And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Campaign Flashback

The campaign finance dust-up that rocked the final leg of the contentious Minnesota Senate race between Democrat and eventual winner Al Franken and Republican Norm Coleman is reportedly over.

Former FBI director -- now practicing attorney -- Louis Freeh says his client businessman Nasser Kazeminy will not be charged with improperly funneling money to Coleman's family.

Both men vehemently denied the accusations which sparked Democratic attack ads against Coleman who ultimately lost by just 312 votes.

Freeh said the decision -- quote -- "vindicates Kazeminy and Coleman, and comes after a thorough 26-month investigation."

The DOJ would not comment.

Celebrity Shout-Out

Hollywood, not known for being kind to Sarah Palin. But at least one celebrity couple is defending the former Republican governor and current Fox News contributor.

Actor Ashton Kutcher criticized the media for pouring over thousands of e-mails released from Palin's time in office.

He tweeted -- quote -- "As much as I'm not a fan of Sarah Palin I find sifting through her e-mails repulsive and over reaching media."

His wife, actress Demi Moore agreed.

Comedian Jon Stewart also ripped the media on his show for what he called, wasting our time.

One Year and Counting

And finally, Belgium has completed a full year without an official government. Monday passed with no end in sight for the current caretaker coalition.

Belgium has already set the world record for the country going the longest without a government in place. The problems stem from deep division between the Dutch and French speaking populations and the lack of any truly national political parties.