Hypocrisy of Wolfowitz Scandal

I don't know if Paul Wolfowitz is going to lose his job at the World Bank.

I do know he's made almost everybody forget about the real problems at the World Bank.

Well, almost everybody. Not me.

I haven't forgotten about the spending and how it can't be accounted for.

I haven't forgotten about a vast, unwieldy bureaucracy and how it can't be reined in.

And I haven't forgotten about Wolfowitz's goal to take on that bureaucracy.

I don't know whether his efforts to secure a job for a girlfriend meet the resignation test. I do know that it's more than a little amusing who's judging him: an organization that's been playing financial shell games for years and whose members have some curious conflicts of their own.

As The Wall Street Journal's Bret Stephens notes, there's lots of hypocrisy there:

An executive director who carried on an affair for years, but no one said boo.

Bank managers and directors routinely violating staff rules with impunity, but no one cared.

I suspect, because none of those folks wanted to hold this organization accountable.

Paul Wolfowitz did and does.

Now, maybe Paul did give them a sword, but give me a break.

This isn't about getting the World Bank to hold to some high standards. This is about a bunch of scheming, clueless, bureaucratic hypocrites who don't have any standards.

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