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DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Hello everyone. I'm Dana Perino, along with Dagen McDowell, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters, and Greg Gutfeld. It's 5:00 in New York City. This is THE FIVE. We are looking live at the Senate floor. Don't worry. We're not going through the whole thing. It is day two of President Trump's impeachment trial. Democratic House managers, they're making their opening arguments. And our reaction to impeachment battle is coming up in just a minute, we promise. But first, there's a lot happening so want to get caught up with somebody who can tell us everything pretty quickly, Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram has the latest. Chad?

CHAD PERGRAM, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Good afternoon, Dana. They started at about 1:00. Adam Schiff, he consumed most of the time here this afternoon, about two hours. Jason Crow, Democrat from Colorado on the floor right now. He's been making his case and says they're going to take a break. Here's something that Adam Schiff said. He said, quote, "We cannot allow a president to withhold aid from an ally for illicit aid in an election campaign. I hope we don't have to get over it." Here's Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority -- Minority Leader, he continues to push for documents.


CHUCK SCHUMER, SENATE MINORITY LEADER: I was so impressed with the House managers' case. It was on the facts. It answered the questions. It talked about why we had witnesses and documents. The president's lawyers never answered the question of witnesses and documents.


PERGRAM: Republicans continue to focus on the impeachment managers. Question their credibility in the Houses as process. Lindsey Graham doesn't think the president should cooperate at all.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What the House managers were proposing yesterday is basically to destroy the institution of the presidency as we know it. If I were the president, I wouldn't cooperate with these guys at all. I wouldn't give them the time of day. They are on a crusade to destroy this man.


PERGRAM: Now, what we're having here is the Capital is still reeling over a rebuke that was issued last night of John Roberts, the Chief Justice, to both sides. He thought some of their language got a little too feisty on the floor. This happened around 12:40 in the morning here. And Josh Hawley, he is a Republican Senator from Missouri. He clerked for Chief Justice Roberts and said that it was a little bit out of character. You know, back in the 1999 trial with President Clinton, Chief Justice William Rehnquist never infused himself into the trial here. But Republicans are contending that the language by Jerry Nadler, one of the impeachment managers, was a bridge too far the way he criticized the Senate. And if he's trying to convince senators to come around to their position, he said he really didn't win any friends last night, back to you.

PERINO: All right, Chad Pergram, thank you so much. So it was another split screen day. President Trump is overseas in Davos, Switzerland. The president this morning going after Democrats over this whole impeachment thing.


DONALD TRUMP, UNITED STATES PRESIDENT: Jerry Nadler, I've known him a long time. He's a sleazebag. Everybody knows that. I've known Jerry Nadler for a long time. He's opposed many of my jobs. I got them all built, very successfully built in New York. But -- so we have yet another fight. Isn't it amazing? The other side has so lied. I watched the lies from Adam Schiff. He'll stand to look at a microphone and he'll talk like he's so grieved. These two guys, these are major sleazebags. They're very dishonest people.


PERINO: So that's Trump. We're going to have one more sound bite for you. This is Senator Schumer ripping into the GOP this morning.


SCHUMER: Leader McConnell and Senate Republicans don't want a fair trial that considers all the evidence. The impeachment trial of President Trump begins with a cloud hanging over it, a cloud of unfairness. The White House defense were unprepared, confused, and totally unconvincing. White House counsel resorted to the kind of histrionics you see on a Fox News evening broadcasts rather then any sober-minded argument that could persuade thoughtful senators.


PERINO: Ouch. What do you think, Greg?

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Are these people trying to kill America? I mean, watch -- I mean, Adam Schiff, the thing that I realized that speaking for any longer for 10 minutes is like a slow gas leak. If you're listening to this impeachment and you haven't opened your windows, you're probably dead right now. They are trying to wear us down with incessant babble. And Trump is right. These are all opinions. This can't be a trial if it's all opinions, because they're basically just saying they're mind reading. It's a historical impeachment, and that it's become something so trivial that now anyone can do it, right? So you're going to see it if the Democrats are not doing to Republicans and the Republicans will do it back to them. When they get into office, it's just going to be what -- the Democrats broke the seal on this. So I have an analogy. Impeachment is now like a tattoo. In the old days, they were exotic, right? If you saw somebody with a tattoo, you stared at it. He was a war vet or a biker or possibly both. Now, they're on bass players. They're on sorority sisters. Tattoos can be found on middle-aged suburbanites at their Peloton class. So what was once exotic is now mundane. That's what impeachment is. Impeachment has -- it's not going to be something like sequestration or government shutdowns that are going to be -- it's going to be coming background noise and meaningless. One more point, and what is exhausting to me is how people keep comparing this impeachment to the Clinton impeachment. Republicans do it to Dems, and Dems to its Republicans. They cancel each other out. So it's meaningless to keep going back and going they said this then and say this that. The bigger question is how can you have this comparison, it's because the politicians that were there then are still here now. And that should infuriate you. We're seeing the same faces that we saw in the 90s we're seeing now, and yet nothing is better in government. It's only worse. The world has progressed. We have less poverty, cheaper food, you know, reductions in major diseases. But we have the same jerks doing the same crap.

PERINO: I don't know. I think the Republicans are probably pretty happy that McConnell was there in 99 and is now there leading this.


PERINO: I hate term limits, but that's for another day. What about you in all of this, Jesse?

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: The Democrats have done a lot of dumb things in Trump's first term. But putting Adam Schiff on television for two straight hours might be up there with the dumbest. The man looks like a rotten dandelion. It's like listening to him is like being in the room when someone is vacuuming. You just can't wait for it to stop. He belongs in the back office, not selling a thing. He's the kind of guy that tucks his t-shirt into his mom jeans, and that's true if you Google it. Anybody can see all he wants to do is desperately be a senator. And that's why everybody in the media loves him because he lies so well. And he just got caught in another lie, falsifying text messages from Lev Parnas. He lied about that. The whistleblower, the transcript, Russia collusion, and let's not forget he got caught soliciting revenge porn by another man, disgusting. He needs to see a psychiatrist. This is what's happening. It's so boring. Senators are falling asleep at their own Senate trial.

PERINO: They can't even have coffee.

WATTERS: They can't even have coffee. The networks are dumping out because it's so boring. They're going to the soap operas. The ratings are down. MSNBC is not getting a boost from this. They had people telling us there was going to be a recession, World War III, and Trump was a traitor. None of it came true. And so now, we're supposed to not understand why everyone is yawning through a Senate trial. Zion Williamson is making his NBA debut tonight for the Pelicans. That's what Americans care about. They don't want to see boring politicians with bad haircuts read their notes in front of a horrific backsplash.

GUTFELD: Backsplash.

WATTERS: If you have high crimes and misdemeanors, if you had a smoking gun, if you had killer bombshell testimony, you don't think Republican senators would throw Trump overboard? They split with Trump before he was even elected after Access Hollywood, after he went after John McCain. They bucked him on Syria, on the wall, on NATO, anytime he opens his mouth. Charlottesville, S-hole countries, they're running to the cameras denouncing him. If the Democrats had a case, it would've been a slamdunk deal. They would have been convicting him in a heartbeat. Remember they were going to convict him if Mueller had found collusion. They had their fingers in the air for two years. But the Democrats, they get their managers in there and they've totally miscalculated this thing. They're insulting the very people that they're trying to persuade. It's like a prosecutor goes and tells a jury if you don't agree with me to convict, then you're guilty of a cover-up, and you're complicit in the crime that the guy on trial is -- on the stand for. That's not how this works. Chief Justice Roberts is sitting right behind them and they're trashing the judiciary. Every single president since Washington has claimed executive privilege. And Trump is being impeached for doing it?

PERINO: He hadn't even done it yet.

WATTERS: When Obama claimed executive privilege and now he wants to get rid of Trump for doing it. Let's remember. Trump didn't claim privilege once during the Mueller investigation. Handed over witnesses, thousands and thousands of documents, and they still tried to go after him. So now when he knows it's a set up, he's going to I'll see you in court. And they're going to say no, you're obstructing. The only thing he obstructed is Hillary getting into the white House and Biden getting in there in 2020.

PERINO: OK. So Juan --

GUTFELD: What about the backsplash? I liked it.

WATTERS: You like that?

PERINO: Juan and I were sitting upstairs together. And we all said -- it looked like the United Nations. If you think about the U.N., they have the same kind of granite right behind there, so.


JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: We don't have a choice on that shot because it's not a Fox camera. It's the Senate cameras. And they don't do this very often.


WILLIAMS: Because -- the viewers would be distracted by all the people seated behind the person at the podium. So they take the shot from above, Dana. But I agree with you. It looks to me like, you know, I think it was Trump who complained about the seating at the U.N.

PERINO: Yeah. They need to step it up a little bit.

WILLIAMS: They could. They could. They could. But contrary to what I was just hearing from Jesse, I thought that Adam Schiff was quite impressive today.

WATTERS: Oh, did you?

WILLIAMS: And I thought that it wasn't just me. In fact, I heard -- Schumer, Charles Schumer, the minority leader in the Senate, came out and said that he thought that Schiff was powerful, succinct, and complete.

WATTERS: That's surprising.

WILLIAMS: And what struck me about this is that yesterday we were having arguments about, well, if there are witnesses and there's additional evidence, why are you Democrats calling for it? Because you said you have a convincing case in these two articles of impeachment against the president. When Schiff comes out, and for two hours, I think he does a masterful job of presenting the evidence to support those two articles of impeachment. But I think it goes one step farther, which is to the whole public perception of is this a fair trial? Or is it the case that simply you have a Republican majority and they decided they're going to acquit President Trump and allow him to remain in office. And even today, we see in the polls. The polls are -- you know CNN, Monmouth, Politico, 49 percent, convict and remove, 49, 47, the pluralities are all convict and remove.

PERINO: But it's been that way, Juan.


WILLIAMS: Yes, so it hasn't moved. But on the question of witnesses and evidence being allowed, it's like 70 percent plus of Americans. And I think that's what the Democrats are playing to, that this is not fair that the Republicans just want to shut it down.

WATTERS: I bet some of those percentages wanted to hear from witnesses, want to know where is Hunter. Where's the whistleblower? I bet some of those polled are Republicans, saying we want to hear from shifty Schiff.


PERINO: Dagen, I thought Bret Baier had a good question yesterday about the polls. He said if they ask the question how many would like this to just be over with and get back to doing the people's business. It would probably be like 88 percent.

DAGEN MCDOWELL, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Absolutely. We can talk about the witnesses because we got plenty of time. He wasn't, what'd you say, a vacuum cleaner. It's more like a leaf blower. It's like the most annoying sound. It reminded me of Ms. Othmar, the teacher in Charlie Brown, where Adam Schiff was like Hamilton, Kennedy, Reagan. He even -- he mentioned Ronald Reagan. And I was Peppermint Patty sitting in front of my TV set like this with the head back and the drool, and then I was like straight. That was the only thing that he said that was absolutely convincing in any of this. And in terms of John Bolton, they don't want to call John Bolton. John Bolton is like the patriarch of the Neocon movement. He's got a super pack and a book coming out. They don't want to call him. All they want are the Republicans on the record to vote against witnesses at a later date.

PERINO: Can I play some sound from President Trump about the very person we're talking about, John Bolton?


TRUMP: I would rather go the long way. I would rather interview Bolton. I would rather interview a lot of people. The problem with John is that it's a national security problem, you know? You can't have somebody who is at national security. And if you think about it, John, he knows some of my thoughts. He knows what I think about the leaders. What happens if he reveals what I think about a certain leader, and it's not very positive, and then I have to deal on behalf of the country? It's going to be very hard. It's going to make the job very hard. He knows other things. And I don't know if we left on the best of terms. I would say probably not.


PERINO: Let's play sound bite number six. This is Murphy on witnesses.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If they continue to obstruct the journey for truth, if they don't allow for any document protection or any witnesses, there is going to be hell to pay back in each one of their states.


PERINO: You know John Bolton pretty well.

GUTFELD: Yeah. We lived together in the 80s.

PERINO: It's amazing.


PERINO: Does the left not remember how they've treated John Bolton over the years, and they think he's going to save them?

GUTFELD: Yeah, it's not going to happen. That's another fantasy in the Avenatti universe of fantasies. The one thing is that last point that he just made, which is interesting, that mounting a defense is obstruction. You don't -- when you're mounting a defense, you don't give them avenues for more information, hardly. You block it out because that's what they -- you don't do what the prosecution tells you to do. What you're basically saying is, like, if you don't do what the prosecution tells us -- wants you to do, then that's obstruction. No, that isn't. They defense can do whatever the hell they want, and they shouldn't give them anything. They should give them nothing. They should have the person go up there and say yep, this ain't impeachable and then shut it down. By the way --

WILLIAMS: Can I respond to that?


WATTERS: Because I would like to hear what you think about this. So if the president -- this is where I get stuck, Greg, is if the president is really innocent. He says it was a perfect call and he said that's why he released the transcript, and we heard that yesterday from Pat Cipollone, the president's lawyer. Well then, why would you say to your staff and to people at Justice and at the State Department, don't talk because Congress is a legitimate and equal arm of government conducting a constitutional procedure for impeachment.

GUTFELD: Every great lawyer will tell you don't fall for that trap. Because all they're trying to do is to get you to open up for some other information that they will find. And you don't have to -- they could have called the witnesses. They didn't. So let's -- so you don't have that responsibility. I also want to -- he said is this a fair trial. A, it's not fair, and B, it's not a trial. It's not fair when you present a hoax video that has Trump saying I can do anything I want. And you take out of context to imply that he's a king when in fact, all he was talking about was firing and hiring at the executive which everybody he can do what he wants. And it's not a trial when it's just people mind-reading and expressing opinions. Finally, when you watch this, it's boring. We all know it's boring. And that's the real reason why they are impeaching Trump. These are all really, really boring people up against a phenomenally interesting person they see as a threat. This is a fat, bloated cat trying to hack out an orange fur ball that has made their life a living hell. That's why you got to root for Trump. He's Rocky in this fight.

WATTERS: It is also important to remember the president is presumed innocent.


WATTERS: Juan likes to think he's guilty and he has to prove that he's innocent. It's not how it works in the American justice system. The other things that -- Congress they did this investigation, and they serve up this half-baked case.

WILLIAMS: Today, it's not half-baked.


WATTERS: Then why are you asking for more witnesses?


WILLIAMS: What we saw today from Adam Schiff was a masterful, comprehensive --


WATTERS: So you don't need more witnesses.

WILLIAMS: Apparently not.


PERINO: -- this is not just about this phone call. I wanted to play sound bite number three, if we could, because this all goes back from the very beginning. As we know that they wanted to prosecute Trump on the Russian collusion case from way back when, before Robert Mueller was even finished. Here is Schiff today on that very issue.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified before Congress that Russia interfered in the 2016 election in a, quote, "sweeping and systemic fashion to benefit Donald Trump's political campaign." Mueller and his team found that, quote, "the Russian government perceived that it would benefit from a Trump presidency and worked to secure that outcome." They also found that the Trump campaign expected it would benefit electorally from information stolen and released through Russian efforts. And just as he solicited help from Ukraine in 2019, in 2016, then candidate Trump also solicited help from Russia in his election effort.

PERINO: Jesse, the thing about that is that it doesn't talk about the conclusion that Mueller reached which was no collusion.

WATTERS: Right. Conclusion, no collusion, and let's not forget Hillary Clinton paid for foreign interference, very expensive foreign interference. That was interference by foreign powers and a warrant which she purchased to illegally spy on the president. So obviously, the president is a little cautious when it comes to Ukraine because it was involved in the collusion and the guy who was running against him. Joe Biden was in the administration that spied on him. So it makes perfect sense to be a little suspicious with what's going on. The other thing is this is about Susan Collins, like you said the other day. They want to put her on the record as taking a vote against witnesses. They got her on the Kavanaugh vote. They want to get her on the impeachment vote. And that's the only scalp at the end of this four year deal they they'll have gotten if Susan Collins loses her seat.


WILLIAMS: Jesse, if you picked up the papers this morning the real news was that Rob Portman, Republican from Ohio, a conservative, was the leading voice in the Republicans caucus to say to Senator McConnell, you know what, we should make sure that this is a fair trial.


MCDOWELL: That is so much noise about nothing. Do you know what? This went exactly like it was expected. Andy McCarthy said when Mitch McConnell introduced the revolution on Monday night. He said this whole thing about putting the House evidence into the -- make it a part of it.


MCDOWELL: Thank you, Juan. It's pro forma that it's going to happen. Oh, we turned two days of testimony into three days, and somehow that's a big deal.


PERINO: But that was the easy thing.

MCDOWELL: It's hogwash. Adam Schiff, I wrote down what you said earlier, commanding performance? This man couldn't sell peach pie and sweet tea to South Carolinians on July 4th. That's how bad he is.


MCDOWELL: You know what he's trying to do? He's trying to suck the defense team into arguing the facts that he's laying out about Russia, about Ukraine. All they need to get up there is proof that these are not impeachable offences, particularly article two. You have the right to protect the power of the executive branch. He's not a member of the legislature. He was acting as the president of the United States. And then the abuse of power, it's a big turkey stuffed with a bunch of you know what that comes out of your -- you know what.

WILLIAMS: You know what, Dagen, I mean, your point is that you think terrible things about the Democrats, terrible things about Adam Schiff. But, you know, one thing we haven't discussed is the administration's lawyers have not made an effective defense on the basis of the facts. In fact --


MCDOWELL: They haven't presented their defense yet.


WILLIAMS: Yesterday, the Democrats took advantage of yesterday and all the votes on those motions, they took advantage to basically make their case. And what did we hear from Jay Sekulow? Oh, the Democrats are back. They never argued the facts. Boy, that -- if I was a juror.


GUTFELD: You don't have to.

PERINO: The Senate impeachment trial continues. We're going to continue to talk about it. You'll find out why Democrats may allow Hunter Biden to testify. We have that for you next on THE FIVE.


WILLIAMS: Democrats making their case against impeachment right now on the Senate floor, but they better be careful what they wish for, because the impeachment trial is putting the Biden family under the microscope. Senate Democrats are reportedly toying with the idea of trading Hunter Biden's testimony for John Bolton's. Some Democrats are pushing back on that proposal.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This isn't like some fantasy football trade. This isn't we will offer you this if you give us that. We will offer you a witness that is irrelevant and immaterial.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Focusing on Hunter Biden just furthers the entire scheme that Trump put forward.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The bottom line is that the witnesses should have something to do with him, direct knowledge of the charges against the president.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think it makes a mockery out of the whole impeachment. Hunter Biden does not have firsthand information about what the president has done.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have sought for witnesses that have direct firsthand knowledge. These witnesses have relevant knowledge. Hunter Biden has none.


WATTERS: And Hunter is not the only Biden family member accused of profiting off the family name.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hunter is the tip of the iceberg. We kind of called him the Biden Five, kind of like the Jackson Five. Although, in this case its corruption. There is five Biden family members that got very, very good deals, while Joe Biden was Vice President of the United States.


WATTERS: Wow. All right, so that's Peter Schweizer. He's got the new book out. And Dana, he really goes into all of the Biden family members. James, to Hunter, to Frank, and these guys with no experience in any of the industries that they are getting paid for are lining up massive multimillion dollar contracts in Costa Rica and Kazakhstan and Iraq. And it does look like this is something that really is going to hurt Biden going forward the more and more this is being exposed.

PERINO: It could. Although, I think -- the questions about all of this, except for not in the detail that Peter Schweizer has put out. But questions of all that have been out there since this all began. And it hasn't hurt Joe Biden nationally in the polls --


WATTERS: Well, Sanders just leapfrogged him.

PERINO: We'll see. I think that most -- and maybe Bernie Sanders will be able to win the nomination. But I think when he gets to South Carolina that will be tough. But this is kind of the way of the world, right? Famous people, especially in -- whether it is sports or entertainment or politics, your family or your friends become these people who think that you might be able to help them get a job or get some sort of a contract. In this case, Biden doesn't even have to do anything to help them. He just is the vice president, so people will flock to, like his brother. I think they did charter schools down in Florida. And I don't know how those results turned out. But what's very interesting and I think is a little puzzling is last night the Biden team put out an ad in which they're trying to explain Joe Biden's role in all the Ukraine stuff. And up to then, he hadn't really had to talk about it at all. And you have his three biggest competitors, Warren, Sanders, and Klobuchar locked away in the Senate. He's got Iowa all to himself. You could talk about all the things that Iowans care about, and instead they put out an ad about Ukraine.

WATTERS: That's a great point.


WATTERS: Not the right message you want to be putting out right now.

WILLIAMS: I was listening on this point earlier. But, you know, my contrary thought that is everybody's been saying why doesn't Joe Biden get ahead of the stuff? Why doesn't he just make a clear statement? Now, he has made clear statements, but the difference here is this is an ad in the midst of a political campaign. The second thing to say is, of course, he's benefiting from the fact that Bernie Sanders, and I don't think that Bernie Sanders is ahead of Joe Biden nationally, but --

WATTERS: Just in that one poll that came out today.

WILLIAMS: But Sanders, Warren, Klobuchar, even if you consider Bennet still in the race, they're all in D.C. so Biden does benefit from that, if you will. But as far as the Hunter Biden stuff, I just -- I can't believe that you guys would sit here and say, oh, yes, he is material to the, you know, to the idea of impeaching President Trump. He's not --

WATTERS: Well, Dagen, what I would say to that is if you're going to put up a strong defense, you get to call whoever you want. And one of the reasons you call Hunter is to ask him what the hell he was doing over there and why he was doing it because that's why he was making that phone call partially.

MCDOWELL: And the Wall Street Journal wrote -- I mentioned this in an editorial that if you're arguing there was a corrupt motive that Trump have then -- and if he was investigating Hunter Biden's activities, well, let's explore that. And let's explore what Hunter Biden told his father, the Vice President about his business in Ukraine. Let's ask Obama energy star Amos Hochstein who raised concerns about Joe Biden and his aides about hunter Biden's Ukrainian ties. And then there was Chris Hines, former Secretary of State John Kerry's steps son broke business with Hunter Biden because of his work with Burisma. He called it unacceptable. So let's cover all that just really quickly. But people on the left and Democrats know that President -- that Vice President Biden has a very soft spot about his kid.

WATTERS: That's true.

MCDOWELL: That's why they stay away from it. Anytime he talks about Beau who he lost to brain cancer, he lost his first wife and daughter in a car accident. They really -- they really stay away from anything to do with his family, and he uses that to his benefit.

WATTERS: Greg, do you think the Democrats are guilty of a cover-up by preventing Hunter Biden from testifying?

GUTFELD: I think it goes straight to the top, Jesse. Straight to the top. Now I figured out what those backsplashes for. Every time you go after Trump, there's always blowback, right? It's like when you hit a tetherball, and it comes down and hits you in the back of the head. They're trying to go after Trump and what happens? It pulls Hunter Biden into this. Do you think he was ever thinking he'd be involved in this? I mean, no. And think of all the strip clubs that are now suffering because he's not spending money there. It's unfair. Look, this is -- Hunter is the hood ornament of D.C. cronyism, OK. He's a kid that skates by on daddy's name. He makes a lot of mistakes. He impregnates a lot of women, enjoy some interesting recreational substances. In this case, Trump's personal and national interests overlap. Do you want to compromise candidate becoming president? So that's what -- that's where the -- Hunter Biden go to that question. Do you want to compromise candidate becoming president, and that's Joe Biden? It's a fair question. It may help Trump personally but it also is in the national interest which is what helps Trump personally is if he's a great president. So you kind of screwed on that one too.

WILLIAMS: Yes, you know what I say? Let's bring in -- bring in Trump's children. Let's talk about nepotism --

GUTFELD: I don't think -- I don't think there's --


WATTERS: I think Trump Jr. testified for 30 hours.

MCDOWELL: Hunter Biden is ready for his close up because he got new teeth. Did you notice that?


GUTFELD: All right. He looks great.

WATTERS: Media siding with the Democrats over impeachment. Big surprise, that's next.


GUTFELD: I did not pick that song. OK. It's day two of the impeachment trial even though it feels like 70. Democrats are making their case against President Trump on the Senate floor. And of course, they're getting help from the establishment media.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Adam Schiff, I think it'll go down as one of the great performances.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The President's defense team is trying to make this about anything other than the actual charges against him.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I thought could Democratic very smart today.

JOE SCARBOROUGH, HOST, MSNBC: The right-wing that's created this bubble, they have no idea what's coming in November.'


GUTFELD: Like when Trump won in 2016. All right, enough at him. Here's CNN's chief legal analyst gushing over Adam Schiff.


WOLF BLITZER, HOST, CNN: What did you think of the presentation by the lead house manager Adam Schiff.

JEFFREY TOOBIN, CHIEF LEGAL ANALYST, CNN: I thought it was dazzling. I thought the way he wove through both the facts of the case and the historical context was really remarkable. It was the second-best courtroom address, since it's like a courtroom, that I ever heard.


GUTFELD: Dazzling, dazzling. It was like he went to see a Bob Fosse musical.

PERINO: I mean, I think effect -- you might say like, maybe like the best they could name him is effective.


PERINO: But I don't know -- I don't mean effective because I don't think that they're trying to persuade anybody who hasn't already decided. While Schiff was talking, Pew came out with his most recent poll, it's the same thing. Half of U.S. adults 51 percent say outcome on trial should be in his -- for his removal. The other half say should remain. Nothing has changed. And they broke it down GOP and Democrat, 86 percent remain in office from the Republicans, 85 percent removal from the Democrats. So it's not changing minds.

GUTFELD: Almost -- IT'S a mirror image, Jesse. You know a lot about mirrors.

WATTERS: Yes. How do I look today, Greg?

GUTFELD: You look fantastic. You can see yourself in my eyes.

WATTERS: It's not all I can say, Greg. This is like when critics give these terrible movies that appear at Sundance overseas, these great reviews.

GUTFELD: Peter Travers.

WATTERS: Yes, the minute it goes into the box office of the United States, it's just bombs. And you know, the public hates it, but these critics, these really smart critics, they think it's the best film they've ever seen. I don't -- I don't see how you can see Adam Schiff and think this guy is like it's presenting one of the greatest courtroom testimonies. It's like -- the guys like Lincoln Douglas debate caliber. The guy is a boring milk toast politician that read his notes the entire time. I mean, fine. I'll give you that. Maybe some people on Fox said he was terrible, like me, and then some people on CNN say he was the second coming of Jesus Christ. The American people said, you know what, I'm turning it off.

GUTFELD: It's still --

WATTERS: They both stink.

GUTFELD: Juan, don't you think the media just needs to play it up because they want that narrative, they want this to be seen as wonderful, they're brainwashing the viewing public?

WILLIAMS: Oh, I don't think so. I really did think he was dazzling. And I - -

WATTERS: Dazzling, Juan?

GUTFELD: You would never use the word dazzling.

WILLIAMS: No, I said masterful in the earlier segment.

GUTFELD: Masterful? Come on.

WILLIAMS: But again --

PERINO: Commanding.

WATTERS: He didn't change one Republican vote. How masterful is that?

WILLIAMS: I don't know. I don't know and you don't know at this point, but I -- but given the partisan atmosphere, Jesse, OK, let's say everybody just stays locked in. But I'm just telling you right now, the big argument to my mind and the argument that he spoke to, is this a fair trial, are Republicans playing fair in terms of witnesses and material? And I think that he did move the dial on that point. I think right now, what you're seeing is Republicans on the defensive about trying to make sure especially --

WATTERS: Oh, defensive.

WILLIAMS: Hang on. Especially in terms of protecting --

GUTFELD: They really are the defense.

WILLIAMS: -- the moderate Republicans going into the 2020 election. They're trying to say yes, if you Democrats are going to say this was -- yes, Trump got acquitted but it wasn't a fair trial. They want a defense. That's why Rob Portman, that's why Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski --

WATTERS: It's more fair than it was in the House. Everybody knows that.


MCDOWELL: They have worn their thumbprints off googling synonyms for awesome, that's why you come up with garbage like dazzling because they're thick and unoriginal. And the same thing goes with what they're trying to do for all the Republicans. They're trying to shame them and portray them as sycophant. So they've been busy looking for synonyms. You'll see (INAUDIBLE), or bootlicker, toe sucker. You watch. They've come up with every word to describe somebody who serve out to President Trump because they're trying to nail him in November.

GUTFELD: My point on the media is that they win again because it saves them from self-reflection. They were able to escape past their embarrassing coverage of the V.A. gun rally in which they anticipated violence from 22,000 armed people in which it was like the most peaceful thing ever. But we never get -- we never get to hold them over the fire.

PERINO: And they cleaned up after themselves.

GUTFELD: They cleaned up. But we can't do that because --

PERINO: Can I say one thing about being on defense, because they are -- obviously, the President is going to present his defense through his legal team, but there are 11 ads running right now about impeachment where they're putting political pressure. All of them are from GOP aligned group. So why they're on -- like literally on the defense in the trial? They're on offense in communications and I think that will help them.

GUTFELD: All right. Up next, more on impeachment and some 2020 news. Tulsi Gabbard suing Hillary Clinton.


WILLIAMS: Fox News continuing to monitor the Senate Impeachment Trial. If anything breaks there, we'll take you to it. House managers are making the case against President Trump. In the meantime, there's some big 2020 news to tell you about. Hillary Clinton getting involved in the 2020 race. She caught major flack after blasting Bernie Sanders in a new documentary. In that piece, Clinton said that nobody likes Bernie Sanders and hinted that she wouldn't endorse him if he won the party's nomination. Now, Clinton has since walk back those comments. She says she'll support whoever the nominee is. And then there's this. Remember when Hillary Clinton called Tulsi Gabbard a "Russian asset?" Well, Gabbard is now suing Clinton for $50 million over that comment. Dagen, do you think he has a chance?

MCDOWELL: To win, probably not, but again, she's looking for relevancy in trying to keep her name in the news, Tulsi Gabbard is. And if you're making -- sticking your claim on Hillary Clinton, that's a little desperate. But I still think after that debate, we've got the four -- I think it's a four- part docu-series on Hillary Clinton that's coming out in March after Super Tuesday. I still think in the back of her head, she thinks that she's just going to parachute into this whole mess.

WILLIAMS: Well, I think Tulsi would have to prove malice and actual damages, right Greg?

GUTFELD: I don't know. I'm not a lawyer.


GUTFELD: But I will say that I think she's awesome. I love that first line that gets in the lawsuit -- I'll paraphrase -- when she said I'm currently running for the office of the president of the United States, something Hillary wanted, but failed to get. It's something like that. It was very funny. Hillary's giving Sanders the Trump treatment. And I think the left not might be understanding Trump a little more. She says he is -- he's mean, he has no friends, he's sexist, his supporters are bad, blah, blah. So she's - - I mean, she's joining the media in taking Bernie out. So there's definitely a force going on between like CNN's debate, Hillary, they're all doing something and I think it has something to do with Hillary trying to exert some power. I don't know what just going to drop in during the brokered convention or what.

WILLIAMS: What do you think? The reason I went to Greg was because I know he's a fan of Tulsi Gabbard. But I want to know what you think.

WATTERS: I mean, this is the month that the Democratic Party fell apart. If you think about what happened on the stage where Warren called Bernie a sexist liar, and then Hillary parachutes in and says, Bernie's a big loser with no friends, and cost her the 2016 race. And then everyone's going after Biden and Biden is going after Sanders now. It's a beautiful thing to behold. So if this was an impeachment week, this would be the biggest story out there. You have, you know, the former nominee going after potential future nominee in very personal nasty ways. And she had to walk back the fact that she wouldn't endorse Bernie, if he was the nominee. There is so much bad blood right beneath the surface in the Democratic field that the media is doing whatever they can to not report it and suppress it but this is going to come out even bigger once this trial in the Senate is finished.

WILLIAMS: Dana, I think you've been one who said right from the start, as we get closer to Iowa, you got to draw distinctions, the knives will come out. Well, isn't that what's happening?

PERINO: Yes. It's playing -- it's playing for all the marbles at this point. And -- but I thought Hillary had one good line where they -- she says, I thought people wanted my authentic, unvarnished news. And now --

WATTERS: That's good.

GUTFELD: That was a good line?


GUTFELD: Now, whenever she tries to be funny, it's painful.

PERINO: No, no, I thought that's a pretty good line. And I do think the left has a problem. The party has a problem. They have a big Bernie problem. They didn't deal with it in 2016. They didn't think he was going to run again. They didn't think he was going to survive after he had his heart attack. He actually got stronger out of that both looks like from a health perspective and also through his endorsements. He's got the youth behind him. And it might not take him all the way but I'll be on Tucker Carlson later tonight, talking about this because I'm going to plug myself now. But we're going to talk about it because Tucker for a while has been warning the Trump folks. Like you better take him seriously.

WILLIAMS: Yes, but the Trump -- but the Trump people, by the way, think that Bernie is the most easily defeated candidate among the Democrats.

PERINO: I think that probably is true.

WATTERS: Can -- do you suspect that we will see AOC now leap to Bernie's defense and start attacking? I think she's going to go for Crooked's throat in the next couple days.

MCDOWELL: But Hillary, this isn't happening in a vacuum. Remember the whole Howard Stern interview? This is the real Hillary. If she starts throwing Bill under the train, then you know, she's in this.


MCDOWELL: You know, it's like --

WATTERS: Maybe she knows if you took those --

PERINO: I bet you another one of my month's salaries. I've already bet Tucker. I'll bet another month. Clinton is not getting in it, Michelle Obama's not getting in it. They're going to the candidates -- they're going to dance with the candidate they have.

WATTERS: Wait, Tucker put his month's salary on the line for that bet?

PERINO: Yes, for Michelle Obama.

GUTFELD: $20 million?

PERINO: To charity. I'm kind of winning.

WILLIAMS: Was that her name, charity? More on the impeachment trial coming up next on THE FIVE.


PERINO: All right, welcome back. You're looking live at the Senate floor. The House impeachment managers are still delivering their opening arguments in President Trump's impeachment trial. They have 24 hours to do so, but -- over three days. It's time now, for our final thoughts. We don't have "ONE MORE THING because we don't have enough time. We have final thoughts on this very serious day. Dagen, I go to you first for your final thought.

MCDOWELL: The defense will really step up. I think Jay Sekulow, in particular, has what we see down south called good litigator hair, and it is all about the hair, good attorney hair. I'll read this. That impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there's something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don't think we should go down that path. It's still underwater. That's -- Nancy Pelosi said that last year. It's still underwater in the RealClear Politics average, because this is where the Democrats are, and it's a loser for them.

PERINO: All right, Juan, do you have a final thought or two?

WILLIAMS: Well, I just think that, you know, I was -- as I said, I was impressed by Adam Schiff today, but I think one of the things that really stood out to me was his argument that if you allow this president on a partisan basis to get away with something where the facts are not in dispute, then essentially you're saying we can have a king in this country, that you can act in self-interest, not in the national interest, and just do it with impunity. He even said that going into the 2020 election, Dana, that you can't trust Trump because he was trying to cheat with Ukraine and he was even asking China now to get involved and get information on his opponents. And to me this is like very upsetting because it's almost like a patriot saying, hey, what were the Founding Fathers designed the constitution to deal with this.

WATTERS: Yes, Democrats are real constitutionalists now, Juan.

PERINO: Is that your final thought?

WATTERS: No, I have a few more. Zion Williamson makes his debut tonight. That's what everybody really cares about at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. Everything you hear from the media is exactly the opposite of what they say. They say the Republicans are engaged in a cover-up yet they don't want the whistleblower or Hunter to testify. They won't even let you into the skiff to see the testimony by the I.G., who's also very suspicious. RealClearInvestigation says a great piece here is some new exclusive reporting about how the whistleblower was overheard talking to the guy Schiff hired from the National Security Council in 2017 about the need to take Trump out and to get him impeach. So this goes all the way back. And again, they said Avenatti was the greatest thing since sliced bread and now he's rotting behind bars in El Chapo's old cell block.

PERINO: I read that. I read -- I read this RealClearInvestigation piece too. Well, I read a lot today. And Greg, you have a final thought?

GUTFELD: I have a couple. While this was going on, President Trump signed an agreement to plant one trillion trees, whereas CNN will say he's guilty of treason. This spectacle exists independent of reality because we know how it ends, right? We know how these ends. This is all meaningless, it's boring, it bores and moronic. Abuse of power is not impeachable because it's an opinion. Just because you don't like the way somebody does his job, you can call it an abuse of power, so it can be done -- it can be done on anybody. Meanwhile, the media is banking on the impact of their generic coverage, just having impeachment trial in their lower third is enough to make you think, oh, maybe this guy's guilty. That's what they're hoping for.

PERINO: So my final thought is that the Democrats who think that these so- called moderate, even though they are conservative people, moderate Republicans are going to save them in this impeachment trial. I don't think it will happen. I'm going to go on record now. I'll predict that Susan Collins of Maine will win reelection, Mitch McConnell will definitely have her back. And she will be considered one of the heroes of 2020. That's my thought.

GUTFELD: I'm a hero.

PERINO: Set your DVRs as you are here. Never miss an episode of THE FIVE. "SPECIAL REPORT" is up next.

GUTFELD: I'm a hero.

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