Hume: Clintons are in a class by themselves

The political class has always had its share of clever and slippery players but Bill and Hillary Clinton are again proving that when it comes to sheer audacity and mendacity, they are in a class by themselves.

Consider Bill Clinton's NBC News interview about which you have just heard. Sure he's going to keep making speeches for whopping fees because hey, he's got to pay the bills. This from a man worth in the neighborhood of $140 million. People that rich tend to fly in private airplanes and those bills do mount up. But, if we've learned anything lately about Mr. Clinton and his air travels it's that he flies private a lot, but mostly on somebody's else plane and somebody else's nickel.

That and other revelations about the Clintons, their foundation and their finances -- those things have been making news for weeks, but Bill Clinton said almost nothing has emerged that wasn't known when his wife first ran for president the first time. That is not only not true, it can't possibly be true since much of what has recently been revealed happened since then.

But no one, Clinton said, should worry about real or apparent conflicts of interest stemming from the speech fees and foundation donations from interests around the world with business before Hillary Clintons' state department. Why, he said, he asked her about that and she said -- quote -- "No one has ever tried to influence me by helping you."

Well, okay then.