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MEGYN KELLY, GUEST HOST: Tonight: armed and dangerous: That is what police are calling Marine Corporal Cesar Laurean.

Laurean's been on the run since Friday. Now, he is the prime suspect in the murder of another Marine, pregnant Lance Corporal Maria Lauterbach, her charred remains found in his backyard in North Carolina on Friday. Twenty-year-old Maria had accused Laurean of raping her, and she was scheduled to testify against him. Laurean skipped town before dawn on Friday.

Could a hot new tip land him in handcuffs? Joining us live in Onslow County is Sheriff Ed Brown. Sheriff, good evening.


KELLY: I understand that you have the autopsy results back tonight. Is that the case?

BROWN: I have been told the results of the autopsy are in. However, Megyn, that would not be proper for me to discuss it. I believe the proper person to talk with concerning the autopsy would be Dr. Garrett (ph), who is the medical examiner here. But the results are in.

KELLY: OK. Can you tell us, Sheriff, at least whether the results confirm that this was indeed Maria?

BROWN: Megyn, I have been told, but I will not discuss the autopsy because it is — the medical examiner of the state of North Carolina — the medical examiner of Onslow County's responsibility to address those issues.

KELLY: OK. And how about — are you able to tell us whether the results tell you whether this was a homicide or a suicide?

BROWN: Everything relating to the autopsy, Miss Megyn, I'll have to leave to Mr. Garrett or the state medical examiner. They can address what they want to.

KELLY: Understood, Sheriff. Let me turn our focus now to this note. Allegedly, there was a note left inside of Laurean's house, and his wife brought it to the authorities' attention. This purported to be a note left by Laurean, saying that Maria had killed herself, that she had slit her own throat and that he had merely dispose of the body. First, are we together so far? Can you confirm those facts?

BROWN: That sounds like the note, yes, ma'am.

KELLY: OK. And Sheriff, we heard late today that there were reports that there were inconsistencies between this note and what was actually found at the alleged crime scene, in particular, where the note said the remains would be found. Can you tell us about that?

BROWN: Megyn, there were several inconsistencies discovered through the process of the investigation and examination of the residence inside, and also the discovery from the remains that were found in the shallow grave in the backyard of the residence.

KELLY: So you're saying that the note was consistent with the crime scene.

BROWN: No, I'm not. I'm saying there were several inconsistencies. If I said consistencies, I meant inconsistencies.

KELLY: OK. And what does that lead you to believe, Sheriff, about the note?

BROWN: We know some of the things about the note is correct, Megyn, and that is Maria Lauterbach is dead and she's buried. And the rest of it I will not be able to comment on.

KELLY: OK. Sheriff, have you received any tips today since you announced early this morning that there would be a $25,000 reward for information leading to Laurean's capture?

BROWN: Megyn, we have received a number of tips. However, those tips have not developed any information as to Laurean's arrest. They have been investigated but without any results.

KELLY: How hot is the trail on this guy tonight?

BROWN: Laurean — I can tell you, the trail is very hot with investigators, but always remember this, that the investigators are going to remain on the trail. It's hot tomorrow and the next day and forever until Mr. Laurean is brought into custody.

KELLY: There was an alleged sighting of him getting on a bus, I believe, in Louisiana, headed for Texas. Did that pan out? Do you believe that was indeed him?

BROWN: At this time Laurean — the leads that we have received have been examined, from what I understand, thus far not producing Mr. Laurean, possibly or not possibly him. Since the sightings did not produce that, we have to assume that that could not have been — or probably was not him.

KELLY: OK. So you don't know where he is at this hour?

BROWN: No, I do not. Laurean — I do know this, though. At this hour, the search is still on.

KELLY: Sheriff, do you think at this point that this guy, Laurean, is actually getting help from family, from friends or from others in order to evade the authorities? I mean, you got the FBI on the case. You got U.S. Marshals looking for him, lots of folks out there trying to track his down. And we've got his picture, to boot.

BROWN: Laurean — what I think is that Mr. Laurean would not be a lone ranger out there, and I feel that he's probably got friends. Even though this crime he committed was horrible and horrific, he still has got friends. And I would say to those friends that Mr. Laurean has got a $25,000 reward out for his arrest. It would be probably beneficial to Mr. Laurean to go ahead and turn himself in, since he's — that would be a positive thing going in the right direction.

KELLY: Understood. Sheriff Brown, thanks so much for being here with us.

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