Honoring the Flag on Flag Day

You're allowed to burn it, mock it — you name it. When it comes to the American flag, you can do it. "Because" of the American flag, you can have at it.

Its very image fosters pride, but for others anger.

I remember when I was on my last book tour, a young Chicago reporter was instantly turned off by the flag pin on my lapel.

She thought I was shoving my patriotism in her face. Actually, at the time, I thought I was going to an interview on my book. I was wrong — it was more like an ambush.

And all because of a pin, one that stared her in the face and bubbled up her anger at her government, this administration, this war, this everything bad on earth.

I have no such issues with our flag. I have no issue with flag pins.

As my boss Roger Ailes nicely put it, I'm pro-choice on flag pins: I don't judge you for not wearing one. Please don't judge me "for" wearing one.

The flag to me just represents what I do and the freedom to do what I do.

Like I said, it's just a pin, but a reminder of what's dear to my heart: Men and women who have given everything, so that all of us can enjoy this freedom thing.

Only in America are we free to mock the very symbol that makes it all possible every day. A symbol honored, quite properly, this day.

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