn't seem like it is expanding to places that have nothing to do with the original charge.

WISENBERG: Well two things in my view. Number one, I think probably, if it has related gone to the southern district, unlike Michael Cohen where they could say it is not in our daily wick, here, this part of the original Manafort thing, but I think probably, they're going to decline those cases, and it's just my guess, and if Mueller declines cases against Democrats, he would get a tremendous amount of criticism for it. So it's easier to send it to the southern district.

DERSHOWITZ: Good point.

INGRAHAM: Like it looks better for Mueller, who's been accused by the president of having 17 -- prosecutors --

WISENBERG: I don't agree --

INGRAHAM: not all of them have ties to the Democrats.

WISENBERG: -- the president shouldn't be doing that. Here's the other thing. Here's the difference. Right or wrong, Mueller sees Manafort as a key to his Russia conspiracy case. He believes, right or wrong, that Manafort knows that something Manafort is the key and that is why he is going after Manafort that he is clearly going to --

INGRAHAM: Didn't Judge Ellis say that today?

DERSHOWITZ: Yeah, he did.

WISENBERG: He said it repeatedly. He says I don't like it by the system let him do that. Every prosecutor has done that at some point in their career. So that's the key to Mueller. Manafort is the key. The question is, if he's convicted, does he become what Susan McDougall, and say, nuts to you, I'm still not talking to you, or does actually decide he'd rather talk than spend -- if he has any information --

INGRAHAM: He was at in the Trump campaign for 5 minutes.

WISENBERG: Four or five months.

INGRAHAM: I don't think Trump is worried about Paul Manafort. I know for a fact he's not worried about her. Dershowitz --

DERSHOWITZ: You made a very good point, though. You made a very important point. And that is it's much easier for you an U.S. attorney to decline a case and that is why we should have U.S. attorneys. They are professional prosecutors. And they don't have a target. And they can decline cases if the facts and the law don't warrant prosecution. It's harder for a special counsel to do that.

INGRAHAM: All right. Yeah. OK. Let's advance his narrative today. We have this trial kicking off in in the eastern district of New York. And, in struck me that much of the time in these opening statements, a lot of the conversation went to Paul Manafort's wealth. And there was one point where they brought in this witness, OK, Maximilian Katzman, former manager of a New York city menswear store called Alan Couture, claiming Manafort spent more than $929,000 on suits between 2010 and 2014.

Judge Ellis then says -- cantankerous old Judge Ellis way, who I love dearly (ph), all this document shows is that Mr. Manafort had a lavish lifestyle. He had a nice home with a pool and a gazebo. It's not relevant. Of course he went out to make a really funny comment about the clothes, saying -- he spent a lot of clothes and it wasn't even that well- dressed. Is it a crime -- is a crime not to spend a lot of money, but we got a lot of people guilty of that in this town, Washington, D.C.


WISENBERG: If he doesn't say Men's Warehouse, I don't know anything about it.

INGRAHAM: I like T.J. Maxx. You likes Men's Warehouse.

DERSHOWITZ: That is my kind of judge. That is my kind of judge. I will never be convicted of anything, expensive clothing are a prerequisite. I also go to Men's Warehouse.

WISENBERG: The interesting thing about that is under the law -- the law is terrible at showing lavish lifestyle. Under the law, the prosecutors in most courts would be allowed to say that, but Judge Ellis really doesn't like it. And every time he makes those comments, the jury is listening and they know that he doesn't like it.

LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST: Professor Dershowitz, at one point they talked about the fact that Manafort used foreign wire transfers to pay for his clothes. And this Maximilian Katzman, who is like the Kato Kaelin of the trail so far, he says, well, that is the only customer I've ever had pay -- who cares? Again, this is not against the law. I don't know what Manafort did.

I think this whole thing -- I don't know, my antenna, my Spidey senses are going up about this case. I don't know if it is Rick Gates, I don't know if they're afraid to bring Rick Gates in as a prosecution witness, they seem to be hesitant about bringing Gates in, which I find interesting. Professor?

ALAN DERSHOWITZ, HARVARD LAW PROFESSOR EMERITUS: Whenever you bring a witness who has admitted to lying, it's a very hard job to put them on the stand. The witness always says, well, I lied to the past, yes, I know that, but now I am telling you the truth. Then the lawyer for the defense says, well, you expect to benefit from telling the truth don't you, you expect to get a good deal?

So it is very hard to get a successful conviction based on a flipped witness who might not only be singing but composing. And this judge is very synthetic to that. He used that term. He said sometimes witnesses who are squeezed not only sing but compose and make the case better in order to get a better deal.

INGRAHAM: But real quick, they talked about not doing that early morning raid -- we're almost out of time -- early morning raid. Apparently the FBI had a key to his condo. They said, how did you have a key? They said, we don't know how we had the key. A little weird. A little weird. Again, this is my own litigator sense. That is interesting.

WISENBERG: But listen, Gates is going to testify.

INGRAHAM: Gates is going to testify. Guys, we're going to have you back all the time. This is going to fascinating. Great panels, great to see you in person.

Big name Democrats now scouring Hollywood for new production gigs. We'll tell you about the latest. Arroyo next.


INGRAHAM: It's time now for our "Seen and Unseen" segment where we expose what's behind the big cultural stories of the day.


INGRAHAM: Sorry, we are laughing about something else. Young Americans are developing some very peculiar new habits. For more we are joined by Fox News contributor, "New York Times" bestselling author of the "Will Wilder" series, Raymond Arroyo.

OK, Raymond, let's start with some trends that you picked up among millennials, and they might be -- and what do they tell us about the new generation?

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: And you don't want to overgeneralize because there are some great things about millennials. They're contemplative. They reuse things. But --

INGRAHAM: Contemplative?

ARROYO: They are.

INGRAHAM: The laptop people at Starbucks?

ARROYO: They are willing to move, they are willing to change and find their destiny. They are more mobile than we are. Here's what they are doing. They have adopted what's called small house movements where they live in campers, or RVs.

INGRAHAM: Or containers.

ARROYO: Containers, these little babies they are offering to them, and they are also living in pods in their parents' backyards. Now, three- fourths of all campers are generation x and millennials because they are transient, they are impermanent a little bit. But there is an interesting thing I saw in the "Los Angeles Times" and a ton of other periodicals. They are green thumbs among the millennial generation.

INGRAHAM: How do we go from containers to green thumbs?

ARROYO: I'm going to make this fit. Listen, a 2017 gardening survey found that of the 6 million new gardeners in America, 5 million are age 18-34. They are millennials. They are cohabitating with plants, Laura.

INGRAHAM: Because there is too much of a commitment with a cat.

ARROYO: Right, exactly. They don't want to go all the way with a cat --

INGRAHAM: So a cactus.

ARROYO: So a fern or a cactus will work.

INGRAHAM: That's bad.

ARROYO: Let's go back. They are jamming their apartments with greenery because they want a sense of connectedness. My take on this is they want something natural in an impermanent world. My advice, get a pet, get a child.

INGRAHAM: Get a child? Where you going to get that, at Costco?

ARROYO: You've got to get married first. That's usually how it happens. But my advice, don't spend your youth on the Ficus. It will not give you a Mother's Day card, and when you get old, it will not water you. So don't do that.

There is more we have to do to, and of course the prompter is not there. I have to tell you about a great decision by Netflix this week. They released a notice to subscribers that they would soon be streaming a new documentary with a very snappy title, "The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, My Life's Journey Through Music" it was called. This week, Netflix said they had a technical mix up and that the documentary would not be airing on their service. This is based on a five CD musical release. I had forgotten --

INGRAHAM: I played it on my radio years ago.

ARROYO: I had forgotten.

INGRAHAM: Oh, yes, screwy Louis.

ARROYO: I wasn't going to go that far.

INGRAHAM: Screwy Louis, he's talented.

ARROYO: He's a violin player and a calypso singer.

INGRAHAM: He's a talented singer. He's the Harry Belafonte of calypso.

ARROYO: Harry Belafonte of Hate. Here is his calypso -- a little bit of his upcoming album that the documentary is based on.


LOUIS FARRAKHAN: An album that speaks from the pain of the heart of a little boy wanting to see his people. This is a project that attracted some of the most brilliant, award-winning musicians and artists.


ARROYO: Now Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder -- I hope he is going to sing a duet of "You are the Anti-Semite of My Life" -- that would be cute together. Chaka Khan, Common, why are these people lending their names to somebody like Louis Farrakhan? This man has peddled hate like no one else. And I have to tell you, when I started listening to some of his original compositions, Laura, this is something you could actually put a playlist together. It's really fun --

INGRAHAM: For a radio show.

ARROYO: For the radio show. He's got a song called "Heed the Call, Y'all, A White Man's heaven is a Black Man's Hell." Listen.


FARRAKHAN: Torture, and misgivings, yet the Bible speaks of a heaven filled with material luxury, which the white man and the preacher has right here.



ARROYO: The white man's day is done.

INGRAHAM: There is no rhyming, I notice. This is like a Cornel West combo, Cornel West with Reverend Wright.

ARROYO: It is William Shatner meets Reverend Wright.

INGRAHAM: What is the space odyssey music in the background. All right, hurry up, real quick.

ARROYO: Let's move on about Hillary Clinton who is branching into TV, you teased this earlier. She has a new deal with Steven Spielberg.

INGRAHAM: Of course.

ARROYO: Let me tell you how this came up. You asked me earlier, how did you get a gig, she's got no TV experience at all? She read a book, and it's on the suffragette movement. She liked the book, brought it to her lawyer, Bob Barnett. He took it to Spielberg, Spielberg bought it and made her an executive producer. This is how it happens.

INGRAHAM: This is how Hollywood takes care of its own.

ARROYO: You know what you need to do? Go find a book and then bring it to your lawyer.

INGRAHAM: I'm sure.

By the way, the notorious RBG, I was down at -- Dinesh D'Souza is coming on. I went to the premiere of his movie tonight. Guess what the first break poster I saw, the first thing, RBG, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the new superhero of the left.

ARROYO: See that.

INGRAHAM: So now the Obamas are our Netflix, Hillary is --

ARROYO: Hillary is not there. Hillary is at CBS. She is going to be on "Madam Secretary" on their premiere on October 7th playing herself. You can DVR it. You love it.

INGRAHAM: With Harvey Weinstein gone, the Clintons needs some benefactor in Hollywood. Raymond, thank you so much. I can't get that screwy Louis out of my head.

ARROYO: You are going to be grooving to that.

INGRAHAM: No, no. I'm surprised he didn't do it in numerology. Remember his numerology thing? He loves the numbers.

ARROYO: This was new to me.

INGRAHAM: The left is enraged by a new documentary, speaking of Dinesh D'Souza, chocked full of inflammatory claims about Democrats' history. Dinesh joins us with his reaction right after his world premiere tonight. The uproar, next.


INGRAHAM: Few people are better at getting under Democrats' skin then documentary filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza. In his new movie out tonight, big premier tonight in Washington, is riling up liberties with some incendiary claims about the left's history. Here's a sample.


DINESH D'SOUZA, CONSERVATIVE FILMMAKER: Lincoln was elected to unite a country and stop slavery. Democrats smeared him, went to war against him, assassinated him.

Who are the real fascists?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Both Mussolini and Hitler set up and ran welfare states.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This was done by the do-gooders, the liberals, the people who wanted to improve society.


INGRAHAM: Joining us with more is Dinesh D'Souza, whose film, of course I said, had the big Washington, D.C., premiere tonight. Hey, Dinesh, how are you. Good to see you again.


INGRAHAM: So, boy, you are really kicking the hornets' nest with this film. It's out tonight. You have a book out today. We're going to have you on radio tomorrow, the next day. They are saying you are making leaps of logic, the Democrats aren't the real racists, look at what they are doing to these poor kids in in the detention centers. Trump doesn't like brown people because he's putting his immigration enforcement is a place. What is your response to all these critics?

D'SOUZA: There's a lot here. The movie focuses on two things. Racism on the one hand, and fascism on the other. And as you know, from the time Trump got elected, the left has been dropping these two big incendiary bombs, not just on Trump but on the right, on conservatives and on Republicans.

So the movie has a historical component because it dives into what is awaiting a fascism, who is the real party of racism. But where it really kicks off with that looks at where is the fascism today, where's the racism today? And it shows that it is the fascist and racist tail belong not on the Republican elephant but on the Democratic donkey.

INGRAHAM: Getting a lot of hits from "Variety," "The Guardian," they love you over at "The Guardian," they say "In this embarrassing new film from the far-right provocateur" -- all personal attacks, "Dinesh D'Souza, he compares Donald Trump to Abraham Lincoln, claims Hitler was LGBT friendly, and calls Antifa the real Nazis."

D'SOUZA: So let's talk about this Trump-Lincoln business, because that's probably the most inflammatory. The very idea of putting Trump and Lincoln on the cover and morphing their heads together -- but look at how similar their situations are. In 1860 an outsider president, Lincoln, comes in. He's narrowly elected, in fact, in a three-man race. And the moment he gets in, all hell breaks loose.

The Democrats in the north are calling for his assassination, which happens eventually. The Democrats in the south are willing to break up the country. So they are trying to get rid of Lincoln, you may say, by any means necessary. So look how eerily similar that is to our moment in which Trump faces a Democratic Party that has still refusing to accept the result of a loss of election, wants to get rid of Trump however they can, and is pursuing all these strategies, including the inflammatory race card and fascism card, to discredit Trump and his supporters.

INGRAHAM: This Antifa group is terrifying. Black masks, whipping Molotov cocktails, throwing desks through windows, with signs stop the fascists. They are antifascist, but you point out in the film, which I was lucky enough to see the first 20 minutes before I had to come to the show. They want to stop speech. You have dealt with it on college campuses for decades. They want to stop speech, stop debate, and they are terrorizing people, Trump speaking out.

D'SOUZA: They look like fascists, they act likes fascists, except they claim to be antifascist. But I think I am also worried not just about Antifa on the street but I would call the fascism of the deep state, because when a party employs the weapons of the state, the FBI, the IRS --

INGRAHAM: Mueller, Brennan.

D'SOUZA: Yes, against your political opponents, what you're doing is you're merging the idea of the party with the idea of the government. Now Mussolini did that. Hitler did that. So that is as close as you are going to get to clinical fascism American-style. Yet it's coming from the left.

INGRAHAM: Richard Spencer is someone the left holds up as -- he's alt- right, he is this guy, he is the real Republican Party, he's racist. And you actually interviewed him. He was at that Charlottesville rally. You interviewed him in the movie. Let's watch.


D'SOUZA: What would be your take on, say, Reagan?

RICHARD SPENCER: I do not think he was a great president wade

D'SOUZA: Who is your favorite president?

SPENCER: There is something about Jackson. There is something about Polk, as well, someone who only served one term.

D'SOUZA: Jackson and Polk, as you know, both Democrats.

SPENCER: Party is just the vessel that one uses.

D'SOUZA: Jackson is the founder of the Democratic Party.


INGRAHAM: Dinesh, you and I have been doing this politics culture stop since we were at Dartmouth together in the 1980s. Have you ever -- I've never heard of this Richard Spencer until five minutes ago. I literally had never heard of him.

D'SOUZA: There is a deep strain of leftism inside the white nationalist movement. Jason Kessler, the organizer of the Charlottesville rally, was an Obama supporter. Think about it, a white supremacist who voted for Obama. And an Occupy Wall Street guy. Now this guy, Richard Spencer, in a core part of the interview, I asked him, where do your rights come from? Do they come from god? He goes, no. We don't have any rights. And the rights that we have are given to us by the government. So he's a statist, he's a collectivist.

And yet the left, when they see this, it horrifies them because it doesn't fit their narrative. And so they don't want to interview Spencer in this kind of thing. So I think the movie in a way blows the whistle on Charlottesville and that whole Charlottesville narrative, and it blows it up and shows that there is a whole unreported side of it in which the left is trying ultimately to smear the right with guys like Spencer who are their willing accomplices.

INGRAHAM: Do you think this movie in a way is a culmination of, you wrote "Illiberal Education." You wrote the book, what's it called --

D'SOUZA: "The End of Racism."

INGRAHAM: "The End of Racism." And a lot of the stuff you've written about in a way comes together, and it's right before the midterms. Important. Everyone has got to see this film.

D'SOUZA: The race narrative I have been pursuing for 20 years. The fascism narrative is new, and it's eye-opening to me. We have a scene in the movie of senior Nazis getting ready to pass the Nuremberg laws against the Jews, and they have the laws of the Democratic Jim Crow south, and they are using the Democratic laws as a model for Nazi laws. Amazing.

INGRAHAM: We can't expect our high school kids to learn any of these facts today. Congratulations. Book, movie, you're driving all the right people crazy. Thanks so much for being here tonight.

And just how easy is it for noncitizens to vote and cast ballots? It can't be that easy, right? Guess what, Michelle Malkin will tell us the truth next.


INGRAHAM: A disturbing new report is raising questions about non-U.S. citizens' ability to register to vote and cast ballots. "The Washington Times" reporting, quote, "Noncitizens are signing up to vote in states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia, according to the research by the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a nonprofit law firm that advocates for election integrity. The foundation found that a large percentage of those that noncitizens managed cast ballots as well." And yet, here's the common refrain we always hear from Democrats.


ERIC HOLDER, FORMER U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL: The voter fraud mantra is said to so often, it is almost said robotically, that some people have unthinkingly begun to believe that the issue is real.

BARACK OBAMA, FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT: This whole notion of elections, or voting fraud -- this is something that has constantly been disproved. This is fake news. The notion that they are a whole bunch of people out there who are going out there and are not eligible to vote and want to vote. We have the opposite problem.


INGRAHAM: Joining us now with the reaction, conservative commentator, CRTV host Michelle Malkin. Micelle, those golden oldies are just -- they are the gifts that keep on giving. They are always worried about voter I.D. because they think it is so hard to get a government issued I.D. in this country. It's really difficult. They think that is onerous. But then they are not worried about illegal immigrant voting, they brush it all off, even if it cancels out a legal citizens' vote in any given reaction. Your reaction to this new report?

MICHELLE MALKIN, CRTV HOST: Yes, Laura, first of all, I commend the Public Interest Legal Foundation for doing the work that the liberal, open borders press won't do. You've got the leftists in the elite media screaming about foreign interference and meddling in our political system, and having noncitizens and illegal aliens voting at our ballot boxes is the textbook definition of foreign meddling.

This goes back years and years and years. And back when I lived on the east coast, of course, all around me, all of the counties in then-liberal blue Maryland were inviting noncitizens, quote-unquote, and they kept it very vague. They said, we only want legal immigrants who haven't naturalized yet to be able to feel a part of the process and cast their ballots in school boards. This has been the gateway, Laura, as you know, for all manner of legalizing illegal aliens' participation in civic and electoral life.

It is radical and it's transformative, and it's happened right before our eyes, all legally. That is the real scandal here. Whether it is the PLIF or Judicial Watch or Project Veritas, which in the last several election cycles has been able to do undercover work and show that Democrats are nonchalant about it, what it shows you are that these people are more interested in banning plastic straws and 3D guns than they are in illegal aliens from the ballot box.

INGRAHAM: You see the story of course, this week, last week, San Francisco, local board elections, school board elections, illegal immigrants now can vote. They say, look, they are in the community, why shouldn't they have a right to vote? Now we have that ninth circuit ruling today that you can't defund sanctuary cities. You can always count on the ninth circuit court of appeals on the issue of immigration to get it wrong. I'm sure it will be reversed at the Supreme Court.

But nevertheless, the president is up against a completely biased media, perfectly ill-informed media, runaway judges, until he can appoint more, and Democrats and the old GOP guard. They don't want that wall. Let's face it, the GOP on Capitol Hill, they do not want to this wall. Correct, Michelle, do not want it?

MALKIN: Yes, they don't. And we've fought these people for a long time, you and I, Laura, long before there were a lot of Johnny-come-lately on this issue. And we can smoke out the phonies and the lip service payers from the people who truly believe in these fundamental principles of sovereignty.

It is going to be a reckoning come these midterms. And I have said many times as people have tried to sort of downplay the internal strife over this, of course it should be front and center in front of the midterms. The Gallup polls are now showing that the majority of Americans are with us more than ever. And you've got to left-wing enclaves, even in Oregon, which now has an anti-sanctuary measure on the ballot, and it qualified with I think something like 50,000 or 60,000 more signatures than were need. That is left-wing Pacific Northwest Oregon. When is the beltway GOP going to get the message?

INGRAHAM: Michelle Malkin, you have done such great reporting on this. And you are also doing some reporting on another case we're going to try to get you next week that involves criminal justice reform. And I can tweet something -- you know what I'm talking about. I don't want to get too far into it, but I want to bring you back to discuss that particular case next week. So thank you so much for what you do.

MALKIN: Thank you, Laura. I am so grateful. Wrongful convictions are a huge issue for me.

INGRAHAM: Wrongful convictions, prosecutors who are out of control in our country, and people rotting in prison when they could actually be gainful members of society. There's a lot of abuses out there and we really appreciate your covering not. Michelle Malkin, thank you so much.

We have a lot to still get to. We'll squeeze it in, if we can, when we come back.


INGRAHAM: We didn't have time for Raymond's last topic, so we got like 30 seconds.

ARROYO: Neil Diamond announced earlier this year, the great American legendary singer, he was going to be retiring because of Parkinson's. He broke that promise to speak, or sing rather, to thank these firefighters in Lake Christine, Colorado. Watch this.




INGRAHAM: Shannon Bream and the "Fox News @ Night" team take it from here.

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