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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: As we continue on "Hannity & Colmes," a local newspaper in the Bahamas reported today that patients in the hospital where Anna Nicole Smith's 20 year-old son, Daniel, was found dead, heard the former playmate yelling, "You caused this to someone in the room."

Now Smith's attorney, Howard Stern, has been identified as the third person in the room when Daniel was found. As Stern stated today that because of the trauma of her son's death, that Smith has suffered a memory loss and apparently does not remember the incident.

Joining us now is Anna's half-sister, Donna Hogan. The news and style editor-at-large at Star magazine, Jill Dobson's back with us. And also, we continue with psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig.

All right. Donna, let me start with you. Let's talk a little bit about the relationship that you have — had — with your sister. It's been somewhat contentious, and I understand that you've also thought over the years that your sister's wild lifestyle would impact the son. Tell us what you feared.

DONNA HOGAN, SMITH'S HALF SISTER: Yes, I think all of us, you know, had a little bit of a fear that it would get to him. You know, I mean, her wild lifestyle, of course, and I mean, she didn't hide it at all with her son, you know. So we thought it was a little too much for him.

HANNITY: Let's specifically talk, for example, there were a lot of things that went on, even on that reality show. One of the things that you fear most that he was witnessing?

HOGAN: Alcohol, you know — just of course, different sex acts and...

HANNITY: That she was performing in front of him?

HOGAN: Well, I mean, she was always going to, like, a gentleman's club and start kissing on, you know, other women and everything. And didn't hide it at all. I don't know. I just thought it was inappropriate in front of your child.

HANNITY: Is there — one story you said she brought him to a strip club?

HOGAN: Yes. The show's on one of the...

HANNITY: What do you suspect happened here? You have some thoughts?

HOGAN: Well, like I said, they said that they found antidepressants or whatever in that system. I mean, that's not shocking, you know. I mean, he seemed depressed a lot.


HOGAN: You know, he always seemed embarrassed a lot of times about her. That child...

HANNITY: Jill, we talked about this a little bit last night here, and that is that, you know, look at the influence, look at the background. A lot of people not surprised.

JILL DOBSON, STAR MAGAZINE: Right, and it did seem like a very troubled household. It always appeared that Anna Nicole was under the influence of something. And you don't think that's the best place to raise a child. So I always was worried about him throughout that entire show.

And he seemed to be turning out OK, and, you know, we still don't know the cause of his death. The coroner says she knows. Today police came out and said they don't know the cause of death. So it's all very confusing.

HANNITY: What do you know about her? What can we glean from what these people are saying that they heard her say out loud that, you know, you caused this?

DOBSON: Right. Other people in the hospital reportedly heard her screaming at someone: "You caused this. You caused this." So you certainly wonder, you know, did someone give him something and did that cause his death?

And of course, the toxicology report comes out tomorrow.

HANNITY: Right, right.

DOBSON: So that will be really interesting to see what the report is, and maybe somebody did give him something.

COLMES: Now, the dynamics here, the interpersonal relationships here, the relationship is described, as Sean was talking to her half-sister. It seems like an odd confluence of relationships. The attorney, I saw some of the E! show where he had an interesting relationship with Anna Nicole Smith.


COLMES: You know, the son who she seemed, at one hand protective of, but then would take to strip clubs, do all kinds of things with her. What's going on here?

LUDWIG: Well, it was too much of a peer relationship, and Anna Nicole Smith always seemed like a train wreck. And that was what was so compelling about her life. Clearly, she was doing so many things that are destructive, yet she seemed to be a survivor at the same time.

But she had unconventional parenting approaches and this can happen to anybody. No mother should lose a child, but given that it's Anna Nicole Smith and her lifestyle was so really out there and she pushed the limits, you do question did any of her approaches somehow influence her child and lead to this horrible death?

COLMES: Donna, from what I've read about what you've said, you seem angry at her. Are you?

HOGAN: I mean, yes, of course. Part of me is angry, you know, but I mean, a part of me knows everything she did wasn't intentional. I mean, she basically grew up with him, you know. She was young and when she had him, and he was all she had, you know. That was like her best friend and her child.

COLMES: But would you put some responsibility on her for what ultimately happened, based on her lifestyle?

HOGAN: Absolutely. I mean, if anybody else was doing that, you know, I mean, child services would have stepped in, you know. And with her, you know, it was just her way. Nobody ever did anything, you know. And I feel kind of bad that I never did, you know. I mean, I should have stepped in or somebody else should have. It was inappropriate, a lot of stuff.

COLMES: We're hearing that one of the attorneys, the attorney is now talking about memory loss because she was sedated and kind of — I guess on more than one occasion had to be told that her son had passed away?

DOBSON: Right, apparently, according to her lawyer, Michael Scott, she was so upset about her son's death and she wouldn't leave his side. And they actually had to sedate her just to get her to check out of the hospital. And then when she woke up, she had suffered some memory loss and actually had to be told a second time that her son had passed away.

COLMES: You've got to wonder, why it's being put out there that she has memory loss surrounding these events? Does that raise any questions for you?

DOBSON: It does raise questions, because of course, we've said already that she's supposed to be questioned at this October 23 inquest to find out exactly what happened. And all of a sudden, her lawyer is like, "She doesn't remember what happened."

HANNITY: Dr. Ludwig, does that sound legitimate to you?

LUDWIG: Well, it's certainly a possibility if she's suffered posttraumatic stress disorder by witnessing something so horrific. In order to protect oneself, you can suffer from memory loss in order to not have to relive the trauma. So it's certainly a possibility.

HANNITY: Will she likely recover it?

LUDWIG: You can recover, absolutely, but you always wonder with something like this, is it a P.R. effort somehow so people are kinder to her during a very difficult time.

HANNITY: Appreciate you guys being with us. Thank you very much.

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