The latest from the Political Grapevine:

Independent Filmmaker?

Liberal activist and filmmaker Michael Moore, upon the release of his new film "Fahrenheit 9/11," made a point of saying the film is not an endorsement of John Kerry, insisting — "I'm an independent... [and] not a member of the Democratic Party."

But New York City elections records — recently uncovered by Thesmokinggun.com — show that, on a 1992 voter registration form that's still active, Moore marked his party affiliation as — "Democratic." And, by the way, Moore has also registered to vote in Michigan.

Kayhan: Americans Slaughter Their Citizens

The editor of one of Iran's leading daily newspapers, Kayhan, insists American forces, not Muslim extremists, are the ones who have been kidnapping and beheading coalition troops in Iraq.

Editor Hossein Shari-Atmadari, writing in his paper, says Americans — "construct ridiculous scenery and ... [put on] a terrible performance" as they — "slaughter their citizens ... [so] horrifyingly."

The act, he says, is meant to — "present a hate-inspiring image of Islam ... [and] justify the continuation of the occupation of Iraq and the attack on the rest of the Muslim peoples."

Hindustan Times: Bush Now Crazy and Paranoid

Speaking of the foreign media, India's Hindustan Times reports today that — "President Bush ... [has gone] crazy, at times going over the edge in cursing the media and liberal critics, calling them 'enemies of the state'... and [being] paranoid of [the] public."

The Hindustan Times got its report from the news service Asian News International, which attributes its information to the Daily Times of India. The Daily Times of India, it turns out, pins its report on a month-old story from the online publication Capitol Hill Blue — which describes itself as — "musings, brain drain and rantings started by a grouchy old ex-newspaperman."

Ballots Meal?

During Canada's last federal election in 2000, three men from Alberta wanted to protest what they said was a lack of real choices among candidates, so they ate their ballots. Well, four years later, the Canadian government urged people going to the polls yesterday not to eat their ballots, warning — "Eating a ballot ... constitutes a serious breach of the Canada Elections Act."

The government says it is just trying to — "protect the integrity of the voting process." No word yet on whether any ballots were eaten.

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report